Sunday, 1 June 2014

More Twists In Evolution .Vs. The Shield Betting (WWE Payback 2014)

There has been yet another twist in betting on tonight's Evolution vs The Shield Payback bout with

As noted in previous posts, both teams opened at -120 odds. Their roles as favourites and underdogs have see-sawed throughout that time.

When I made a morning observation of the odds today, Evolution had become underdogs once again. They were priced up at +145 and have been on the descent through the day. 

They are now down to -125 (1.80 EU, 4/5 UK). 

Interestingly, The Shield are almost as close to them as they were when the market initially opened. The price on the team made up of Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins is -115 (1.87 EU, 20/23 UK). 

We're still a number of hours away from the match. I'm intrigued to see whether we'll see more twists before the bell.

Odds correct as of 6pm BST. For the latest check out The 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook


  1. Skybet have pulled the Shield/Evolution bet!!!

  2. Interesting.

    I wonder if this is to re-adjust or to take them off the board completely.

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  4. Evolution are -165 now!!!!!

  5. If Evolution don't win then there is no point of calling the PPV 'Payback' because that is what this is about....also Paige odds are moving a lot but I don't see her losing as she lost to Alicia Fox in England when they taped the Raw episode 2 weeks ago!!!!

    1. Payback is just a generic title. I wouldn't read anything in to it.

      Agree about Paige, though.

    2. odds change on 5Dimes has just proved my Paige theory :)

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