Friday, 17 February 2017

Comment Bag : 17 February 2017

Jordan left this late last night:

With the rumours of past WWE women being invited to do something at WrestleMania, is Michelle McCool worth a punt at 10/1 to make an in-house appearance with She's likely to be around anyway due to The Undertaker, so it could be easy for her to be involved with whatever is happening.

My reply:

Just like I thought in November, before knowing about the former WWE females being contacted, I believe there is a strong chance that Michelle McCool will be in town that weekend. Whether she is involved in what ever the plan is for the ladies is another thing entirely.
With that said, her odds have fallen from 22/1 (late September), so - unless it's only you who had backed her - you aren't the only one who believed that there was a chance of her being shown live at ringside during the event.
In the November 1st Comment Bag, I wrote that I didn't feel compelled to bet on McCool being there. With the new information about former talent being called up for Mania, I guess my opinion has eased slightly.
So - to answer your question - despite still not being confident, I guess it's worth a small punt on the off chance that she is brought in and appears inside the ringside area.

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  1. Now that HHH needs an opponent at WM33.... Batista at 10/1 looking decent?

    1. If they didn't think he could do it, they would have moved on from him.


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