Thursday, 16 February 2017

More About Kelly Kelly And WrestleMania 33

In a post published early this morning, I noted that Kelly Kelly's odds to make an appearance at WrestleMania 33 had been cut to 2/1 in a specials market at Since that time, her price has been cut again.

She's now 5/4 with the firm.

This week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which came out today, confirmed that Kelly Kelly was one of the former stars that was contacted to do something at WrestleMania. I mentioned that I had read something along those lines. Kelly herself revealed she would be working for WWE in the days leading up to the April 2nd show as she is booked for some of the Axxess fan events in Orlando.

Even though is offering 5/4, customers of might be interested in a slightly better price but it would require Kelly to appear inside the ring at Mania.

You can currently find her at 7/4 to appear at WrestleMania, but - per the terms - she has to appear inside the squared circle. With Betfair, your 5/4 wager will win as long as she's captured anywhere inside the main WrestleMania set on April 2nd.

Betfair's WWE WrestleMania markets are found under 'Special Bets' at
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  1. Apparently she's signed a 3 year deal according to PW Insider via 434 Club

    1. I looked into it yesterday and the original source is, to put it as nice as I can, unreliable.
      Haven't seen anything reported on Observer, Torch, PW Insider or any of the other go to sites.
      Not saying it isn't true, just want a reliable outlet to report it.


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