Monday, 13 February 2017

Nikki Bella Enters Elimination Chamber Meeting With Natalya As -140 Favourite

Nikki Bella is about to wrestle Natalya at Elimination Chamber and, shortly before the match was pulled from the 5Dimes website, Natalya's odds had fallen from +220 into +100.

Bella is still the favourite to win. However, she enters at -140.

This has been a peculiar market to follow.

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  1. Yeah we figured it'd end in a draw. Nikki will win very soon vs her and end the feud. I agree it's a bit strange how they keep dragging it on though

    1. Yep, starting the Mania direction.

    2. Also. I felt Natalya used Cena's taunt waaaaay too much in that match. Did it nearly after every move haha

  2. Ahhh bum. There goes one of my big bets of ambrose being first entrant. :(


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