Monday, 13 February 2017

News: HBO And WWE To Produce Andre The Giant Documentary

WWE and HBO Sports have announced that a documentary film focusing on the life and career of Andre the Giant is in the works.

Emmy-Award winning director and producer Jason Hehir will direct the film while Bill Simmons, who had wanted to create an ESPN 30 for 30 film about Andre while he was employed by the sports channel before moving to HBO in 2015, will serve as executive producer on the project.

'We always hear about unicorns these days. Andre was the ultimate unicorn. He's a true legend. Everyone who ever crossed path with him has an Andre story - and usually four or five. I'm delighted to join forces with Jason Hehir and WWE so we can capture Andre's amazing story once and for all,' added Simmons in the press release.

The documentary will be filled with never-before-seen footage alongside interviews with WWE talent, sports and entertainment executives, athletes, media, family, friends and associates who all have tales to tell of Andre Roussimoff.

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