Thursday, 20 April 2017

Looking Back Over Kambi's Championship Head-to-Heads

It has been nearly a week since I published a post noting that the Kambi oddsmakers had priced up a handful of head-to-head markets where customers can wager on certain wrestlers winning either the WWE World or Universal Championships before the end of WrestleMania 34.

They were taken down earlier this week, but were republished yesterday. I've just had a look through them to note any price changes. In this post, I'll go through each one individually and point out where the bettors have been putting their money.

Braun Strowman .vs. AJ Styles
When it was first published, the bookmaker had Strowman 9/4, Styles 7/20 and Neither at 4/1. The price for 'Neither win title' has stayed at 4s. The price that has dipped has been for Strowman as it is now down to 2/1 with AJ Styles moving to 2/5.
The punters have evidently gambled on Strowman because of the reports that he's next in line to face WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. AJ Styles is currently tied to a feud with US Champion, Kevin Owens. This would keep him out of the World Championship picture for a while.
I still believe Styles has the better chance of winning a title out of the three options available.

Dean Ambrose .vs. Seth Rollins
This market was the one that stood out the most to me when I first looked through them last week. Both Ambrose and Rollins are on the Raw brand, so - barring any changes - they'll both be competing to be the first person to win the WWE Universal Championship. With Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns one of the rumoured plans for next year's WrestleMania, I strongly believe Lesnar is going to keep the strap for the entire year. Therefore, 'Neither' is what I've circled. The punters have evidently backed it as well. It has been cut from 7/4 into 5/4. As a result, Ambrose has moved out from 5/2 to 11/4 and Seth Rollins has increased from 13/20 into 17/20.

Kevin Owens .vs. Sami Zayn
The customers have opted to go with Kevin Owens in this special where he's up against his real-life friend, Sami Zayn. Both are part of the Smackdown brand, so the winner will be the person who becomes WWE World Champion first. I noted last week that 'it's either Owens or Neither'. The oddsmakers have snipped Owens from 18/25 into 13/20. Zayn has drifted out from 9/4 to 5/2 and the 'Neither win title' has stuck at 7/4.

Cesaro .vs. The Miz
The punters have opted to go with 'Neither' Cesaro nor The Miz winning the Universal Championship. Going by my theory that Brock Lesnar will hold the title all the way to WrestleMania 34, I can't argue with that. 'Neither' is now 3/10 from 2/5. Cesaro remains at 4/1 and The Miz has drifted out to 5/2 from 2s.

Roman Reigns .vs. John Cena
The market opened with Roman Reigns at 1/3. The customers appear to have sided with him as the number has moved into 1/4. Cena has drifted from 2/1 into 5/2 while 'Neither' stays at 5/1.
If Reigns is winning the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34, then those who have backed him will have to hope WWE doesn't run with the John Cena chasing - and capturing -  his seventeenth world title before then.

When available, the markets can be found alongside other WWE specials on the websites that publish Kambi betting odds.

Two examples can be found below:

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