Friday, 11 August 2017

SummerSlam 2017 Markets Republished

Kambi's SummerSlam 2017 markets are back online.

The websites with the compilers' markets have republished the markets where customers can bet on who they believe will be Universal and WWE Champions at the conclusion of the event. A new match market for Jinder Mahal versus Shinsuke Nakamura match has also been installed.

Brock Lesnar's odds to still be Universal Champion has been cut from 3/5 to 4/9 since the market was last available a few days ago.

With Lesnar moving in, the oddsmakers have moved his opponents' prices out. Samoa Joe is now 2/1 from 7/4, Roman Reigns went from 7/2 to 4/1 and Braun Strowman has increased from 13/2 to 15/2.

Baron Corbin is still a favourite to leave Brooklyn with the WWE Championship. He has been cut from 5/4 to 9/10. Shinsuke Nakamura - who will challenger Jinder Mahal for the strap - has been snipped from 6/4 to 5/4 while the champ has been moved up from 6/4 to 5/2.

The WWE Championship match market has Nakamura as an 11/20 favourite. A successful bet on Jinder Mahal will return at odds of 13/10.