Friday, 1 December 2017

Daniel Bryan Betting Update For December 1st

The oddsmakers from Kambi's Daniel Bryan specials were republished yesterday evening. I've just had a look through them to note any adjustments since jotting down the prices at the start of the week.

What I've noticed is that the odds for Bryan to wrestle in WWE again have been snipped from 2/1 into 6/4.

However, it isn't the only option available that has been lowered since Monday. A bet on 'Any Unlisted Promotion' from the list of potential suitors has moved from 23/4 into 4/1.

Some of the other promotions in the market have drifted out. The entire list - with changes in parethesis- can be viewed below:

NJPW 23/20 (from EVS)
Ring Of Honor 6/4 (No difference)
WWE 6/4 (Down from 2/1)
CMLL 7/2 (Up from 3/1)
PWG 15/2 (Was 23/4)
NWA 12/1 (Was 8/1)
All Japan 12/1 (Up from 10/1)
Lucha Underground 15/1 (No change)
Pro Wrestling NOAH 15/1 (No change)
Evolve 20/1 (No change)
Impact/TNA/GFW 25/1 (No change)
Any Unlisted Promotion 4/1 (Down from 23/4)
No Match Til After End Of WrestleMania 35 2/1 (No change)

The second Bryan special - where clients can have a bet on the period where they believe Danielson will return to the ring - hasn't changed since its publication. The prices are:

Before or During WrestleMania 34 9/4
Between 1st Day After WrestleMania 34 and 27th September 2018 3/1
Between 28th September 2018, But Before WrestleMania 35 2/5
During WrestleMania 35 15/1
No Match Until After WrestleMania 35 2/1

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