Wednesday, 24 January 2018

WWE Championship Odds Posted For Rumble 2018

Paddy Power customers can now bet on the WWE Championship match that is booked for this Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble.

AJ Styles is a 4/7 favourite to successfully retain the strap. His opponents in the handicap match - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - are 5/4.


  1. I'll be shocked if AJ loses. He already got pinned 3 times by Owens and Zayn.

    Zayn pinned him twice this month. So I am expecting Styles to pin Zayn at Rumble

  2. This is a really weird and tough one. I can see it going both ways. If AJ wins it buries Sami and KO as it means he can beat them both on his own but on the other hand it would mean 4 recent wins over AJ.... Gaaah.

    I can see ko and Sami winning and then arguing over who is actually champion which then leads to problems and eventually AJ winning it back.

    Which makes me believe even more that a Raw superstar could well be winning the Rumble (I'm looking at you, Roman :(. )

    1. A win for Sami/KO would perfectly set up that Fast Lane 5-way...

    2. Jordan I don't think it buries Zayn and Owens since they already pinned Styles many times. If Styles loses again, it really hurts his credibility as main event guy

    3. David but if Owens and Zayn become co Champions then who would they defend against. Owens already faced every top guy on Smackdown roster multiple times

      Also, do you really see AJ losing after getting pinned 3 times this month

      Besides, do you think another handicap match for WWE championship at WrestleMania. That kinda devalues WWE championship IMO

    4. Losing a handicap match doesn't make you look bad though. Winning one, especially against the likes of KO who was champion at one point, really makes them look weak... Ahhhgi don't know I'm very 50/50.

    5. I think the fact it looks *obvious* to casual fans that AJ will win also puts me in a 50/50 mindset.

    6. Jordan I mean AJ isn't gonna beat them clean. I am pretty sure Shane and Bryan will interere

      I mean losing a match via interference from Smackdown authority figures doesn't actually bury him

      Also, not to forget, Owens is still not 100 %. Hee carrying a back injury. So, I think AJ and Sami will do most of the work on Sunday

    7. Yeah, if AJ wins, I think something outside has to happen. I like the idea of Sami/KO accidentally hitting the other but it's been done waaaay too many times before, and I don't really want to see another Sami/KO rivalry.

    8. To answer Abraham's question (I've only just seen it).

      If Zayn/KO leave the Rumble as champs (I don't think they will, but I'm entertaining the idea), the five-way at FastLane could be set up to ensure there's one champion at the end.

  3. AJ Styles win. I think he will be 1/5 before show

  4. Zayn goes for the helluva kick on AJ, mistakenly hits KO on the apron, Styles Clash on Sami for the pin.


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