Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Natalya At +150 With BetOnline And More

The BetOnline Sportsbook has finally placed Natalya as a sole-favourite to win the women's Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday night.

Ironically, this move comes when hardcore wrestling fans and bettors are likely second-guessing whether she'll end up becoming Ms Money in the Bank on Sunday night.

The new sole-favourite had moved to +300 along with Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair when I wrote about the market yesterday. Since then, her odds have been halved while the other two selections have both moved to +400.

Money in the Bank 2018 Betting Odds - Women's Ladder Match

Another entrant whose odds have been lowered is Ember Moon. 

Raw's newest addition to the female roster was +800 throughout the twelve days the market has been available. She is now down to +750.

It should once again be worth mentioning that a few wrestling news sites had erroneously reported that Ember Moon was a 'betting favourite' to win the match. Even though I cannot prove either way, I hope the bets that appear to have came in on Moon are not from punters who have read these stories and thought they were getting valuable odds at +800. It was something I was concerned about when reading the articles claiming Moon was the bookies' fave.

The women's ladder match isn't the only market to change since I looked through BetOnline's coverage.

The Miz - who was +200 to win the men's ladder match - is now down to +150. 

Another selection that has been lowered in the market for the male ladder match is the 'New Day Member'. It has dropped from +1400 to +1000.

Money in the Bank 2018 Betting Odds - Men's Ladder Match

The sportsbook has also adjusted the price for two of three singles match markets.

Asuka has fallen to -200 from -170 to get a decision over Carmella in the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship contest. A win for the champ - which had been +130 since day one - is now up to +160.

Ronda Rousey's odds to defeat Nia Jax in the other women's championship match have been cut again.

Nia Jax
Ronda Rousey
19/5 9AM
21/5 8PM
29/5 12PM
30/5 11PM
31/5 10:30AM
2/6 1PM
5/6 3PM
7/6 8PM
8/6 6PM
12/6 2PM

She's now down to -350 from -240. 

As I wrote this morning, Raw has made me doubt that Rousey is winning the title this weekend. This doesn't necessarily mean she's losing the match, though. 

The only other market available is for the WWE Championship bout. Both AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura have stayed at -120 each since at least May 29th.

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