Sunday, 10 June 2018

Rousey's Odds Shorten And A Random Thought

Ronda Rousey's odds to win either the Raw or Smackdown Women's Championship before the end of WrestleMania 35 have been snipped since yesterday evening.

This move coincides with Rousey's odds to win her match against WWE Raw Women's Champion - Nia Jax - being halved with the very same oddsmakers.

Kambi, which has been taking bets on the time when Rousey wins her first WWE Championship (or not!) - had the title victory to take place 'Before or During Money in the Bank' at 2/5 since June 5th right up to yesterday before cutting the selection to 1/5 by 5PM BST today.

Ronda Rousey Road to WrestleMania 35 Market

The match market for Money in the Bank saw the bookies cut Rousey from 1/4 into 1/8 while increasing the titleholder from 5/2 to 3/1.

Last night, the UFC announced that Rousey will be inducted into its Hall of Fame on July 5th. As soon as I found out about this news, I started to wonder whether WWE was informed by Rousey of this and is why the company rushed the MMA pioneer into a title program with Nia Jax.

It would explain why the match being set up seemed to come out of nowhere.

The coverage of Rousey going into UFC's Hall of Fame will surely mention her new career with or without her being champion, but I'm starting to wonder now whether the decision to put the title on her - if this is what happens next week - has been done because of the attention she'll receive from the mainstream in early July.

We'll get to find out if my theory holds any water next weekend.

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