Sunday, 9 September 2018

I've Finally Realised Why Somebody's Odds Have Shortened In A Universal Championship Market!

I am currently listening to this morning's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and something Bryan Alvarez said during a discussion about the Money in the Bank briefcase has made something dawn on me.

The other day, when I was tracking Kambi's betting markets where customers can place wagers on the person who becomes Universal Champion after Roman Reigns, I noticed Baron Corbin's odds had been cut from 12/1 into 6s.

I thought it was interesting that a punter would take that gamble, but didn't think any more of it.

Then - on today's show - Alvarez mentioned to Filthy Tom Lawlor that Strowman's briefcase cash-in is official for next weekend's Hell in a Cell. He pointed out that Stroman had handed the briefcase over to Baron Corbin during a backstage segment on Raw and some fans had came up with the idea that Corbin would use the briefcase himself.

It's a wacky, unlikely idea, but it now sheds light onto why Corbin's odds have declined in this market.

Following the very same segment, a friend contacted me with a similar idea. Only he thought it would involve Kevin Owens stealing the case from Corbin's office.

Here's how the betting has gone on in this particular market.

As you can see above, Corbin had opened at 10/1. He was moved to 12s a couple of days later before his price was halved by 3PM on Monday. Sky Bet - on the hand - has kept the acting Raw General Manager at 33/1.

Strowman remains a favourite with both firms. He's 2/5 with Kambi, but a slightly better 4/9 with Sky Bet.

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