Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Current Odds For Tonight's Smackdown

There has been a minor adjustment made to one of three betting markets for tonight's scheduled matches for WWE Smackdown.

Maryse has been lowered from 13/8 into 6/4 to win her main event bout with Brie Bella in the market that is available to Sky Bet customers.

Brie Bella
10/9 5:00PM
11/9 7:08PM

As a result, Bella's odds have improved from 4/9 to 1/2.

The remaining matches are still showing the same pricing as previous updates. For those checking in for the first time, they are:

Charlotte Flair 4/11
Sonya Deville 2/1

The Bar 10/11
Rusev Day 4/5

Odds correct as of shortly after 7PM BST this evening.

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