Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Closing Odds For S2 E10 Of WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Kambi has closed betting on the two matches that are scheduled to take place on tonight's edition of WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

Raw's tournament matches will conclude with Natalya and Bobby Roode taking on Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal.

The team of Natalya and Roode were 1/2 favourites when the market was first installed on Saturday evening. Then - before betting closed yesterday evening - they were down to 4/11.

With the money coming in on Natalya and Roode, the oddsmakers moved Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal out to 37/20 from 7/5.

A proposition market, where clients can place wagers on the gender of the wrestlers that are the legal participants of the match when the fall is determined, closed with 'Male' at 4/5 and 'Female' at 9/10 - the numbers that were showing when the market was installed.

Smackdown's markets, which came down at 5PM GMT today, saw the 'Male' backed in the match between Carmella and R-Truth and their opposition, Lana and Rusev. The selection was cut from 11/10 into EVS while 'Female' was adjusted to 7/10 from 13/20.

The match winner market was unchanged over the three days it was available. Carmella and R-Truth opened and closed at 4/5 and Lana and Rusev at 9/10.

To add to my frustrations at how this tournament appears to be having rules changes as it's going on - WWE has revealed that the losing teams will be eliminated from the competition tonight.

Yes, they went through all of those round robin matches only to eliminate one team from each of the two blocks before the playoff portion of the contest.

By the way - even though it hasn't been confirmed - Braun Strowman must surely be out of this now that he is injured.  Therefore, the tournament could end up being won by two participants who weren't even in it to start off with should Ember Moon and Strowman's replacement go on to win.

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