Saturday, 9 February 2019

Comment Bag : 9 February 2019

Abraham left the following comment and question this morning:

They are advertising Daniel Bryan .vs. AJ Styles .vs. Samoa Joe for FastLane.
What's your take on this? I feel like Bryan .vs. Joe could be for WrestleMania.

My response:

I don't really have much of a take on this because I have that rule about not going overboard with what is sent out to the arenas in advance.

The Fast Lane card is a good example because the currently advertised lineup differs from what the arena first had on its website a week or so ago (it originally had Bryan .vs. Styles listed. It also had Seth Rollins going up against Bobby Lashley, but now it's Finn Balor .vs. Lashley).

Last year's FastLane advertising had Shinsuke Nakamura in the six-pack challenge and wasn't in the final lineup. We obviously didn't get Nakamura because he was to challenge Styles at Mania.

As for Daniel Bryan .vs. Samoa Joe - I don't get the feeling that'll be the WrestleMania match, if it's going to be a one-on-one for the title. Joe has challenged for the title far too many times in the latter part of 2018 for me to believe they'll move him back up for Mania. With that said, I'd like to see babyface Joe chasing Bryan one day!

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