Saturday, 9 February 2019

Punting On Sky Bet's Elimination Chamber Specials

The bookies from Sky Bet have added a handful of specials to both of their Elimination Chamber match markets.

Customers can place wagers on the following in the men's and women's matches:

- First Entrant Eliminated
- Last Entrant Eliminated
- Most Eliminations
- Over/Unders For Participants' Eliminations
- Last Buzzer (customers can bet on which wrestlers are still active when the final buzzer sounds)
- Longest Stay
- Shortest Stay

I've placed a few speculative punts.

For the men's match, I've backed both Randy Orton (6/1) and Samoa Joe (7/1) to get the most eliminations. The favourite is Daniel Bryan. He's the favourite to win the match, so I think there's a chance they'll make somebody else look strong in the match.

Speaking of being dominant, I've taken Nia Jax and Tamina to have the longest stay. I can see them being in there early and it will come down to them and the Boss and Hug Connection at the end. Jax and Tamina were 12/5 when I placed my bet.

The only other prop I took was a very small wager on The IIconics to have the shortest stay at 13/8. I placed a small bet because, if it's anything like the Rumble, I could see Billie Kay and Peyton Royce being too afraid to leave their pod and do a bit of stalling before getting ousted as soon as they enter the fray.

I'll write more about these markets over the next few days.

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