Monday, 11 February 2019

Ali Could Miss Elimination Chamber

It looks like Mustafa Ali could be out of the Elimination Chamber PPV. has reported that Ali, who has been working with a tailbone injury - and also injured his eye on last week's episode of Smackdown, re-aggravated an injury during last night's house show. According to the report, Ali has told WWE that he feels he can work the matches over the coming days but WWE is being cautious.

I looked over the Smackdown house show result from Saturday night before writing last night's post as I wanted to see if Ali had worked the event before I dedicated a post about the gauntlet and Elimination Chamber matches.

Ali's eye looked bad in the picture that was circulating following Tuesday's Smackdown. I wanted to know for sure if he was working matches. The report stated that he wrestled Samoa Joe in a seven minute bout, so I thought all was okay.

Something evidently changed during last night's show.

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