Tuesday, 12 March 2019

An Undertaker RequestABet

In the comments section of the most recent post, I had a discussion with Jordan about Kurt Angle's potential opponent for his last match, which will take place at WrestleMania 35.

Jordan suggested The Undertaker facing Angle, but I noted that 'I think I know what's going to happen with Taker' but was coy because of a couple of reasons.

First, a person I chat with about wrestling suggested a WrestleMania idea for Undertaker whilst Fast Lane was in progress. I thought it was a good shout and planned to request it for Sky Bet's RequestABet section.

I wanted to wait until the selection was added and for my friend to place the bet before I revealed it.

It is for 'Any Elias segment at WrestleMania to be interrupted by The Undertaker' and is currently 3/1 with the firm.

The reasoning behind my friend's idea is that the company had Elias' musical interludes numerous times during Fast Lane and felt that it was a setup for them to continue into WrestleMania only for Undertaker to make an entrance and then execute a Tombstone on the musician.

If it were to happen, it would allow for the audience to get an Undertaker entrance and a Tombstone but not a match.


  1. Ah Cena. Good shout.

    I still think they will probably bring some hall of Famer or legend to face him, to make it as big as possible.

    I just really don't know who...

    1. Although I also have a weird feeling they'll just use it as a chance to push Drew.

    2. Silly me wrong post... mhhhh lol

    3. Nah, I think it's safe to assume it's Reigns .vs. McIntyre at Mania.

  2. I got a feeling it will be Cena vs Angle

    Kurt was Cena's first opponent and he inducted him into Hall of Fame. It makes sense that he retires him

    1. It does make sense but I can only assume this has been planned for some time now and Joe vs Cena was a more recent idea.

      So it makes me think someone like Taker will take him on, but I do agree it makes sense if its Cena.

    2. I really don't like the idea of Angle .vs. Taker in 2019 considering how bad they've both looked in matches lately.

      With that said, Angle was in my favourite Mania match from last year!


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