Tuesday, 9 April 2019

8/4/19 Raw Viewership Betting Update

Tonight's episode of WWE Raw will just be starting when this post is published. Historically, the episodes of Raw following WrestleMania are the most watched episodes of the year and - as I pointed out in a post on Saturday morning - Kambi  published prop bets specific to how tonight's episode does in the US television ratings.

The first prop focused on the number of viewers watching the first hour of the programme. They set the line at 3.5 Million with the option to bet on 3,500,000 or more watchers offered as a 4/5 favourite. Those looking to wager on under 3.5 Million were able to bet at 9/10.

I last viewed the market at 1AM BST on Monday morning. At the time, the prices were still showing the same as Saturday morning.

8th April 2019 Monday Night Raw - First Hour Viewers Betting

The other market was a proposition in which customers could place wagers on the total/average number of viewers for the entire three hours on the USA Network. The line was set at 3.0 Million with both the '3.0 Million or More' and 'Under' both offered at 17/20.

8th April 2019 Monday Night Raw - Total/Average Viewers Betting

'3.0 Million or More' was cut from the aforementioned 17/20 into 7/10 by the early evening of WrestleMania Sunday. It was still showing this price at 1AM on Monday morning.

With the option to bet on 3,000,000 or more viewers moving in, the bookmakers increased the other selection to even money.

All bets will be settled when the ratings are officially released by showbuzzdaily.com. This is usually on Tuesdays.

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