Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Sky Bet Publishes WrestleMania 36 Main Event Market

Sky Bet has opened its first book for WrestleMania 36.

Customers can place wagers on what they believe will be the main event of the April 5th 2020 show.

The favourite - as of the time of writing - is Seth Rollins .vs. Roman Reigns. The selection is being offered at an attractive 14/1 (The very same match was 7/2 with Kambi over the weekend),

A singles match between two of this year's main eventers - Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey - is 20/1 as are Daniel Bryan .vs. The Miz and Seth Rollins .vs. Braun Strowman.

Roman Reigns .vs. Brock Lesnar, which would be a repeat of the 2018 main event, is 25/1.

Lars Sullivan, who has made his way to the main roster on this week's Raw and Smackdown, appears in a 33/1 selection. His main event opponent has to be Braun Strowman.

 A mixed tag team contest, with Becky Lynch teaming up with Conor McGregor to take on Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar, is 40/1 along with a match that very well could happen somewhere down the line - the MMA Horsewomen vs Pro Wrestling's Horsewomen.

Another 40/1 selection is a Kofi Kingston .vs. Big E match.

Kingston appears in all of the other remaining selections on the list with opponents from AJ Styles (50/1) to Samoa Joe (50/1) to The Miz (66/1).


  1. What's your view on the rumours that the WM35 main event ending was botched?

    I initially thought Ronda looked confused/annoyed when I first watched it so after reading the rumours it sort of makes sense.

    1. When I first watched it, I immediately thought it was on purpose in order to set up a singles match.

      Whether it is or not, it's still going to set one up I would imagine.

    2. Becky tapping Charlotte out would have also set up a singles match because Ronda could use "You could never pin/tap me" etc

      I suppose we will never know the truth

    3. As far as I'm aware, Ronda was taking the fall anyway. The only thing wrong is Ronda's shoulders weren't up for part of the count.

    4. More rumours now that Vince fined the referee.

      Seems like a boo-boo somewhere was made.

  2. Did they reference the dodgy pin at all on RAW or SD? If they didn’t, I’d assume it was a botch.

    1. The thing is, if/when they go to Becky .vs. Ronda as a singles, it will become a part of the story.


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