Sunday, 7 April 2019

WrestleMania Sunday: 5Dimes 5PM Update

There isn't much to write for my 5PM BST look over the WrestleMania 35 markets at 5Dimes.

Most markets are still showing the same pricing as the big update from this morning (that has actually messed up how the posts are being shown in the daily timeline!). However, the things that have changed are:

- Braun Strowman is now down to -140 to win the Andre the Giant battle royal. He was at +110 this morning. A win for 'The Field' is now priced at +100 from -150.

- Carmella is still +365 to win the ladies' battle royal. Read this post for more information.

- Samoa Joe is now a -350 favourite to successfully retain the WWE US Championship. A decision in favour of Rey Mysterio will now pay out at +250, which is an increase from +210.

- At 2PM BST, I noticed that Bayley and Sasha Banks had moved in from -150 into -180 in the tag market. The IIconics had also dipped from +130 into +110. However, since that time, The IIconics have been pushed back out. They're +150, Nia Jax and Tamina have moved out from +2,000 to +4,000 and the Divas of Doom are at +6,500 from +5,000.

Prices correct as of 5PM BST. The latest can be found on The 5Dimes Website.

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