Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bryan/Rowan .vs. The Usos MITB 2019 Market Published By Kambi

Kambi has published a few betting markets for the tag team match that is scheduled for the Money in the Bank 2019 pre-show.

However, I don't know how long they'll remain available in their current form.

The markets are for the Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan versus The Usos match that was confirmed last night. The reason why I don't believe the market will up - as they currently stand - for long is because it's titled 'Smackdown Tag Team Championship' and I've just realised the title might not be on the line.

The Usos are 5/2 underdogs and their opponents are 1/4.

I've backed The Usos because they lost to Bryan and Rowan on last week's edition of Smackdown, so thought it was worth betting on them to get the win back. However, seeing as it looks like it's a non-title match, the bet might not even stand.

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