Sunday, 5 May 2019

Next Smackdown Tag Champs After Hardys Betting Update For May 5th (AM)

Sky Bet has added two new selections to its 'Smackdown Tag Team Champions after The Hardy Boyz' market.

In a post published yesterday, I pointed out that WWE has announced that Shane McMahon will crown new champions on Tuesday's edition of Smackdown and suggested that I would not be surprised if The B-Team end up succeeding The Hardys for the vacant straps. When I checked in at 8:20AM BST, I noticed they were added and available at 1/2.

As I was preparing this post, I had another look and the team had been moved up to EVS because a new selection has been added.

The new addition to the list is 'Shane McMahon and Elias' at 3/1. After publishing yesterday's post, I did think Shane McMahon as a champ wouldn't have surprised me, but I didn't even consider Elias as I feared they'd have Shane's ego get the better of him and announce himself as the tag team champions. I must have subconsciously ruled out Elias because he's in a singles feud with Roman Reigns, but - even though I'm not betting on it (nor am I betting on B Team as I've already backed Rusev and Nakamura a few weeks ago) - I can absolutely see McMahon and Elias with the straps to further their alliance.

All of the price changes that I've been able to follow can be viewed in the table below.

Next Smackdown Tag Team Champions After The Hardys Betting

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