Sunday, 19 May 2019

Sky Bet Releases Super ShowDown Markets

Sky Bet has published betting markets for the next WWE Pay-Per-View from Saudi Arabia: Super ShowDown.

There have been a few matches announced for the event already. The main one being Bill Goldberg versus The Undertaker.

The oddsmakers have set Goldberg at 6/5 to win the match. A winning wager on The Undertaker will pay out at 8/13.

Similar odds have been given to Randy Orton .vs. Triple H with Orton being placed as the favourite.

Braun Strowman is 2/5 for his meeting with Bobby Lashley (7/4) and - in the most recent singles match that has been announced - Finn Balor is 4/11 to successfully retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Andrade (2/1).

Finn Balor is being advertised in as 'The Demon', so I think the odds reflect Balor's chances of winning accurately.

Finally, the bookies have published an outright market in which customers can place wagers on the 50-Man battle royal.

Brock Lesnar is an 8/1 favourite to win. He's followed by Roman Reigns at 10/1.

There have been reports that Lesnar will face Rollins for the Universal Championship. I'd like to see how everything plays out tonight and beyond, but I can see the match being a triple threat with Rollins defending against Lesnar and AJ Styles (who's a third-favourite to win the battle royal at 11/1).

A name stood out to me further down the list and it's Lars Sullivan. He was 33/1, but is now down to 16/1.

I'd go so far as to say that - if Braun Strowman is doing double duty on this show - I would not be surprised if these two are the last two men in there to play up Strowman's recent Greatest Royal Rumble and Andre the Giant Battle Royal wins.

The event will take place on Friday June 7th from King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah.

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