Monday, 10 June 2019

Regal's Odds To Headline 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame Decline Again

The Kambi oddsmakers' 2020 WWE Hall of Fame market was adjusted on Friday with a name that was cut in the most recent update once again lowered.

In the post published on May 31st, I noted that William Regal was one of three names that had shortened between then and mid-May. His price went from 40/1 to 33/1 before May 30th. The decline has evidently continued as Regal has since been cut into 20/1.

You can see how the market has been adjusted in the table below.

2020 WWE Hall of Fame Betting Odds - June 10th 2019

It's interesting to see Regal backed.

In my opinion, if a Hall of Fame ceremony were ever held in Britain, I could absolutely see Regal - due to the fact that he's still alive and still a part of the WWE/NXT family - being the main event inductee during one of these gatherings.

I cannot see him being the main event attraction for 2020, but evidently at least somebody out there is willing to bet on Regal being put in that position.

When available, the market can be found on the websites that publish Kambi's WWE specials markets.

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