Sunday, 9 June 2019

How Shane McMahon's Win Settled A Number Of Roman Reigns Specials From Kambi

Shane McMahon's betting upset win over Roman Reigns at WWE Super ShowDown settled a number of Roman Reigns specials that the Kambi oddsmakers released in March.

These markets were similar to their 'Conqueror' specials from the past in which clients could wager on the person who defeats the named wrestler in a singles match and the time-frame covering the said loss occurred.

Shane McMahon was a late addition to the market with the names of potential conquerors, which first saw the light of day on March 10th. The McMahon selection was installed on May 31st at 2/1 once it became clear that the two would clash at Super ShowDown.

The eventual winner remained at the 2/1 right up to the day of the show.

Roman Reigns' Next Loss Betting Special

The market in which customers could place bets on Reigns suffering a singles loss during three key periods leading up to this year's SummerSlam has also been settled.

Day Of Roman Reigns' Next Loss - SummerSlam 2019

The options that were available to customers when it was first opened on March 10th were 'Before/During Money in the Bank 2019', 'Between Day After Money in the Bank and End of SummerSlam 2019' and 'After SummerSlam 2019'.

When it was first opened, the eventual winning selection was 23/10. It was backed into 2/1 a little over two weeks later and was shortened to 9/10 on the night that the 'Before/During Money in the Bank 2019' selection had its last chance of winning (Reigns ended up beating Elias at the PPV). 

'Before/During MITB 2019' rose from 7/10 to 2/1 in the period that it was available.

The market reopened in late-May with 'Between Day After Money in the Bank and End of SummerSlam 2019' at 7/5. It was then moved to 13/10 a couple of days before Super ShowDown.

The above isn't the only time-frame special for a Roman Reigns loss that was published. There were two others that were last sighted on the night of WrestleMania 35. 

The first was specific to Smackdown's debut on FOX. The three options were 'Before', 'During' or 'After' the October 4th airing.

Day Of Roman Reigns' Next Loss - 1st Smackdown on FOX

The winning selection was a 1/16 favourite on March 10th. However, following the 'After 1st Smackdown on Fox' selection dropping to 2/1 from 9/4, the bookies moved it up to 1/10.

Kambi's other time-frame of Reigns' next loss market focused on WrestleMania 36.

Day Of Roman Reigns' Next Loss - WrestleMania 36

Just like with the Smackdown market, customers had the option to wager on Reigns' loss to occur 'Before', 'During' or 'After'. 

The loss to happen before April 5th 2020's PPV was 1/40 and remained at this price right up to the last day I saw it available, which was the day of Mania 35.

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