Friday, 7 June 2019

Sky Bet Publishes 24/7 Championship Market For Super ShowDown

Sky Bet has priced up a market in  which customers can place wagers on who they believe will be holding the WWE 24/7 Championship at the end of tonight's WWE Super ShowDown PPV.

R-Truth, who has already lost and regained the title on the trip to Saudi Arabia, is a 1/2 favourite to leave the show with the strap.

Jinder Mahal, who regained the title on an airport tarmac but lost it inside the aeroplane later, is a 3/1 second-favourite.

Mansoor, who will be working the 50-man battle royal, is next up at 7/1.

The wrestlers I always look out for in this market are at longer odds than they usually are. There are good reasons why.

Drake Maverick, unless it's a swerve, does not appear to have travelled to Saudi Arabia. He sent out a video on social media yesterday while at a golf course looking for R-Truth. He's 80/1.

Carmella - who is another name I have on my list of potential 24/7 winners - is also 80/1 and I am confident that she will not be at the show. The main reason being about females being disallowed from working these shows, but the other is she is in Australia covering Dolph Ziggler's outside of the ring commitments.

For what it's worth, I have backed Mojo Rawley today. He was 100/1 when I backed him but he is now 80/1. Considering he has an Arab background, I thought he was worth a small punt.

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