Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Extreme Rules 2019 Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match Market Published

Sky Bet has published a market for the latest match to be added to the WWE Extreme Rules 2019 card.

On last night's episode of WWE Smackdown, Heavy Machinery beat Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens.

The result of the win means that Otis and Tucker are now included in the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match which was originally going to be a regular tag contest.

The triple threat market has the current titleholders - Daniel Bryan and Rowan - at EVENS. A decision for Heavy Machinery will pay out at odds of 2/1.

The third team in the triple threat is The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods). They've been installed at 5/2.


  1. Who do you think will win this match

    1. I haven't bet because I think it could be a title change but not confident enough to put my money on it.

      Trying to think who could Rollins wrestle at SummerSlam if not Styles or Lesnar and Bryan is screaming at me.

    2. I'm thinking either Joe or Bryan

      Joe is the only heel left for Rollins if Brock Lesnar cashes in on Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules

      As for Bryan, yeah similar reason to yours. Lose tag team titles and become singles superstar again

  2. Hey David, I just now read the preview of upcoming Raw and they only mentioned about club but didn't focus on Ricochet

    My guess is instead of US title match between Styles ricochet

    Do you think they can have 6 men tag team match of club vs Ricochet and Usos

    In that way, Ricochet keeps US title and Styles might challenge Rollins for Universal title

    1. Well, I think the trios match for Extreme Rules makes the most sense considering that Styles lost his title challenge and then there was the beatdown afterwards.

      If it is that match, I'd say Rollins .vs. Styles at SummerSlam becomes less likely as I'd go with Ricochet .vs. Styles there.

  3. If Styles vs

  4. If Styles vs Ricochet is the plan IMO it doesn't make sense to postpone this match since they already have two singles matches already on Raw

    But you might be right too

    1. I see it a different way, but use the same case as you've made.

      IMO, a six-man match extends the feud and allows Anderson and Gallows to have a bigger role in it.

      Plus, they've given away the match for two straight weeks so this would allow things to simmer until August.

    2. Also Rey Mysterio is expected to be back this week or Raw after Extreme Rules

      Do you think he will be added to US title match or he will have one final revenge match with Samoa Joe at Summerslam?

    3. I don't know. I get the feeling Joe has completely moved in a new direction now.

      Would like him to be the champ coming out of Extreme Rules, if I were to be completely honest.

    4. I think the only way Joe will be champion is if Lesnar cashes in for Universal title

    5. There is another way I had thought about..

      Joe wins the title. The Smackdown at Staples Center is Joe .vs. Cena, so I am once again hoping that it's Cena challenging for the title in the building he first won it on the first Smackdown on FOX. Cena wins to do the 'record' and then Lesnar ruins it by cashing in.

      Long shot, yes.

    6. Great idea honestly. Three really big moments there

      1) long awaited dream match of Joe - Cena

      2) Cena winning 17th title

      3) Lesnar cash in

    7. Also in California where they feuded in UPW back in the day.

      It writes itself!


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