Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dave Meltzer's Picks For 2 Of Tonight's G1 Matches

On this morning's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzales gave their predictions for the opening night of the G1 Climax tournament,

Seeing as the oddsmakers from Kambi have markets for two of the bouts on tonight's card, I thought I'd point out what was said in case anyonewanted to have a gamble on the outcomes of the two matches.

When discussing the main match on the card - Kazuchika Okada .vs. Hiroshi Tanhashi - Meltzer predicted that Tanahashi would win against Okada.

The newsletter editor noted that - in certain matches in the G1 - New Japan tends to do a draw, but he felt that they shouldn't do one here and should go with the 'surprise' of Tanahashi upsetting the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

As far the odds go, Tanahashi is 5/4 to get the win. He has been at this price ever since the market was first installed last month.

Those looking to back Okada will find him as an 11/20 favourite.

A draw is also available as a separate 'Match Props' special at 3/1.

I haven't bet on this match, but my opinion clashes with Meltzer here as I feel Okada should go over as it would be last year's winner falling at the first hurdle in 2019. I also have Okada losing to other people later in the tournament to set up matches through the autumn.

I have backed KENTA to beat Kota Ibushi. Meltzer and Gonzales agreed with each other that Ibushi will likely be in contention to win the tournament near the end, so he could afford a loss.

The two both went on to point out that KENTA 'needs credibility right away' and therefore a decision over Ibushi in match one could be a way to get it.

KENTA is the outsider in the betting. He started off at 13/10 on June 26th, but was cut into 5/4 within the first day (I suppose after I backed him and mentioned why IN THIS POST). However, as you can see below, the market has returned to its earlier pricing. This is likely following Ibushi being backed.

26/6 7:40PM
27/6 8:00PM
2/7 11:00PM
6/7 10:00AM

Just like with the Okada .vs. Tanahashi markets, there is a way to bet on Ibushi .vs. KENTA being a draw in the 'Match Props' section. It's 5/1.

KENTA winning tonight is one of the results I was the most confident in when I first saw the matches announced for the show. Meltzer did say on this morning's podcast that the match is somewhat tricky for him to pick even though he did a good job making a case for KENTA to get the W.

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