Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Styles' Odds To Be Next US Champ Shortened Following Heel Turn

After turning heel on Ricochet at the close of last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles role as a betting favourite to succeed Ricochet as US Champion has shortened.

The Sky Bet website republished its 'US Champion After Ricochet' market this evening with Styles now at 5/4. He was previously at 3/1 after opening at 7/2 on June 25th.

WWE US Champion After Ricochet Betting

On one level, it's understandable to see Styles' price lowered because his turn was at the expense of the US Champion. He also holds one non-title win over the champ, but - on the other hand - lost last night's title match.

As I've written in other posts about this market, I believe that Ricochet should go on a long reign with the title. 

On top of that, I have a feeling that a heel AJ Styles - with Gallows and Anderson as back up - could be the Seth Rollins' next challenge once the champ moves on from Baron Corbin.

I hope so, anyway. 

I had backed Styles to succeed Rollins for the Universal Championship in a similar market from Sky Bet weeks ago, but placed another small bet on him at 20/1 this evening.


  1. If Seth vs AJ is the plan for Summerslam then it would be interesting to see how they book him against Ricochet at Extreme Rules

    I don't think he should lose clean at Extreme Rules after heel turn

  2. Hey David, have you seen Shelton Benjamin segment from Smackdown

    I think the reason why he had that weird smile on his face when he was asked who would win WWE title match at Extreme Rules because he knows his close friend Brock Lesnar will cash in on Kofi at Extreme Rules

    I have a pretty good feeling that Lesnar will cash in on Kofi at Extreme Rules

    1. Ha, seen it about twenty minutes ago and then sent a DM to someone saying this:

      I’m watchin SD.. you see the Shelton thing? Laughing here because you could read that as he knows there will be a cash in because he’s real-life mates with Lesnar

  3. If that's true, then Lesnar will be out of Universal title picture and I th7nk then there are only 2 guys who could be next challengers for Seth at Summerslam

    1) AJ Styles

    2) Bray Wyatt

    Although, they can also have Joe transition from WWE title picture to Universal title picture

    1. I get the feeling that, when Bray Wyatt comes back, he'll be in the upper midcard.

      Only going by how they're doing the teases. For example, when Miz was backstage walking down the corridor they had Mercy the Buzzard shown in the background.

    2. ^ this was last week or week before.

    3. And to be fair, my Rollins .vs. Styles idea has a lot more holes in it considering he's mixing with the US Championship right now.

    4. Yeah I too think AJ will be in different storyline for few months

      During injury, he gave an interview. He said what's next for AJ Styles when he comes back. He said two things

      1) Club reunion

      2) dream match with Rey Mysterio

      First one is done and second might be possible too since Rey's immediate motive will be to regain US title

      I'm just curious to see who wins US title match at Extreme Rules

    5. The Rey thing could very well happen if they want to still do the Rey/Dominick thing but have AJ in there in place of Samoa Joe.

    6. True, both guys mentioned they wanted to face each other ever since Rey returned to WWE

      But i just hope it's a non title feud so Ricochet can have it

      But i think AJ might win at Extreme Rules since he just turned heel.

      Rey is rumoured to come back next week on Raw so wonder if he will be added to US title match at and make it triple threat. In that way, Ricochet can keep US title and non title match between Rey and AJ


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