Monday, 8 July 2019

US Title Match Announced For Extreme Rules

WWE has just announced that Ricochet will defend his WWE United States Championship against AJ Styles at this Sunday's Extreme Rules 2019 PPV.

This gives me the opportunity to point out the 'Champion After' market for Ricochet's strap.

Sky Bet's special, in which customers can bet on Ricochet's successor, was taken down at 11PM BST tonight. Shortly before it closed, I noticed that Styles was still a 10/11 favourite.

In fact, the entire market was still showing the same pricing as yesterday's update.

For what it's worth, the US Championship was 10/1 to be the next title to change hands in the market I wrote about within the last hour.


  1. Who do you think will now?

    My guess is Club will ruin Rey Mysterious return and destroy him tonight on Raw and Rey costs AJ US title at Extreme Rules

    1. I'm going to wait until Raw to see if the match isn't changed and then wait until there's a market up.

    2. One thing is for sure, AJ isn't losing clean

  2. After watching Raw, I am pretty sure AJ will win

    Ricochet already beat Gallows and Anderson. I can't see him beating AJ just within a week.

    All 3 guys of club losing to same guy in the space of 6 days. That would be a bad start for club IMO

    Also, Ricochet doesn't have any help. I can see AJ winning US title with the help of Gallows and Anderson

    1. Rey could make the save if they aren't selling his beating from Lashley.

      I also don't think there'll be a cash in now.

    2. I mean i don't think Rey will interfere in the match since Club didn't do anything to him

      Are you still picking Ricochet ?

    3. The thing with Styles/Club is no one has helped Ricochet from the beatdowns, so it has to lead to somebody making the save.

      With that said, I think there's a strong possibility that Sasha comes to the aid of Bayley on Sunday so it would be repetitive to happen twice in the same night.

    4. (I think Sasha turns on Bayley BTW)

  3. Yeah, I'm also expecting Sasha to return since Nikki Cross said Bayley needs help


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