Sunday, 11 August 2019

5Dimes' SummerSlam Odds For Sunday Night (Updated 11:30PM BST)

For the next few hours, I'll post frequent updates about the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam 2019 markets.

They'll start with all of the prices from my 9:00PM visit.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Seth Rollins
9:00PM: No change since 4PM after Brock Lesnar was moved to -230 from -165 and Seth Rollins was pushed to +170 from +125.

11:30PM: Brock Lesnar is now a -290 favourite. Seth Rollins is up to +210.

Kofi Kingston .vs. Randy Orton
9:00PM: Another market still showing the same prices as 4PM. Kofi Kingston is -210 to Randy Orton's +160.

10:00PM: Kofi Kingston has now been moved down to -230. A win for Randy Orton is up from +!60 to +170.

Kevin Owens .vs. Shane McMahon
9:00PM: Kevin Owens is still a -510 favourite. A win for Shane McMahon will currently pay out at odds of +340.

11:30PM: Shane McMahon's odds have slipped from +340 into +260. Kevin Owens remains a favourite, but is now at -380 from -510.

Finn Balor .vs. Bray Wyatt
9:00PM: Wyatt's odds fell from -1,500 into -1,580 before 8:30PM and have remained at this number for now. Balor went up to +800 from +750.

11:00PM: Bray Wyatt has dropped into -2,000 while Balor has moved to +1,000.

11:30PM: Wyatt has moved in once more. He's -2,210 now. Finn Balor has risen to +1,070.

AJ Styles .vs. Ricochet
9:00PM: Ricochet's price declined from +160 into +157 before 6:00PM and is now down to +150. AJ's price has moved up from the -210 at 4PM and is now -190.

11:30PM: Ricochet is now down to +120 from +150. A win for AJ Styles has now been placed at -160 which is up from -190.

Goldberg .vs. Dolph Ziggler
9:00PM: Goldberg has been cut from -475 into -675 following Dolph Ziggler's price dropping today. Ziggler was +325 after falling from +450 at around 6PM, but is now at +425.

11:00PM: Goldberg is now down to -780 while Ziggler has moved to +460

Becky Lynch .vs. Natalya
9:00PM: Becky Lynch is still a -430 fave. Natalya is +310.

10:00PM: Becky Lynch is now a -445 favourite. Natalua is up to +315.

Bayley .vs. Ember Moon
9:00PM: Ember Moon's price to win the Smackdown Women's Championship match was cut from +175 to +125 sometime before 6PM. The titleholder is now a -165 fave, which is slightly up from the -245 Bayley bettors would have found her at 4PM.

11:00PM: Ember Moon has fallen into -135 from +125. Bayley has risen to -105 from -165.

Charlotte Flair .vs. Trish Stratus
9:00PM: Charlotte Flair went from -380 to -530 favourite between 4PM and 6PM. She remains at this price. Trish Stratus is still at the +350 she was moved to from +260 after Flair moved in.

10:00PM: Trish Stratus' price has moved down from +350 to +340. Charlotte is now at -510 from -530.

11:00PM: Trish Stratus is now down to +300. A win for Flair has moved up from -510 to -420.

Closed Markets

Drew Gulak .vs. Oney Lorcan
9:00PM: Drew Gulak was moved from -320 to -335 before 6PM and remains at this number. A win for Oney Lorcan is +245, which is slightly up from the +240 he was at 4PM.

10:00PM: This match will be on the Kick Off. Gulak is now down to -380 and Lorcan is up to +260.

11:10PM: Drew Gulak has won as a -380 favourite.

Odds from 5Dimes.

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