Monday, 7 October 2019

HIAC 2019 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 betting favourites as the PPV was starting.

Unlike usual, they are not ranked in order of strength. This is because I'm using more than one bookmaker as 5Dimes has not released markets for the late additions to the card.

Lacey Evans (Pre-Show Loser)
Sasha Banks
Bray Wyatt
Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns
Charlotte Flair
Kabuki Warriors (favourites with Kambi, but pick 'em with Sky Bet)
Viking Raiders and Mystery Partner
Randy Orton
Chad Gable (favourite with Sky Bet, but at pick 'em with Corbin at Kambi)


  1. Mm geez the favourites are a bit weird recently, smart money must be landing smarter.

    1. Been that way for over two years or so now.

  2. Also, Betway has Tyson Fury wwe bets... although I don't think I like the odds on any of them. Royal Rumble is too close to Fury fighting Wilder, and I doubt Fury would risk getting injured.

    1. I saw what you wrote in the other post about thinking it'll be a last man standing match.

      Before last night, I thought they'd end up either as teammates or on opposing sides at Crown Jewel. That way, they limit the amount they can both do together and build for a big spot or two in the match.

      I don't like those Betway selections at all as the Fury/WWE stuff is all for Crown Jewel and, as you said, the Wilder fight is likely going to be early next year depending on how Wilder is after November.

    2. Yeah, I only thought of Last Man Standing as it's the whole 10 count thing, unless they create some kind of special match like boxing in a way.

      Although I agree being in a tag match or something of some kind makes sense so that they don't have to do too much interaction.


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