Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Kambi Settled Its Final Two Inaugural AEW World Tag Champs Specials

We're almost a week removed from SoCal Uncensored's winning of the All Elite Wrestling World Tag Team Championship, so I thought I'd look at how two remaining betting markets that were created for the tournament were settled.

The first market I'll cover in this post is the main one that was available under Kambi's 'Inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions' specials. It allowed customers to gamble on who they thought would be holding the straps at the conclusion.

As you'll see below, the eventual winners started out at 11/1 on October 5th. They were cut to 15/2 by the 10th and then dropped to 5/1 (October 15th), 33/20 (October 19th) and 17/20 (October 26th) as the tourney progressed.

In the days leading into the final, customers would have found both finalists at 17/20.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Betting

Another market that was also settled last week was a prop special in which clients could gamble on the side of the tournament bracket the winners came from.

This prop was worded in a way where customers had the option to gamble 'Yes' or 'No' to the inaugural champs being on the left side of the tournament bracket.

With The Dark Order securing a bye into the semi-final on the right side of the bracketing, the left portion was the heaviest with names like The Young Bucks, Private Party, Jurassic Express and the eventual finalists, The Lucha Brothers. Representing the right, along with The Dark Order, was Best Friends and the eventual winners.

As the tournament was in progress, 'No' was backed from 5/2 to 13/10 and was then cut to 3/4. This is where the selection stayed right up to the last time I saw it: the night of the semi-final.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Betting: Prop Bet

The markets were available from Kambi's Pro Wrestling Pages.

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