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A Look At The Rest Of Kambi's Observer Specials For Crown Jewel 2019 Now That The Results Are In

As mentioned in a post published yesterday, Dave Meltzer's review of WWE Crown Jewel 2019 was published in this week's Wrestling Observer and Kambi has settled all of the star ratings specials that were installed for the PPV. 

In this post, I'll take a look at all of the other specials that Kambi had for the show.

Highest Rated Match of the Night Betting
There was a dead heat in the market in which customers could gamble on the match they thought would get the most stars in Dave Meltzer's review.

The winning selections were 'Team Hogan .vs. Team Flair' and 'Any Unlisted Match'. The qualifying bout was the Mansoor versus Cesaro contest as both were given three-and-three quarter stars by the newsletter's editor.

'Team Hogan .vs. Team Flair' was 33/20 when the market was first created while its joint-winner was 4/1. The 'Any Unlisted Match' selection was backed down to 33/20 by October 29th. It rose up to 2/1 a day before the show and closed at this price. The increase for the 'Unlisted Match' coincided with the odds for 'Team Hogan .vs. Team Flair' being lowered from 33/20 (it had risen to 7/4 initially) to 23/20/

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Betting - Highest Rated Match

Exact Star Rating of the Highest Rated Match Betting
With the two bouts getting three-and-three-quarters in Dave Meltzer's review, the market in which customers could gamble on the 'Exact Star Rating of the Highest Rated Match' was settled with '3.5 Stars or More' being the winning selection.

It opened at 5/2 on October 19th, was backed into 2/1 by 4:00PM BST on October 23rd and was cut down to EVS three days later.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Betting - Exact Star Rating Of Highest Rated Match

Two head-to-head markets were published. In these specials, the gamblers could bet which - of two matches - would get the most star ratings in Dave Meltzer's report.

Lesnar/Velasquez .vs. Rollins/Wyatt
The two major title matches on Thursday's card were opposed in the first head-to-head. Seth Rollins .vs. Bray Wyatt, for the 'WWE Universal Championship' started out at 3/4 while Brock Lesnar's defence of the 'WWE Championship' against Cain Velasuez was 11/10. 

The Universal Championship match was backed into 8/13 while the Lesnar/Velasquez option rose to 13/10 in the time the market was available.

'Same Star Rating', which covered a tie, was 5/2 throughout.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Betting - Head to Head Wagering

As you may have read in yesterday's post, Seth Rollins .vs. Bray Wyatt had two stars. It did better than the minus two stars that was given to its opposing selection.

5-on-5 .vs. Tag Team World Cup
In the second head-to-head, the 5-on-5 match was competing against the Tag Team World Cup.

Dave Meltzer rated all of the matches in the World Cup individually. Of the matches involved, the highest number of stars - 2.50 - was given to two of those featuring Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. 

I don't know how this market was graded, but I surmise that it saw the two-and-a-half stars going up against the three-and-three quarters for Team Hogan .vs. Team Flair.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Betting - Head to Head Wagering

Prop Bets
A trio of proposition markets were also published for the PPV.

The first, titled 'Joint Winners', asked customers whether two or more matches in Dave Meltzer's review would share the recognition as the highest rated match of the night. As we know, this did happen. Therefore, 'Yes' won at odds of 7/4 initially or at 19/10 later on.

The 'Main Event' prop wanted customers to gamble whether or not the final match on the card was rated the highest once Meltzer's review was written up. The 'No' fell from 7/20 to 2/7 between October 19th and 23rd. It was then taken down to 1/4 by lunchtime on October 26th.

The main event was the Universal Championship match, which was not the match of the night.

Finally, there was a special in which customers could bet 'Yes' to there being a match rated with negative stars in Meltzer's review. Crown Jewel was coming off a minus two star match in Seth Rollins versus Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell, so Kambi probably priced this one up with the Rollins/Wyatt rematch in mind. A match did indeed get a negative number, so those who may have took 7/4 would have had winning bets thanks to Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship retention against Cain Velasquez getting minus two stars.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Observer Betting - Prop Bet Results

These markets were published by the oddsmakers from The Kambi Group. You can view their latest offerings through the link below.

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