Wednesday, 15 January 2020

13/1/20 WWE Monday Night Raw Audience Number released the audience numbers for the 13th January WWE Monday Night Raw last night.

The episode drew a total average audience of 2,030,333 viewers. 

Now that the numbers have been released, a prop market - in which customers could bet whether or not the show drew an audience of 2,300,000 or more - will be graded in favour of 'No'.

The winning selection was 9/10 when Kambi's markets for this week's TV numbers were opened.

WWE Monday Night Raw Prop Bet For January 13 2020

As you can see, the favourite was 'Yes'. It was 4/5.

The breakdown for the show went as follows.

Hour 1: 2,218,000
Hour 2: 2,059,000
Hour 3: 2,030,333

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