Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Sky Bet Publishes 'Shortest Stay' Market For Men's Rumble

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have added even more specials to their coverage of the men's Royal Rumble.

Customers can now place wagers on the person who has the 'Shortest Stay' in the match.

Just like with the 'Most Eliminations' and 'Iron Man' markets, there are plenty of selections to choose from and there are generous odds available if you want to look outside of the usual suspects.

It should come as no surprise, to those who have been following along, that I've placed a speculative punt on Brock Lesnar at 150/1.

This gamble plays into my idea that there's a chance he is the first person eliminated. However, that is no guarantee and - even if I end up correct with that guess - there are plenty more opportunities for other participants to be eliminated in shorter time as the match progresses.

Other names I've bet on are:

Sami Zayn 33/1
Jinder Mahal 66/1 (I came close with him last year!)
Goldberg 66/1
Chad Gable 66/1
Dolph Ziggler 80/1

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