Sunday, 2 February 2020

Kambi's TV Props For Week Commencing 3/2/20

The odddmakers from Kambi have released pro wrestling TV prop bets for next week.

For Raw, the bookmakers have set the line at 2.4 Million or more. Customers who believe that the show will do below that number can back 'No' at 4/6. Those looking to bet on the number being reached can get 27/25.

2.4 Million or more is the line that has been given to Friday night's episode of Smackdown. This time, however, the odds for 'Yes' are 9/10 and 4/5 for 'No'.

With Smackdown barely beating Raw in the ratings for this week (Raw had 2,402,000 and Smackdown had 2,423,000), a spread market - which allows customers to bet whether or not Raw beats Smackdown this week - has been created.

Those who think Raw can get more viewers than Smackdown on FOX will find the 'Yes' at EVS. Those who would bet on Smackdown doing the better number can get 7/10 for 'No'.

For Wednesday night, they have lines of 700,000 or above for NXT and 825,000 or higher for AEW Dynamite.

There's a spread special for the Wednesday Night War with the book asking whether AEW will beat its rival by 100,000 viewers or more.

'No' is 27/25 while the 'Yes' is 4/6.

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