Thursday, 26 March 2020

25/3/20 AEW And NXT Viewers

The viewership numbers for last night's professional wrestling TV shows have been released by

AEW Dynamite had a total average of 819,000 viewers while WWE NXT had 669.000.

Now that the results are in, Kambi will soon settle a trio of proposition markets that were available for the night of TV.

The AEW Dynamite audience proposition market will be settled with 'No' winning. In it, customers were asked whether the episode would get 900,000 or more viewers.

Going by the betting, it appears as though the customers thought the show would perform better than the line as 'Yes' was backed from 19/20 and was down to 1/2 a few hours before the market closed.

25/3/20 - AEW Dynamite Prop Bet

With the 'Yes' backed, 'No' went out from 3/4 all the way up to 7/5 in the period customers were able to wager.

For WWE NXT, Kambi set the line at 500,000 or more. The result sees 'Yes' win. 

A look at the table below shows that the eventual winner dropped from EVS right down to 2/5 between Monday morning and last night.

25/3/20 - WWE NXT Prop Bet

The third prop was a spread special asking customers to bet on the prospect of AEW Dynamite having at least double the amount of viewers than its competition.

With hindsight being 20/20 and WWE NXT picking up 669,000, AEW's show would have needed 1,338,000 - a number it has never reached. 

'No' won as a favourite. It started off at 1/2, but was down to 7/20 yesterday morning. It was still at this price when I checked in a few hours before the shows began.

25/3/20 - AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT Prop Bet

There are still props available for Friday's episode of Smackdown as well as the cable TV airing of WrestleMania 32, which will air on ESPN in the USA this Sunday.

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