Monday, 23 March 2020

Pro Wrestling TV Viewership Prop Bets For March 23rd To 27th 2020

Kambi's oddsmakers have published TV viewership prop markets for this week's professional wrestling shows.

In this post, I'll go through each market starting with the one for tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw and closing with a market that will be settled once we know the total average audience for Friday's edition of WWE Smackdown.

I'll also add notes below each part for those of you who would like to know how last week's viewership fared.

23/3/20 Monday Night Raw
For tonight's WWE Raw, which will not be live, the bookmakers have set a line of 2.2 Million or More. Those who think it will do that number or higher are being offered 4/5 for 'Yes' with the option to bet on it doing less - 'No' - at 9/10.

Note: The March 16th episode of Raw had a total average audience of 2,335,336

25/3/20 AEW Dynamite
As it stands, AEW Dynamite is the only live show this week. The line for it has been set at 900,000 viewers or above. The option to bet on the episode doing less than that is 3/4 while the option to bet on it doing 900,000 or higher is 19/20

Note: Last week's episode of AEW Dynamite had 932,000 people turned in.

25/3/20 WWE NXT
The line for WWE NXT on the USA Network has been set at 500,000. The selection to wager on it doing that number or better is EVS while its opposing option, 'No', is 7/10.

Note: The March 18th WWE NXT had 542,000 and did not make it to the top 50 on the cable rankings

25/3/20 Double The Viewers Special
There's a special for Wednesday night's TV head-to-head in which customers can gamble on AEW Dynamite pulling in at least double the number of viewers that WWE NXT draws. Those who think it will can find the 'Yes' at 7/5 while the 'No' is 1/2.

Note: Last week's shows saw AEW beat NXT by less than double as AEW had 932,000 to NXT's 542,000.

27/3/20 WWE Smackdown
For Friday's episode of Smackdown, the line is 2.5 Million or more. Those who would like to wager on the show doing less than 2,500,000 can find 'No' at 4/5. The option to bet on it getting 2.5 Million or higher is 9/10.

Note: Last week's Smackdown, which plugged an appearance by Rob Gronkowski, had a total average audience of 2,562,500.

Spread Special For Smackdown .vs. Raw
A spread proposition, which asks whether Smackdown will beat Raw by 250,000 or more viewers has also been priced up. The 'Yes' is 9/10 while the 'No' is favoured at 4/5.

Note: There was a difference of 226,664 viewers last week.

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