Wednesday, 15 July 2020

5Dimes' Extreme Rules 2020 Odds Notes For Wednesday Morning

I visited the 5Dimes Sportsbook's website yesterday afternoon and noticed that the company has installed a selection of betting markets for this weekend's WWE Extreme Rules PPV. I don't know how long they've been available, but - upon checking the odds this morning - I noticed a few markets had changed.

In this post, I'll note the current odds and point out how they differ from yesterday.

Braun Strowman .vs. Bray Wyatt
The market for the Wyatt Swamp Fight was off the board when I looked over the odds yesterday. It is now available with Braun Strowman  a +170 underdog. Bray Wyatt is -230.

WWE Championship
There has been no changes made to the WWE Championship market. Drew McIntyre is a -1,850 favourite and Dolph Ziggler is +900.

WWE United States Championship
When I looked at the prices for the WWE United States Championship match yesterday, the current titleholder - Apollo Crews - was a favourite. He was -445 while his opponent, MVP, was +315. Since then, MVP's odds have dipped. The challenger is now +260 while the champ is -380.

Rey Mysterio .vs. Seth Rollins
Rey Mysterio's odds to win the Eye for an Eye match have slid from +220 into +200 since yesterday. A decision in favour of Seth Rollins has moved from -300 to -280.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Sasha Banks' price to beat WWE Raw Women's Champion, Asuka, has lowered from +300 into +250. Asuka is now a -350 favourite. This is up from -420.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Nikki Cross has lowered from +550 into +350 to win against WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, Bayley. As a result, the titleholder has been placed at -530 from -1,050.

These markets can be found on 5Dimes' Betting Board.

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