Saturday, 12 September 2020

AEW All Out 2020 Observer Star Ratings O/U Results

With the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published yesterday, the oddsmakers from Kambi have settled its Wrestling Observer star ratings markets for last Saturday's AEW All Out 2020 PPV.

Over/Under markets were published for nearly all of the matches on the card. In the table below, I've recorded the bookmakers' lines, the amount of stars Dave Meltzer gave in his review of the event and the betting results.

There are also some notes that can be found below.

AEW All Out 2020 Observer Star Ratings Betting Results

1. A market for the tooth and nail match between Britt Baker and Big Swole opened with a line of 2.75 Stars on September 3rd. However, it didn't last as it was removed. I surmise this was after it became clear that the bout would be 'cinematic' and would get no rating, which is in fact what happened as Meltzer did not grade it. Therefore, the result is 'void'

2. Kambi started off with a line of 3.50 Stars for the Casino Battle Royale. However, this was lowered into 2.50 Stars. The bout received two-and-a-half stars in the review, so the results are 'Under 3.5 Stars' (for those who may have bet when the line was 3.5) and '2.5 Stars or More' (the result of the second line)

3. Matt Hardy's injury in the opening minutes of the broken match with Sammy Guevara resulted in the bout not getting a grade. Another void result

4. Initially, the line for Chris Jericho .vs. Orange Cassidy was set at 3.25 Stars. It was later increased to 3.50. The match was given three-and-a-half stars so those who took the '3.25 Stars or More' or '3.50 Stars or More' would have been on the correct side or sides

5. The AEW Championship match started off with a line of 4.50 Stars. It was later reduced to 4.25 Stars. Jon Moxley's win over MJF received four-and-a-quarter, so the winning selections will be 'Under 4.50 Stars' from the earlier line and '4.25 Stars or More' for the later one.

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