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Pro Wrestling TV Viewership Prop Bet Results From 7/9/20 - 11/9/20

In what might become a regular thing for at least the next few weeks, I've decided to write about Kambi's pro wrestling TV viewership prop bet results in one single post rather than publishing separate posts for each night of TV.

Here are all the props - and their respective results - starting with Monday's Raw right through to last night's edition of WWE Smackdown.

7/9/20 - WWE Monday Night Raw
The September 7th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw had a total average audience of 1,725,000 viewers.

With that number, the winning selection - in the prop for the total average audience - will be settled with 'No' winning because Kambi asked its customers whether the show would do better than at least '1.85 Million'. 

7/9/20 - WWE Monday Night Raw Viewership Prop Bet

Looking at the betting, it appears as though the consensus may have felt that the show would perform better than Kambi's line because 'Yes' went to 4/6 from 3/4 while the eventual winner moved out to 27/25 from 19/20.

The average was calculated by counting the audience per hour. The results were:

Hour 1 - 1,762,000
Hour 2 - 1,800,000
Hour 3 - 1,613,000

The third hour having 1,613,000 means that a second prop for Monday's airing was settled with 'No' winning again. This is because the market was specific to the third hour. It asked whether there would be 1,650,000 or more tuned in for it.

7/9/20 - WWE Monday Night Raw Third Hour Viewership Prop Bet

The wagering once again appears to have gone the wrong way because 'Yes' was the selection that was lowered. It went from 4/6 into 11/20 while 'No' was pushed out to 5/4 from 27/25.

8/9/20 - WWE NXT
The episode of WWE NXT Super Tuesday II that aired on the USA Network on September 8th had a total average of 838,000 viewers.

Kambi asked its customers whether the programme would have a total of at least 850,000 people tuned in. 

As you'll see, in the table below, the winning selection was 3/4 on Sunday. It was down into 13/25 within a day and was then down to 21/50 by Tuesday evening.

8/9/20 - WWE NXT Viewership Prop Bet

9/9/20 - AEW Dynamite
Wednesday's AEW Dynamite on TNT had a total average of 1,016,000 viewers. This good result means that the prop market for the show's audience was won by 'Yes'.

In the prop, customers were asked whether or not at least 950,000 people would tune in. As you'll see below, the betting went the way of the 'No' as it fell from 9/10 into 1/2 across the days the market was available.

9/9/20 - AEW Dynamite Viewership Prop Bet

The eventual winner was 7/5 on the day of the programme. It had started out as a 4/5 favourite.

With the viewership numbers for AEW Dynamite and Tuesday's WWE NXT official, a prop which asked whether AEW Dynamite would beat its competition by at least 100,000 was also settled. 

AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT TV Viewership Prop Bet

The winner - 'Yes' - was a 7/10 favourite. The difference between the two programmes was 178,000.

11/9/20 WWE Smackdown
Friday's edition of WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average audience of 2,261,000. There were 2,236,000 viewers tuned in for the first hour and 2,286,000 for the second.

Kambi's prop market for the show asked customers whether there would be a total average of 2.05 Million.

The winning selection -'Yes' - was at 9/10 on Sunday, but was moved to EVS within a day after the 'No' was snipped into 7/10 from 4/5.

11/9/20 WWE Smackdown Viewership Prop Bet

The final prop for the week asked customers whether Smackdown would beat Raw by at least 200,000 viewers. With Raw getting 1,725,000, the difference was 536,000. Therefore, the winning selection was 'Yes'.

As you can see from the betting, the odds for the eventual winner increased due to potential bets coming in on the 'No',

'Yes' was moved up from 6/5 after starting out at 27/25.

11/9/20 WWE Smackdown vs 7/9/20 WWE Raw Viewership Prop Bet

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