Sunday, 6 September 2020

Kambi's Reigns Title Specials

Kambi's oddsmakers have created specials in which customers can gamble on Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship reign.

There are three markets available. The first is a special in which people can gamble on the person who is the 'Next To Win' the Universal Championship, the second allows customers to gamble on the timeframe when Reigns drops the strap and finally, there's a prop which asks whether Reigns' title loss will come by way of a Money in the Bank cash-in.

Previous WWE Universal Champion - Bray Wyatt - is a favourite to succeed Reigns for the strap. He's 6/4. Behind him, as joint second-favourites at odds of 5/2, are two names that make sense for contrasting reasons.

Otis is up there for the simple reason that he is the current Money in the Bank holder, so has to be in the discussion.

Big E, who is now on a singles run and has recently become the betting favourite to win the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble, is also there. 

The top three are then followed by Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre who are both 5/1. The list continues all the way down to Matt Riddle at 33/1.

WWE Universal Champion After Roman Reigns

There are three selections available in the market in which customers can gamble on the 'Date Listed Participant Loses Title'. They are 'Before WrestleMania 37' at 11/10, 'During WrestleMania 37' at 9/10 and 'After WrestleMania 37' at 2/1.

I'm taking a bit of a gamble by going for Reigns' reign to go beyond WrestleMania. The reason why I have opted for this is because I am entertaining the idea that the Universal Championship match - at WrestleMania - will see Reigns defending the strap against The Rock.

Had we not been in the middle of a worldwide pandemic,  and knew for sure that Mania was a cert for Los Angeles, I would be more confident that we're getting Reigns/Rock next year. 

Even so, I'm willing to take a gamble.

Way back, at the start of this year, Reigns - during the press conference to announce the venue for Mania 37 - threw Dwayne Johnson's name out as a potential opponent for the show considering the 'Hollywood' theme.

It's for that reason I've backed The Rock to win the Royal Rumble, had a punt on 'Roman Reigns .vs. The Rock' to be the main event in Kambi's WrestleMania special and have now gone for Reigns to go beyond WrestleMania 37 as champion because I feel that - if the bout does indeed happen - Rock should do the honours for his cousin.

The Money in the Bank prop is offering 19/10 for the reign to be ended by a successful cash-in while the option to bet on the reign not ending by a successful cash-in, by backing 'No', is a 7/20 favourite.

It might be famous last words on my behalf, but I just cannot envision Otis successfully cashing in his contract - and winning - against this more edgier Roman Reigns character.

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