Saturday, 20 February 2021

Latest Elimination Chamber 2021 Prices From BetOnline

BetOnline's market for tomorrow night's WWE Championship match has been somewhat active today.

When I visited the website this morning, I noticed that the sportsbook had lowered Drew McIntyre's price to retain the WWE Championship from -200 into -300. I checked back in a few minutes ago to find that the titleholder is now -400.

BetOnline's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Odds

With McIntyre's price lowered, second-favourite Sheamus - who was +250 earlier this week - is now up to +350 while AJ Styles has now been placed at +700 after starting out at +600 on Wednesday.

The other selections in the book - Randy Orton (+700), Kofi Kingston (+4,000) and Jeff Hardy (+5,000) - remain at their initial prices.

BetOnline's market for the other Elimination Chamber match had a slight change made to it when I checked in this morning.

BetOnline's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Odds

As you can see above, Kevin Owens remains a favourite. However, his price has been moved up to -120 from -125.

Interestingly, the other selections remain as they were from Tuesday evening.

The only other Elimination Chamber 2021 market from BetOnline is for a bout that is in question: the US Championship match. 

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Betting: US Championship

It now lists Riddle as a +250 second-favourite while Keith Lee - who is questionable - is now out to +300 from +170.

Titleholder, Bobby Lashley, is now a -200 favourite. He had started out at -125.

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