Monday, 22 February 2021

How Miz's Cash-In Helped Settle Kambi's MITB Specials (Version 2)

With the Money in the Bank cash-in, from the WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2020 event from December 20th,  being declared void in a subsequent storyline on WWE TV, the oddsmakers from Kambi installed new Money in the Bank specials.

The markets were created because the original ones were settled on an unsuccessful cash-in per all pro wrestling markets being settled on the result at the end of the respective broadcasts.

The renewed markets have now been settled following Miz's successful cash-in, and WWE Championship victory, at last night's Elimination Chamber '21 show.

The Miz Wins WWE Championship At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Four Money in the Bank markets were priced up at the start of the year. 

The first was a prop bet which asked customers whether or not the cash-in would be a successful one. When it opened, the eventual winner - 'Yes' - was a 6/5 underdog to the 'No', which was 3/5.

Going by the betting, it appears as though the consensus thought the next cash-in would also be a failure as 'No' had fallen into 1/2 within twelve days.

The option to bet on the cash-in being a success was raised up to 7/5 due to the interest in the opposing selection.

Money in the Bank 2021 Betting

The 'Date of Briefcase Cash-in' special offered customers three options to bet on. They were: 'Before WrestleMania 37', 'During WrestleMania 37' and 'After WrestleMania 37'. 

The eventual winner started off as an 11/25 favourite. The selection which would have paid out had the contract been executed during WrestleMania Weekend was 9/4 while the option that would have paid out at the close of WrestleMania, had there not been a cash-in, was offered at 2/1.

Looking at the first sign of action, it appears as though the customers predicted the cash-in would occur at Mania because the price for that selection was snipped into 33/20. The other two options were moved up slightly with 'After WrestleMania 37' going to 12/5 and  'Before WrestleMania 37' having a slight increase to 1/2.

Money in the Bank 2020 Betting

On the day before the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble, Kambi republished the market with its favourite - and eventual winner - down to 1/5.

'During WrestleMania 37' had jumped out to 43/20 and 'After WrestleMania 37' placed at a higher 9/2.

When the 'Show of Briefcase Cash-in' market opened on January 5th, the bookies had 'PPV/Network Special' a 1/3 favourite over the 2/1 that would have paid out had the contract been executed on one of WWE's weekly TV programmes.

Money in the Bank 2020 Betting

The eventual winner was down into 1/5 by January 17th and was then at a lower 2/13 a day before the Royal Rumble.

'Weekly TV' closed at 7/2.

'Drew McIntyre' was the winning selection in the market in which customers could bet on the 'Championship Challenged' by the briefcase holder.

Money in the Bank 2020 Betting

McIntyre started as an 11/20 favourite. However, a day before the Rumble, his odds had descended into 11/50.

All of these markets were unavailable in the weeks following the Rumble. However, there was a proposition market priced up for last night's show which allowed people to gamble on the prospect of there being a cash-in during the event. 

Before the market closed, 'Yes' was a slight 4/5 favourite over the 9/10 for 'No'. 

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