Saturday, 20 February 2021

What If?: Elimination Chamber 2021 Edition

Just like with what I did on the Saturday before the Royal Rumble, I thought I'd publish a post after watching the two go-home shows for Elimination Chamber 2021 and write about who I believe will end up winning the two chamber bouts. And more.

Then, as soon as I started to plan what I was going to write, I concluded that I couldn't explain who I my picks are to win the two chamber matches tomorrow night without mentioning how I have been overthinking something that seems obvious on paper.

I know for sure that what I am going to come up with over the next few paragraphs is going against reports that are already out there. I'm just going with my instinct based on what I've seen- and possibly in some cases, tricked myself into seeing - over the past few weeks ahead of tomorrow's PPV.

To set the tone for this post, I'll start with the big one - even though it looks like Roman Reigns versus Edge is the destination for WrestleMania, and there are reports that state this, I don't think that match is happening. 

Not yet, anyway.

As I have written a few times as we've headed towards tomorrow's PPV, I have a feeling that the person who'll leave the show with the WWE Championship is The Miz. 

I initially stole an idea from somebody on Twitter who came up with the scenario of Miz being eliminated from the chamber match only to cash in his Money in the Bank contract straight away thus giving him a second chance to win. 

Part of that story can no longer happen now that Miz has given up his place in the match. 

Or has he?

With a bet on Miz winning the Elimination Chamber, that was placed ahead of Monday's Raw, I am still holding out hope that his cash in occurs before a winner is decided in the chamber. With that said, I think - if the cash in happens - the chances are it'll be after Drew McIntyre overcomes the final hurdle in his former friend, Sheamus.

Miz cashing in either during - or after - an Elimination Chamber match would mirror the first-ever MITB cash-in when Edge did so against John Cena at New Year's Revolution in 2006 to win the WWE Title. 

Ironically, the similar cash-ins could be used to contrast both men in their game of trying to prove to the other that they are the better opportunist that started last week.

One thing I believe is important to my theory, that The Miz will be the WWE Champion coming out of Elimination Chamber - and before the build to WWE FastLane 2021 - is the fact that the latter will be the first event on NBC's Peacock streaming service.

The Miz is a name that is associated with NBC Universal not only as being part of the Raw roster, but also due to his reality show - Miz and Mrs - being seen on the USA Network. 

Miz being champ at this period in WWE's move to Peacock might appeal to an audience that is solely interested in what he does in the series. 

I started off by exploring the idea that Roman Reigns versus Edge won't happen at WrestleMania 37. It should come as no surprise that my instinct has Miz as Edge's opponent for April.

One thing that made me start running with this assumption was when both men had the aforementioned back-and-forth promo on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw. 

During that very promo, Miz told Edge to watch his back if he does win the title at WrestleMania as Miz hinted that he could cash in on the Rated R Superstar. 

As I noted last weekend, I believe that was done to trick us into believing the cash-in isn't going to happen until at least the weekend of Mania.

There was another thing from last week's Raw that stood out to me in regards to a rumoured WrestleMania plan and me trying to work against the report to fit my own Mania fantasy booking ideas.

According to those reports, Bad Bunny and Damien Priest will team up to take on The Miz and John Morrison. 

On the same Raw with the Miz/Edge interaction, Miz and Morrison had Angel Garza with them. This made me guess that the tag match is still on. However, Garza will be John Morrison's teammate instead of The Miz.

As for the number one contender match for tomorrow night - I still think the names to watch are Cesaro, Daniel Bryan or a long-shot pick in Jey Uso (long story short - he'll lay down for Reigns to give the champ a night off).

With Bryan, it could lead to the Bryan/Reigns match that I thought was going to happen had Bryan won the Royal Rumble. 

With Cesaro, they could get Reigns .vs. Cesaro and then have Seth Rollins interrupt the title match and force Reigns to walk away with the strap.

The scenario of Cesaro outlasting the chamber match only to have his title shot ruined by Rollins makes the most sense to me, but that should then lead to Cesaro/Rollins when the ideal result from Sunday should be to set up Reigns' Mania opponent. 

If it isn't Edge.

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