Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Punk Mania 36 Special From Sky Bet

After showing up on WWE Backstage last night, a CM Punk special has been published by the oddsmakers from Sky Bet.

In the special, customers have the opportunity to wager on 'Who Will Be CM Punk's Opponent' at WrestleMania 36.

Triple H is currently a 5/1 favourite followed by WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - and his Survivor Series opponent, Rey Mysterio who are 7/1 joint second-favourites.

The list continues all the way down to AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, and WWE owner, Vince McMahon who are 100/1 apiece.

It's worth noting that Punk is reportedly working on WWE Backstage as a FOX employee rather than WWE.

With that said, a rule in the market states that 'Bets will be made void should he not have a match'.

As far as Punk's Royal Rumble odds have gone today - when I first heard the news, he was at 16/1 after dropping from 25/1 overnight. He was then down to 12/1 at lunchtime, 10/1 later in the evening and is now a 7/1 joint second-favourite along with Bray Wyatt.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

November 11th Raw Audience Number Is In has posted the audience numbers for last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

The show had a total average audience of 2,058,000 viewers over the three hours. The first hour had 2,358,000 while the second had 2,063,000. The final sixty minutes was recorded at 1,753,000.

This now means that a TV Ratings prop bet, which was created by Kambi yesterday, will now be settled.

Customers were given the option to bet whether or not last night's episode had a total average of 2.1 Million or more. The option to bet on 2,100,000 or higher was even money over the eventual winner - 'No' - which was a 7/10 favourite.

November 11 2019 Raw Audience Prop Bet

The show was recorded on Friday evening from Manchester, England and was up against what turned out to be an overtime NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, which had an audience of close to 16 Million. 

The market was available on Kambi's Pro Wrestling Pages.

Sky Bet's Survivor Series Odds

The bookmakers at Sky Bet have published markets for all of the matches that have confirmed participants for the upcoming WWE Survivor Series PPV.

In the WWE Championship market, the current titleholder - Brock Lesnar - is a 4/11 favourite. His challenger, Rey Mysterio, is 2/1.

The remaining markets are for the triple threat contests that will take place during the event.

In the match which pits the female champions, Bayley is a 13/8 fave. Her opponents are Shayna Baszler (7/4) and Becky Lynch (15/8).

The tag team triple threat has opened with the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions - The Viking Raiders - as 4/6 faves. They're followed by NXT's tag champs - The Undisputed Era -  at 11/4 and then The New Day (7/2).

The triple threat featuring the secondary champs has AJ Styles as an 8/11 fave. Next up is Shinsuke Nakamura at 5/2 and then Roderick Strong at 10/3.

8:25PM GMT Update: I backed The Viking Raiders at 4/6 and they're now down to 4/7. The odds for Fish and O'Reilly have risen to 3/1 while New Day has stayed at 7/2.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Old And New Betting Opportunities For Wrestle Kingdom 14

On Saturday afternoon, I published a post noting that the oddsmakers from Kambi had created match winner markets for January's NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 and had also republished a special in which customers could gamble on who would walk out of the second night as IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Later that weekend, the bookmakers republished another special that was available for night two - a market in which clients could gamble on the 'Exact Composition' that will feature in the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match.

Now that we know that the title versus title match is official for the event, as well as the four wrestlers who have the chance of leaving the Tokyo Dome as double champion, the bookies have eliminated all other possibilities leaving the four potential match-ups.

A Kota Ibushi versus Tetsuya Naito match - which was 13/10 when the market was first priced up - has now been taken down to EVS. It is a the top of the list behind Kazuchika Okada .vs. Naito (down from 5/2 to 6/4), Jay White .vs. Okada (11/4 from 15/2) and White versus Ibushi (5/1 from 33/1).

Wrestle Kingdom 14 Night 2 Champion .vs. Champion Betting

On Sunday evening, I also noticed that the bookies had installed a match winner for the match. As we won't know who will be competing in the title versus title contest until the conclusion of the first night, the bookies are offering the selections as 'Heavyweight Champion' (whoever wins out of Okada and Ibushi) and 'Intercontinental Champion' (Jay White or Tetsuya Naito).

With Naito a favourite to win in the outright market, it should come as no surprise to see the 'Intercontinental Champion' selection at 4/5 to be victorious over the 'Heavyweight Champion' at 9/10.

Kambi's TV Props For Week Commencing November 11th 2019

Kambi has published prop bet markets for this week's professional wrestling TV shows.

For Raw, they have set a line of 2.1 Million or more. Customers can bet whether the show has a total average audience above or below that number. Those who believe the viewership will be below 2.1 Million on the USA Network can find the 'No' a 7/10 favourite. Those who believe it will do that number - or higher - can back the 'Yes' at EVS.

The Over/Under proposition for Friday's 'Smackdown is 2.65 Million or more'. Both 'Yes' and 'No' selections are 17/20.

At the top of the market is a new prop titled 'Breaking The Ratings Streak' and it asks the customers whether NXT on the USA Network will have more viewers than AEW Dynamite on TNT.

As of this morning, the 'No' is a 4/5 favourite over the 'Yes', which is 9/10.

Kambi TV Ratings Props - November 11-15 2019

Saturday, 9 November 2019

William Hill's AEW Full Gear Odds: 48 Hours Later

William Hill's AEW Full Gear Betting Markets

Above are the William Hill Sportsbook's prices for tonight's AEW Full Gear PPV.

They were first installed on Thursday. As of this evening, only one of the markets has been adjusted since I initially wrote about them two days ago.

The selections that have changed have been for the Riho versus Emi Sakura bout. Riho was a 4/11 favourite on Thursday, but I noticed she was down to 1/3 when I visited the site twenty-four hours later.

With Riho moving in, the bookies moved Sakura up from 2/1 to 9/4.

November 8th Smackdown Audience Number Revealed

Last night's WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average audience of 2,617,500.

This is the result that has been published by the TV ratings analysis website,, which is the source that Kambi uses for its professional wrestling ratings markets.

Earlier this week, the sports betting firm asked customers to bet whether or not the programme recorded an audience of 2,500,000 or above.

The 'Yes' option started out as a 4/5 favourite against the 9/10 for 'No'. It drifted out as the customers evidently felt the show would do worse than 2.5 Million.

As you can see below, the winning selection closed as a 5/4 outsider. 

8/11/19 Smackdown Rating Prop Bet

Last night's episode was pre-recorded from Manchester, England. The first hour had 2,725,000 viewers while the second dropped to 2,510,000.

Kambi's Wrestle Kingdom 14 Match And Observer Markets

The oddsmakers from Kambi have released markets for next year's NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14.

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 PosterThe event will take place across two nights from January 4th 2020. In this post, I'll go through the markets that are available.

Night One
As I had speculated on this very blog, the first night of Wrestle Kingdom 14 will see both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships defended. Then, the following night, the two titleholders will wrestle to crown the first-ever double champion.

The first market for night one sees Jay White listed as a 7/4 underdog to successfully retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship against Tetsuya Naito.  A win for the challenger will pay out at odds of 2/5.

Kambi has a Wrestling Observer star rating Over/Under market for the match. The line for it has been set at four-and-a-half stars.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion - Kazuchika Okada - will defend his title against this year's G1 Climax winner, Kota Ibushi, in the other title match on the opening night.

Ibushi is a 4/5 fave over the champ, who's 9/10.

The Over/Under star rating line for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match is five stars.

The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship will also be on the line on night one when Will Ospreay defends his title against the returning Hiromu Takahashi.

Takahashi last wrestled in July of 2018 after sustaining a broken neck on the NJPW show in San Francisco. He successfully retained the Junior Heavyweight Championship against Dragon Lee in the ring, but was forced to relinquish the title following the injury.

January 4th will be Takahashi's moment to try and reclaim the strap in his first match back. The oddsmakers have him as an 11/20 favourite while a decision for the titleholder will pay out at odds of 5/4.

Kambi's star ratings line for Ospreay .vs. Takahashi is four-and-three-quarters.

Night Two
Chris Jericho versus Hiroshi Tanahashi is one of the attractions of night two. As of this afternoon, Kambi lists Tanahashi as a 1/3 favourite. A decision in favour of Jericho will reward the gambler at odds of 2/1.

The star ratings market has the line set at four-and-a-quarter.

With the Champion .vs. Champion match competitors unknown until the conclusion of night one, the bookies have republished a special that first came out in mid-September in which customers can gamble on the person they believe will leave night two as IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

As there are only four wrestlers left in contention, all of the other selections have been taken down leaving Tetsuya Naito a 19/20 favourite (he was 6/4 when the market was last made available in October), Kazuchika Okada and Kota Ibushi are 2/1 joint-second favourites (Okada remains at the price he was previously, but Ibushi has drifted from 17/20) and Jay White at 11/2 (up from 9/2).

IWGP Heavyweight Champion After Wrestle Kingdom 14 Betting

In all of the posts I've written about the market, I've pointed out that Naito was one of the first people to talk about winning both titles at the same time (If I recall correctly, Hirooki Goto might have been the first). In my opinion, Naito is correctly positioned as favourite.

As for determining who - out of Kazuchika Okada and Kota Ibushi - should be second, I would have to go with the latter. This is because I prefer the scenario of the double champion winning titles on consecutive nights. 

I suppose this means I haven't completely ruled out Ibushi, but I'm sticking with Naito...

Prices correct as of 1:15PM GMT today.

Survivor Series (2019) Markets From Kambi

Kambi's oddsmakers have released markets for this year's WWE Survivor Series.

The first is for the match winner out of the tag team champions. WWE Raw Tag Team Champions - The Viking Raiders - have been installed as 3/4 favourites. Next up are NXT's titleholders, The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) at 2/1 followed by the The New Day (13/5), who won the WWE Smackdown tag straps on last night's show.

WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar, is a 1/3 fave for his title defence against Rey Mysterio (2/1).

There are two 'Match winner' markets for the women's triple threat match.

Customers can gamble on Shayna Baszler (7/10), Bayley (12/5) or Becky Lynch (12/5) in one while - in the other - there is an option to gamble on Baszler (7/10) or 'Either of the 'main; roster representatives' (EVS) going over.

There are specials available alongside the match winner markets for all matches. There are also Over/Under Wrestling Observer star ratings lines for the bouts. Here are the lines as of this afternoon:

Men Tag Champions Triple Threat: 3.75 Stars
Brock Lesnar .vs. Rey Mysterio: 3 Stars
Women Champions Triple Threat: 3.75

Before today, Kambi had Survivor Series markets dating back to late-August up to October 31st (the day when WWE revealed that NXT will be involved with this year's PPV). I did not cover these markets as I felt there was a chance - with the brand split - that there would be a change to how the Survivor Series event would be constructed. I still kept record of all price adjustments in case the Raw .vs. Smackdown theme continued, but time has now made those markets obsolete.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

NXT And AEW Audience Numbers For November 6th In has released the US TV audience figures for last night's NXT and AEW Dynamite shows.

NXT had a total average of 813,000 viewers while its opposition- AEW Dynamite - had 9,000 more with 822,000.

Now that these numbers have been reported, the oddsmakers will settled a trio of proposition markets that were published for the two shows.

The first was a market which asked customers to gamble whether or not NXT on the USA Network had 700,000 or more viewers. The winning selection was 'Yes'. It opened as a 7/10 favourite, but was down to 13/20 yesterday evening. 

NXT TV Audience Prop Bet For November 6th 2019

The losing selection - 'No' -went out from EVS to 11/10 in this period.

'No' won in the market for the AEW Dynamite number as Kambi's line was '0.95 Million Or More'. It was 4/5 to start, but had been snipped to 7/10 before the market closed yesterday evening. 

The 'Yes' was 9/10, but drifted to even money when the 'No' was taken down.

AEW Dynamite TV Audience Prop Bet For November 6th 2019

The difference of nine thousand means that a 'Spread' prop - in which customers were able to bet whether AEW beat NXT by 250,000 viewers - will be settled with the 'No' winning as an early 7/10 favourite. The selection was down to 13/20 yesterday.

AEW .vs. NXT Spread Prop Result From November 6th 2019

One more market for this week's TV shows remains. It's for Friday's Smackdown, which will be taped in Manchester, England and aired on delay in its regular slot on FOX. 

As of this evening, the customers have been betting against the show doing '2.5 Million Or More' as the odds have lowered from 9/10 to 11/20 across the past few days.

8th November 2019 WWE Smackdown Audience Prop Bet

William Hill's AEW Full Gear Markets Published

The bookmakers from William Hill have published match markets for this weekend's AEW Full Gear PPV.

All eight of the matches that have been announced for the show are covered. The earliest prices can be found in the image below.

AEW Full Gear 2019 Betting Odds

Prices correct as of 7:15PM GMT. They can be found on William Hill's TV/Specials Page.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

How Kambi Settled Its Final Two Inaugural AEW World Tag Champs Specials

We're almost a week removed from SoCal Uncensored's winning of the All Elite Wrestling World Tag Team Championship, so I thought I'd look at how two remaining betting markets that were created for the tournament were settled.

The first market I'll cover in this post is the main one that was available under Kambi's 'Inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions' specials. It allowed customers to gamble on who they thought would be holding the straps at the conclusion.

As you'll see below, the eventual winners started out at 11/1 on October 5th. They were cut to 15/2 by the 10th and then dropped to 5/1 (October 15th), 33/20 (October 19th) and 17/20 (October 26th) as the tourney progressed.

In the days leading into the final, customers would have found both finalists at 17/20.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Betting

Another market that was also settled last week was a prop special in which clients could gamble on the side of the tournament bracket the winners came from.

This prop was worded in a way where customers had the option to gamble 'Yes' or 'No' to the inaugural champs being on the left side of the tournament bracket.

With The Dark Order securing a bye into the semi-final on the right side of the bracketing, the left portion was the heaviest with names like The Young Bucks, Private Party, Jurassic Express and the eventual finalists, The Lucha Brothers. Representing the right, along with The Dark Order, was Best Friends and the eventual winners.

As the tournament was in progress, 'No' was backed from 5/2 to 13/10 and was then cut to 3/4. This is where the selection stayed right up to the last time I saw it: the night of the semi-final.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Betting: Prop Bet

The markets were available from Kambi's Pro Wrestling Pages.

This Week's TV Prop Markets Return

The remaining TV audience prop markets for this week's pro wrestling programmes have been republished by Kambi.

You'll see a screen capture of the props - along with their odds - in the image below. I've ensured they're the right ones this time!

Pro Wrestling TV Audience Prop Bets (November 4 - 8 2019)

There have been adjustments made to all four of them.

- The AEW Dynamite market has seen the 'No' dip from 4/5 into 7/10. For it to win, the show has to get an audience lower than 950,000. The option to wager on the show getting '0.95 Million or more' has been increased from 9/10 to EVS.

- Going by the betting, it seems the customers have gambled on NXT to get an audience at 700,000 or higher as the 'Yes' has been taken down to 13/20 from 7/10 while the 'No' has drifted out from EVS to 11/10. Seeing as there have been teases made, there will likely be Raw/Smackdown stars on tonight's show and it has the potential to do well.

- The odds for Smackdown not getting a viewership of 2.5 Million or more has been cut from 9/10 to 7/10. This is understandable considering the show will be pre-taped and it may have an affect on the number. Those who want to gamble on the episode doing 2,500,000 or higher can now find the 'Yes' at EVS. This is up from 4/5.

- The spread special, in which clients can bet whether or not AEW has 250,000 more viewers than NXT, has been changed with 'No' taken down from 7/10 to 13/20 while the 'Yes' selection is now up to 11/10 from EVS.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

4/11/19 Monday Night Raw Audience Number Is Released

The TV audience website,, has released the viewership numbers for last night's edition of WWE Raw.

There was a total average audience of 2,135,667 viewers with the show's first hour starting with 2,351,000 followed by 2,207,000 and 1,849,000 across the remaining two hours.

A prop market, which was installed by the Kambi oddsmakers, gave customers the opportunity to wager on whether or not the episode's number would have a total average of  2.2 Million or higher.

The winning selection, 'No, was 3/4 while the losing option was 19/20.

WWE Monday Night Raw TV Audience Prop For November 4 2019

Odds from Kambi.

TV Ratings Prop Bets For November 4 to 8 - A Correction

I made a lot of mistakes when covering Kambi's pro wrestling TV prop markets yesterday.

I've only just realised that the markets and props that I wrote about in the first post from yesterday were from a completely different week (the one that started October 14th). Therefore, the follow up post - in which I pointed out that there had been line changes - had the correct prices albeit with me being absolutely incorrect in claiming that there had been adjustments made to the lines.

Here are the correct lines and prices from yesterday.

TV Prop Bets

Apologies for the misinformation in both of those posts.

I don't even have a good excuse other than I inserted the wrong screen capture to the post and was reading it from that rather than looking at the screen grab I had added to my notes and was in such a rush to back to watch the American football from the night before that I didn't even realise my mistake until this morning.