Thursday, 24 July 2014


In this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted the odds swings that occurred in betting on this past weekend's WWE Battleground pay-per-view and shed some light on something I was unable to answer regarding the Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho match result.

Jericho's win on Sunday was an upset, from a betting perspective, as he had entered the bout with a price of +600 (7.00 EU, 6/1 UK).

The speculation coming out of Sunday was that the result was a last-minute decision as the inside bettors would have evidently moved the line as they had done with most of the other Battleground markets. Meltzer had even speculated on this himself in his late-Monday/early-Tuesday podcast over at

When covering the Battleground show in this week's publication, the editor stated that - even though a Bray Wyatt win was pencilled in heading into the weekend - the decision 'was not last minute' but was definitely made some time on Sunday.

If we look at the table below, we'll notice that Jericho's odds did drop from 9pm and 11pm BST on Sunday evening. However, they did drift back out around the time when the majority of the huge bets came in.

In a week filled with speculation over what could have happened, I have been wondering whether the insiders bet on the match at all or did so earlier than they did with the rest of the card. I question the timing because the 9pm -11pm change saw quite a fall. Another assumption I have: did news of the change in reach the right people in time? If it didn't, it explains why Bray Wyatt went from -300 to -1350 when the other match markets began to shift.

Only speculation and assumption on part, I'm afraid.

All I know, and as I had stated earlier this week in replies to comments, Chris Jericho winning was the right decision even if the oddsmakers and bettors didn't think so.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Here's a monthly rundown where I list the betting websites that will have betting odds for an upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view. In this post, I'll list the firms that are likely to have SummerSlam 2014 betting markets.

The best way to approach this is to list the websites that offered odds for the most recent show - WWE Battleground 2014 - and then direct you to other companies that have published WWE lines in the past. 

Another thing worth mentioning is I have been making contact with some of the bookmakers that have never offered WWE in its betting coverage with the hope of making them consider doing so not just for SummerSlam, but for other events on the WWE pay-per-view calendar.

If you would like to help me in this campaign, please sign up to some of the brands advertised around this blog. You do not need to deposit anything, all I ask is that you please register an account. I hope the end result is that they'll see this blog can send them potential customers that are willing to bet on professional wrestling. If you recall, I did a similar campaign in December of last year and since that time companies like Betfred and Ladbrokes have jumped aboard and offered WWE markets in 2014. 

Betting Companies That Had WWE Battleground Match Markets

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook (US Friendly)

The oddsmakers at 5Dimes have been publishing betting lines for World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-views consistently for many years.

 WWE markets are usually opened up a number of days before the event starts.However, as it's SummerSlam, it's possible that they could be up sooner than that. In 2013, SummerSlam prices were available as early as three weeks before the show.

When the markets are opened, they will be found under 'Other Sports' on the Betting board at

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is another betting firm that has WWE lines up each and every month. Founded in Ireland, the company caters to customers  based in Great Britain, Ireland and other countries.

When published, the odds will be found under the 'Sports Novelties' section of

Paddy Power's WWE odds can also be viewed live on's Live WWE Odds Page

Sky Bet

With Sky being the British home of WWE programming, it only makes sense for cross promotion to occur. Sky Bet has been promoting WWE betting on a monthly basis for quite some time and will surely have SummerSlam odds close to the time of the event.

When they are up, SummerSlam betting markets will be found under 'Wrestling' on the sports betting menu at

Sky Bet's WWE Odds can also be viewed live on's Live WWE Odds Page


See below.


Ladbrokes is a relative newcomer to the WWE betting game but is traditional name to betting. The company is one of the oldest and popular betting brands from Great Britain and has had odds up for this year's WrestleMania, Money in the Bank and Battleground. 

Ladbrokes' WWE odds - when available - can either be found by typing 'WWE' into the search bar at the top of the company's homepage (something I had to do to discover Money in the Bank markets) or, as they had it set out for the most recent event, listed under 'Wrestling' on the menu of the sports betting page at

Betting Companies That Have Offered WWE Betting Opportunities In The Past

William Hill

William Hill is one of the world's oldest bookmakers and frequently opens World Wrestling Entertainment betting markets despite not having done so last month.

William Hill was the first company to accept bets on wrestling in 2001 when a book was opened on which wrestler would win the 2002 Royal Rumble. The company moved on from there years later giving customers the opportunity to wager on a full pay-per-view card.

The company DID have SummerSlam markets last year.

When available, WWE odds will be available under 'TV/Specials' on the sports betting menu at

William Hill''s WWE markets can also be viewed live on's Live WWE Odds Page

YouWin & Uwin

YouWin and its Canadian-facing parner, UWin have published betting lines for most of the recent WWE pay-per-views but didn't have anything priced up for Battleground on July 20th.

YouWin caters to the European bettor whilst UWin is focused mainly on clients in North America.

Both companies DID have SummerSlam markets published in 2013.

When available, WWE odds can be found under 'Specials' on eiither or

YouWin's WWE markets can be viewed live on's Live WWE Odds Page


On a technicality, Betfair did have betting odds published for last month's pay-per-view. However, these prices were only made available to customers based in New Jersey. 

Betfair started out life as a betting exchange where customers could bet against one another. The company has expanded since its early 2000s launch and now hosts a sportsbook.

The Betfair Sportsbook entered the WWE betting marketplace earlier this year when the company offered prices for WrestleMania XXX. They followed up a month later with markets for Extreme Rules but have not offered anything since (other than the aforementioned New Jersey-facing version that had Battleground markets).

Seeing as SummerSlam is the third most popular event on the WWE calendar, I would not be surprised at all to see Betfair open up betting to all of its customers. I hope they do, as I think they do a good job coming up with additional bets for each show. For example, they had prop bets on 'How many times will Hulk Hogan say "Brother" during WrestleMania?' (a personal favourite) and even had a prop for Battleground where the customers could wager on whether Sting showed up or not. 

If available, SummerSlam odds will be found under 'USA' in the 'Special Bets' category of the sportsbook at

Betfair's WWE markets can be viewed live on's Live WWE Odds Page


Betfred has grown to be one of the most popular sports betting companies on the British high street.

The company entered the WWE betting game earlier this year opening markets on the week of the Royal Rumble. They followed that up with odds for WrestleMania XXX and then Extreme Rules. 

Seeing as the company published lines for both the Rumble and WrestleMania, I am hoping they'll also cover SummerSlam.

If they do get published, Betfred's SummerSlam odds will be found under 'TV Shows / Specials' on the sports menu at


BoyleSports is Ireland's largest independent bookmaker and has offered WWE betting markets in the past. 

The company tends to publish odds for the major WWE shows, so it's possible that they'll be pricing up match odds for SummerSlam. 

BoyleSports DID offer its customers SummerSlam 2013 odds last year. 

If the company decides to publish odds, they'll be found under 'Novelties' at


Coral Bookmakers is one of the oldest companies in Great Britain and has offered WWE odds for some of the major shows of 2014 like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

The firm DID have SummerSlam 2013 markets, so it's possible that they'll have something up this time.

When available, the markets will be found under 'Non-Sports' on the sports betting menu at


SportingBet is another betting firm that specifically publishes betting odds for the major WWE shows. However, there have been occasions when they have released lines for events not classified as 'The Big Four'.

If available, SummerSlam odds will be found listed under 'More Sports' on the homepage at

Bodog (Canadian Friendly)

Before Bo Dallas' finisher came this Canadian-facing sportsbook.

This company has offered WWE match markets for the most popular WWE events. As SummerSlam is one of the big events of the year, it's possible that Bodog will publish lines for it.

If they do become available, Bodog will have Wrestling odds under 'Other Sports' at

Bovada (US Friendly)

Without giving too much of a history lesson, Bovada spawned from Bodog and caters to an American audience. 

Similarly to Bodog, when Bovada's Wrestling lines are published, they'll be live under 'Other Sports'. I state 'live' as there is an unclickable  'Wrestling' link filed there in preparation for the time when odds have been compiled. 

Bovada's website address is

And that's it for another month. Please don't forget to help me on my quest to get more betting firms to consider offering wrestling betting odds. Thanks for taking the time to read this long list I've compiled. 

I hope this list has been of use to you. Good luck with your bets!

Monday, 21 July 2014


It's time to take another look at the Twitter user Dolphins1925's monthly 'spoilers'. In this post, I'll be analysing what he announced during last night's WWE Battleground and compare the tweets with what the betting odds were around that time.

Dolphins started off the evening by claiming that he would be 'posting the results before each individual match'. This immediately raised a red flag as it indicated to yours truly that he was watching the betting price fluctuations as the show was on-going. This has been one of the things I have taken particular interest in throughout the time I have maintained this blog.

In the aforementioned tweet, the Reddit/Twitter user produced the following pick for the pre-show:

Cameron defeats Naomi in preshow.

Cameron entered the match as a -750 favourite following bets between the hours of 11pm and 12am, which saw her go from +320 to -420 in one fell swoop. The late betting did not just occur in this match as you'll soon see.

His first 'spoiler' for the main show began:

The Usos will defeat Wyatt Family.

The Usos had originally opened as underdogs when Battleground 2014 betting markets were initially published over the weekend. However, in the final couple of hours before the pay-per-view was to commence the odds made a huge shift. The Usos were then installed as favourites, a role they played right through to the start of their match. At the time of the tweet, they were around -530 (1.19 EU, 10/53 UK).

AJ Lee will defeat Paige.

The already favourite AJ Lee saw her price shorten even further in the latter stages of betting. Between the key hours of 11pm and 12am BST, the price moved from -1050 to -6000. At the time of the match she was still favourite albeit with a slightly improved line of -4500 (1/45 UK).

Jack Swagger will defeat Rusev.

This 'spoiler' is still puzzling. When Battleground betting markets were first posted on Saturday, Swagger was a -600 favourite. He remained in that role for around two hours, if that. He then drifted out to +400. At 9pm BST yesterday evening, Rusev was -600 and then - when the big movers came in a number of hours later - he was in the 300 range. This may have misled Dolphins (or the person alleging to be his source) into believing that the movement was pointing to a Swagger win. In a way, it was but it wasn't enough to raise curiosity. There wasn't a huge shift to point to a Swagger victory as had been the case in The Usos' victory. Swagger remained underdog and was +320 (4.20 EU, 16/5 UK) at the start of his match with Rusev priced at -460 (1.22 EU, 5/23 UK). In my opinion, this was nothing but a poor job of reading the lines.

Following the Rusev victory, Dolphins took to Twitter once more apparently miffed that his spoiler was incorrect. He chose to hand out all the winners he was given and turned in for the night. Here's what he wrote:

No words. The other selections given to me were John Cena, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose.

In order:

John Cena

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion opened as a -2000 favourite when the markets opened on Saturday. The key indicator that he would walk out as winner of the main event came in the period where the influx of apparent smart money moved the number. In the time where the wagers were placed, Cena went from -530 to -6000 (1/60 UK).

The Miz

The lines I am using are from the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook. The book published odds on two outcomes of the WWE Intercontinental Championship battle royal - 'Cesaro Wins' or 'Field Wins'. The 'Field Wins' option had opened as an underdog and remained that way for most of the betting period but did slowly start turning before the late money came in. At 11pm BST, the odds on anyone but Cesaro were -140 but went to -600 once the smart money came in. The line had shorted further at the start of the pay-per-view as it was -900 (1/9 UK) at 1am BST.

The Betfair odds that were available to customers living in the State of New Jersey had individual pricing for the match. The Miz started off at 14/1 . I was unable to follow the movement there as my location restricted me from doing so. However, a look at the British bookmaker odds does show that The Miz was moving in in the latter part of the betting round.

When the first British/Irish sportsbook - Paddy Power - published odds for the battle royal, Miz was 10/1. By late Sunday evening, he had became the second-favourite at 3/1 (4.00 EU, +300 US).

When the money started coming in on 'The Field', the logical decision would have been to look at the next person on the board. That's what I would have done, anyway.

Bray Wyatt

The Chris Jericho win could be considered surprising from a betting perspective, unless you looked a little bit closer. Wyatt opened as a -1200 favourite with his opponent out at +600. The odds tended to fluctuate throughout the weekend but both wrestlers did not reverse roles. Despite being an underdog, there was a slight dip for Jericho between 9pm and 11pm where he went from +700 to +220 (3.20 EU, 11/5 UK). He drifted back out to +650 by midnight and was +700 at the time the show started. It had shortened slightly to +600 by match-time.

Here's how Bray Wyatt's odds moved in the same timeframe:

9pm: -1500 US, 1.07 EU, 1/15 UK
11pm: -300 US, 1.33 EU, 1/3 UK
12am: -1350 US, 1.07 EU, 2/27 UK
1am: -1500 US, 1.07 EU, 1/15 UK

Dean Ambrose

This was a bit of a mess, wasn't it? Seth Rollins was awarded the win via forfeit and -as per the betting rules - whatever is written on goes. The official record states that Rollins was the victor, so 5Dimes paid out to punters that had backed him to win. There's nothing much to read in the odds as they did not change much at all. Rollins opened as an underdog and then became favourite on a number of occasions through the weekend. At 9pm BST,  Ambrose and Rollins were priced at -130 and -110 respectively. When the possible smart money moved other lines, this match appears to have been left alone. Between the hours of 12am and 1am, Ambrose was backed from -170 to -320 (1.31 EU, 5/16 UK) with Rollins going from +130 to +240 (3.40 EU, 12/5 UK) in the same period. I'm confident that this change was regular bettors backing the favourite and nothing more.

That's five correct out of a possible eight once again fuelling the belief that the Twitter/Reddit user is simply using the betting odds to announce as possible spoilers.

Odds taken from: The 5Dimes Sportsbook, Betfair and Paddy Power


Here are the WWE Battleground 2014 betting favourites ranked in order with the highest price first.

John Cena
AJ Lee
Bray Wyatt
The Field vs Cesaro wins the battle royal
The Usos
Dean Ambrose


The WWE Battleground 2014 betting odds made a dramatic change just before midnight.

Here's a brief summary of what has occurred:

  • The Usos, who had been underdogs for the entire betting period immediately became favourites. Their odds currently rest at -350. The Wyatts are now +250 after being -530 an hour ago
  • AJ Lee's role as favourite strengthened from -1050 to -6000. Paige went from +550 to +2000
  • Similarly, Bray Wyatt's favourable -300 turned into -1350 with Chris Jericho drifting from +220 to +650
  • Cameron has entered the role of favourite. She is currently priced at -420 after being an underdog with odds of +320 at 11pm BST. Naomi has moved from -460 to +300 in the same period
  • John Cena's odds went from -530 to -6000. 'The Field' is now +2000 after rising from +350
  • Cesaro has drifted out in the battle royal betting. At 11pm, he had became a +100 underdog but is now out at +400. As a result, 'The Field' went from -140 to -600
Odds taken from

Sunday, 20 July 2014


Here's a quick update for those looking to make final bets on tonight's show.


Paddy Power's WWE markets closed at 11pm BST.


WWE Battleground markets are still live at Ladbrokes despite having originally set to close at 22:00. 

The odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu at


Sky Bet will have WWE Battleground markets up until the start of the pay-per-view. If you're looking to wager on the pre-show bout, you have to get there before 12:30am.

Prices can be found on Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.


5Dimes will have its WWE Battleground 2014 odds up right up until the start of each respective match.

These markets can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at


Here are the price changes that I have observed at since I last checked in with the company  two hours ago.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose has gone from 4/5 to 11/10 with Rollins moving from 10/11 in to 4/6.

Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

Jericho's price moved down from 5/1 into 7/2. Bray Wyatt is a 1/6 favourite. The number being a change from the 1/10 he was earlier.

Naomi vs Cameron

Naomi has gone from 1/2 to 1/4 with Cameron drifting from 7/5 to 5/2.

Main Event

John Cena was 1/6, but is now 1/8 to win and retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Roman Reigns remains a second-favourite despite drifting from 3/1 to 7/2. Randy Orton went out from 11/1 to 12/1 and Kane remains stationary at 28/1.

WWE Battleground odds are due to close within the next hour. The markets can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu at


Out of the three British/Irish betting firms accepting bets on tonight's WWE Battleground pay-per-view, will have its markets open right up until before the event starts at 1am BST.

In this post, I'm going to look at the prices available as of 8pm BST this evening.

Naomi is now 2/5 to win the pre-show match against her former Funkadactyl partner, Cameron. Cameron, who had been available at 9/2 when the book opened yesterday, is now 7/4.

Chris Jericho supporters can back the Ayatollah of Rock n Rollah at 4/1. That is, of course, if they think he will defeat Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is marked up as a 1/7 favourite. A slight change from the 1/6 he started at yesterday.

The battle between former Shield members has been quite even from a betting perspective. Ambrose opened at 4/5 with Rollins at 10/11. Their odds remain as they were.

Rusev is a heavy 1/6 fave against Jack Swagger (7/2).

Divas Champion, AJ Lee's price has shortened from 1/6 into 1/7. The challenger, Paige, is 4/1.

The sports betting company lists Cesaro at 4/6 to leave the 20-man battle royal as new WWE Intercontinental Champion. Nest to him on the list are The Miz (9/4) and Bo Dallas (3/1). You can see the odds for the other participants on Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.

The Wyatts are 2/9 to wrest the WWE Tag Team Titles from The Usos in a best of three match. The Usos, who opened at 11/4 last night are now priced 3/1.

John Cena is 1/5 to win and retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. His opponents for this match are Roman Reigns (3/1), Randy Orton (14/1) and Kane (28/1).

WWE odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sports menu at Alternatively, you can follow this direct link to Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.


Here is the latest WWE Battleground 2014 betting lines from the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook.

I have noted where the lines have changed between the hours of 4pm and 7pm BST.

Cameron +220 (dropped from +350)
Naomi -300

Jack Swagger +480
Rusev -840 (shortened from -530)

Bray Wyatt -900 (moved from -565)
Chris Jericho +500

AJ Lee -1350 (from -650)
Paige +650

Dean Ambrose -175 (from +135)
Seth Rollins +135 (from -175)

Cesaro wins battle royal -120 (was +125)
Field wins battle royal -120 (was -165)

The Usos +450
Wyatt Family -750 (from -600)

Usos win 1st fall +175
Wyatts win 1st fall -245 (was -180)

John Cena wins 4-way -750
The Field wins 4-way +450 (dropped from +600),

Battleground odds are found under 'Wrestling' on the betting board at


In a follow up to my most recent post, The Miz has now moved into second-favourite in WWE Battleground 2014 betting at

He has been originally 9/1, but is now down to 3/1.

Cesaro remains a favourite with his odds currently set at EVENS.

Over at 5Dimes, both Cesaro and The Field are -120 (1.83 EU, 5/6 UK).

Ladbrokes' WWE Battleground odds can be found on the left hand menu of the sportsbook at


The Miz has moved into second favourite in WWE Battleground 2014 battle royal betting at

Earlier this morning, the wrestler was priced at 12/1 to claim the WWE Intercontinental Championship by winning the 20-man battle royal.

His price is now set at 6/4.

Cesaro still remains a 5/6 favourite.

Battleground odds can be found on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page


I have noticed two mentionable changes in the WWE Battleground 2014 betting markets at

It appears that the sportsbook customers have been placing wagers against Dean Ambrose and Cesaro since I checked in earlier.

Ambrose's price has gone from -140 to +135 (2.35 EU, 27/20 UK) with Seth Rollins now becoming a favourite. He is now -175 (1.57 EU, 4/7 UK) after being +100 earlier.

Cesaro, who is taking on 'The Field' in wagering on the WWE Intercontinental Championship battle royal, has drifted from -190 to +125 (2.25 EU, 5/4 UK) with 'The Field' now favoured at -165 (1.61 EU, 20/33 UK).

Another notable change has seen John Cena's price shorten from -900 to -1200, indicating the fans are backing him to leave tonight's show with a W.

Odds correct as of 4pm BST. For the latest, check out the betting board at


WWE Battleground 2014 betting odds have now been published over at

Ladbrokes, which is one of Britain's most well-known bookmakers, is taking bets on eight of tonight's matches.

Naomi has been given odds of 1/6 to win the pre-show against her former dance partner, Cameron (7/2).

The Wyatt Family have also been given odds of 1/6 in their best of three tag team bout against The Usos. As with Cameron, The Usos have been given 7/2 outsider odds.

Jack Swagger is 4/1 to be a victor against Rusev (1/8).

Bray Wyatt is a short-priced favourite for his match against Chris Jericho. The leader of the Wyatt Family is currently available at 2/11 with Jericho at 10/3.

Odds on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are relatively close with Ambrose getting the nod as a 8/11 favourite. Punters looking to bet on Rollins can find him at EVENS.

AJ Lee is 1/6 to win and retain the WWE Divas Championship against Paige (7/2).

As with all other sportsbooks accepting wagers on the pay-per-view, Cesaro has been installed as the likely winner of the battle royal to determine a new WWE Intercontinental Champion. He is priced at 2/5 with second-favourite, Bo Dallas, next on the list at 4/1.

John Cena is 1/9 to win the main event of the evening. His opponents - Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Kane have been given 5/1, 20/1 and 33/1 odds respectively.

Battleground odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu at 

JOHN CENA FROM 1/100 TO 1/9 WITH PADDY POWER has cut the odds on John Cena winning tonight's main event at WWE Battleground.

The Irish betting company had originally posted Cena as a 1/100 favourite to successfully defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the Fatal 4-Way match, which also includes Roman Reigns, Kane and Randy Orton.

Within a few hours of the odds being published, the current champion was available at 1/80. He's now marked up as a 1/9 favourite.

This re-adjustment may have been the result of posting Cena at 1/10 when Battleground 2014 bettting markets opened there late last night.

Another factor may concern the second-favourite.

Since the match market opened yesterday, Roman Reigns' price has fallen from 5/1 in to 7/2 indicating that some customers have been backing him to win.

Here's how the main event betting picture is looking since the markets opened:

John Cena
Opened 1/100
Now 1/9

Roman Reigns
Opened 5/1
Now 7/2

Randy Orton
Opened 12/1
Now 20/1

Opened 20/1
Now 33/1

Paddy Power's WWE Battleground 2014 betting markets are set to close at 11pm tonight. They can be found under 'Sports Novelties' or by following this direct link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


As per usual, I made a final check of the World Wrestling Entertainment betting odds on the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook website before going offline last night. I have now returned to note any changes that have occurred in my absence.

The best way to approach this is to place the odds into two categories - those that didn't move overnight and ones that did.

The Non-Movers

The Usos +400 US, 5.00 EU, 4/1 UK
Wyatt Family -600 US, 1.17 EU, 1/6 UK

The Usos win 1st fall +140 US, 2.40 EU, 7/5 UK
Wyatts win 1st fall -180 US, 1.56 EU, 5/9 UK

Cameron +500 US, 6.00 EU, 5/1 UK
Naomi -900 US, 1.11 EU, 1/9 UK

AJ Lee - 600 US, 1.17 EU, 1/6 UK
Paige +400 US, 5.00 EU, 4/1 UK

Cesaro wins battle royal -190 US, 1.53 EU, 10/19 UK
Field wins battle royal +150 US, 2.50 EU, 3/2 UK

John Cena wins main event -900 US, 1.11 EU, 1/9 UK
Field wins main event +500 US, 6.00 EU, 5/1 UK

The Movers

Bray Wyatt from -530 to -460 (1.22 EU, 5/23 UK)
Chris Jericho from +350 to +320 (4.20 EU, 16/5 UK)

Dean Ambrose from -195 to -140 (1.71 EU, 5/7 UK)
Seth Rollins from +155 to +100 (2.00 EU, EVES UK)

Jack Swagger +500 to +450 (5.50 EU, 9/2 UK)
Rusev -900 to -750 (1.13 EU, 2/15 UK)

Odds were taken at 12am and 8am BST. For the latest prices, check out the betting board at

Saturday, 19 July 2014


WWE Battleground 2014 betting markets have now been published over at

Here are the prices as of 10:20pm BST.

Naomi has been given odds of 1/8 to defeat Cameron in the pre-show bout which sees the former Funkadactyls go toe-to-toe. Punters looking to wager on Cameron can find her at 9/2.

Chris Jericho is a 7/2 outsider against Bray Wyatt. The leader of the Wyatt Family has been marked up as a 1/6 favourite.

The odds for the match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are relatively close. Rollins has been installed at 10/11 whilst his opponent has been priced at 4/5.

WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee, is a short 1/6 favourite to win against former champ, Paige. As of right now Paige is 7/2.

As with all other books taking bets on tomorrow's show, Sky Bet is expecting The Wyatt Family to walk away as WWE Tag Team Champions. The duo have been priced at 1/4 with current champs - The Usos - lined up as 11/4 underdogs.

Cesaro is a short favourite to win the twenty-man battle royal to crown a new WWE Intercontinental Champion. He is 4/11 on the board with Bo Dallas next at 3/1.

Here are the odds for every entrant in the battle royal:

Click to expand

John Cena has been priced as a 1/10 favourite to win the main event Fatal 4-Way match. Roman Reigns is second at 6/1. Randy Orton (12/1) and Kane (16/1) follow further behind on the list.

Sky Bet is now the fourth betting firm to produce odds for Battleground 2014.

Wrestling odds can be found on Sky Bet's WWE Betting page.


Jack Swagger and Rusev, who will face-off against each other at WWE Battleground 2014 tomorrow night have reversed roles in match betting at

When the lines for the bout were published earlier this evening, Swagger was a -600 (1.17 EU, 1/6 UK) favourite with his opponent an underdog at +400 (5.00 EU, 4/1 UK).

Since that time, bets have evidently piled in on the heel as his price has moved to -600 with Swagger now marked at +400.

Here are other notable changes since the odds were first sent out:

  • Chris Jericho from +600 to +350
  • Paige from +700 to +350
  • Usos to score the first pinfall -120 to +140
  • The Field vs John Cena from +1000 to +800
Odds are correct as of 8pm BST. For the latest, check the betting board at


The most notable shift in WWE Battleground 2014 betting at has occurred in the market for the battle royal that will decide a new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

When odds for tomorrow night's show were initially posted earlier on today, Bo Dallas was marked up at 12/1 with the Irish bookmaker. He has now been backed into the role of second-favourite at 13/5.

This shift has nothing to do with insider betting. It's simply people thinking Dallas was too large a price to turn down. In my opinion, he should have been second on the board to begin with.

Sheamus, who opened as a 4/1 second-fave has drifted out to 11/2.

Cesaro remains at the top of the board going from 4/7 to 8/15 in the same period.

Odds correct as of 7pm BST. The full WWE Battleground 2014 betting card can be viewed on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


The 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook has finally published lines for tomorrow night's World Wrestling Entertainment Battleground 2014 pay-per-view.

Here's how they opened.

Naomi is a -750 (1.13 EU, 2/15 UK) favourite to defeat Cameron in the match that will air before the pay-per-view begins. The heel in the match-up has been ranked as a +450 (5.50 EU, 9/2 UK) outsider.

For the first time in his short WWE career, Rusev is an underdog when he takes on Jack Swagger in one of the bouts on the main card.

Rusev is currently available at +400 (5.00 EU, 4/1 UK), with his foe marked as a -600 (1/6 UK) fave.

The returning Chris Jericho is a +600 (7.00 EU. 6/1 UK) underdog in his battle against Bray Wyatt. The leader of the Wyatt Family is available at -1200 (1/12 UK).

5Dimes expects Dean Ambrose to defeat Seth Rollins in the battle against former Shield members. Ambrose is -190 (1.53 EU, 10/19 UK) with Rollins +150 (2.50 EU, 3/2 UK).

Current Divas Champion, AJ Lee is -1500 (1/15 UK) to win and retain her title against former champ, Paige. Bettors looking to wager on Paige can find her at +700 (8.00 EU, 7/1 UK).

As of right now, the sportsbook is only taking action on whether or not Cesaro wins the battle royal to determine a new WWE Intercontinental champion.

The King of Swing is -170 (1.59 EU, 10/17 UK) to overcome The Field, who have been priced at +130 (2.30 EU, 13/10 UK).

There are two markets open for the WWE Tag Team Championship match. Fans can wager on which team they believe will win the match as well as guessing the tandem that will win the initial fall in this best out of three fall encounter.

The Wyatts, who were favoured against the duo last time find themselves once again playing the role of chalk. They have opened at -400 (1.25 EU, 1/4 UK) with The Usos +280 (3.80 EU, 14/5 UK).

Both The Usos and The Wyatts are -120 (1.83 EU, 5/6 UK) in the prop bet where customers can wager on the first fall outcome.

John Cena goes up against 'The Field' in the main event market.

Cena, who is expected to win the bout and then go on to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam next month, has been priced at -2000 (1/20 UK) with his three opponents - Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Kane - bunched together at +1000 (11.00 EU, 10/1 UK).

Going by 5Dimes' previous track record in pricing up bouts with more than two opponents, I would not be surprised if individual prices for both the battle royal and main event are released later this weekend.

Odds correct as of 5:30pm BST. 

5Dimes' WWE match odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the betting board over at


Here are the Paddy Power's odds for each participant in tomorrow night's battle royal to determine a new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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WWE Battleground 2014 betting odds can be found on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


WWE Battleground 2014 betting odds are now up at

The Irish bookmaker has opened a book on all of the matches scheduled to take place on tomorrow night's pay-per-view.

Naomi versus Cameron, which will take place on the pre-show,  is also listed with the Cameron a 8/11 favourite to win against her former Funkadactyl partner. A bet on Naomi is currently priced at even money.

Chris Jericho, who has recently returned to World Wrestling Entertainment is 4/5 against Bray Wyatt. The leader of the Wyatt Family is currently available at 10/11.

Deam Ambrose is a 5/4 outsider in his grudge match against former Shield colleague, Seth Rollins. Rollins - who won the Money in the Bank briefcase last month - is 4/7 to win here.

Newly-crowned Divas Champion, AJ Lee, is a 2/5 fave to defeat former champ, Paige. Punters looking to back the outsider can get her at 7/4.

The Wyatt Family, who surprisingly lost as favourites to The Usos last month, are once again priced up as likely winners. They are 3/10 to become the next WWE Tag Team Champions whilst the current titleholders are available with odds of 11/5.

Cesaro is 4/7 to win the Intercontinental Championship in the 20-man battle royal to see who will win the vacant championship.

John Cena is a strong 1/100 to win the Fatal Four-Way main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The current champ, who is expected to walk out as winner in order  to set up an upcoming showdown with Brock Lesnar next month, stands miles ahead of runner-up in the betting, Roman Reigns (5/1). The other wrestlers in the match - Randy Orton and Kane have odds of 12/1 and 20/1 respectively.

These are the first WWE Battleground odds available to customers living in Great Britain and parts of Europe. Now that Paddy Power has fired the first shot, I hope other bookmakers follow.

The markets can be viewed on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page


In a follow up to this morning's post where I noted that Betfair had emailed out WWE Battleground 2014 odds to wrestling news websites, I can report that - according to a Betfair rep -  the only people able to bet on these lines are customers based in the State of New Jersey.

This is due to the company having a New Jersey-facing online sportsbook that can only be accessed from New Jersey residents.

The trading team at the regular website have no plans to open WWE Battleground 2014 markets.


I am surprised that the sportsbooks appear reluctant to offer betting odds for tomorrow night's WWE Battleground 2014 event.

I'm holding out hope that the regular firms like the 5Dimes Sportsbook, Paddy Power, Sky Bet and William Hill have something up by the end of today, if not early tomorrow.

Even though none of the usual books have released prices for Sunday's show - I have seen odds that have been sent out by the Betfair Sportsbook to at least two wrestling news sites. 

I have been unable to find these odds posted on the Betfair website. This might have something to do with my location. 

Here's what has been circulating:

Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match?
·         John Cena - 11/8 UK +137.50 US
·         Randy Orton - 7/2 UK +350 US
·         Kane - 7/2 UK  +350 US
·         Roman Reigns - 7/2 UK  +350 US

Who will win the WWE Tag Team Title Match?
·         The Usos – 11/8 UK +137.50 US
·         Luke Harper and Erick Rowan – 4/7 UK -175 US

Who will win the Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal?
·         Cesaro – 5/1 UK +500 US
·         Kofi Kingston - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         The Great Khali - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Rob Van Dam - 9/1 UK  +900 US
·         Dolph Ziggler - 7/1 UK +700 US
·         Big E - 11/1 UK +1100 US
·         Ryback - 11/1 UK +1100 US
·         Curtis Axel - 14/1 UK +1400 US
·         Alberto Del Rio - 9/1 UK +900 US
·         Bo Dallas - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Sheamus - 11/1 UK +1100 US
·         Fandango - 9/1 UK +900 US
·         Sin Cara - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Zack Ryder - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         The Miz - 14/1 UK +1400 US
·         Diego - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         R-Truth - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Xavier Woods - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Heath Slater - 33/1 UK +3300 US
·         Titus O’Neil - 33/1 UK +3300 US

Who will win Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins?
·         Dean Ambrose - 10/11 UK  -110 US
·         Seth Rollins – 10/11 UK -110 US

Who will win Chris Jericho or Bray Wyatt?
·         Chris Jericho -11/10 UK +110 US
·         Bray Wyatt – 8/11 UK -137.50 US

Who will win Jack Swagger or Rusev?
·         Jack Swagger - 4/5 UK  -125 US
·         Rusev - EVS UK  +100 US

Who will win the Divas Title Match?
·         AJ Lee - 8/13 UK -162.50 US
·         Paige - 5/4 UK +125 US

Who will win the Ladies Grudge Match?
·         Cameron – 2/1 UK +200 US
·         Naomi – 4/11  UK -275 US

Will Sting make his first WWE on camera appearance?
·         Yes – 8/11 UK  -137.50 US
·         No – 11/10 UK +110 US

I hope to return later on today with more WWE Battleground bookmakers. 

Thanks to James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling Torch for bringing these odds to my attention.