Sunday, 18 April 2021

WrestleMania 37 Was A Wet Event

WrestleMania 37 was a wet event.

The opening sentence may have brought out a 'well, obviously!' from some of you after reading it. However, there was some confusion when it came to Kambi's prop markets for the weather in Tampa from last week.

As I covered in the week leading up to last weekend's events, Kambi had prop markets available in which customers were asked whether or not at least 1mm of rain precipitation would be recorded in Raymond James Stadium's zip code of FL 33607 on the Saturday and Sunday of the event.

When the market was first installed, I placed two very small wagers. In the first, I backed the area of Tampa to have at least 1mm of rain precipitation on the Saturday and then, in the second punt, I placed a wager on 'No' - there would not be rain precipitation of 1mm of rain or higher on the final day of the event.

I visited daily in order to publish updates here on this blog. Sometime during the week, I placed another bet by backing 'Yes' in the market for Sunday's event.

As we now know, there were storm warnings in the hours leading up to the start of Saturday's portion of the event. Then - just as it was about to start - there was a storm delay in the building with Michael Cole and Samoa Joe both seen wearing ponchos to shield them from the rain.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting

With the weather delay, I thought for sure that my bet for Saturday was a winner. 

Sunday's weather was just as atrocious. However, by the time of the event, things evidently seemed to clear up as - from viewing the show thousands of miles away - I did not witness any rain. There wasn't any delays.

I checked the wagers on Monday morning and noticed that the prop market for there to be rain precipitation above 1mm on Saturday was settled with 'No' as the winner. So, it looked like I lost on that one despite the stadium experiencing storm delays. 

Going in, I knew that Kambi was going by what would report. I took a look on the website and it did indeed not look good as it pertains my bet.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Saturday Report

The website listed that there was '0.00 Inches' of rain precipitation recorded for that area of Tampa for Saturday. 

However, the graph on the same page pointed to something different.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Saturday Graph

As you can see above, there was a high of 0.28 inches (approx 7mm) of rain precipitation recorded at one point on Saturday.

I figured that the result was settled on the number of 0.00 inches in the report (I presume an average), so thought I lost. As I said, I knew the rules going in.

Sunday's market was also settled with 'No' as the winning selection. Therefore, I won on the initial small wager punt from day one, but lost on the 'Yes' gamble I placed days afterwards.

Remember how I figured that Saturday's market must have been settled due to going by the '0.00 Inches' in the report? Well, here's where confusion started to creep in.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Sunday Report

According to the report for Sunday, Tampa had precipitation of '0.54 Inches' (approx 14mm). As well as that, the graph pointed to a period in which there was '0.93 Inches' (approx 27mm) of rain precipitation in the area.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Sunday Graph

I figured that, if I was to consider the bet for Saturday to be a loss, I had to ask the bookmakers to at least take a look at the result from Sunday's wagers.

After waiting a few days, in order to see whether other customers would have queried the result before me, I sent off an email with the information I collected from the weather website. Shortly after that, I received a message in my account inbox to inform me that there had been a resettlement. The Sunday result was reversed with 'Yes' being declared the winning selection. 

But, there was more.

The result for Saturday, which like I stated was controversial because the report did claim that '0.00 inches' of rain precipitation was recorded for that day despite the graph contradicting the number, was also resettled with 'Yes' being declared the winner.

To close, here's how both markets were adjusted as the days leading into the show passed.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Saturday

The eventual winner started off as a 5/4 underdog. It rose to 3/1 when 'No' was lowered from 11/20 into 1/5. However, it fell into 7/5 a couple of days later, but was pushed out to 2/1 by April 9th when 'No' was snipped into 1/3 from 1/2.

On the occasions when the market for Sunday was adjusted, it was always in favour of the eventual winner. 'Yes' started at 19/10 on April 3rd. It was down into 7/10 four days later - when the weather forecast was giving strong chances of rain and thunder storms.

WrestleMania 37 Wet Event Betting: Sunday

The selection had descended into 1/4 by Friday April 9th and remained at that price right through to the market's close later that day.

This will be the last WrestleMania weather post for at least a couple of years because 2022's event is going to be indoors. That will be followed by another outdoor venue - albeit in a warmer climate of California - in 2023.

Friday, 16 April 2021

How Kambi Will Settle Its WrestleMania 37 Observer Markets

Dave Meltzer's star ratings for WWE WrestleMania 37 have now been published.

The Wrestling Observer editor gave Sunday's main event - which saw Roman Reigns successfully retain the WWE Universal Championship against Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match - the most stars in his reviews of the two nights.

It received four-and-a-half stars. The next best matches - in the review - were two from Saturday, Cesaro .vs. Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks versus Bianca Belair and Sunday's US Championship match which had four stars each.

WrestleMania 37 Highest Rated Match Betting

Reigns' title defence was a 5/4 betting favourite to be the 'Highest Rated Match of the Event' in one of Kambi's many Observer star ratings markets that were released ahead of the two-night extravaganza.

With four-and-a-half stars being the highest scoring rating in Meltzer's review, Kambi's 'Exact Star Rating of the Highest Rated Match' will be settled with '4.5 Stars or More' as the winning selection. It was 17/20. As was the losing 'Under 4.5 Stars'.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

The best match of the weekend appearing on Sunday night's card means that 'Any Match On Night 2' will be the winning selection in a head-to-head market in which customers could have gambled on the evening that had the highest scoring night.

The eventual winner was a 4/6 favourite over the 7/5 that was offered for 'Any Match On Night 1'. 

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

Had there been a tie, with a match from night one also getting four-and-a-half stars, then 'Same Star Rating' would have been the winner at 43/20.

The fact that there was no tie means that the 'Joint Winner' proposition market - which asked customers whether two or more matches would receive the highest number of stars for Mania 37 - will settle with the 2/5 favourite, 'No'' being declared the winning selection.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

Another prop bet which will be settled coming off the knowledge that Sunday's main event scored the highest number of stars in Dave Meltzer's review is the one titled 'Margin of Victory'. In it, customers were asked whether there would be a half-a-star difference between the top rated match - or matches - and the next best.

As noted, Cesaro's victory over Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair's WWE Smackdown Women's Championship win from Sasha Banks from Saturday were the next best matches at four stars. Another four star match-up was Sunday's meeting between Riddle and Sheamus. Therefore, 'Yes' will be the winning selection. 

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

'Yes' had started out at 5/4 with 'No' an 11/20 favourite. However, a week later, Kambi adjusted the market with the eventual winner down to 11/10 and its opposition up to 13/20.

Sasha Banks .vs. Bianca Belair went up against Bobby Lashley .vs. Drew McIntyre in a head-to-head featuring two of the most promoted matches for Saturday's card.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

The ladies' four stars was enough to beat Bobby Lashley's win over the Scot. The winning selection was second to the WWE Championship match at odds of 23/20.

You'll be able to view the actual star rating Lashley .vs. McIntyre received in the table below. It'll show all of the results from Kambi's O/U star ratings markets for the matches from both nights.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Ratings O/U Results

Saturday's opener scored three-and-three quarter stars, so was a quarter short of tying the head-to-head with Saturday's main event in the head-to-head.

In the table there are two requests to see notes. The first is for the result of the Women's Tag Team Turmoil match.

Of the four match-ups that took place in this particular contest, the highest scoring was the one which saw saw Natalya and Tamina pick up the win against The Riott Squad. It scored one-and-three quarters from the reviewer, which was below the line of 2.25 Stars.

The worst score, in the gauntlet style tag match, was the Riott Squad versus Billie Kay and Carmella which was given half-a-star.

Kambi published a market for the tag team turmoil match on April 6th, but it was later removed. I don't know how it'll be settled due to all of the matches being graded. However, if I were to grade the market, I would have chose the score of the highest rated match of the four and decide whether it has gone over or under the line. In this case, it would be the one-and-three-quarters from the final match in the contest.

The second thing I wanted to point out is that - due to earlier reports pointing to the possibility that The Fiend .vs. Randy Orton may have been set to be a cinematic match - Kambi did not price up a market for it. 

It turned out to be a regular match (if you can call it that). However, it ended up being the lowest rated match in the reviews with a score of minus one star.

You'll see in the table that four matches from the two nights were rated four or more stars in Meltzer's review. This will mean that 'Yes' will be the winning selection in a proposition market in which punters gambled on there being over three-and-a-half matches with scores of four stars or higher over the two nights.

'Yes' was a 7/10 favourite initially. It fell into 13/20 by the morning of night one and was then down into 13/25 with an hour and forty-five minutes until the event was supposed to have started.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

The four matches with at least four stars were split over the two nights. With that in mind, it's worth looking at how two other prop markets will be settled.

For Saturday, Kambi asked whether two or more matches would receive at least four stars in Meltzer's review.

'Yes' will win as a 4/5 favourite. 

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

'No' will win in the proposition for Sunday's card because it asked customers whether there would be at least three matches with bouts rated four stars plus.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

The eventual winner was priced as an 8/13 favourite over the 23/20 for 'Yes'.

One of the four star matches from Sunday night was the winning selection in another head-to-head. 

Sheamus' US Championship victory over Matt Riddle beat Saturday's AJ Styles and Omos' WWE Raw Tag Team Championship triumph over The New Day by one-and-three-quarter stars.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

Both matches were priced at EVS while 'Same Star Rating' was 2/1. 

On the subject of 'Same Star Rating' - it was the winning pick in the final head-to-head that was available for Mania.

WrestleMania 37 Observer Star Rating Betting From Kambi

In the market, with both selections featuring bouts from night two, Asuka's WWE Raw Women's Championship loss to Rhea Ripley and Kevin Owens' victory over Sami Zayn tied with three-and-three quarter stars each meaning the winning selection will be the 2/1 for the third option.

If you haven't read it yet, I published THIS POST yesterday. It's all about how Kambi settled its markets for NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver after Dave Meltzer reviewed it in last week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

How Kambi Settled Its NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver Observer Star Ratings Markets

Dave Meltzer's reviews of both nights of NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver were published in the most recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Once the issue came out, Kambi's oddsmakers settled all of the star ratings betting markets that were available for the two-night special.

The big story coming out of the show, in regards to Meltzer's reviews, is that there was a three-way tie for best match over the two nights.

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Betting

When the market for 'Highest Rated Match' was first installed, the oddsmakers had two 6/4 joint-favourites in Adam Cole .vs. Kyle O'Reilly and the 'NXT UK Championship' match which had Walter defend his strap against Tommaso Ciampa.

As you can see above, Cole versus O'Reilly fell into 5/4 favourite two days later. 

Both of those matches received four-and-a-half stars in Meltzer's reports. The third match which was awarded four-and-a-half stars was the three-way for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Customers were offered 7/1 for that selection.

The three-way tie meant that the market would have been settled under the dead-heat ruling.

A prop market, which asked customers whether or not there would be 'Joint Winners', would have been settled with 'Yes' winning at odds of 7/5. 

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Observer Prop Bets

The two opening joint-favourites - in the 'Match of the Event' market - were both placed in one of Kambi's head-to-head specials in which customers were given the option to bet which of the two would receive the most stars in Meltzer's reviews.

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Betting

With both matches tying, the winning selection - for this particular market - was 'Same Star Rating', which was 2/1.

The NXT Tag Team Championship match appeared in a head-to-head against the Pete Dunne .vs. Kushida match. 

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Betting

As you can see above, the bookmakers placed Dunne versus Kushida as the favourite. However, it was graded a quarter of a star less than the eventual winner, which was 5/4.

I'll return to more head-to-heads later in this post. For now, it's best to take a look over the most popular star ratings markets Kambi releases - the over/unders.

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver 2021 Observer Star Ratings O/U Results

Kambi released over/under star ratings markets for all of the matches that took place over the two nights. 

As you can see, in the table above, there were four matches which had their lines changed during the periods when betting was available.

The NXT Tag Team Championship three-way started off with a line of 4.25 Stars when the market was installed on March 25th. However, by April 2nd, the bookmakers had increased the line by a quarter. With the bout receiving four-and-a-half stars, the winning selections would have been both options to gamble on the 'or more'.

Night one's main event - which saw Raquel Gonzalez claim the NXT Women's Championship from Io Shirai - initially had a line of four stars. However, the line was also extended a quarter by April 2nd. Just like with the tag team three-way, the options to bet on 'or More' were the winning selections due to the bout receiving four-and-a-quarter stars in Dave Meltzer's review.

Another bout which saw its line increase was for Santos Escobar's ladder match win in the Cruiserweight Championship match against Jordan Devlin. The line was initially set at four-and-a-quarter stars, but was moved to 4.5. 

Both options to bet under the lines turned out to be the eventual winners because Meltzer graded the match three-and-three-quarter stars.

Kambi began taking bets on Finn Balor's NXT Championship defence against Karrion Kross in March with a line of 4.25 Stars. However, by early April, the line was lowered into four stars.

The match received three-and-three-quarters from Meltzer. Therefore, the options to bet below the line turned out to be the correct plays.

With Dunne .vs. Kushida and Shirai .vs. Gonzalez each getting four-and-a-quarter stars, Kambi's oddsmakers settled the 'Margin of Victory' prop bet with 'No' winning as an 11/25 favourite.

NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver Observer Prop Bet

In the prop, customers were asked whether there would be at least a difference of half-a-star between the top match - or matches - and the next best rating. The 'No' won because the margin was only a quarter.

Shirai and Gonzalez's four-and-a-quarter stars meant that the 'NXT Women Championship' match beat the 'NXT Championship' in another head-to-head.

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Betting

The winning selection started out as a 7/10 favourite, but was moved to 21/20 within a day after Kambi cut the odds for the other two selections in the market.

Customers could have also found an over/under prop for the number of matches rated four stars above over the two nights.

In the first, Kambi asked whether night one would have over 3.5 matches rated four stars or higher. As you can see, in the table below, 'Yes' started out as a 4/5 favourite over the 9/10 for 'No'. Both selections ended up at 17/20 each when 'No' appeared to have been backed.

Kambi Observer Star Raing Prop Bet: NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver

'Yes' was the winning selection in this proposition market with four out of the five matches being graded between 4.25 and 4.5 stars.

For the following night, Kambi asked its customers whether there would be three or more matches rated four stars or above.

Kambi Observer Star Raing Prop Bet: NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver

'No' was the winning selection - as a 3/4 favourite - in this market due to the main event being the only match from Thursday to reach the required rating.

With five matches over both nights getting four stars plus, Kambi settled another one of its markets with 'No' as the winning selection.

Kambi Observer Star Raing Prop Bet: NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver

In the 'Both Nights' prop, clients were asked to gamble on there being at least six matches that were graded four stars or higher across the two evenings. As there were only five, the winning selection did so as a 3/4 favourite.

The two nights squared off in the final head-to-head that was available for the event. 

NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver Betting

Night one had two of the three highest rated matches. The following night obviously had the third, so that means the winning selection in the matchbet was 'Same Star Rating'. The selection won at odds of 9/5.

With no match receiving five stars, the final prop market was settled with 'No' winning.

Kambi Observer Star Raing Prop Bet: NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver

In the special, customers were asked 'Any Match To Be Award 5 Stars?'. The answer was 'No'. It won as a 13/25 favourite.

I'll return with another one of these star ratings markets when the next issue of the Observer is released as it will indicate how Kambi's WrestleMania 37 star ratings markets will be settled.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

BetOnline Republishes Its 'Champions At The End Of 2021' Markets Following WrestleMania

BetOnline has republished its betting markets in which customers can gamble on who they believe will be in possession of the major WWE Titles on the last day of 2021.

The markets were first priced up in late-December. I wrote a post about them on New Year's Day

It was in mid-January when I last saw them. However, they have now been adjusted following this past weekend's WrestleMania.

Here are the prices for each market as well as some notes about how they differ from earlier this year.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
When the market for the WWE Raw Women's Championship was last made available, Rhea Ripley was in that place where NXT stars go before landing on the main roster. She made her proper Raw debut weeks after being the last person eliminated from the Women's Royal Rumble. She went on to win Raw's women's title from Asuka last Sunday.

With Ripley the current holder, BetOnline has added her as a +175 favourite.

Two key stars on the Raw brand are immediately below the fave with Charlotte Flair now at +225 (from +300) and Alexa Bliss +300 (from +400).

Some other selections have had their prices increased. For example, the former champ - Asuka - is now at +500 from +400 and Becky Lynch's price has doubled from +200.

Ronda Rousey and Io Shirai have both been added at +800 and +900 respectively.

Raw Women's Champion At End Of 2021 Betting

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
On Saturday night, we witnessed Bianca Belair become WWE Smackdown Women's Champion with a win over Sasha Banks in the main event of WrestleMania's first night.

The champ is now a +125 favourite to be holding the title come December 31st. She was previously a +250 second-favourite behind the person she beat for the title.

Banks has changed places with her WrestleMania opponent and is +250 to be the holder of the strap as 2021 becomes 2022. 

Three new selections have been added with Becky Lynch at +400, Ronda Rousey at +800 and Io Shirai +900.

Smackdown Women's Champion At End Of 2021 Betting

WWE Universal Championship
There has been no change at the top, in the market for the WWE Universal Championship. The current champion, Roman Reigns, is still -250 to be holding the strap at the conclusion of 2021.

One of Reigns' opponents from WrestleMania - Daniel Bryan - has shorter odds than when the market was last made available. He's now +700 from +1,600.

Another selection with a price cut is Reigns' cousin, Jey Uso, who has moved into +1,600 from +2,500.

There have been new additions to the running with Apollo Crews +900, Edge +1,000, Shinsuke Nakamura +1,200 and Karrion Kross +1,400 replacing King Corbin (was +2,500), Lars Sullivan (was +2,500) and Aleister Black (was +3,300).

WWE Universal Champion At End Of 2021 Betting

WWE Championship
At WrestleMania, Bobby Lashley successfully retained the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre via a ref stoppage. Then, a couple of nights later, McIntyre once again became a number one contender and will challenge Lashley in May at WrestleMania Backlash.

McIntyre, who was champion when the market was first priced up, has fallen from +200 favourite into +175.

The current champion, who was +1,600 initially, is now in second-place at +250.

WWE Champion At End Of 2021 Betting

As you'll see above, the bookmakers have also lowered the price of two other selections in the betting with Randy Orton down from +1,200 into +800 and Braun Strowman also moving in from +1,200 albeit to a shorter +700.

Both Strowman and Orton were in the mix on Monday night as they were McIntyre's opponents in the number one contender match in Raw's main event.

New names have been added. Sheamus is +1,000, Karrion Kross is +1,400, Omos is +2,000, Damian Priest is +3,300 and The Miz, who won the strap in the period when this market was unavailable, is +4,000.

One selection has been taken off the board with Edge - who was +800 - no longer available. 

I believe Edge should have remained in the running for WWE Champion because - even though he was a part, and likely will be a part, of the WWE Universal Championship title picture for WrestleMania and beyond - he is still a free agent when it comes to brand affiliation. His storyline obsession to once again become champion could eventually find him travelling across to the red brand.

Prices correct as of the time of writing. The latest can be found on The BetOnline Website.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The Bookie Wins Bookie .vs. Blogger .vs. Punter For WrestleMania 37

The Bookie won the Bookie .vs. Blogger .vs Punter prediction contest for WrestleMania 37.

The winner scored seventy-three points with a win-loss rate of 9-4. Three of the losing selections appeared right at the start of The Bookie's list which paved the way for a pick up of higher priced points when the results began to pile in his favour.

I finished one point behind the winner. My 13-point gamble on Braun Strowman to beat Shane McMahon came in, but it was not enough when all was said and done.

The Punter tied with me with 8-5 when it came to predicting the winners. Point distribution worked against The Punter bringing in a score of fifty-eight to place him third overall.

Bookie .vs. Blogger .vs. Punter: WrestleMania 37 Edition

Monday, 12 April 2021

Reigns .vs. Edge .vs. Bryan Wins In Sky Bet's WrestleMania Main Event Market

Last night's main event - which saw Roman Reigns retain the WWE Universal Championship against Edge and Daniel Bryan - was a winning selection in Sky Bet's market in which customers could have gambled on the contest they believed would close out WrestleMania 37's second evening.

Sky Bet first priced up its market in early-March. This was when Roman Reigns versus Edge was being advertised for the PPV. At the time, the selection was a 1/20 favourite to be the closing match of night two with what turned out to be the night one opener - Bobby Lashley .vs. Drew McIntyre - an 8/1 second-favourite.

By mid-March, and with there being hints that Daniel Bryan could become an additional dance partner for both Reigns and Edge, Sky Bet added the eventual winner at 9/1,

It didn't last at that price for long.

As bettors gambled through March, and the storyline progressed on WWE Smackdown, the selection tumbled all the way down to the same price Sky Bet initially offered for the Reigns versus Edge singles match to be the closing contest of the event.

WrestleMania 37 Night Two Main Event Betting From Sky Bet

The sports betting firm graded its night one main event market shortly after Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair wrestled to close out Saturday's part of the event. You can read about the results of that market in THIS POST.

WrestleMania 37 Night Two Betting Favourites

Here are the betting favourites for night two of WWE WrestleMania 37 as the PPV was starting.

Just like last night, the selections aren't in any order because I've used more than one website. Most markets have already closed.

The Fiend
Rhea Ripley
Apollo Crews
Kevin Owens
Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Edge Into -130 At 5Dimes

The price for Edge to win tonight's WWE Universal Championship match has dropped in the betting market that is available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Upon visiting the website, at 9PM BST, I noticed that the 2021 WWE Royal Rumbe winner was down into -130. I had previously noted his price had lowered into +100 from +110.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting

With Edge now odds on, the bookmakers have put Roman Reigns' price to successfully retain the WWE Universal Championship up from +145 to +165. The third man in the match - Daniel Bryan - has risen to +480 from +395.

Another option I follow is 'The Field' against whoever is favourite. In this case - it's opposing Edge. This option is now up from -140 to -110.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Odds For Early Sunday Evening

Here are the latest notes I've made from my visit to 5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 markets.

WWE Universal Championship
As noted this morning, Roman Reigns' price to successfully retain the WWE Universal Championship, in what should be tonight's main event, rose to +140. Since the update, Reigns' price has increased once more. As of this evening, a win for the champion will now pay out at +145.

Reigns' opponents' prices are now shorter with Edge down from +110 into +100 and Daniel Bryan now +395 from +500.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

The Field versus The Favourite, in this case - Edge - is now up from -150 to -140.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Big E's odds to successfully retain the WWE Intercontinental Title have lowered from +100 into -110.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

The challenger, Apollo Crews, remains a favourite. However, his price has moved up from -140 to -130. 

The Fiend .vs. Randy Orton
The market for The Fiend .vs. Randy Orton remains stationary with the latter a +700 underdog to The Fiend's -1,500.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

Kevin Owens .vs. Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens is still a -475 favourite to beat Sami Zayn when they meet.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

WWE United States Championship
Sheamus has fallen into -110, from +120, to win the WWE US Championship match against the titleholder, Riddle.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

Riddle remains a favourite. However, he has moved up from -160 to -130.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
The market for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match has not changed since I last wrote about it. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are +110 while the 'Tag Team Turmoil Winners' selection is -150.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Rhea Ripley's odds, to beat WWE Raw Women's Champion - Asuka, have once again dropped. 

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 37 Betting Odds

The challenger is now a -390 favourite. She had recently moved up from -410 to -350 when Asuka was lowered from +290 into +250.

Asuka is now at +270.

Odds from 5Dimes.

Edge Becomes Odds On Mania Favourite With BetOnline

Edge's price to win tonight's triple threat match - at WrestleMania 37 - have been reduced with the online sportsbook, BetOnline.

The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble winner is now -150 to be the victor in tonight's match which also features Daniel Bryan and WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

BetOnline WrestleMania 37 Odds

The favourite, who was +115 when the book for the match was first installed late last month, dipped into +110 yesterday.

As a result of the latest move into -150, the oddsmakers from BetOnline have placed the champion at +180 - from +150 - while Daniel Bryan, who opened at +200, is now up to +290.

Edge isn't the only selection whose price was changed this afternoon.

Sheamus, who has been an underdog to WWE US Champion - Riddle, has dipped from +120 into +110.

BetOnline's WrestleMania 37 Markets

Riddle remains the favourite. However, his price has moved up from -160 and back to the -150 he started out at five days ago.

Kevin Owens is now a -400 favourite to beat Sami Zayn when they square off tonight. Customers would have found him at -350 since the start of the week.

BetOnline's WrestleMania 37 Markets

A decision in favour of Zayn, which was previously +225 but had started out at +150, will now pay out at +250.

As you'll see, in the table for Owens .vs. Zayn, all moves have sided with the babyface. 

When I visited the website this morning, I noticed two favourites had lowered overnight. 

First, The Fiend was cut into -1,500 for his match against Randy Orton. His previous price was the -950 he was lowered into, from -500, last month.

BetOnline's WrestleMania 37 Markets

After starting out as a +300 underdog, with a stop at +500, Randy Orton is now +600.

The other favourite selection which changed overnight was the one for Rhea Ripley to get a win against Asuka in the WWE Raw Women's Championship match. 

The challenger to Asuka's title had been -400 since April 4th, but is now into -500 with Asuka now up to +300 from +250.

BetOnline's WrestleMania 37 Markets

Apollo Crews remains a -175 favourite to beat Big E (+135) in the Intercontinental Championship contest which will be head under 'Nigerian Drum Fight' rules.

BetOnline's WrestleMania 37 Markets

Markets from BetOnline's Website.