Friday, 28 August 2015

5Dimes' Night Of Champions Main Event Odds For Friday August 28

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Night of Champions main event odds as of 10am BST this morning:

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The current odds point to Sting being the early bettors' choice to win as he his price had been +325 two days ago.

I can understand the wagers coming in on Sting. In the discussions I have had with people over how this could go, most have noted that Sting being 0-2 in his WWE career will do more damage than good.

I have countered that with the opinion that going 0-1 in his debut was damaging and anything else is fair game from here out.

With that said, I have a feeling Sting will pick up the win in September. I can't see him becoming the champion unless there is a plan for Sheamus to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot. And even then, I still think that Sheamus' cash-in will take place further on down the road.

A disqualification win for the Stinger is what I'm guessing in this early stage. I'm sure to change this opinion a number of times before September 20th but as of right now, I think it'll be Sting's night but the event will not end with him as champion.

5Dimes' WWE Night of Champions 2015 odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

In the UK? Here's a list of sportsbooks with Night of Champions odds

Thursday, 27 August 2015

How The SummerSlam 2015 Prop Bets Fared

Now that SummerSlam 2015 is in the rear-view, it's time to go through the prop bets that were available this past weekend and determine where the winning bets would have been.

If you are new to WWE prop bets, especially the SummerSlam props, I urge you to have a look through a post I published on SummerSlam Sunday where I listed the prop markets customers could wager on.

There were three bookmakers with extra markets for SummerSlam. These were: the bwin Sportsbook, Paddy Power and Betfair. A link to join these bookies can be found at the bottom of this post for any of you who would like to join and place bets on future WWE events.

Main Event Method Of Victory

We all know now that the official end of Sunday's main event was a submission win in favour of The Undertaker. Did you know that you could have taken this to happen at odds of around 25/1 if you caught them at the right time?

Even though a method of victory market isn't really a prop bet, it was still a special and was being offered by bwin.

The firm had 'Undertaker by pinfall', 'Brock Lesnar by pinfall,' 'Either by disqualification,' 'a draw', 'Brock Lesnar by submission' and obviously 'Undertaker via submission'.

The market opened with Taker at 20/1. It then went out to 25/1 within four days before being backed into 7/1. In a post published on August 9th, when discussing the drop, I noted that:

'I can see why this was backed as Hell's Gate is one of Taker's go-to moves. It could also play into Brock Lesnar's MMA-style of fighting. However, the thing that deters me from thinking this is a good option to bet is they haven't fully turned Brock Lesnar back into a heel. Babyfaces don't quit. Unless, of course, they go with a finish where Lesnar passes out (the best example I can use is the 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin versus Bret Hart match from WrestleMania XIII). I still don't think this is how it'll end, but I can see why some have punted on it.'

Well done to any of you who bet this regardless of what odds you got. It was a great call. I fluffed that one, didn't I?

Sheamus To Cash In?

Mr. Money in the Bank did not cash in his immediate title shot. All three sportsbooks were taking bets on him doing so.

Customers that bet the 'No' won (obviously).

I might be Mr. Obvious on this one, but I have a feeling the bookies will certainly want this one out again for Night of Champions. Especially if the fans are predicting a Sting WWE World Heavyweight Championship win in the main event.

Sting To Make An Appearance

Nice seque, eh?

Paddy Power had been taking bets on Sting making an 'in-ring' appearance while Betfair were taking bets on the former WCW icon just being around ringside.

I had bet on him showing up as I had bought into the possibility that he was going to be involved in a trios match alongside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against The Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. I surmised that the way to kick-start this would be for Erick Rowan (or a new Wyatt) to show up and cause the babyfaces to lose setting up Sting to come in and make the save.

This obviously didn't happen as Ambrose and Reigns were attacked by a new Wyatt member whose name is Braun Strowman on Monday's episode of Raw.

Others might have been of the opinion that he would get involved in the main event finish in order to set something up for WrestleMania 32 between he and Undertaker. I don't want to dash any body's hopes, but the finish on Sunday was done to set up another Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker match for April. It will not be Sting.

Customers who bet the 'No' with Paddy Power could have got him at EVENS at certain points. The 'No' had been backed into 3/10 by Sunday afternoon.

Kane To Make An Appearance

As with the Sting market Paddy Power and Betfair had put up prices for Kane to make an appearance with Paddy Power paying out only if he entered the ring while Betfair coupons were cashed if he made his way in the arena.

Kane was not there at all. So, the bettors that took the 'No' at 4/7 would have been quids in on Monday morning.

Kurt Angle To Make An Appearance

This was never going to happen. He didn't show up, so the customers with 1/16 odds were the winners here.

The Rock To Make An Appearance

With so much speculation about a Dwayne Johnson appearance, the odds for him showing up in-ring were 4/11 with Paddy Power while Betfair had him just to show up.

Paddy Power's 'No' proved to be the winning bet. It was 15/8 all weekend.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin To Make An Appearance

This is a selection where I bet the 'No' as it didn't make any sense. Well, it didn't make sense to me when I was under the impression that The Rock was going to be there. I did sweat it out when I realised Austin was in New York on the Thursday but did breathe a sigh of relief when I read that he had returned home by the Friday.

I managed to grab the 5/4 on 'No'. By Sunday they had shortened to 8/15.

A Referee To Be Knocked Out In Any Match On The Night?

Betfair was the only sportsbook offering this up. The traders had given 'Yes' 4/6 odds while the 'No' was 11/10.

I knew it was due and it did happen in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship .vs. US Championship match setting up Jon Stewart's heel turn.

Any Title Match To End In A Disqualification?

This ended up being 'No'. Betfair was taking 6/4 on it, so customers who took it would have made a good return.

Had there been a DQ in a title match, the winning selection would have been the 1/2.

Total German Suplexes Delivered By Brock Lesnar On The Night?

This is another Betfair exclusive. The line was set at 3.5 and both 'Over' and 'Under' were available at 5/6. By Sunday afternoon, the 'Over' had been backed into 8/11 with the 'Under' paying out at even money.

The result was 4. So, the glass half full punters were the winners on the night.

Total Time Taken For Undertaker's Entrance?

Betfair was once again the only place where you could bet on this proposition. The traders had set the line at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. With the customer offered 5/6 on either the 'Over' or 'Under'.

In Sunday's post, I wrote:

'I am taking the 'Under'. This is mainly because this isn't a stadium show and the walk will be a bit shorter'

I even went so far as to check out how the building looked for the Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2013 PPV.

The result on the night: 3mins 7secs. I scraped it. Barely.

But, then I realised... I FORGOT TO PLACE THE BET!

Even though I didn't place a bet on all these props, especially the final one on this list, it was fun to look back and see how they were settled. Hopefully, there will be some more markets to go through in the build up to Night of Champions in late September.

If you'd like to bet on future WWE prop bets, you can do so by following the links the links below.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Betfair Publishes Night Of Champions 2015 Main Event Odds

The Betfair Sportsbook is the latest firm to publish betting odds for next month's WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

There has only been one match announced so far. That being the main event which will see WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Seth Rollins - taking on Sting.

Rollins has been installed as a 1/4 favourite with his opponent out at 11/4.

Knowing Betfair, the entire card will be added to the board in time for the show along with their prop markets.

Betfair has also added Sting to its Royal Rumble 2016 futures market. He has been given 20/1 odds to win the annual battle royal in late January.

Both markets can be found under 'USA' in the 'Special Bets' section of the Betfair website. New customers can join via the banner below:

5Dimes Publishes WWE Night Of Champions 2015 Odds

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has published odds for next month's WWE Night of Champions 2015 main event.

The bout - which will feature Sting going up against Seth Rollins - was announced on a WWE Network special once the post-SummerSlam episode of Raw went off the air.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins, is a -475 favourite to win the match. His opponent is available at +325.

This now means there are two sportsbooks offering odds for the September 20th show that will take place in Houston.

Odds correct as of 4:50pm BST. If you live in a country where 5Dimes is available, you can check out the 'Other Sports' category at

Bet at 5dimes

Bwin Publishes Night Of Champions Odds

The bwin Sportsbook has become the first bookmaker to publish betting odds for next month's WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

On this past Monday's episode of Raw, Sting made his return to WWE. He spoiled a statue ceremony honouring Seth Rollins at the close of the show. This led to Triple H announcing - on a WWE Network exclusive - that the pair will square off in the main event of Night of Champions.

Bwin has worked fast once again compiling odds this far in advance.

The traders have the present WWE World Heavyweight Champion as a 3/10 favourite while Sting is 9/4.

It's worth noting that bwin's WWE rules state that bets are voided if a wrestler wins via disqualification.

I cannot see Sting winning the title on the night. A disqualification win? Well, that's another thing..

If you do want to bet on either side, you'll find the market under 'Entertainment' on the A-Z menu of the sportsbook at New customers might be eligible for free bonuses by joining via the banner below:

A Weekend Of Wise Wagers

SummerSlam Weekend turned out to be two days of wise wagers when it came to closing heavy favourites covering their bets at both NXT TakeOver Brooklyn and SummerSlam 2015.

The takeaway I have from Saturday's NXT betting is that the so called ripple effect I have written about in the past might not be as strong as I thought.

Sort of.

I have always been of the opinion that, when smart money is bet off-shore, the action tends to makes its way over here. This was not entirely the case on Saturday as there was no way to place a bet on TakeOver at any of the off-shore sportsbooks that accept wagers on professional wrestling. It was only the local Paddy Power and Sky Bet that had prices up for the event.

The most telling indicator was the flip-flop that occurred in both the Jushin 'Thunder' Liger versus Tyler Breeze and Baron Corbin versus Samoa Joe bouts.

In the case of Liger and Joe - both wrestlers were underdogs when their respective markets opened and remained that way until the latter round of betting when both became short-priced favourites to go over on Saturday's show.

Liger had opened as a 5/4 outsider on August 6th and was 6/5 on the morning of the show. Joe - on the other hand - was available at 15/8 when his odds were installed and was 5/4 at 10:20am BST on TakeOver Saturday. By the close of the betting, the pair had plummeted to 3/10 apiece.

It's worth noting that Liger was 10/11 and Joe at 6/4 with Sky Bet. So, whoever did bet into the Paddy Power numbers were unaware that Sky Bet had odds out for NXT on the day of the show. The Sky Bet odds were eventually taken down earlier than the 2am BST cut-off, though.

Finn Balor's Paddy Power odds were also shortened. They moved from 2/5 on the morning of the show to 1/10 at 11pm BST when the book was closed.

The off-shore wagering on SummerSlam 2015 also points to smart money being placed. It appears that this occurred between the hours of 7pm to 8pm BST. Nine of the ten favourites ended up being victorious with the only favourites that failed to win - Dolph Ziggler - being awared a draw with Rusev. This obviously ended up with punters for Ziggler or Rusev holding cancelled tickets.

This is how the 7pm to 8pm BST wagers shortened the odds for the eventual winners:
  • Sheamus went from -1,850 to -2,750
  • New Day from -1,700 to -2,750
  • Amell & Neville no change from -6,000 but did drop further before the match 
  • Ryback remained at -2,000 between 7pm and 8pm but shortened later on
  • Ambrose & Reigns -180 to -600
  • Seth Rollins -600 to -2,000
  • PCB also -600 to -2,000
  • Kevin Owens -900 to -2,300
  • The Undertaker -280 to -530
There is no explanation to the Dolph Ziggler number going from -105 at 4pm to -1,050 at the start of his match. In the past, I have suspected that the smart wagers have been placed by people working out the winners from the production notes' music cues for the night. 

The case for this could be made here as it was Ziggler's music that played at the end of the match. However, the thing that works against this idea is Brock Lesnar's theme was cued up to close out the event.

It'll be interesting to see the time the odds change for next month's Night of Champions event.

I'll be back soon with a look to see how the WWE SummerSlam prop markets were settled.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Where To Bet On WWE Night Of Champions 2015

Now that SummerSlam 2015 is behind us, it's time to look ahead to the next opportunity for WWE fans to bet on a professional wrestling event. Next on the list is Night of Champions on September 20th.

In this post, I'll list the sports betting websites where you will more than likely find betting markets for the September PPV. What I usually do is list the websites that published prices for the most recent PPV. However, there was a large number of sports betting firms with SummerSlam 2015 odds that don't offer professional wrestling betting on a regular basis. Therefore, the websites that get the most attention in this post will be the companies that consistently have WWE markets month-to-month as Night of Champions isn't one of the 'Big Three'.

The bwin Sportsbook

The bwin Sportsbook is at the top of this list because it was the first book to put up betting odds for SummerSlam. It initially published odds for the Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker match hours after it was announced on the July 20th episode of Monday Night Raw.

If you're reading this before August 25th, it's also worth noting that bwin had been taking wagers on the WWE Tough Enough winners. This market is currently down, but it might be worth making regular check backs as bwin does occasionally remove its WWE markets for re-adjustment.

One other thing about bwin is the company was the first to publish WWE Royal Rumble 2016 odds. They are still available at the time of writing.

If you would like to bet on WWE with bwin, you'll find the markets in the 'Entertainment' section of the bwin website.

26th August Update: Bwin has published betting odds for Night of Champions

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook

5Dimes was the second sportsbook to put up odds for the SummerSlam main event. Its prices were published on July 25th - only a few days after Bwin.

This company has been installing WWE betting lines for years and is more often than not the go-to place for the earliest prices.

Due to gambling laws, 5Dimes was forced to block customers living in the UK in early August. The company can still be accessed from people outside of the country and is the only sportsbook that publishes WWE odds for visitors from the United States on a consistent basis.

5Dimes is another sportsbook accepting wagers on next year's Royal Rumble. These can be found under 'Futures' on the menu.

If you are in a country where 5Dimes will accept your custom, you'll be able to find the WWE markets - when they're available - in the 'Other Sports' category on the betting board on the 5Dimes website.

26th August Update: 5Dimes Installs Night of Champions Odds

Paddy Power

The Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is another regular venue for WWE sports bettors as the company publishes WWE-related lines every month.

Paddy Power's WWE SummerSlam markets were first out on the 26th of July, so they were early just like the two other companies listed so far.

What was also cool about Paddy Power's coverage of SummerSlam weekend was the fact the traders drew up lines for the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn event that took place on the eve of SummerSlam. Not only that - they also had a selection of prop bets where customers could place their stakes on whether the Money in the Bank contract was executed or if certain names like Sting or The Rock showed up on the night.

The company is also accepting wagers on the 2016 Royal Rumble winner and two fantasy booked WrestleMania matches (I don't think they have a chance of happening, but it's good for customers who think they will. If they don't take place, all bets will be refunded).

If you live in a country where Paddy Power is allowed to operate, I highly recommend becoming a customer because the firm is definitely keen with its WWE markets. I hope there are more NXT markets in future.

View Paddy Power's Latest WWE Odds Now

Betfair Sportsbook

The Betfair Sportsbook is another sports firm I cannot recommend highly enough. It has been publishing WWE betting lines for well over a year now.

Its WWE SummerSlam markets were first installed on August 28th.

One of the things that differentiates Betfair from the rest is that the traders put up some unique prop markets where customers can bet over an under certain things happening within a show. For example, at SummerSlam, punters could predict whether Undertaker's entrance would go over or under three and a half minutes.

Having a bet on matches is good, but add in little side wagers like this and it makes it even more enjoyable watching - and betting - on WWE.

Betfair is another company with Royal Rumble markets. These have been up for quite some time already.

If you're looking for Betfair's WWE odds, you need to head over to the Betfair Special Bets Page and click on the 'USA' tab. You'll find them there.

26th August Update: Betfair Publishes Night of Champions Odds


Ladbrokes has offered its clients the option to bet on WWE wrestling shows for a little over the year. At first, it seemed to do this on a semi-regular basis but has now started publishing lines on a more frequent basis.

Laddies' SummerSlam markets first went live in early August. Initially, the traders had compiled odds for the main event but added more match markets as SummerSlam neared.

The company appears to be making WWE betting a regular thing as there are Royal Rumble odds available on Ladbrokes' Wrestling Betting Page.

Sky Bet is another sports betting brand that has published WWE markets every month without fail for years.

Its WWE SummerSlam odds went up on the week of the show. However, Sky Bet is one of the only bookmakers that keeps its WWE markets open until right before the respective match begins.

Another thing that was good about Sky Bet's coverage over SummerSlam weekend was, just like with Paddy Power, Sky Bet customers could bet on NXT TakeOver. Hopefully, this experiment proved to be worthwhile and we'll get to see more NXT-related content in future.

When they're available, you'll be able to view Sky Bet's Night of Champions odds on the Wrestling Betting Page.

William Hill

William Hill, Britain's oldest bookmaking firm was the first to offer the UK market a way to punt on pro wrestling when odds were compiled for the 2002 Royal Rumble.

Years later, the sportsbook has added monthly PPVs to its schedule and publishes lines on a frequent basis.

When the markets are up, you'll be able to find them under 'TV/Specials' on the William Hill website.

I hope this has been of help for you. Don't forget to check out's Live WWE Odds Page where you'll find the latest odds next to each other.

Best of luck!

Where To Bet On The 2016 WWE Royal Rumble

I know we're months away from the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble. However, this has not stopped bookmakers from publishing betting odds for the battle royal.

In this post, I will list the websites in order of when they first opened books for the January match that will determine who will challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32.

I intend to update this list every time a new sportsbook installs odds for the match. I'll also change the date and time of the post for new visitors to be aware that odds for the match are already out.

The bwin Sportsbook

The bwin Sportsbook was the first betting website to put up a Royal Rumble market. Its odds were up as early as Sunday May 24th.

That's almost eight months ahead of the bout!

It's worth noting that the sportsbook's traders tend to put the markets up and down on a frequent basis. So - and this goes for every bwin market - if you see a price you like, take it immediately. It might not be around for long.

You'll be able to find the bwin Sportsbook's Royal Rumble odds under 'Entertainment' at

Betfair Sportsbook

The traders' published their Royal Rumble markets around about June 18th.

The firm put up a huge market with names that are likely, and less likely, to win the big match in January. You can place bets on people like Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels. You can also take better options like Brock Lesnar or the 2015 winner - Roman Reigns.

Unlike bwin, Betfair's markets will likely remain open all the way through to the night.

The WWE markets can be found under 'USA' in the 'Special Bets' section of

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook

The sportsbook at first put up betting odds for the Royal Rumble not long after Betfair's traders put up theirs.

5Dimes is the best option for visitors living in the USA as the company is the only sportsbook that accepts clients from that part of the world.

This sportsbook has longevity when it comes to WWE betting. It has published WWE betting odds for every pay-per-view for years.

Usually, the WWE odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at However, the Royal Rumble lines are found under 'Futures' on the website.

This is a video showing how to find 5Dimes' Royal Rumble markets

I expect the market to be moved to the 'Other Sports' category in the weeks before the event. So, if you're reading this in December/January, I suggest searching under 'Other Sports' on the 5Dimes website.


Ladbrokes - one of the most popular betting brands in the world - put up Royal Rumble 2016 prices in mid July.

The company has been accepting bets on WWE events on a fairly frequent basis for nearly two years now.

Its Royal Rumble odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the A-Z menu at

You can also follow this direct link straight to Ladbrokes' WWE Betting Page.

Paddy Power Sportsbook

The traders at were also quick to put up Royal Rumble 2016 odds. Their odds went up on the weekend of July 26th - six months before the match.

The Irish bookmaker has been putting up WWE betting markets for every WWE event on the calendar for many years and has even published markets for the NXT special events.

If you'd like to bet on the Royal Rumble, you can find the odds either under 'Other Sports' or 'WWE' on the sportsbook A-Z menu.

Alternatively, you can follow this link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Sportsbet Australia

If you're in Australia, you might be interested to know that Paddy Power owns Sportsbet Australia. This is an Aussie sports betting firm that has mirroring odds from its Irish counterpart. As with Paddy Power, the Sportsbet Royal Rumble odds have been available since July 26th.

View Sportsbet's WWE Betting Page

More bookmakers will be added to this listed as soon as I am aware that odds have been released.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

SummerSlam 2015 Betting Favourites

Here are the SummerSlam 2015 betting favourites.

Stephen Amell & Neville -6000
Kevin Owens -3,000
New Day -2,750
Sheamus -2,750
PCB -2,750
Seth Rollins -2,000
Ryback 2,000
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose -900
The Undertaker -900
Dolph Ziggler -675

- Odds from

Keep coming back to this page throughout the night. I hope to be running occasional updates along the way.

1) Randy Orton .vs. Sheamus

Orton is entering this match as a +1,250 underdog. Sheamus has remained at the price he is in the list above.

At this moment, Sheamus is 1/3 and Orton is 2/1 in-play at Betfair.

2) Tag Team Championship

New Day now entering this match as -4500 favourites. Prime Time Players are +2100, Lucha Dragons +3,000 and Los Matadores +4000.

3) Dolph Ziggler .vs. Rusev

The money has continued to come in on Dolph Ziggler He's now a -1050 favourite. Rusev is +550.

This match ended in a double countout. All bets will be cancelled.

4) Stephen Amell & Neville .vs. Stardust & King Barrett

Stephen Amell & Neville are now entering this bout as -7500 favourites. Barrett and Stardust are +2,500.

5) Intercontinental Championship 

Ryback has now been backed into a -2,750 favourite. His opponents' odds are +1,700 for The Miz and +2,500 for Big Show.

6) Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper .vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

The babyfaces are coming in as -1,700 favourites. Wyatt & Harper are +800.

7) John Cena .vs. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is now a -4,500 favourite. John Cena is +1,500.

8) Divas Elimination Match

PCB are the favourites to win this match. They're -7,500. The other two teams are +4,000 each.

9) Cesaro .vs. Kevin Owens

Owens is now a -7,500 favourite. Cesaro is +2,500.

10) Brock Lesnar .vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker has now been backed into -1,700. Brock Lesnar is entering as an outsider with a price of +800.

Favourites went 9-0-1 on the night. Thanks for sticking around!

5Dimes SummerSlam 2015 Odds For 10pm

Cesaro's odds have dipped.

That's the only noticeable change (if you can call it that!) in the 10pm BST browse through the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam 2015 markets.

The Swiss wrestler had been available as an underdog priced +1500 an hour ago. He is now down to +1300.

This now means Kevin Owens' price as a favourite has improved ever so slightly. He's now -3,000. He had been -4,500.

The rest of the board is identical to how it looked at 9pm. Not much to report, I'm afraid.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam Odds can be found under 'Other Sports' at

Bet at 5dimes

One Hour Warning : Paddy Power To Close SummerSlam Betting

The Paddy Power Sportsbook will close its WWE SummerSlam 2015 betting markets in an hour from now.

If you aren't a customer of the sportsbook, you have enough time to open an account and place a few bets on the event.

If you're already a customer but don't know where to find the odds, you can follow this link. It'll take you to them.

Good luck!

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam 2015 Odds As Of 9pm BST

Here are the WWE SummerSlam 2015 odds currently available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

I will leave a note in parenthesis to indicate where the money has landed since 8pm. If there isn't a note, there is no change.

Dolph Ziggler -675 (was -400 an hour ago)
Rusev +425

Prime Time Players +2,100
The New Day -2,750 (was -1,700)
Lucha Dragons +3,000
Los Matadores +4,000

Team Bella +2,000
PCB -2,750 (was -2,000)
Team B.A.D. +2,100

Stephen Amell & Neville -6,000
Stardust & King Barrett +2,000

Ryback -2,000
Big Show +2,000
The Miz +1,400

Kevin Owens -4,500 (was -2,300)
Cesaro +1,500

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose -900 (was -600)
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper +500

Randy Orton +1,250
Sheamus -2,750

Seth Rollins -2,000
John Cena +1,000

Brock Lesnar +500
The Undertaker -900 (was -600)

Bet at 5dimes

Live SummerSlam 2015 Betting Odds

Don't forget, you can follow odds changes live over at's Live WWE Betting Odds page has iframes of some of Europe's most popular bookies (as well as Bovada for US visitors) so you can see the current odds in real-time throughout the evening.

I find the page does not work well with iOS devices, unfortunately.

Another page on the website is's SummerSlam Betting Guide.

8pm SummerSlam Odds From 5Dimes

I have taken yet another browse through the SummerSlam odds over at and have noticed activity in some of the markets.

Here's what has happened

  • The Undertaker's odds, which were -530 a short while ago, are now -600
  • Sheamus has been backed from -1,850 to -2,750 
  • The New Day's price has shortened from -600 to -1,700
  • Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose have shortened heavily going from -180 to -600
  • Kevin Owens has also seen action. His line has moved from -900 to -2,300
  • PCB are now -2,000 favourites. They had been -600
  • Dolph Ziggler is now the favourite for his match. He and Rusev were on -125 and -115 respectively an hour ago but the money has evidently gone the way of the returner as he is now -400 and the Bulgarian Brute is +280
  • Seth Rollins odds to win the title .vs. title match have moved from -600 to -2,000
I'll be following along more closely from here. After last month, I am reluctant to call this smart money at this point in the evening.

Odds correct as of 8pm BST. For the latest, check out the betting board at

Undertaker Now A -530 Favourite In SummerSlam Betting

The Undertaker's odds continue to shorten in WWE SummerSlam main event betting at

The wrestler, who will take on Brock Lesnar later on tonight, has seen his price gradually decrease over the day.

He is now available as a -530 favourite, He was -280 forty-five minutes ago.

As a result of the change, a winning bet on Brock Lesnar will pay out at +350.

Bet at 5dimes

The Best Domestic SummerSlam 2015 Betting Odds As Of 6pm BST

I have taken a browse through all the British/European betting websites offering WWE SummerSlam betting tonight and have pinpointed where the best value is for every wrestler on the card.

They are:

Dolph Ziggler 13/8 Paddy Power
Rusev 8/11 bwin

Prime Time Players 4/1 Sky Bet
The New Day 8/13 Betfair
Lucha Dragons 10/1 Paddy Power
Los Matadores 20/1 bwin

Team Bella 4/1 William Hill
Team PCB 8/11 Coral
Team B.A.D. 6/1 William Hill, Paddy Power and Sky Bet

Stephen Amell & Neville 1/7 Ladbrokes
Stardust & King Barrett 7/1 William Hill

Ryback 2/9 Betfair
Big Show 10/1 Paddy Power
The Miz 6/1 Coral

Kevin Owens 1/3 Ladbrokes
Cesaro 5/1 bwin

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose 10/11 Coral
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper 6/5 William Hill

Randy Orton 4/1 William Hill
Sheamus 4/11 Betfair

Seth Rollins 8/15 Betfair
John Cena 3/1 William Hill

Brock Lesnar 11/8 Coral
The Undertaker 11/17 Unibet

The odds were correct as of the time of publishing. Below are links for you to get welcome bonuses from the sportsbooks if you aren't already customers.

Where To Find The Best Odds For SummerSlam (US Edition)

Every month during PPV weekends, I dedicate a post or two to my British/European visitors where I run through the betting odds from every domestic sportsbook and highlight where the best odds are for each wrestler on the card.

Now that Bovada has published betting odds for tonight's PPV, it's worth doing a similar post for the visitors I receive from the United States. So, without further ado, it's Bovada .vs. 5Dimes..

Dolph Ziggler +130 Bovada
Rusev -135 5Dimes

Prime Time Players +300 at both
The New Day -300 Bovada
Lucha Dragons +600 Bovada
Los Matadores +1,600 5Dimes

Team Bella +385 5Dimes
Team PCB -300 Bovada
Team B.A.D. +550 at both

Stephen Amell & Neville -5,000 Bovada
Stardust & King Barrett +2,000 5Dimes

Ryback -1,000 Bovada
Big Show +1,000 5Dimes
The Miz +700 5Dimes

Kevin Owens -1,000 Bovada
Cesaro +700 5Dimes

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose -120 Bovada
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper +145 5Dimes

Randy Orton +900 5Dimes
Sheamus -1,000 Bovada

Seth Rollins -500 Bovada
John Cena +400 5Dimes

Brock Lesnar +170 5Dimes
The Undertaker -175 Bovada

It's worth noting that these prices were correct at the time I published this.

For the latest odds, view Bovada's Entertainment Page and the betting board at 5Dimes

5Dimes' SummerSlam 2015 Notes (4pm BST Sunday)

Here are some notes focusing on the SummerSlam 2015 betting markets that are available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

  • Dolph Ziggler has gone from a +115 outsider into -105. Rusev remains a favourite but his line is now -135 instead of -155
  • No change in the Kevin Owens .vs. Cesaro market. Owens is -1,500 and his opponent is +700
  • Amell & Neville remain -6,000 with Stardust & King Barrett +2,000
  • New Day have gone from -600 to -675 with 'The Field .vs. New Day' drifting to +425 from +400
  • Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns are now -185. A change from -160. Their opponents have drifted out to +145 from +120
  • The Sheamus .vs. Randy Orton match-up has stayed at +900 Orton and -1,850 Sheamus
  • Seth Rollins -600 from -560. John Cena has gone from +370 to +400
  • No movement in the Divas elimination match. PCB -600, Team Bella +385, Team BAD +550 and 'The Field .vs. PCB' +400
  • Also no development in the Intercontinental Championship odds. Ryback remains -2,000. Miz is +700 and Big Show is +1,000. 'The Field' against Ryback is +1,000.
  • The Undertaker is now a -230 favourite. He had been -190. Brock Lesnar has drifted from +150 to +170
The above price changes occurred between 9am BST and 4pm BST today.

If you're in a country where 5Dimes isn't restricted, you'll be able to view the odds under 'Other Sports' at

Bet at 5dimes

Bovada SummerSlam 2015 Update

Here are some notes regarding the WWE SummerSlam 2015 betting odds that are available from the Bovada Sportsbook.

  • Sheamus has been backed into -1,000. On my last visit yesterday night, the traders had him priced as a -600 underdog. Randy Orton is now +600. An increase from +400
  • No change for Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns .vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper. Both sides are -120
  • Same for Amell & Neville who are -5,000. The heels are +1,400
  • PCB have been bet into -300 from -250. Team Bella out to +300 from +275 and Team BAD +550 from +500
  • Lucha Dragons have dropped to +600 from +750. Prime Time Players (+300), New Day (-300) and Los Matadores (+1,200) remain as they were yesterday
  • Rusev .vs. Dolph Ziggler hasn't seen movement. Rusev is still -170 and Ziggler is +130
  • The Miz has dropped from +700 to +600. Big Show has drifted out to +800 from +700. Ryback stays on -1,000
  • Kevin Owens now a -1,000 fave. He had been -800. Cesaro is out to +600 from +500
  • Seth Rollins has been bet into -500 from -400. John Cena has gone up to +300 from +250
  • The Undertaker has been backed from -160 to -175 with Brock Lesnar now +135 from +120
The above changes have occured between 11:50pm BST last night and 3:40pm BST today.

If you're in the US, you can place bets with Bovada. You can find the prices on Bovada's Entertainment Page.

Visitors from Canada can find similar lines from the Bodog Sportsbook

Going Over The Prop Markets For Tonight

Don't forget, it's not only SummerSlam matches that you can wager on tonight. There are a few betting websites out there that are offering customers the chance to punt on other things happening during tonight's show.

These prop markets allow the client to bet on things like how many German suplexes Brock Lesnar will execute on the evening or whether there'll be a referee kayoed in any of the matches.

There are three sportsbooks with these speciality bets. They are: the bwin Sportsbook, Paddy Power and Betfair. In this post, I'll run through the markets, explain what the odds are and I might even share my own predictions.

How Will The Main Event End?

This market isn't a prop as such, but it's exclusive to bwin. It gives customers the opportunity to predict how tonight's main event between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker finishes. The odds have been out since late July. Here are the current prices:

Undertaker by pinfall 4/5
Lesnar by pinfall 7/4
Either wrestler by disqualification 2/1
Draw 12/1
Undertaker by submission 16/1
Lesnar by submission 20/1

I have ruled out the submission wins for either wrestler. That's the best I can offer on this one!

Sheamus To Cash In

This is being offered by all three. If you think there is a chance Sheamus will cash in his immediate title shot tonight, the best price you can currently get is the 13/8 from Betfair. 

If you think he will not show up and execute his contract stipulation, the 67/100 from Bwin is where you should make your punt.

I haven't bet on this market. If I did I would go with 'No'. I think Sheamus' cash in will be saved for another time possibly against Roman Reigns if (a) he remains a babyface and, most importantly, (b) becomes champion.

Sting To Make An In-Ring Appearance

This one is on offer from Paddy Power. The earliest odds I have for this market had the 'Yes' and 'No' both 5/6. As of 1pm BST today, the 'Yes' is 11/5 and 'No' is 3/10. The people that have bet don't think he'll be a part of the show.

What I do know is he is in the area doing publicity for WWE.

One caveat about taking this bet is that the bookie will pay out only if he appears 'in-ring'. Over at Betfair, the traders have set a line where they'll pay out if he appears 'in-house' this means anywhere around the ringside area. He's 8/11 in that market.

Kane To Make An In-Ring Appearance

Another one from Paddy Power. The earliest 'Yes' I have is the 7/4 and 'No' is 4/11. As of the time of publishing, 'Yes' is 6/5 with 'No' 4/7. The money has been going on 'Yes'.

And I can't blame them for thinking so. I've stated on here in previous posts that him getting involved in either of the two big matches does make sense.

Like with the Sting prop, Betfair is showing Kane as 1/6 to make an in-house appearance.

Kurt Angle To Make An In-Ring Appearance

It's from Paddy Power. It isn't going to happen. The 'No' is 1/25.

Betfair is offering 66/1, though.

The Rock To Make An In-Ring Appearance

This has a good shout, in my opinion. The word going around (via Dave Meltzer) is that what ever plans there are for WrestleMania will be a little more clear by Monday. Could something be planted on Sunday?

The 'Yes' has been 4/11 for days. 'No' is 15/8.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin To Make An In-Ring Appearance

I did not think he would and placed a bet on 'No' when the odds were 5/4 on Wednesday. They're now 1/4 following the news that Austin has returned back home after doing work for WWE's upcoming video game.

If you still believe he'll show, you can find him at 5/2 with Paddy Power. The best price is with Betfair where he is 10/1 (and he doesn't even have to climb any ring steps for you to cash in if he is there!).

Other Appearances

The Betfair Sportsbook has a long list of other names that people can bet on. All these stars have to do is appear at ringside. Some interesting prices are: Ric Flair 4/6 (he's in town and was shown on camera during yesterday's NXT show. Don't forget, Charlotte is on tonight's card), Ronda Rousey 6/4 (remember what I wrote about the big thing for WrestleMania 32?), Jushin Liger 14/1 (also in the city).

A Referee To Be Knocked Out In Any Match On The Night?

This is a Betfair special. The 'Yes' is 4/6 while the 'No' is 11/10. I have been writing for the past few PPVs that this is due to come in soon and it hasn't cashed in. 


Any Title Match To End In A Disqualification

The 'Yes' is 1/2 with 'No' 6/4. 

We're really only looking for the WWE Championship .vs. US Championship match here as it would be hard for multi-man matches to be booked to a DQ. That's not to say it hasn't happened. I just think it's too much of a cop-out. What I am trying to state is this - if you think Seth Rollins or John Cena will be disqualified in order for the two belts to remain around the waists of their respective champions, you have to take the 1/2.

If not - go with the 6/4 because I can't see a DQ in any of the other title matches.

Total German Suplexes Delivered By Brock Lesnar On The Night

Betfair has set the line at 3.5. The 'Over' opened at 5/6 but has been bet down to 8/11. I was initially looking at the 'Under' as, if you recall, The Undertaker ended up concussed the last time the pair wrestled. My thought is they will be conservative with how many Germans Lesnar delivers to the Deadman to ensure the same thing doesn't happen this year.

It's worth noting, however, that the prop doesn't state 'Total Germans delivered by Brock Lesnar to The Undertaker' on the night. It's total German suplexes period. If you have bet on a referee being knocked out, one German to a ref might be enough for two of your betting slips to cash in.

For what it's worth, the 'Under' is now set at EVENS.

Total Time Taken For Undertaker's Entrance

Another good one from Betfair. The line has been set at 3 minutes 30 seconds. Both 'Over' and 'Under' have been chalked up at 5/6.

I'm picking the 'Under'. This is mainly because this isn't a stadium show and the walk will be shorter. I have even gone so far as to watch a bit of a Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV from the Barclay's Center just to see how the arena was set up for that show (you could also keep an eye on last night's NXT TakeOver event to get an idea of the set up).

I hope you enjoyed this walk through. Prop betting is an added element of fun and is popular in other sports like American football. It does make the experience of watching a wrestling event even more entertaining if you're looking out for things for your bet to come in. If you plan on betting on any of these, or have already done so, good luck!

Odds taken from:

Winner Publishes WWE SummerSlam 2015 Odds

The Winner Sportsbook has published betting odds for tonight's WWE SummerSlam PPV.

The sports betting company last put up WWE-related betting markets for this year's WrestleMania, so the firm is evidently choosing the big events to tap into the wrestling wagering market.

Winner is offering the full slate for customers to bet on. Here are the current odds for each wrestler:

Dolph Ziggler 11/10
Rusev 4/6

Prime Time Players 5/4
The New Day 6/5
Lucha Dragons 5/1
Los Matadores 10/1

Team Bella 2/1
Team PCB 8/11
Team B.A.D. 4/1

Stephen Amell & Neville 1/7
Stardust & King Barrett 4/1

Ryback 2/7
Big Show 5/1
The Miz 5/1

Kevin Owens 1/2
Cesaro 6/4

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose 5/4
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper 5/4

Randy Orton 2/1
Sheamus 1/3

Seth Rollins 1/2
John Cena 6/4

Brock Lesnar 6/4
The Undertaker 1/2

It's easy to find these markets. They're under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu. The multi-person bouts are filed under 'Outrights'.

If you haven't become a member of Winner yet, there's a bonus available via the banner below. I'm hoping a few new customers come in via the ad below so as to let the Winner traders know that people want to join up to bet on wrestling and possibly install odds on a more frequent basis so the help will be appreciated. Thanks!

5Dimes' SummerSlam 2015 Odds For Sunday Morning

These are the SummerSlam 2015 betting odds currently available from

There is no difference to how they looked in the early hours of this morning.

Dolph Ziggler +115
Rusev -155

Prime Time Players +300
The New Day -600
Lucha Dragons +500
Los Matadores +1600

Team Bella +385
Team PCB -600
Team B.A.D. +550

Stephen Amell & Neville -6,000
Stardust & King Barrett +2,000

Ryback -2,000
Big Show +1,000
The Miz +700

Kevin Owens -1,500
Cesaro +700

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose -160
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper +120

Randy Orton +900
Sheamus -1,850

Seth Rollins -560
John Cena +370

Brock Lesnar +150
The Undertaker -190

Bet at 5dimes

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam 2015 Odds As Of 1am BST

Here are the WWE SummerSlam 2015 betting odds that were available from a short while ago.

I'll add some notes below each market to indicate where the prices have changed since 4:30pm BST Saturday.

Dolph Ziggler +115
Rusev -155

The underdog has been bet on here as Ziggler had been +145.

Prime Time Players +300
The New Day -600
Lucha Dragons +500
Los Matadores +1600

New Day had been -320

Team Bella +385
Team PCB -600
Team B.A.D. +550

PCB had been -350. This is the first time I've been able to record individual odds for the other two trios.

Stephen Amell & Neville -6,000
Stardust & King Barrett +2,000

This market hasn't changed

Ryback -2,000
Big Show +1,000
The Miz +700

Money continues to come in on Ryback. He had been -900 earlier.

Kevin Owens -1,500
Cesaro +700

Kevin Owens' odds have shortened further, They had been -750

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose -160
Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper +120

Both teams were -120, so the fans have taken the babyfaces at this time

Randy Orton +900
Sheamus -1,850

Sheamus was -825 on my previous visit to 5Dimes.

Seth Rollins -560
John Cena +370

The WWE World Champion was -350 earlier.

Brock Lesnar +150
The Undertaker -190

Undertaker has been backed from -140.

Bet at 5dimes

The Movers At Bovada In SummerSlam 2015 Betting

I had a look over the WWE SummerSlam markets available from the Bovada Sportsbook a short while ago and I have noticed there has been a fair bit of betting done during the day.

In this post, I'll note the selections that have been backed. I'll rank them in four different groups: the selections whose odds haven't changed, the wrestlers whose prices have made light change, the heavy shifts and the 'very heavy'.

No Change

Only one market has remained the same as it was yesterday. This is the tag match market which sees Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns going up against The Wyatts. Both sides are -120.

Light Movement

Four selections fall into this category.

Rusev has shortened from his role as a favourite. He's now -170, but was -160 on my last visit. Dolph Ziggler is now +130.

Brock Lesnar's odds to win against The Undertaker have dropped from +150 to +120. The Deadman is now a -160 fave.

PCB have been backed from -140 into -250. As a result, Team Bella have drifted out to +275 from +150. Team BAD stay on +500.

New Day have gone from from being favourites with a price of -110 to -300. The second-favourites, Prime Time Players, have gone out to +300 from +110. Lucha Dragons are now +750 from +600. The fourth team on the board - Los Matadores - haven't moved from +1200.

Heavy Movement

Any side that has moved over 200 points goes into this category. Well, unless it's a huge shift. More on that in a bit. This group also consists of four selections.

Seth Rollins has shortened from -160 to -400. His opponent, John Cena, is now +250.

Sheamus has become a -600 favourite. He had been -350. Randy Orton has gone out from +225 into +400.

Kevin Owens has been backed from -200 into a far shorter -800. This obviously means Cesaro's price has strengthened. He's now +500. A leap from +150.

Ryback tops this group with a 675-point shift. He's now a -1,000 favourite despite opening at -325. The other runners in the triple threat for the Intercontinental Championship are +700 each.


The tag team of Stephen Amell and Neville have moved by 4,200 points! They're now -5,000 to defeat Stardust & King Barrett. For what it's worth the heels have now been priced up as +1,400 underdogs.

Don't even think about it!

Don't forget, Bovada only allows customers from most US States. If you're in Canada, you can bet at Bodog.