Friday, 30 September 2016

5Dimes Cancels Best-Of-Seven Outrights

5Dimes has cancelled all bets on the outright winner of the Best-of-Seven Series between Cesaro and Sheamus following Mick Foley determining that the result a draw earlier this week.

On Monday, it was relayed to me that the market would be graded on October 9th. However, the result was brought to the attention of the 5Dimes manager by a visitor, Sam.

Tony immediately cancelled out the wagers as a result of the video evidence on the WWE website.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Thanks & Good Luck, James!

As of tomorrow, James Caldwell will be stepping down from his role as assistant editor of the Pro Wrestling Torch and I'd like to use today's post to wish him the very best wherever his next stop takes him.

James has supported myself and ever since I kicked this off in the summer of 2013 and has always been an ear (well, seeing as we communicated by email, I guess the right term is 'eye'!) and paid an interest in everything I have done here.

To cut a long story short, I had been following the peculiar WWE betting activity for quite a while and then Dolphins1925 became quite a story not only in wrestling media, but in the mainstream.

I suspected the Reddit user had figured out what I had also cottoned onto and was giving out his 'leaks' shortly before each PPV. It coincided with the late Sunday odds moves.

After Money in the Bank 2013, I got in touch with James after reading one of his articles where he wrote about the Redditor and thought I'd share my opinion on how the news-maker was getting the 'leaks'.

I ended the communication with 'I'll email you before SummerSlam and tell you who he'll pick before he does'. Or something along those lines.

And then James emailed back intrigued by my take. He agreed to allow me to contact him throughout the day of SummerSlam Sunday to highlight what was going on with the odds.

Bear in mind, this was before I even came up with the idea of WWELeaks. To ensure I got all the information ready for James on SummerSlam Sunday, I thought the best way to record the shifts was to publish a blog so he could see how it all went.

Yes, this very blog you're reading today.

So, it goes without saying that, had it not been for James Caldwell replying to my email in the summer of 2013, there's a very strong chance that wouldn't be here today. I've shared this opinion, or rather FACT, with him a few times in the past and did so this week when he announced his upcoming departure and I'd like everyone else reading this to know as well.

I thank him for not only showing interest then, but for continuously following the story through the years even after the Dolphins1925 story had run its course.

I wish him nothing but the best.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Comment Bag : 28 September 2016

Here are two comments from today.

Firstly, Jordan left this:

Here's a crazy idea - John Cena wins the WWE Title at No Mercy but gets 'injured' in the process, so has to vacate the title (to write him off TV until late this year / early next year) - there can be a tournament set up and finalised at Survivor Series for the WWE title.

My reply:

I don't think this is how it'll go. The sixteenth win is going to be something special and they'll have Cena chase for it and not just pick it up and drop it straight away. The one scenario I can see is Cena eats the pin at No Mercy. So, he's lost to Styles at SummerSlam, Ambrose on Smackdown and then takes the fall at No Mercy. He can then go off for a while to do the reality show and then make his comeback in January and have the chase to number sixteen be his WrestleMania storyline.

Phil asked:

Hi David, just a quick question.. How do you know so quickly after the markets have been published by various bookies? Do you have alerts set up?

My reply:

It varies. In the years that I have been doing this, I've acquired contacts within the gaming industry and they have helped me by given me a heads up either just before or shortly after they have published the markets. In other cases, I usually have help from other visitors/readers/friends and followers on Twitter who get in touch to tell me that a company has installed markets. If those two options fail, I just make occasional visits to the websites to see if anything has been published. 

Addressing The Cesaro/Sheamus Ruling

A couple of visitors have been worried about not being paid by now that the Cesaro versus Sheamus Best-of-Seven series has been ruled a tie.

In a post published on Monday morning, I noted that 5Dimes had apparently told one of its customers that the market would be graded on the night of No Mercy on October 9th. As this is a Smackdown PPV, the card wouldn't have had a Cesaro .vs. Sheamus bout anyway. However, a replay of match seven could have taken place on the two Raws that were sandwiched in between Clash of Champions and the Smackdown special event.

On Monday's edition of Raw, Mick Foley announced that the series was officially ruled a tie. This has prompted people to expect their bets to have been settled now. Had I placed a wager on the outright, I too would have expected a settlement following Foley's ruling but I know in the long-run the bet will end up being cancelled due to the Cesaro/Sheamus angle moving in a different direction as a tag team.

I have contacted 5Dimes and noted that the series was deemed a tie. I don't know if it will make much difference me doing this as the sportsbook has already stated they'll grade the market in less than two weeks. The Foley ruling came after the staff noted October 9th, so there's a slight chance that it's graded sooner. I'll post any updates below.

I know it isn't much but I believe it's safe to state that, whenever the market is graded, it'll be classed as cancelled.

Monday, 26 September 2016

5Dimes Ruling On 'Best Of Seven Series Outright Winner' Up In The Air

This was alerted to me from Eric on Twitter:

'5Dimes not grading best of 7 series bets till October 9, night of No Mercy'

This is interesting for a few reasons.

Firstly, the rules of the wager stated that the wrestler must win four matches of the best of seven for there to be action. As we now know, the seventh match was a no contest. Therefore, I can see an argument being made that there was no fourth win in the seven bouts. However, with the ruling being a 'no contest', WWE could go on to state that match seven will be a 'replay' or something. It'll be interesting to see what happens if WWE rewords the series to 'Best of 8' now that there have been seven bouts contested.

Added to this is the date that has given for the bets to be graded. The No Mercy show is a Smackdown branded PPV, so - if the match were to happen within the next fortnight - it will be on Raw and not at No Mercy.

This will be one to watch in the coming thirteen days.

Clash Of Champions 2016 Post-Mortem

We're now almost twelve hours removed from Clash of Champions and people are still asking about what happened with the two outsider winners on the show.

In my opinion, this is what happens when you mix insider and fan money. It's a bad combination that causes confusion.

The Clash of Champions odds were published late on Friday or early on Saturday depending on where you live. At that point, there were insiders and regular punters looking to make their bets. A case could be made that the people who jumped on the slightest of moves forced the oddsmakers to shorten their prices heavily, Remember, the markets were published late, so the were going to have to adjust the lines even more strictly than usual. 

I suggested care in the comments section of a post I published on Saturday morning as I sensed this was how things were going to fall. 

One idea that will more than likely come to people's minds is the possibility that there were late changes to the matches where the dogs won. The New Day being victorious over Anderson and Gallows was on the opener, so it could be argued that there wasn't enough time between the amendment and the market being taken off the board. 

As for Chris Jericho going over Sami Zayn - it was later in the show and, of the three match markets that changed as the PPV was in progress, the bets came in on Jericho as he dropped from +450 to +400. However, to add a counter to my thought, this could have simply been bettors reacting to seeing the outsiders win in the first match of the main card by siding with underdogs.

Further to this, I am sure there'll be people who believe that none of the matches on last night's card were affected by inside action (I get it nearly every month, so it's a safe bet this week). To them I ask, how come the Sheamus/Cesaro odds didn't move strongly when all other match markets saw action irregardless of the final result being correct or not? 

Unibet's No Mercy 2016 Odds

If you're still looking for WWE betting after tonight's PPV, then you can find betting odds for No Mercy over at and these websites.

As of the time of publishing, the companies are accepting wagers on the three matches that have been confirmed for the show.

Alexa Bliss is a 19/4 outsider to win the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship from Becky Lynch. A winning bet on the titleholder will pay out at odds of 1/10.

The Usos are 1/5 favourites to claim a win over WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Heath Slater and Rhyno. If you think the champs will retain their straps with the W, then you can find them priced at 14/5.

AJ Styles is 2/5 to be victorious in the main event. His opponents in the triple threat match, John Cena and Dean Ambrose, are 2/1 and 4/1 respectively.

A prop market has also been installed where punters can predict which of the three wrestlers in the match will concede defeat. John Cena is at the top of this list at 7/10. Next up is Dean Ambrose who's EVS and then the WWE World Champion is 3/1.

Unibet's No Mercy odds can be found alongside other wrestling-themed markets on the Unibet Website

Identical odds can also be found on the websites listed on this page.

Chris Jericho Upsets Sami Zayn

Chris Jericho has just upset Sami Zayn, and some WWE bettors, at Clash of Champions.

Y2J entered the match as a +400 underdog to Zayn. The babyface was -600.

Interestingly, Jericho was +450 at the start of the PPV, so he did see some interest as the show was in progress.

This now means there have been two outsider wins this evening.

Odds from

Cesaro & Sheamus Go To No Contest In Match Seven

We got the answer to the question of why the match odds for the seventh match in the Cesaro versus Sheamus best-of-seven series was stop/start/stop throughout the weekend.

A strong case could be made that the people with knowledge of the result were avoiding this market due to the end result having no clear victor.

All bets on the match winner will be voided to the match being ruled a no contest.

If you had backed either wrestler to win in the outright market at 5Dimes in the summer, the match should be scrubbed as the rule stated that your selection 'must win four matches for action'.

Betting On Bayley & Here's Why

I have just placed a speculative punt on Bayley winning the WWE Raw Women's Championship tonight after seeing what she's wearing.

If you recall, she wore a polka dot tribute to Dusty Rhodes when she won the NXT Women's Championship last year.

Her attire for tonight has the black-and-yellow polka dot scheme on one side. That's enough for me.

Remember, it's a speculative punt as she's the outsider in this match.

 I placed the wager at

The New Day Upset Anderson & Gallows At Clash Of Champions

The New Day's win over the team of Anderson and Gallows at Clash of Champions is a betting upset.

The eventual winners entered the opening match of tonight's main card as +550 outsiders. The challengers to the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship were favoured with a price of -1050.

Odds from

WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE Clash of Champions 2016 betting favourites ranked in order of how short the selections' odds are over at as the pay-per-view was beginning.

Nia Jax is already a winner after entering the Kick-Off match as a -4500 favourite
TJ Perkins -2600
Roman Reigns -1725
Kevin Owens -1700
Anderson and Gallows -1050 (Upset)
Sami Zayn -750*
Charlotte -505
Sheamus -195**

*Zayn was backed from -600 between 12am and the start of the PPV. Jericho went out to +450 from +400.

**Cesaro's odds dipped from +160 during the pre-show. Sheamus' number had been -210. I am intrigued to see how this match plays out  based on how low the odds are going in.

Nia Jax Wins As Kick-Off Favourite

Nia Jax has become the first Clash of Champions favourite winner of the night with a victory over Alicia Fox on the pay-per-view's Kick-Off show.

Despite the odds being taken off the board before the start of the pre-show, the market was reinstalled as the show was in progress.

Jax entered as a -4500 favourite. Her opponent was +1500.

Odds from

5Dimes' WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 Odds As Of 12am BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions betting odds as of midnight.

The Kick-Off match between Nia Jax and Alicia Fox has been taken off the board. All other prices remain as they were in recent posts.

Kevin Owens -1700
Seth Rollins +800

New Day +550
Anderson/Gallows -1050

Charlotte -505
Sasha Banks +445
Bayley +1250
The Field vs Favourite +335

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho +400

Rusev +825
Roman Reigns -1725

Cesaro +160
Sheamus -210

TJ Perkins -2600
Brian Kendrick +1200

Odds from

Sunday, 25 September 2016

More Specials From William Hill

William Hill has added more specials markets to its coverage of tonight's WWE Clash of Champions.

I published a post earlier noting the selections that were on the board. Here's how the market looks now with the additional odds:

The traders have also compiled prices on 'Method of Result' for the triple threat and tag team matches on the card. The current odds are:

5Dimes' Clash Of Champions Odds As Of 11pm BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's Clash of Champions odds as of 11pm BST.

They haven't moved since previous updates. So, if you've been following, there's nothing new to report.

 Kevin Owens -1700
Seth Rollins +800

New Day +550
Anderson/Gallows -1050

Charlotte -505
Sasha Banks +445
Bayley +1250
The Field vs Favourite +335

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho +400

Rusev +825
Roman Reigns -1725

Cesaro +160
Sheamus -210

TJ Perkins -2600
Brian Kendrick +1200

Alicia Fox +1000
Nia Jax -2000


William Hill's WWE Clash Of Champions Specials Published

The William Hill Sportsbook has published its in-play specials for tonight's PPV.

Here are some of the selections that have been installed:

Triple H to interfere in the Universal Championship match 10/11

Dana Brooke to turn on Charlotte EVS

Paige to interfere in the WWE Raw Women's Championship match 2/1

Lana to turn on Rusev and leave with Roman Reigns 10/1

An appearance market has also been installed. You can view the odds in the image below. For these bets to be settled as winners, the person must make this appearance inside the ring:

Click image to expand

5Dimes' Clash Of Champions 2016 Betting Odds As Of 10pm BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions odds as of 10pm BST this evening.

If you read the 9pm update, you don't need to read any further. The prices remain as they were an hour ago.

 Kevin Owens -1700
Seth Rollins +800

New Day +550
Anderson/Gallows -1050

Charlotte -505
Sasha Banks +445
Bayley +1250
The Field vs Favourite +335

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho +400

Rusev +825
Roman Reigns -1725

Cesaro +160
Sheamus -210

TJ Perkins -2600
Brian Kendrick +1200

Alicia Fox +1000
Nia Jax -2000

Odd can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

5Dimes' WWE Clash Of Champions Odds As Of 9pm BST

Here are the WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 betting odds that are currently available from

In some cases, I'll note where the odds differ from my most recent visit.

Kevin Owens -1700
Seth Rollins +800

No change since 7pm

New Day +550
Anderson/Gallows -1050

No change

Charlotte -505
Sasha Banks +445
Bayley +1250
The Field vs Favourite +335

The customers have continued to back Charlotte as her number had previously been -385. The Field against Charlotte was +265. As for the two other selections - Sasha was +370 and Bayley was +1050.

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho +400

Another non-mover.

Rusev +825
Roman Reigns -1725

Yet another that has remained static.

Cesaro +160
Sheamus -210

Cesaro has drifted out from +155 with Sheamus' number coming in from -195.

TJ Perkins -2600
Brian Kendrick +1200

Perkins has been backed from -2000. Kendrick has drifted out further. He was +1000 previously.

Alicia Fox +1000
Nia Jax -2000

Another market that hasn't changed.

5Dimes' WWE Clash of Champions odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Revisiting Betfair's Clash Of Champions Props

The Betfair Sportsbook's WWE prop bets made a welcomed return this weekend after the traders from the firm published a handful of specials on Friday. They followed that up a last night by adding a few more.

In this post, I'll look through some of the markets and see what the customers have been betting on.

An Official WrestleMania 33 Match To Be Announced On The Night?

I have been told this special will be available for most of the PPVs heading into the close of the year and as we near WrestleMania season. The 'Yes' was offered at 10/3 when it first went live. It is now available at 7/2 so I assume the traders increased the price to get some more interest.

An RKO To Be Performed On The Night?

This was a surprising addition considering Randy Orton is a member of the Smackdown brand. That's why the price being offered - 10/1 - is higher than would usually be on the board. The odds haven't changed since Friday.

Any Belt To Be Used As A Weapon?

This is another prop that has stayed as it was when it first went live. It's 5/2 if you think that there'll be a spot in the show tonight where one of the heel champions, or challengers for that matter, uses a belt against their opponent.

Any Match To End In A DQ?

It's a night of championship matches, so a DQ finish could be one way of getting a person a win without losing the title. Yes, I'm looking at you, Rusev.

The prices have stayed the same as they were when they first made their way to the website. A winning bet on 'Yes' will pay out at even money. The 'No' is favoured at 8/11.

The Ring To Collapse

This one has increased from 10/1 to 12/1.

Number Of Tables Broken On The Night?

This is an Over/Under with the line set at 0,5. I liked the 'Over' and bet on it when it was EVENS. It has now been cut to 8/13. A winning punt on the 'No' option is now 23/20 but had been 8/11.

A Referee To Be Knocked Down In Any Match?

If you think one of the bouts on tonight's card will have a ref bump, then the 6/5 is a great price for you. If not, you can back the 'No' at 4/7.

HHH To Interfere In The Main Event? (Must Be Physically Involved In Match)

This one was installed at 6/4 and has seen action as it has been cut to 5/4. I understand that many people are predicting Hunter will return tonight, but I think it's too soon if the long-term goal is to have HHH face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33.

Total Pedigrees To Be Performed In The Main Event

This is an Over/Under with the line set at 2.5 Pedigrees. I'm leaning on the Under and it seems the punters are as well as the oddsmakers have moved it from 8/11 to 4/6.

The 'Over' has increased from EVENS to 11/10.

Goldberg To Enter The Ring And Perform 2 Or More Spears

With Goldberg being in Indianapolis this weekend, I thought there would be some people looking to bet on the former WCW and WWE World Champion making an appearance during the PPV. Asking for him to show up and then doing TWO spears was first put up at 2/1. I felt the odds were too short considering the likelihood of it happening. The traders have since increased the price to 9/2. I still think it's too short.

3 Or More Matches To End In A Submission

This option was offered at 9/4 when it went up last night. It has now been increased to 5/2. If this was published as an Over/Under, I would have backed the 'Under'.

Any Match To End In A Double Count-Out Or Double Pinfall

This one was suggested by a regular visitor to this blog, Jordan Kaye as he believes the Sheamus versus Cesaro match could end in a double pin to set up yet another match. If there is a double count-out, or even a double pin, on tonight's card, you're looking at a 2/1 winner.

As mentioned above, I was glad to see Betfair's props return for this weekend's PPV.. If you've had a punt on any of these markets - GOOD LUCK!

And if you haven't, there's still time. You can view the markets alongside other Clash of Champions match markets in the 'Special Bets' section of the Betfair Website.

Coral's Clash Of Champions Odds

Coral's WWE Clash of Champions betting odds were published sometime today.

You can view the prices in the image below.

Click on image to expand

The markets can be found under TV Specials on the Coral Website.

5Dimes' WWE Clash Of Champions 2016 Odds As Of 7pm BST

Below are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions 2016 odds as of a few minutes ago. Below the markets - where appropriate - will be notes on where the prices differ from two hours ago.

Kevin Owens -1700
Seth Rollins +800

Kevin Owens has been backed from -1500 with Seth Rollins' increasing from +700.

New Day +550
Anderson/Gallows -1050 

The challengers' price has been cut from -900. New Day is up from +500.

Charlotte -385
Sasha Banks +370
Bayley +1050
The Field vs Favourite +265 

Charlotte had been -350. 

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho  +400

An interesting change as it's Chris Jericho who has been backed. His price has dipped from +500. Sami Zayn had been -900.

Rusev +825
Roman Reigns -1725

Rusev's price was +830 a couple of hours ago. At that time, Reigns was a slightly worse (for the bettor) -1730.

Cesaro +155
Sheamus -195

Cesaro's price has moved down when compared to 5pm. He was +160. Sheamus was -210.

TJ Perkins -2000
Brian Kendrick +1000

No difference since previous updates.

Alicia Fox +1000
Nia Jax -2000

Nia's number had been -1780 recently. Alicia Fox's price has moved up from +870.

5Dimes' odds for tonight are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board on the 5Dimes Website.

5Dimes' Clash Of Champions 2016 Odds As Of 5pm BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions 2016 odds as of 5pm BST.

I'll add notes below the markets that have changed since earlier today.

Kevin Owens -1500
Seth Rollins +700

Owens' price has shortened from -1050 with Rollins moving out from +550

New Day +500
Anderson/Gallows -900

The challengers' odds have moved in from -555. The New Day have drifted out from +365

Charlotte -350
Sasha Banks +365
Bayley +820
The Field vs Favourite +250

This market hasn't moved since the start of the day.

Sami Zayn -900
Chris Jericho +500

Sami Zayn has been backed from -600. Jericho's price has jumped up from +400.

Rusev +830
Roman Reigns -1730

No difference.

Cesaro +160
Sheamus -210

The favourite had been -165 at the top of the day. Cesaro has moved out from +125.

TJ Perkins -2000
Brian Kendrick +1000

I noted Perkins' odds having shortened from -930 when I sent out a Twitter alert this morning. Brian Kendrick had moved out from +510.

Alicia Fox +870
Nia Jax -1780

Another change I was forced to announce on Twitter due to technical issues this morning. At that point, Jax's number had come in from -1750 with Alicia Fox's price increasing from +850.

I'll return later with more updates.. if my ISP allows it!!

5Dimes' WWE Clash of Champions odds are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Where To Bet On Clash Of Champions 2016

The next WWE pay-per-view, Clash of Champions, takes place on Sunday 25th September.

In this post, I'll add most of the sports betting firms that have published odds for the event. More companies will be added as soon as I become aware of CoC odds being released.


A handful of sportsbooks and casinos that use software/odds from the Kambi Group have already published betting odds for the event. The companies' first markets were priced up where customers could bet/predict who will walk out of the event as champion. You can read the post where I mentioned the publication of this odds on this link.

Match markets were added late on Friday 23rd September.

Most of the companies that uses these odds are:

888Sport   32Red  Unibet
LeoVegas  Grosvenor Casinos  Mr Green

SportsBet Australia

The Paddy Power owned Sportsbet Australia's WWE Clash of Champions odds were published on September 20th.You can view them through this link.


The Betfair Sportsbook's Clash of Champions odds were first published on Tuesday September 20th. The latest odds can be viewed under 'Special Bets' on the sportsbook menu on the Betfair Website.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power's Clash of Champions odds were also published on September 20th. You can view the odds through this link.


The 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions markets were published in the early hours of Saturday September 24th. They can be viewed under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

William Hill

The oddsmakers at William Hill published Clash of Champions odds on Saturday morning. You Can View The Odds Through This Link

Sky Bet

Sky Bet's Clash of Champions markets were also released on Saturday morning. View The Latest Odds.


Ladbrokes' odds for Clash of Champions were published on Saturday. However, they have since been taken down.


The Coral Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions markets were put up on Sunday. View the odds as of approximately 7:15pm on Sunday.

Clash Of Champions Time Props

The oddsmakers at the Kambi Websites like have released prop specials where their customers can wager on the length of some of the matches on tonight's Clash of Champions card.

Here are the options, their prices and my leans.

Cesaro .vs. Sheamus

Sixteen Mins or More 17/20
Under 15:59 Mins 17/20

My lean: They should give this one some time. I like the 'Over 16'.

Sami Zayn .vs. Chris Jericho

18 Mins or More 4/5
17:59 or Less 9/10

My lean: I'm sort of finding the 'Under' appealing here.

Gallows/Anderson .vs. New Day

16 Mins or More 6/5
15:59 or Less 3/5

My lean: Hmm... Tough one! I'll settle for the under.

Raw Women's Championship

18 or More EVS
17:59 or Less 18/25

My lean: I like the under.

Rusev .vs. Roman Reigns

20 Mins or More 18/25
19:59 or Less EVS

My lean: For some reason, I think the twenty mark is high.

Kevin Owens .vs. Seth Rollins

24 Mins or More 9/10
23:59 or Less 4/5

My lean: Over.

As soon as I've published this post, I'll go to and place the bets on all of my leans.

A Future Plan & Interference Tonight?

I have just started listening to today's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and Dave Meltzer made a prediction as to how Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will be booked going forward from tonight. I think it's worth mentioning here as it could impact an idea many have been coming up with this week.

Meltzer has noted that Rusev and Roman Reigns have been having disqualification finishes on the house show loop and stated that he believes tonight's US Championship match could go a similar way. 

He then went on to surmise that Reigns and Rollins will end up teaming together to take on Rusev and Kevin Owens in an upcoming feud.

If this prediction does turn out true, it could mean that Triple H returning to cost Rollins another title win is not going to happen. Not yet, anyway.

One thing that has made me think Triple H isn't going to appear at tonight's event is because it would mean having to show up at Raw tomorrow night. It's safe to presume that the episode will tank in the ratings as it's going up against Monday Night Football and the first Presidential debate of the current campaign.  It would be uncharacteristic of him to re-insert himself  when the feeling is that it could be one of, if not the, lowest rated episodes of the flagship show.

Now - I could be wrong, Therefore, it's worth guiding you to where you can bet on HHH interfering in the main event.

The oddsmakers at published a market yesterday evening where clients could punt on Hunter getting physically involved during the bout. It opened at 6/4, but is now down to 5/4.

Another option may be to see if William Hill releases a 'HHH to interfere' special when the company installs specials markets later on this evening. You can view William Hill's WWE odds through this link closer to the PPV to see if it's on the list.

Those of you who would like to play it safe and bet on any person interfering in the match, then you can find it on the Kambi Websites like They have a market where customers can punt on there being 'outside interference in the match'. It was available at 1/2 when the price was first installed late on Friday evening. It has now dropped to 33/100. 

If it's HHH or not, it's likely there'll be some sort of interference in the match so the 33/100 is worth considering.

Odds correct as of 3pm BST.

Clash Of Champions Twitter Updates

This Clash of Champions weekend has gotten worse..

My Internet connection had been the playing up on Friday night and for most of yesterday evening. After waking up earlier today, I noticed the modem wasn't working again. It's an area issue, according to my ISP. Therefore, it could be fixed later.

Or not.

This post is Plan B. I had it waiting for situations like this. What I aim to do is relay notes about odds on my Twitter feed just to keep those of you up to date. I'm afraid this is the best I can do right now. I'm hoping things get back to normal ASAP.

2:30pm BST Update: So far, so good. The service is back up and running. I'll keep this post up in case things go awry later on.

Sunday's First Clash Of Champions 2016 Odds Update

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions 2016 odds as of 5am BST this morning.

If you read last night's 5Dimes update, the only two markets that have changed since then have been highlighted in blue.

Kevin Owens -1050
Seth Rollins +550

New Day +365
Anderson/Gallows -555

Charlotte -350
Sasha +365
Bayley +820
The Field vs Favourite +250

There has been a little more interest coming in on Sasha Banks. When I last posted the odds, she was a +420 outsider to reclaim the WWE Raw Women's Championship. As a result of this, Charlotte's role as favourite has improved for the punter as she had been -400. 'The Field' has dropped from +280 to +250.

Sami Zayn -600
Chris Jericho +400

Rusev +480
Roman Reigns -840

Cesaro +125
Sheamus -165

Cesaro's odds dipped  from +195 to +125 between 12 and 1am BST today. Sheamus' price moved had been -275.

TJ Perkins -930
Brian Kendrick +510

Alicia Fox +850
Nia Jax -1750

I'm hoping to have another few updates before midday.

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Saturday Night Links

I'm about to turn everything off for the night, but thought I'd share some links and notes to carry through the next few hours.

- The William Hill post where visitors could leave their ideas for prop/specials ideas for Clash of Champions has now been closed. You can view the post by following this link.

- William Hill and Ladbrokes have taken down their Clash odds for the night. As William Hill is definitely publishing specials for the show, I expect the match markets to be back up in the morning. You can check to see if their available before I get back by following this link.

- I'm hoping to have a prop betting post sometime tomorrow morning or early afternoon. Betfair's props have made a welcome return for this PPV. I've written three posts covering them you can read them below:

- If anyone reading this would like to get 25% off from your orders  the WWE Shop, here's a link and code. All you need to do is use the code SAVE25. Some exclusions may apply. The offer ends at 23:59 Pacific on Sunday September 25th 2017.