Monday, 8 February 2016

5Dimes' Fast Lane 2016 Odds For February 8th

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Fast Lane 2016 main event odds as of this evening.

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I last recorded the prices a couple of days ago. Back then, the 'Roman Reigns wins Triple Threat Match' selection was -565 and 'Field wins..' was +375. 

I'll return sometime tomorrow with another update to see if anything on tonight's episode of Raw prompts any reaction in price.

Odds correct as of 10pm GMT. They can be found under 'Other Sports' on the 5Dimes website.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

5Dimes' Fast Lane 2016 Update For February 6th

Here's how the 5Dimes Sportsbook's Fast Lane 2016 main event odds are looking as of 10pm GMT today.

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As you can see, the odds remain the same as they were when I last published a 5Dimes Fast Lane Update.

More Royal Rumble 2017 Odds Published

Customers at, and can now wager on next year's Royal Rumble after prices for the annual battle royal were published on the respective websites over the past few days.

Seth Rollins has been installed as the favourite to win. He's down at 4/1. Next on the list is Brock Lesnar (11/2) with Roman Reigns in third with a price of 6/1.

The list goes right down to names like Chyna. She's 2,500/1. That's far too short!

As with each firm's Rumble 2016 market, customers can also punt on any of the names on the list being in the final four. In regards to the three names listed above, their final four odds are as follows:

Seth Rollins 1/5
Brock Lesnar 3/10
Roman Reigns 3/10

In my opinion, there's too much going on in WWE right now to even attempt to handicap what will end up happening in a little under a year.

With that said, the names that I have mentioned in previous posts are Shinsuke Nakamura (30/1 to win, 7/1 to be in the final four) and Randy Orton (33/1 to win, 10/1 to be in the final four).

I would also consider a punt on Kevin Owens, but I have a feeling he'll be this year's Money in the Bank winner, so a Rumble win might be out of the question if he's already walking around with a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship title shot by then.

Odds were available as of the time of publishing. When up, you'll be able to view them under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menus at, and

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Reigns' Odds Continue To Shorten In Fast Lane Betting

Roman Reigns' odds to win the triple threat match at WWE Fast Lane have continued to shorten through the early days of February.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is showing as a -565 favourite in a market for WWE's next PPV. This is a change from the -400 he was priced at the start of this month.

As a result of the money coming in on Reigns, the oddsmakers have improved the price for a Brock Lesnar or Dean Ambrose win. 'The Field' is now +375.

The market has been open since late January. Back then, Reigns was an even shorter -1,350 so the early wagers had gone the way of Ambrose/Lesnar until the first of February when it appears the customers have started to back the most recent champion to secure the WrestleMania title shot.

5Dimes' Fast Lane odds are found under 'Other Sports' at

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

5Dimes' Fast Lane 2016 Main Event Odds For February 2nd

It has been over a day since I last checked in with the WWE Fast Lane main event odds from 5Dimes so - in this post - I'll share with you the current prices.

In the most recent post, I noted that 'Roman Reigns wins triple threat' was available at -400 while 'The Field wins triple threat' was +280. Since that time, it appears the sportsbook clients have been punting on Roman Reigns winning the match in less than three weeks as it is his price that is less better off today.

He's now -475. The option to wager on Brock Lesnar or Dean Ambrose has now drifted out to +325.

After watching Raw, I was expecting 'The Field' to have seen some action as the show closed out with Brock Lesnar looking the strongest out of the main event trio. 

Not that that means much with weeks of TV left to film before the pay-per-view.

Odds correct as of 11pm GMT and can be viewed on the betting board at

Monday, 1 February 2016

Pre-Raw Fast Lane 2016 Main Event Odds For February 1st

This week's WWE Raw is a few hours away, so - in this post - I'll run through the betting odds available for the Fast Lane 2016 main event and see if anything that happens on tonight's television prompts any change in the odds.

As of right now, the sports betting firms offering wagering opportunities on the main event are 5Dimes, Betfair and a trio of bookies with identical odds (, and

Due to legal issues, some of these firms are unavailable in some countries and vice versa, so I'll start off with those that can be found on the betting board at

The 5Dimes market is showing 'Roman Reigns' to win at -400 while 'The Field' is +280.

I have been surprised with the betting action on this market as it's evident that the customers have been betting against Reigns here. His odds have been improving upon every visit I have made to the website. They were originally -1,350 (on January 28th) and were -750 yesterday.

If you are a 5Dimes customers and want to back Reigns to win the main event in less than three weeks, then this might be a decent time to do so.

As for 'The Field' - it seems people have been backing into them already. I predict the present price will drift out eventually.

In Europe, it's that's offering the best price on Roman Reigns.

His 2/9 with Betfair is better than the 1/5 that is on offer from sites like

If you want to go for a Brock Lesnar win, then the better number is the 4/1 from 32Red and company.

Dean Ambrose is 12/1 with Betfair if you think there is any chance The Lunatic Fringe will wind up being booked to pull off an upset to secure a place in the WrestleMania main event.

Now that I've recorded these prices, I'll return some time tomorrow to see how things are looking.