Monday, 17 February 2020

WrestleMania 36 Champions Update Following Charlotte Flair Choosing Rhea Ripley

With Charlotte Flair choosing to challenge Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship at WrestleMania 36, the oddsmakers from Kambi have taken Flair's name out of the running in WrestleMania Champions markets I wrote about yesterday.

In the specials, customers have the opportunity to wager on the person who they believe will be holding the respective WWE titles once this year's WrestleMania is over.

The Smackdown Women's Championship market had Flair in it at odds of 10/1 yesterday. However, she is no longer available.

Naomi, who was installed as a 4/6 favourite on Saturday, has now been taken down to 1/2.

WrestleMania 36 Champions - Smackdown Women's Championship

With the favourite's price lowered, the bookies have placed Sasha Banks up from 2/1 to 9/4 and Lacey Evans is now 11/2 from 9/2.

The current champ - Bayley - has stalled at 13/10.

Carmella, who will wrestle Naomi on this week's edition of WWE Smackdown to determine who will challenge Bayley at Super ShowDown - remains 9/2.

I noticed an error that I made in the table for the Raw Women's Championship match in yesterday's post.

I had the most recent odds at '15 DEC 6:00PM', but it was meant to have read for February 15th. 

Since publishing the post, as well as Charlotte Flair no longer being a selection, the odds for Becky Lynch to still be in possession of the title at the end of WrestleMania have shortened.

The odds dropped from 17/20 into 3/4 sometime before 9:30PM last night. As a result, Shayna Baszler was pushed to EVS from 17/20. 

Baszler remained at EVS when Lynch's odds were moved to 7/10 sometime before 12PM GMT today.

It's also worth noting that, before being taken off the board, Flair's odds were cut from 19/2 into 17/2 yesterday.

WrestleMania 36 Champions - Raw Women's Championship

NXT TakeOver: Portland Betting Favourites

Here are the NXT TakeOver: Portland betting favourites as the show was about to start.

The selections are ranked in order of strength and are based on the prices that are - and were - available for tonight's event.

Keith Lee
Rhea Ripley
Dakota Kai
Finn Balor
Tommaso Ciampa

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Latest NXT TakeOver: Portland Odds From BetOnline

It has been a couple of days since I published a post about the NXT TakeOver: Portland betting markets that are available from BetOnline, so I thought I'd publish a short update to highlight the latest prices.

NXT Tag Team Championship
There has been no change in the market for the NXT Tag Team Championship match. The BroserWeights are still -150 favourites while a win for the current champs - The Undisputed Era - will pay out at +110.

Dakota Kai .vs. Tegan Nox
The street fight market has moved in favour of Dakota Kai. She's now a -220 fave. This is slightly down from the -200 from Friday morning.
A win for Tegan Nox is now being offered at +155, which is up slightly from +150.

Finn Balor .vs. Johnny Gargano 
Finn Balor's price to get a W over Johnny Gargano has reduced from -150 into -165. With Balor moving in, the bookies have placed Gargano up from +110 to +125.

NXT North American Championship
Keith Lee was a heavy -1,000 favourite to successfully retain his NXT North American Championship against Dominik Dijakovic. His price has fallen in some more now as he's -1,250. A decision in favour of the challenger will now pay out at +575, which is up from +550.

NXT Women's Championship
Rhea Ripley is now a -950 favourite for her title defence against Bianca Belair. This is down slightly from the -850 that was available on Friday. 
With Ripley's odds shortened, Belair has risen to +525 from +450.

NXT Championship
When I first came across the market on the 14th, both champion and challenger were available at -110 apiece. When I checked in this morning, I noticed that Adam Cole was still -110 to successfully retain his strap while his challenger, Tommaso Ciampa, had dipped to -130.

I read an article about these markets today. The writer informed their readers that they are the 'Final' prices, which is obviously not the case as the markets are still available as of the time of writing. They can be found on the BetOnline Website under 'Wrestling' in the 'Game Props' menu.

Kambi's TV Props For Week Commencing 17/2/20

Kambi has published TV proposition markets for next week.

In this post, I'll go through each market in the order of how they'll air. There are regular props where you can bet on the respective episode performing better than Kambi's line and there are also head-to-head spread propositions for Wednesday and Smackdown versus Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw
For Monday night, they have the line set at 2,300,000 or more viewers. Those who think the show will have that amount  - or above - can back the 'Yes' at 17/20.
The 'No' is also 17/20.

AEW Dynamite
For Wednesday night's episode of AEW Dynamite, they have the line set at 850,000 viewers. Those who believe the show will do less than that number can get 3/4 for 'No'.
Those looking to wager on the episode picking up 850,000 or above can choose the 'Yes' at 19/20.

Kambi has set 800,000 or more for Wednesday's episode of NXT. The 'Yes' is EVS while the 'No' is a 7/10 favourite.

Spread: AEW Dynamite To Have 0.1 Million Or More Than NXT?
In the spread, customers are asked whether AEW Dynamite will have 100,000 or more viewers than NXT. Those who believe it will can get 27/25 for 'Yes' and 4/6 for 'No'.

WWE Smackdown
The line for Friday's Smackdown is 2.5 Million or more. The 'Yes' is 4/5 and the 'No' is 9/10.

Spread: Smackdown To Have 0.2 Million Or More Than Raw?
The spread special for the Smackdown versus Raw spread asks customers whether Friday's show will beat Monday Night Raw by 200,000 or more viewers. Customers can find 3/4 for 'Yes', Those who believe Smackdown will beat Raw by less, or not at all should Raw win, can get 'No' at 19/20.

Mania 36 Champions Update For 16/2

Kambi republished some of its WWE WrestleMania 36 champions specials yesterday.

In these markets, customers can wager on the person they believe will be holding WWE's major titles once the April 5th PPV concludes.

The last time these specials were available was in the middle of December. A lot has happened since then, and - in some cases - the directions for WrestleMania are beginning to look somewhat clearer. As a result, certain names have become favourites and others - who we thought had a chance of being in the title picture over the spring - are.. well, they're not.

In this post, I'll take a look at the markets in the order they appear on Kambi's list and point out how they differ from previous updates.

NXT Championship
Tommaso Ciampa will get his opportunity to once again become NXT Champion when he takes on Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver: Portland tonight. He is currently the 7/10 favourite to be in possession of the strap when all things are settled in the early hours of April 6th.

As you'll see in the table. Ciampa started off as a 3/4 favourite, but was cut into 4/6 a few days later. His current price is slightly better.

The wrestlers whose prices have shortened since December's update are the current champ - Cole - who is now 7/2 from 4/1 and Finn Balor who's 5/2 from 3/1. 

WrestleMania 36 Champions Betting - NXT Championship

When the market was first published on November 30th, I mentioned that Ciampa as favourite made the most sense to me considering he was on the comeback trail. He still makes sense to a degree as I reckon he'll regain the title tonight. Whether he's still holding it by the end of WrestleMania 36 is another thing.

If I had to make a guess as to what the NXT Championship match for TakeOver is on the night before Mania, I'd have to go with Finn Balor as the challenger. So, the slip for his odds is understandable.

What should also not be ruled out, however, is the bout that they were going for before Ciampa was injured and that would be another meeting with Johnny Gargano.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
I think it's safe to presume that the WWE Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania will be between the champ - Becky Lynch - and her current nemesis, Shayna Baszler.

Both wrestlers appear on the list. Both have been cut from 33/20 into 17/20. However, Baszler has been on the decline since day one as she initially started out at 7/2. This was mainly due to the fact that many, myself included, thought The Queen of Spades would be the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble winner.

The eventual Rumble winner - Charlotte Flair - still exists as a runner on this list due to the fact that, until she chooses her WrestleMania opponent, she is still technically in play. However, her odds moving from 5/1 to 19/2, should point out that the bookmakers are more than aware that the chance of Flair leaving Mania as Raw Women's Champion is unlikely.

WrestleMania 36 Champions Betting - Raw Women's Championship

CORRECTION: The image above has an incorrect date on it. The most recent date is meant to be '15 FEB 6:00PM',

Smackdown Women's Championship
On next week's episode of WWE Smackdown, Naomi and Carmella will wrestle to see which of the two will challenge Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship at the WWE Super Show-Down PPV from Saudi Arabia.

Naomi appears on the list for the Smackdown title as a newcomer. And a 4/6 favourite at that.

The current champ - Bayley - is in second place with a shortened price of 13/10 from her most recent number of 4s.

The early shifts went the way of Sasha Banks, who fell from 23/20 into EVS between November 30th and December 2nd and was then backed from 6/5 into 23/20 between December 3rd and 7th.

Banks has now risen to 2/1, which is understandable considering she hasn't wrestled in a while due to an injury.

Women's Royal Rumble winner - Charlotte Flair - is now out to 10/1 from her previous price of 7/1.

WrestleMania 36 Champions Betting - Smackdown Women's Championship

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns is still a favourite to be the Universal Champion coming out of WrestleMania. He had started out at 4/6 in November. His price had dropped down to 1/2 by December 7th, but it's now up to 7/10.

The current champion - Bray Wyatt - was 33/20 to start out, but rose to 2/1 (2 Dec) and then to 9/4 (7 Dec) and has now dropped to 11/10.

Wyatt's next opponent - Bill Goldberg - has been added to the market at 5/1.

Another few notable changes are Braun Strowman falling from 15s into 12/1 and Baron Corbin's price being halved from 66/1.

John Cena who is returning to TV on February 28th, is now 5/2 from 9/1. However, this morning's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio mentioned that the current Mania plan for Cena is to wrestle Elias on the card. This report obviously places him very far from the title picture.

WrestleMania 36 Champions Betting - Universal Championship

WWE Championship
With Drew McIntyre eliminating Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble - and then going on to win the match itself - the WWE Championship match was made for WrestleMania.

McIntyre has been installed as a 1/2 favourite to leave the event with the strap. 

With the market now only listing two names, the odds for Brock Lesnar have had to be adjusted from 23/10 into 7/5.

WrestleMania 36 Champions Betting - WWE Championship

Prices were correct as of 6PM GMT last night. However, I also looked over them before writing the post today to note any changes. All were still showing the same prices.

Balor .vs. Gargano Once Again Shortens In NXT TakeOver: Portland Match Of The Night Wagering

The Finn Balor versus Johnny Gargano match that's scheduled for NXT TakeOver: Portland is now an even money favourite to be the match of the night when Dave Meltzer reviews tonight's event in the upcoming issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Kambi, the betting service that has published a market which allows customers to gamble on the bout of the night, first priced up the selection a 6/4 fave at the start of this month.

Even though Balor .vs. Gargano remains at the top of the list, a couple of other selections have been lowered in the twelve days - on and off - that the market has been available.

The NXT Championship contest, which will see Tommaso Ciampa challenge Adam Cole, started off at 13/5 on day one, but was the first selection cut as - by the evening of February 11th - was taken down to 23/10.

It was moved to 9/4 since last night.

The other selection that has been snipped today is the one for Keith Lee's NXT North American Championship defence against Dominik Dijakovic. 

It started out at 4/1, but had moved to 19/4 yesterday morning. However, it has now been reduced to 9/2.

You can see all of the price adjustments I've recorded in the table below.

NXT TakeOver: Portland Highest Rated Match Betting

Prices were correct at 9:30AM GMT. The latest can be found on Kambi's Pro Wrestling Pages.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Kambi Releases Elimination Chamber 2020 Markets

The oddsmakers from Kambi have created a handful of markets for the men's Elimination Chamber match.

As well as betting on the person who they believe will win the match, customers can also find elimination and iron person specials available for the bout.

The current favourite to win is Roman Reigns. He's 1/3.

The list continues with the soon to be returning John Cena a 9/4 second-favourite. Behind him are: Daniel Bryan (4/1), Bill Goldberg (5/1), Braun Strowman (8/1), Baron Corbin (10/1), Shinsuke Nakamura (40/1) and Robert Roode (50/1).

Advertising for the event has been sent out with names added. Going by recent history, it's safe to presume that one or two of these runners are placeholders.

For what it's worth, the listed names in the advertising, that has been sent to the Wells Fargo Center, are: Reigns, Strowman, Bryan, Nakamura, Corbin and Roode as the match participants.

The event will take place on March 8th.

14/2/20 WWE Smackdown Viewership Released has released the viewership numbers for last nigh's episode of WWE Smackdown on FOX.

The episode drew a total average audience of 2,481,500 viewers with 2,521,000 tuned in for the first hour and 2,442,000 watching in its second.

Now that the result has been confirmed by the TV ratings website, Kambi will settle a prop market that had been available since last weekend.

In the market, customers were asked whether or not the episode would draw a total average of 2.5 Million or more viewers.

When it was first released, the eventual favourite was a 19/20 outsider to the 3/4 that was being offered for ''Yes'. However, by the time of the market's closing last night, the selection had dropped to 1/2 and its opposition was out to 7/5.

WWE Smackdown on FOX TV Prop Bet For February 14 2020

Friday, 14 February 2020

XFL Betting: Week 2 2020

Following the first week of XFL action, the Houston Roughnecks have become favourites to become 2020 Champions.

As of today, a winning bet on Houston to be crowned this year's winners will pay out at +250. This is down from the +700 customers from BetOnline were being offered last week.

In the February 7th post, I noted that Houston and DC were the teams I've gambled on to win the league. It's a case of so far so good.

The Roughnecks is one of three teams that have shorter odds than a week ago. The other teams are the New York Guardians (+750 to +600) and the St. Louis Battle Hawks (+700 to +600) who were also week one victors.

XFL 2020 Winners Betting Odds As Of February 14th

In Europe, it's somewhat different as the Defenders are the favourites at most websites. They're followed by the Guardians and then it's Houston.

My week one play turned out to be a winning one.

With not much to go by, I blindly backed the Battle Hawks as +10 underdogs. They won their away game against the Dallas Renegades straight up with a score of 15-9.

I now have some stats to work with, but - as I mentioned last week - I am reluctant to do what I do with my NFL/College betting due to not knowing the teams well and with the PAT scoring rule. However, I have backed the following team and totals for this week.

  • Seattle Dragons +3.5 versus Tampa Bay Vipers (Available from Paddy Power)
  • New York Guardians @ DC Defenders OVER 46.5 (Bet365)

Overseas prices from BetOnline.

BetOnline's NXT TakeOver: Portland Odds

In a post published yesterday, I noted that BetOnline has began accepting wagers for the February 27th WWE Super Show-Down 2020 PPV.

The firm has now installed markets for this weekend's NXT TakeOver: Portland show.

The Undisputed Era have been placed at +110 for their NXT Tag Team Championship defence against The Broserweights. A win for the challengers will pay out at odds of -150.

Finn Balor is -150 to beat Johnny Gargano (+110) in their grudge match.

In another grudge battle, Dakota Kai is -200 to get a W over her former best-friend, Tegan Nox (+150).

NXT North American champion, Keith Lee, is a short -1,000 fave to get a win over Dominik Dijakovic. The challenger is +550.

The NXT Women's Championship will also be contested during the event. Its holder, Rhea Ripley, is a -850 favourite to successfully retain against Bianca Belair (+450).

In what should be the main event, NXT Champion - Adam Cole - will defend his title against Tommaso Ciampa. As of the time of writing, both men are at -110 pick 'em in the betting.

12/2/20 AEW Dynamite And WWE NXT Viewers released the TV viewership scores for Wednesday's WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite last night.

The winner of the night was once again AEW Dynamite. It had 817,000 viewers compared to the 757,000 that WWE NXT had.

Now that the results have been recorded, Kambi has settled a trio of proposition markets that were released for the night of wrestling.

For WWE NXT, the bookies asked the customers whether 775,000 people or higher would tune in for the first airing on the USA Network.

The result obviously means that 'No' will win. The selection was available at 7/10 when the market was initially published last weekend. However, on the day of the show, its price had been taken down to 4/6.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: WWE NXT

'No' was also the winning selection in Kambi's market for AEW Dynamite.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: AEW Dynamite

As you can see, the line was set at '0.925 Million or More'. The selection was backed from its opening 17/20 into 4/6 before the Tuesday evening and was then moved to 3/5 a day after that.

With there being a 60,000 difference in viewers between both shows, the 'No' will once again win in the third prop for the Wednesday night battle.

In this one, customers were asked whether AEW's flagship show would beat its head-to-head competitor by 150,000 or more viewers.

The winning selection was 9/10 from Sunday right up to the day of the programmes.

12th February 2020 Pro Wrestling TV Betting: AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT

A market for tonight's WWE Smackdown on FOX is still available as of this morning.

In it, customers have been wagering on the prospect of the show collecting 2.5 Million or more viewers. As you'll see in the table, the odds for 'No' have been moving in.

14th February 2020 WWE Smackdown TV Viewership Prop Market

I wrote - in this post from over the weekend - that I've backed  'No' because I've made a guess that, with it being Valentine's Day, the audience might be lower than the Kambi's estimate.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Overseas Odds For Super Show-Down 2020

A couple of sportsbooks from overseas have been taking wagers on this year's WWE Super Show-Down PPV.

I first came across 5Dimes' markets last night and was just shown the odds from BetOnline.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Miz and Morrison are favourites to win the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match with both firms. 5Dimes is offering the better price for the challengers as they're -230 to BetOnline's -240.
As for The New Day? Well, BetOnline is offering +165 and 5Dimes has them at +170.

Roman Reigns .vs. King Corbin
5Dimes is offering Roman Reigns at -410 to win the cage match against King Corbin. This is better than the -440 currently available from BetOnline.
A win for Corbin will pay out at +270 with BetOnline, but 5Dimes has him at a more appealing (well, if you want to back Corbin, that is!) +290.

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar is a heavy favourite to successfully retain the WWE Championship against Ricochet. He's -2,000 with BetOnline and a better -1,700 with 5Dimes.
Ricochet is being offered at +800 on the 5Dimes website. He's a shorter +650 with the other bookmaker.

WWE Universal Championship
Bray Wyatt is -780 to beat Bill Goldberg in the WWE Universal Championship market from 5Dimes but is a shorter -850 on the BetOnline website.
A decision in favour of Goldberg will pay out at +450 and +460 at BetOnline and 5Dimes respectively.

Prices correct as of 8:15PM GMT and taken from 5Dimes and BetOnline.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

10/2/20 Raw Viewership Number

Monday night's edition of WWE Raw had a total average audience of 2,337,000 viewers.

This is the official score per which is used by the Kambi oddsmakers to grade the pro wrestling TV prop markets that are published each week.

For this week's episode, Kambi asked customers whether or not an average of 2.2 Million people tuned in.

As you can see below, they had 'No' as a 3/4 favourite while the eventual winner - 'Yes' - was 19/20.

10/2/20 WWE Monday Night Raw Prop Bet

For the first time in a while, there was an increase between the first and second hours. recorded that the 8PM ET number was 2,396,000 with the second hour moving up to 2,411,000. There was, however, a drop for the final sixty minutes as 2,204,000 were tuned in for it.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match Announced For Super Show-Down 2020 And Odds

On last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, a new match was announced for the upcoming WWE Super Show-Down 2020 PPV.

It'll be a gauntlet match for the Tuwaiq Trophy.

The announced participants are: AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, Andrade, Rusev, Erick Rowan and R-Truth.

Sky Bet has released a market for the match. As you'll see below, the firm has Styles as a 7/4 favourite.

WWE Super Show-Down 2020 Gauntlet Match Betting Odds

The event is scheduled for Thursday February 27th.