Sunday, 4 October 2015

WWE Live From Madison Square Garden Betting Favourites

It looks like the 5Dimes Sportsbook has closed its book for tonight's WWE Live From Madison Square Garden show.

I had intended to do a live blog noting who the favourites were before their respective matches, but there's no need to now.

The closing favourites in order of strength were:

Brock Lesnar -17,500
Kevin Owens -2,000
John Cena -1,350
Randy Orton -210
Rusev -210
Dudley Boyz -170

The match market closed as:

John Cena -1,350
Seth Rollins +650

Rusev -210
Dolph Ziggler +160

Kevin Owens -2,000
Chris Jericho +1,000

The Dudley Boyz -170
The New Day +130

Randy Orton -210
Sheamus +160

Brock Lesnar -17,500
Big Show +4,500

I'll keep an eye on the Pro Wrestling markets on the 5Dimes website to see if anything is reinstalled during the show and will update this post accordingly.

Enjoy the event and good luck if you have any bets on it.

Update: 5Dimes has republished the markets!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Live From MSG Odds As Of 9:40pm BST

Here are the WWE Live From Madison Square Garden odds currently available from the 5Dimes website.

There have been three market changes since my last 5Dimes update. They are:
  • Dolph Ziggler's odds have dropped from +170 with Rusev's improving from -230
  • Sheamus' price has descended from +190 with Randy Orton's bettering from -270
  • The Dudley Boyz are back to being favoured. Both they and The New Day were -120 earlier on.
Prices correct as of 9:40pm BST. For the latest check out the betting board at

If you're in the UK and unable to bet with 5Dimes. There is still an option out there for you in the form of the bwin Sportsbook.

The current prices for tonight are:

If you aren't a customer with bwin, there's an advert below that will give you a free bet bonus when you sign up. The WWE betting markets can be found under 'Entertainment' on the bwin menu.

Bwin's Live From MSG Odds As Of 11am BST

Here are the WWE Live From Madison Square Garden odds that are currently showing at

The Intercontinental Championship market has gone the way of Chris Jericho since the odds were published yesterday.

He had opened as a 7/1 outsider with the champion available at 1/20.

The Dudley Boyz have also seen action as their odds were 5/4 yesterday. New Day have moved from 57/100 to EVENS.

Randy Orton was originally 1/2, so the customers have picked the favourite to win here. Sheamus has drifted out from 7/5.

Seth Rollins' odds have shortened from 6/1. I would not be surprised if this is due to customers making speculative punts on John Cena losing the US Championship tonight in order to free up the title as the current titleholder is set to take time off for personal reasons.

The Brock Lesnar .vs. Big Show and Rusev .vs. Dolph Ziggler markets remain as they were yesterday.

Odds correct as of 11am BST and available under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at

5Dimes' WWE Live From MSG Odds For Saturday Morning

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Live From Madison Square Garden betting odds as of 9am BST today:

Here are some notes on the markets:
  • No change for John Cena .vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show .vs. Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens .vs. Chris Jericho
  • Rusev has been backed as his odds have moved from -210 with Dolph Ziggler moving out from +160
  • Randy Orton has moved from -180 into -270 with Sheamus drifting from +140 to +190
  • The WWE Tag Team Championship market has been see-sawing since I first noticed the prices were available. The pair were originally -120 but, by last night, there had evidently been bets placed on the Dudleys as they had become -140 favourites with The New Day out at +100. It appears New Day have been backed since that time moving them back into a pick 'em.
Odds taken from the betting board at

Friday, 2 October 2015

Dudley Boyz Favoured Over The New Day In Live From MSG Betting

The Dudley Boyz have become the early favourites in the betting market for tomorrow night's WWE Live From Madison Square Garden show.

The tag team - who will wrestle The New Day for the WWE World Tag Team Championship - were available as -120 pick 'ems alongside their opponents earlier this afternoon. This price has now shortened to -140.

As a result of the fans betting on the contenders, The New Day's price has gone out to +100.

Odds for the rest of the card remain as they were earlier today.

Prices correct as of 10:30pm BST and available from

5Dimes' Live From MSG Odds

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's betting odds for tomorrow night's Live from Madison Square Garden show.

Randy Orton -180
Sheamus +140

New Day -120
Dudley Boyz -120

Kevin Owens -2,000
Chris Jericho +1,000

Dolph Ziggler +160
Rusev -210

John Cena -1,350
Seth Rollins +650

Big Show +4,500
Brock Lesnar -17,500

Odds correct as of 2pm BST and available from the 'Other Sports' menu on the 5Dimes Betting Board.

Bwin Publishes Live From MSG Betting Odds

The bwin Sportsbook has installed betting odds for tomorrow night's WWE Network special from Madison Square Garden.

Customers can wager on the six matches announced for the event which takes place from New York's most popular sporting venue.

Here's a brief rundown of the current odds:

Rusev is a 2/5 favourite to beat Dolph Ziggler (7/4).

Randy Orton is 1/2 to do defeat Sheamus (7/5).

Brock Lesnar is a strong 1/100 to topple The Big Show (14/1).

John Cena is 7/100 to win the cage match against Seth Rollins (6/1).

The Dudley Boyz are 5/4 to secure a victory over The New Day (57/100)

Kevin Owens is 1/20 over Chris Jericho (7/1).

Of the above, the selections that I like are The Dudleys and Chris Jericho.

I think The Dudleys will win the WWE World Tag Team Championship on the night. I also have a mild  feeling that Jericho will win (more than likely via disqualification). He's marking tomorrow night's match as his 25th anniversary as a pro wrestler. So, it's a speculative punt on WWE marking the occasion. It could also be used as a way to put heat on Kevin Owens, so that's why it's a mild opinion on the result.

Odds correct as of 13:45 BST. For the latest check out the 'Entertainment' betting section on the bwin website.

More Hell In A Cell Markets From Bwin

The bwin Sportsbook has added new Hell in a Cell markets to its 'Entertainment' betting page over at

Customers can now place bets on the Roman Reigns versus Bray Wyatt match as well as wager on the current titleholders retaining their straps on the night.

Reigns has been given 57/100 odds to win the Hell in a Cell cage match against his nemesis. Customers looking for Bray Wyatt to pick up a victory can find him 5/4.

The title retention markets are similar to last month's offerings where the traders drew up propositions for the champions keeping their titles. These were written up before title matches were made official.

There are four propositions for wrestling bettors to punt on. They are:

  • John Cena to retain the US Championship EVENS
  • Kevin Owens to retain the Intercontinental Championship 3/10
  • Seth Rollins to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship 1/2
  • The New Day to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship 57/100
I think the top three have good shots at coming in. I doubt New Day will even be tag champions by Hell in a Cell as I think The Dudley Boyz will unseat them at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night.

The new markets are in addition to the main event odds that have been available since the Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker bout was announced during Night of Champions.

The early wagers appear to have gone the way of Brock Lesnar as his odds have gone from 3/10 to 1/5 with The Undertaker going from 9/4 to 3/1.

Odds correct as of 12:45pm BST today. If available, you'll find the Hell in a Cell markets under 'Entertainment' on the bwin Sportsbook menu.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lesnar's Odds Shorten In HIAC 2015 Betting

Wrestling fans have forced the 5Dimes Sportsbook to shorten Brock Lesnar's odds in Hell in a Cell 2015 betting.

The market for this month's WWE pay-per-view main event was showing 'The Beast' as a -320 favourite when I first noticed odds had been installed. This price has now dropped to -420.

The Undertaker, who opened as an underdog with odds of +240, is now +300.

Monday, 28 September 2015

5Dimes Opens Betting On WWE Hell In A Cell 2015

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has become the latest betting firm to publish odds for the WWE Hell in a Cell main event.

Odds for the match must have been published sometime overnight as I had checked late yesterday. They have opened with Brock Lesnar a favourite to defeat The Undertaker inside the Hell in a Cell cage,

'The Beast' is currently -320 while his opponent is +240.

I expect more match markets to be added as and when they are announced by WWE in the days and weeks leading up to the October 25th show .

5Dimes' WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 market is found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at