Thursday, 9 July 2020

8/7/20 WWE NXT And AEW Dynamite Viewership

The TV viewership for last night's episodes of WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite have been released by the TV ratings website,

WWE's programme won the night, when it comes to viewers, as there was an audience of 759,000 while AEW Dynamite had 715,000.

Five proposition markets will now be settled by Kambi following the numbers being made official.

In the first, customers were asked whether WWE NXT would have a total average of 850,000 or above. When the market was released, both 'Yes' and 'No' were available at 17/20 each. 

'No' will be the winning selection. It was moved down to 4/5 by yesterday evening.

8 July 2020 - WWE NXT TV Prop Bet

The AEW Dynamite prop asked customers whether or not 750,000 or more viewers would be recorded as having tuned in.

With Dynamite getting 715,000, the winning selection will be 'No' in this market as well. As you can see below, the selection was a 4/5 favourite to start off with.It was down to 4/6 within the first two days it was available and was then at 3/5 last night.

8 July 2020 - AEW Dynamite TV Prop Bet

Another prop asked customers whether Monday's edition of WWE Raw would have a higher total average than the combined number for both of last night's programmes.

As I pointed out in last night's post, Raw had 1,687,000 viewers. The combined number for AEW and NXT was 1,474,000. Therefore, 'Yes' will be graded as the winning option. It started off as a 4/9 favourite on Saturday and was down to 2/5 by Monday afternoon.

8 July 2020 - Raw .vs. NXT and AEW Prop Bet

The combined number of 1,474,000 - for the two shows from last night - means 'No' will win in a market in which customers were asked whether or not the combined number would be '1.6 Million or More'. 

3/4 odds were offered for the eventual winner. However, by last night, the price had been reduced into 8/13.

8 July 2020 - NXT and AEW Prop Bet

Finally, there was a spread special which asked whether WWE NXT would beat AEW Dynamite by 125,000 or more viewers. The difference being 44,000 means 'No' will be graded as the winner.

The odds movement was one-way with 'No' lowered from 7/10 into 13/20 by Monday afternoon. It was then at 13/25 on Tuesday and had lowered to 11/25 a day after that.

8 July 2020 - NXT and AEW Prop Bet

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

6/7/20 WWE Raw Viewership

Following a delay, due to the July 4th holiday, the US cable audience numbers for Monday's episode of WWE Raw have been released.

The episode had a total average audience of 1,687,000 viewers. 

1,697,000 were tuned in for the first hour. There was an increase to 1,752,000 for the second, but there was a drop to 1,612,000 for the final sixty minutes. 

Now that the result is in, Kambi will settle a TV viewership prop bet which asked customers whether Monday's airing would pull in more viewers than the 1,735,000 from the June 29th episode.

'No' will be graded as the winning selection. It started off at 7/10, but was pushed to 4/5 a couple of days later when 'Yes' was lowered from even money into 9/10.

6th July 2020 WWE Raw TV Prop Bet

Monday, 6 July 2020

Odds For WWE Raw's Asuka .vs. Bayley Match

Kambi's market for a match that's scheduled for tonight's episode of WWE Raw has now closed.

The bout will see WWE Raw Women's Champion - Asuka - take on Smackdown's titleholder, Bayley.

Asuka was a 13/25 favourite when I came across the market on Saturday evening. Her price was down to 4/9 within a day and was then at 2/5 when I checked in this morning.

4/7 7:00PM
5/7 4:30PM
6/7 5:30PM

A decision in favour of Bayley started out at 13/10, but was up to 7/4 by this evening.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Okada/EVIL New Japan Cup 2020 Winner Odds As Of July 4th

There has been a slight adjustment made to Kambi's market for the New Japan Cup 2020 winner.

As noted yesterday, next week's final will be contested between Kazuchika Okada and EVIL. In the post, I noted that Okada was a 2/5 favourite while his opponent was available at 7/4.

I checked in this evening and EVIL's price has lowered into 6/4. 

Okada remains the betting favourite. However, his price has now been moved up to 4/9.

New Japan Cup 2020 Final

3/7/20 WWE Smackdown Viewership And More

Last night's episode of WWE Smackdown had a total average audience of 1,776,500 with 1,797,000 tuned in for the first hour and 1,756,000 there for its second.

Now that the result is in a couple of TV prop bets - that were available from the Kambi Group - will now be settled.

In the first prop, customers were asked whether or not the episode would get more viewers than the 2,173,500 that tuned in for last week's episode

'No' will win due to the June 26th edition having 397,000 more viewers.

WWE Smackdown Prop Bet

As you can see above, the eventual winner was backed from 3/4 right down into 11/25 between Monday morning and Thursday night.

'No' will also be the winning selection in a proposition which asked customers whether or not this week's episode of WWE Raw would have at least 250,000 less viewers than Smackdown.

Monday's programme had a total average of 1,735,000 viewers. Therefore, Smackdown only beat it by 41,500.

WWE Smackdown .vs. Raw Prop Bet

Going by the betting, it would appear as though the gamblers thought Smackdown would beat Raw by the required number as - other than the initial move coming in favour of the eventual winner when it was lowered from 17/20 into 7/10 - the other adjustments sided with the 'Yes' as it closed a 4/6 favourite over the 27/25 on offer for the 'No'.

Markets for next week's TV shows have now been released. Here are the details.

- Raw to have 'More Viewers Than Last Week' (the number to beat is 1,735,000)?
'Yes' is EVS and 'No' is 7/10

- AEW Dynamite to have 750,000 or more viewers?
'Yes' is 9/10 and 'No' is 4/5

- WWE NXT to have 850,000 or more viewers?
Both selections are 17/20 each

- Wednesday Total for both AEW and NXT to be 1.6 Million or more?
'Yes' is 19/20 while 'No' is 3/4

- Raw to beat the combined number of viewers for the two Wednesday night shows?
'Yes' is 4/9 and 'No' is 6/4

- WWE NXT to have 125,000 or more viewers than AEW Dynamite?
'Yes' is EVS and 'No' is 7/10

Friday, 3 July 2020

Okada .vs. EVIL Set For New Japan Cup 2020 Final And More

The final of this year's New Japan Cup tournament will be contested between Kazuchika Okada and EVIL

This is following the pair's respective semi-final wins on today's New Japan card which saw early betting favourite - Hiromu Takahashi - fall to Okada and SANADA lose to EVIL.

Now that we know the final, it's interesting to look back at the market in which customers could gamble on the potential tournament final.

As you'll see below, Okada .vs. EVIL was initially priced at 11/2. Its price had risen to 9/1 a couple of days ago before lowering to 13/2.

It was being offered at 5/1 from last night right up until this morning, when the market closed.

New Japan Cup 2020 Final Betting   
The outright winner market that I've been following since the market was first published was also placed back onto the websites this afternoon. It obviously only lists the two remaining participants.

Okada is a 2/5 favourite with his July 11th rival available at 7/4.

New Japan Cup - July 3

The best price customers would have found for Okada to walk away with the cup, and title shot against Tetsuya Naito at Dominion, would have been around June 20th when he was pushed out to 3/1. He had initially started off at 2/1.

As for EVIL - his top price to win the tournament was 15/1. This was also available around June 20th and would have stayed at those odds until shortly before it was lowered into 10/1 on June 20th.

My betting on the outright winner market has not been good for the tourney.  As mentioned in my coverage, I backed Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo Takagi and Taichi at certain points even though I felt that Hiromu Takahashi had the better chance of winning as I felt they would do Naito versus Takahashi in a match that was planned ahead of New Japan being forced to suspend operations due to the worldwide pandemic.

I am now siding with EVIL to be the tournament winner as that would also set up a match with Naito taking on a challenge from one of his Los Ingobernables de Japon stablemates.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

WWE NXT And AEW Dynamite Viewership Numbers For July 1st has released the viewership numbers for last night's head-to-head battle between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT.

WWE's programme won the night in regards to viewers as it had 792,000 while AEW's episode had a total of 748,000.

The results mean that four TV prop bets for last night will now be settled by Kambi.

For WWE NXT, Kambi asked the clients whether the show would get a total average of 800,000 or higher. The 'No' selection won.

As you'll see, in the first table below, the eventual winner started out as a 4/5 favourite, but was down to 4/6 by yesterday morning.

1 July 2020 - WWE NXT TV Prop Bet

The AEW Dynamite prop was set at 700,000 or more viewers, 'Yes' will be graded as the winner. It started out at 19/20, but was down to 3/5 by Tuesday night.

1 July 2020 - AEW Dynamite TV Prop Bet

Last week's WWE NXT beat AEW Dynamite by 153,000 viewers. With that knowledge, the oddsmakers priced up a market which asked customers whether NXT would beat its competition by 100,000 or more.

'No' was a 4/5 favourite to start off and was backed into 8/13 by Wednesday morning. It will be graded as the winning selection because the difference was 44,000 and thus below the 100,000 or more.

1 July 2020 - WWE NXT .vs. AEW Dynamite Prop Bet

Seeing as it was a special night for both shows, with AEW hosting night one of Fyter Fest and WWE NXT's special being the first night of the Great American Bash, Kambi asked customers - in a fourth proposition market - whether the total number of viewers, for both programmes, would be 1.5 Million or higher. 

The total was 1,540,000. Therefore, the 'Yes' will be graded as the winning selection. As you can see below, it would appear that the consensus felt that the number would fall below the number as the 'No' fell from 17/20 into 7/10 while the eventual winner went out from 17/20 to EVS between Monday morning and 11:00AM BST on Wednesday.

1 July 2020 - WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite Prop Bet

New Japan Cup 2020 Odds Update For July 2nd

Now that the semi-finalists of this year's New Japan Cup tournament have been confirmed, betting markets from Kambi have been adjusted.

The outright tournament winner market still has SANADA as the favourite. The wrestler, who qualified to the semis with a win over Taichi, is now at even money. The most recent price available was 6/4.

Kazuchika Okada - coming off a quarter final victory over Taiji Ishimori - is now at 19/10. This is shorter than the 9/4 customers would have found him heading into today's round.

Early favourite, Hiromu Takahashi - who will wrestle the aforementioned Okada tomorrow - has stayed at 9/4 while EVIL, who will battle his Los Ingobernables de Japon ally - SANADA - in the other semi, has risen to 9/1 from 8s.

New Japan Cup 2020 Betting

Those looking to gamble on tomorrow's matches will find SANADA a 1/5 favourite to beat EVIL (3/1) and Okada at 3/5 to go over Takahashi (6/5).

The market in which customers can bet on what they believe the final will be is now left with the four possible outcomes from tomorrow's matches.

An Okada versus SANADA clash is now 4/5 from 33/20, a Takahashi versus SANADA match is 11/10 from 33/20 and Okada versus EVIL is 3/1 from 13/2. 

A Takahashi .vs. EVIL final has remained at 13/2.

New Japan Cup 2020 Betting

There's a new market in which customers can gamble on who the 'Losing Finalist' will be. Okada is a 5/4 favourite. He's followed by SANADA (7/4), Takahashi (9/4) and then EVIL (18/5).Ok

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Another July 1st New Japan Cup 2020 Betting Update

Following his win in today's round two matches of the New Japan Cup, SANADA has become Kambi's sole favourite to win the tournament.

As it stands the wrestler - who defeated SHO in today's round of matches - has fallen into 6/4 from this morning's price of 2/1.

Previous joint-favourite, Hiromu Takahashi - who will face Tomohiro Ishii in one of tomorrow's quarter finals - has become a 9/4  joint second-favourite alongside Kazuchika Okada, who has lowered from 5/2.

EVIL - who booked a place in the quarters with a win over Hirooki Goto in today's main event - is now at 8/1. This is down from 10s.

Taichi has stalled at 12/1 following his victory over Kota Ibushi, but the remaining selections have drifted out. You can see how they've moved in the table below.

New Japan Cup 2020 Betting

With SANADA now placed as the sole fave, it should come as no surprise to see the combination of matches featuring Cold Skull shorten in a market in which customers can bet on what the final will be.

A potential clash with Hiromu Takahashi, which has been a favourite since the market was first created, is now at 33/20. This is down from 13/5.

A meeting with Kazuchika Okada is also being offered at 33/20. However, it had been pushed out from 3/1 to 7/2 before this morning.

Tomohiro Ishii .vs. SANADA is now priced at 7/2. It had dropped from 10/1 into 11/2 before today.

Those adjustments, and more, can be viewed in the table below.

New Japan Cup 2020 Betting

New Japan Cup 2020 Betting Update For July 1st

New Japan Pro Wrestling will begin to conclude the second round of its New Japan Cup tournament within the next hour, so I've gone through the outright tournament markets to point out all of the adjustments that have been made.

If you've read THIS POST from yesterday, you'll be aware that Dave Meltzer's current favourite to be the 2020 winner is Tomohiro Ishii. 

The selection for Ishii to triumph in the tournament has shortened since yesterday with the Stone Pitbull now at 7/2. This is down from the previous price of 10/1.

New Japan Cup - July 1 2020

As you can see above, Ishii isn't the only wrestler whose price has shortened since yesterday. 

SANADA, who will wrestle SHO today, has become a joint-favourite after having been lowered from 43/20 into 2/1. Previously - he was joint second alongside Kazuchika Okada, who is now up to 5/2.

Taichi is another wrestler whose price has been reduced within the last day. He is now at 12/1. This is down from 14s.

Hiromu Takahashi remains the favourite. However, he has drifted out to 2/1 from 6/4.

The market in which clients can bet on what they believe will be the final has also been adjusted since yesterday afternoon.

Matches with Ishii as a finalist have shortened. 

A meeting with Kota Ibushi has fallen from 10/1 into 11/2, a SANADA clash has also dropped into 11/2 from 10s, a match with EVIL is now at 9/1 from 13/1 and battle with CHAOS ally - Hirooki Goto - has descended from 15/1 into 9/1.

Despite the Ishii matches shortening, the favourite has also been cut.

A meeting between Los Ingobernables de Japon stablemates, Takahashi and SANADA, which was originally 9/4 - is now at 13/5. 

It's a match that, on paper, is intriguing as it would be two LIJ members battling to earn the right to challenge their leader - Tetsuya Naito - for the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships the following night.

Even though I haven't backed either of the favourites in the two markets, and have bets on Ishii and Taichi to win the tournament due to their odds being enticing when I struck my wagers, I believe the scenario of Takahashi beating SANADA to then give everyone the Naito/Takahashi match that was planned for the spring is where it could go.

But, would that be too obvious?