Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Still Hoping Balor Wins The 2017 Royal Rumble

Despite now having been forced to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship and facing a six-month layoff, Finn Balor should still be worth a punt to win the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble.

In late-July, I suggested he was worth a shout to win next year's battle royal because I was anticipating him losing the WWE Universal Championship match to Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, beginning a feud with Roman Reigns and then eventually ending up getting a title shot to wrestle for the championship at WrestleMania with a Rumble victory.

This prediction failed the first hurdle, but all is not lost. All that matters is a Royal Rumble win.

And I am not counting it out just yet.

As we now know, Balor won WWE's newly-created title this past Sunday. He has since been forced to hand over the strap after injuring his shoulder during the match.

The wrestler is expected out for six months. This obviously points to him returning beyond January. However, there have been many wrestlers in the past that have made their comebacks ahead of time. If he repeats this trend, a Rumble win would be a perfect way to bring him straight back into the title picture in time for WrestleMania season.

For what it's worth, he's currently 6/1 with the betting firms on this list.

Monday, 22 August 2016

SummerSlam 2016 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE SummerSlam 2016 favourites.

They are ranked in order of strength of odds.

JeriKO -2750
Rusev -2750
Gallows and Anderson -2750
Brock Lesnar -2300
AJ Styles -2300
Zayn and Neville -2000 (Pre-Show Winners)
American Alpha and Co. -2000 (Pre-Show Winners)
Carmella's Team -2000
Dean Ambrose -2000
Finn Balor -1700
Sheamus -1700 (Pre-Show Winner)
Charlotte -1500
The Miz -900

Odds from 5Dimes.com.

Don't forget you can still bet on the PPV throughout the night at 5Dimes and also on the following pages:

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Complete Flip In One Of Tonight's Match Markets

There has been a complete flip in the women's tag team match that is scheduled to take place on tonight's SummerSlam card.

The team of Carmella, Becky Lynch and Naomi were +1000 outsiders forty minutes ago. They are now -2000 favourites.

As a result of this move, the oddsmakers have moved the heels' odds from -2000 to +1000.

Odds from 5Dimes.com.

Cesaro +800 To Win The Best Of Seven Series

Cesaro is now a +800 outsider to be the outright winner of the Best of Seven Series.

Despite potential smart money having landed on almost every match market this weekend, I think this is a decent price for a series of matches that will likely conclude in a month's time.

A win by Sheamus will pay out at odds of -1700. Coincidentally, the market for tonight's match is showing Cesaro at +800 and Sheamus -1700 so, if you do want to bet on Cesaro, please make sure you're betting into the right market.

The market can be found under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

SummerSlam Kick-Off Tag Team Closing Odds

The Dudleys .vs. Sami Zayn and Neville is in-progress during the SummerSlam Kick-Off show.

The closing odds saw the babyfaces as -2000 favourites. The Dudleys were +1000.

Odds from 5Dimes.com.

5Dimes' SummerSlam 2016 Sunday Odds (11PM BST)

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam 2016 main card odds as of 11pm BST.

Below each market are notes indicating where the customers have been wagering.

Brock Lesnar -2300
Randy Orton +1100

No change since 9pm.

Finn Balor -1700
Seth Rollins +800

Balor has moved from -1500.

Dean Ambrose -1700
Dolph Ziggler +800

Ambrose has been backed from -1200.

Sasha Banks +600
Charlotte -1200

Charlotte had been -1050 two hours ago.

The Miz -900
Apollo Crews +500

Miz has been backed from -750

John Cena +800
AJ Styles -1700

Styles' odds have shortened from -1200

New Day +1000
Gallows and Anderson -2000

The favourites have been backed from -1700

Enzo and Cass +1000
JeriKO -2000

Jericho and Owens have been backed from -1500

Rusev -1700
Roman Reigns +800

Rusev has moved in from -1500

Becky Lynch and Co. +1000
Natalya and Co. -2000

Natalya and her partners' price moved in from -1500

From 5Dimes.com.

SummerSlam Kick-Off 12-Man Closing Odds

The SummerSlam Kick-Off 12-man match is just about to start.

Its market closed with the team of American Alpha, Hype Bros. and The Usos -2000 favourites. Their opponents entered as +1000 outsiders.

Odds from 5Dimes.com.

William Hill's SummerSlam 2016 Specials Published

The William Hill Sportsbook has published their specials markets for tonight's PPV.

There are appearance odds:

Unique specials:

And method of victory specials:

Some of these selections were suggested in this post. Thanks for participating!

SummerSlam Props

GrosevnorCasinos.com and the bookmakers on this list have published prop markets where customers can wager on the wrestlers that concede defeat in the multi-person matches on tonight's card, which special move is executed first in the WWE Women's Championship match and also whether there is any outside interference in this bout.

The concede defeat markets were published yesterday evening. The other markets were just brought to my attention.

The companies have the Bank Statement being executed first as the favourite. It's 18/25 while the Figure Eight is EVENS.

The outside interference market has two options: 'Yes' or 'No'. 'Yes' is 1/7 and the latter is 15/4.

I want to try and get this post up ASAP, and have just noticed there is a US Championship special as well where customers can bet on the Spear (13/20) or Accolade (11/10) being pulled off first.

As noted, the markets are available at GrosvenorCasinos.com and the bookmakers listed on this page.

Thanks, JEEZ!

Paddy Power's SummerSlam 2016 Markets Scheduled To Close In 90 Minutes

Paddy Power's WWE SummerSlam 2016 odds are set to close at 11pm BST.

The oddsmaker tweeted this out a short while ago.

5Dimes' SummerSlam Sunday 2016 Odds (9pm BST)

Here are the latest SummerSlam 2016 betting odds courtesy of 5Dimes.com.

Notes on recent changes will appear below the markets where appropriate.

Brock Lesnar -2300
Randy Orton +1100

Finn Balor -1500
Seth Rollins  +700

Dean Ambrose -1200
Dolph Ziggler +600

Sasha Banks +550
Charlotte -1050

The Miz -750
Apollo Crews +450

John Cena +600
AJ Styles -1200

Cena's odds have fallen from +700 while AJ Styles' has improved from -1500

New Day +800
Gallows and Anderson -1700

Enzo and Cass +700
JeriKO -1500

Rusev -1500
Roman Reigns +700

Becky Lynch and Co. +700
Natalya and Co. -1500

Cesaro +600
Sheamus -1200

Zayn and Neville -1500
The Dudleys +700

The Dudleys have been backed down from +1000. Their opponents were -2000 previously.

American Alpha and Co. -1500
Breezango and Co. +700

The heels' price has lowered from +1000 while American Alpha and their teammates improved from -2000.

Odds correct as of 9pm BST. They can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

Bet at 5dimes

Sheamus Still +175 For Canadians

Just a shout out to any Canadian visitors.

SportsInteraction,com is still showing Sheamus as a +175 underdog on its WWE Betting Page.

It's begging you to take it!

Money Continuing To Land On SummerSlam Favourites

In the time it took me to put up all the odds in the recent update and then publish it, a few favourites were backed again.

This has made part of the update obsolete. The new prices of the SummerSlam favourites are:

Brock Lesnar -2300
Finn Balor -1500
Charlotte -1050
AJ Styles -1500
Anderson and Gallows -1700
JeriKO -1500
Rusev -1500
Natalya and Co. -1500
Sheamus -1200

Odds correct as of 7:30pm BST. They can be found under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

Bet at 5dimes

5Dimes' SummerSlam Sunday 2016 Odds (7PM BST)

Here are the latest SummerSlam betting odds along with notes on recent changes.

Brock Lesnar -1050
Randy Orton +550

Lesnar had been backed from -900 between 6:00 and 6:30pm BST. Orton has moved out from +500.

Finn Balor -1050
Seth Rollins +550

Balor's number has shortened from -900 sometime after 6:30pm BST. Rollins' price went up from +500.

Dean Ambrose -1200
Dolph Ziggler +600

No change.

Sasha Banks +300
Charlotte -420

Charlotte's odds have shortened from -400. Sasha has shot up from +280.

The Miz -750
Apollo Crews +450

Miz has been backed from -600 to -750 sometime after 6:30pm. Crews went out from +400.

John Cena +500
AJ Styles -900

Styles' price went from -750 to -900 between 6:30 and 7pm. Cena moved up from +450.

New Day +550
Gallows and Anderson -1050

No change since 6:30pm

Enzo and Cass +550
JeriKO -1050

Another with no difference after 6:30pm

Rusev -750
Roman Reigns +450

Rusev has been backed from -675 while Reigns has moved out from +425.

Becky Lynch and Co.+500
Natalya and Co. -900

No change

Cesaro +335
Sheamus -505

No difference

Zayn and Neville -2000
The Dudleys +1000

Zayn and Neville had been -1850, their opponents had been +900.

American Alpha and Co. -2000
Breezango and Co. +1000

Similar to the other Kick-Off, the babyfaces moved down from -1850 while the Breezango-led team went up from +900.

Odds correct as of 7pm BST. The latest can be viewed under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

More Action On SummerSlam Favourites

Most of the SummerSlam favourites have had their prices shorten at 5Dimes.com within the last quarter of an hour or so.

The moves of note are:

  • Brock Lesnar from -900 to -1050
  • Finn Balor from -750 to -900
  • Charlotte from -310 to -400
  • The Miz from -530 to -600
  • Anderson and Gallows from -900 to -1050
  • JeriKO from -900 to -1050
  • Rusev from -585 to -675
  • AJ Styles from -600 to -750
  • Natalya's team from -570 to -900
  • Zayn and Neville from --1200 to -1850
  • American Alpha's team -1200 to -1850
The non-moving favourites are:
  • Dean Ambrose -1200
  • Sheamus -505

Bet at 5dimes

5Dimes' SummerSlam Sunday Betting Odds (5PM BST)

I have just taken the first of what I expect to be many evening visits to the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting markets to see how the odds are looking so far.

The current odds, along with comparisons to how they looked this morning, can be found below.

Brock Lesnar -900
Randy Orton +500

The Beast had been -350 this morning. Randy Orton's price has increased from +250.

Finn Balor -750
Seth Rollins +450

This market is the same as it was at 9am BST.

Dean Ambrose -1200
Dolph Ziggler +600

No change.

Sasha Banks +230
Charlotte -310

Despite the money coming in on Sasha overnight, Charlotte has once again seen action as she has been backed from -210. Sasha has moved out from +230.

The Miz -530
Apollo Crews +350

Same as this morning.

John Cena +400
AJ Styles -600

AJ Styles has the edge. He was -350 but has evidently been backed. Cena has drifted out from +250.

New Day +500
Gallows and Anderson -900

The challengers to New Day's WWE Tag Team Championship were originally -365. The champs have moved from +255.

Enzo and Cass +500
JeriKO -900

The heels were -420 earlier on. Enzo and Cass have crept up from +300

Rusev -585
Roman Reigns +385

Roman Reigns' price has moved out from +185, so Rusev has the edge. The odds on him retaining the US Championship with a win was -265.

Becky Lynch and Co. +385
Natalya and Co. -570

The money continues to come in on the baddies. They were -315. Carmella, Becky and Naomi have ascended from +235.

Cesaro +335
Sheamus -505

Cesaro has dropped from +400. Sheamus remains a favourite, but his current price is slightly better than the -600 he was eight hours ago.

Zayn and Neville -1200
The Dudleys +600

No change.

American Alpha and Co. -1200
Breezango and Co. +600

No difference.

There you have it. Expect a lot more throughout the evening.

Odds correct as of 5pm BST. The markets are found under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

New customers can open an account with 5Dimes through the banner that I've placed below:

Bet at 5dimes

Sheamus Still An Underdog In Canada

The Canadian bookmaker - SportsInteraction.com - is still offering Sheamus at odds of +175 to win the first Best of Seven Series match against Cesaro at SummerSlam tonight.

I published a post yesterday afternoon noting that the sportsbook had released odds for the pay-per-view and Sheamus' price stood out considering he's a favourite everywhere else.

It makes sense for the heel to win the first match in a series like this. It puts more pressure on the babyface to win outright.

The other match markets are:

Brock Lesnar -400, Randy Orton +250
Charlotte -227, Sasha Banks +162
Dean Ambrose -1000, Dolph Ziggler +500
Finn Balor -250, Seth Rollins +175
Gallows and Anderson -333, New Day +200
JeriKO -227, Enzo and Cass +162
Rusev -278, Roman Reigns +187
The Miz -400, Apollo Crews +250

If you're in Canada and want to bet, you can view the odds through this link.

Bodog/Bovada SummerSlam 2016 Lines Republished

In a follow-up to the most recent post, the Bodog and Bovada websites have republished their betting odds for SummerSlam,

You Can view the prices on the links below.

Bodog/Bovada With One Match Market Available

As of the time of publishing this post, the Bodog and Bovada Sportsbooks have just the one match market left on their boards for tonight's WWE SummerSlam PPV: Brock Lesnar versus Randy Orton.

The odds are showing the same prices as they have done when I made previous visits to the websites. Brock Lesnar is -350 and his opponent is +225.

I'm unsure whether the markets that have been taken down will be republished in time for tonight.

William Hill's WWE SummerSlam 2016 Odds As Of 1pm BST

Here are William Hill's WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting odds as of 1pm BST today.

On top of these markets will be in-play specials that will be put up later on tonight. The company is looking for customers to think up some ideas for these specials and have been following THIS POST here at WWELeaks.org for some early suggestions. You're welcome to leave more in the comments section on that page.

If you aren't a customer of William Hill, you can open an account through this link.

If you already are, and just want to see the WWE odds on offer, you can view them through this link.

5Dimes' SummerSlam Sunday 2016 Betting Odds (9AM BST)

Here are all of the 5Dimes Sportsbook's betting odds for tonight's PPV. Just like with last month, I went through the odds at around 5:20am this morning, so will compare the current lines to the first odds from today and the ones from last night's update.

American Alpha, Hype Bros. and The Usos .vs. The Vaudevillains, The Ascension and Breezango

I'll tell you what, before I start - from here on out - I'm sticking to naming them 'American Alpha and Co.' and 'Breezango and Co.'! 

Anyway, when I left off last night, the babyfaces (that's even easier!) were -600 and had moved into -1050 earlier today. The money has continued to come in on them as they are now -1200.

Their opponents have jumped out from +400 to +550 to +600.

Sami Zayn and Neville .vs. The Dudleys

I left Zayn and Neville at -750. Just like the other pre-show match above, they were backed into -1050 and then -1200 with the other team doing the same move as the heels. They're also at +600 as of 9am BST.

Cesaro .vs. Sheamus

The market is still showing as it did last night. Cesaro is +400 and the Irishman is -600.

A market where clients can bet on the outright winner of the Best of Seven Series is also up. It has seen action. When I last looked at it late last night, Sheamus was -280 to take the series. He has since moved shorter to -475 while Cesaro has gone out from +200 to +325.

Carmella, Lynch and Naomi .vs. Natalya, Bliss and TBD

This has seen a flip. The babyfaces were -530 last night, but had moved to +220 by early this morning. They are now out further to +235. 

The move has been in on Natalya's team as they went from +350 outsiders to -300 faves and are now -315.

Rusev .vs. Roman Reigns

Finally, there has been some sign of life in this market. The Bulgarian Brute had been a -285 favourite for over three days, but has now drifted out slightly to -265. This obviously means the customers have backed Reigns. He remains an underdog, but his price has dropped from +205 to +185.

Enzo and Big Cass .vs. JeriKO

No change has occurred in this market. The babyface duo are +300 while Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens remain -420 faves.

The New Day .vs. Anderson and Gallows

Another non-mover. New Day are +255, their challengers are -365.

John Cena .vs. AJ Styles

The customers have backed John Cena through the night. I left him as a +380 outsider last night, he moved down to +280 by 5:20am and is now +250. 

This has obviously improved AJ Style's price as a favourite. He has moved out from -570 to -400 to -350 in the same period. 

The Miz .vs. Apollo Crews

There has been no evident activity in this market. The Miz is -530 to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship with a win. Crews is out at +350.

Sasha Banks .vs Charlotte

Ahh, the most controversial market of the week.

When I last checked in, Charlotte was a -750 favourite to either reclaim the WWE Women's Championship or - in the very least - get a win over Sasha Banks, who was +450.

The market was still showing at these prices at 5:20am. 

As of 9am, the money has now started to come in on Sasha as she has fallen to +160 with Charlotte now a -210 favourite.

Dean Ambrose .vs. Dolph Ziggler

No difference to last night. Deam Ambrose is -1200 and the challenger to his WWE World Championship is +600.

Finn Balor .vs. Seth Rollins

The customers have backed Balor overnight. He was -350 yesterday evening but had moved to -750 by the start of the day. He remains at this price.

Seth Rollins' number as outsider has increased from +250 to +450.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Randy Orton

An interesting one to finish off with. 

Lesnar was a -350 favourite yesterday night. By 5:20am BST, he had moved further in and was -420. However, as of the time of posting, he has moved back to -350.

Randy Orton has returned to +250, but had a spell at +300 before being backed.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam markets are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

SummerSlam Kick-Off Markets Published

GrosvenorCasinos.com and other sportsbooks with WWE SummerSlam odds have recently opened two markets for tomorrow's kick-off.

The firms are currently offering the following prices:

Sami Zayn and Neville 1/9
The Dudleys 17/4


American Alpha, Hype Bros. and The Usos 1/7
Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillains 15/4

The markets are scheduled to close at 10pm BST tomorrow, which is when the pre-show begins.

5Dimes' SummerSlam Odds For August 20th (PM)

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting odds as of 11pm BST this evening. Along with them are notes indicating where the Saturday wagers have been coming in.

Brock Lesnar -350
Randy Orton +250

This market hasn't changed from how it looked this morning.

Finn Balor -350
Seth Rollins +250

Finn Balor has been backed from -300 while Rollins' price has been moved up from +220.

Dean Ambrose -1200
Dolph Ziggler +600

Ambrose went from -900 to -1200 at around 6pm today. Ziggler started off the day at +500.

Sasha Banks +450
Charlotte -750

Another market that shifted at around 6pm BST. The money came in on Charlotte. She was -190, but was bet into -750. As a result, the oddsmakers moved Sasha Banks out from +150 to +450.

The Miz -530
Apollo Crews +350

The customers have wagered on Miz as his price has moved from -400. Apollo Crews has jumped out to +350 from +280.

John Cena +380
AJ Styles -570

No change.

New Day +255
Gallows and Anderson -365

Another market that hasn't moved through the day.

Enzo and Cass +300
JeriKO -420

The Canadians have been backed from -350. Enzo and Cass went out from +250.

Rusev -285
Roman Reigns +205

This market hasn't moved through the day. In fact, it hasn't changed in nearly four days.

Becky Lynch and Co. -530
Natalya and Co. +350

The market opened early this evening and is still showing the initial pricing.

Cesaro +400
Sheamus -600

Sheamus has been bet from -280 into -600 with Cesaro being moved out from +200.

Zayn and Neville  -750
The Dudleys +450

Another market that opened a few hours ago and hasn't changed.

American Alpha and Co. -600
Breezango and Co. +400

As with the above, it's a new market that is still showing the prices that were initially published.

The odds were correct at 11pm BST and available from 5Dimes.com.

Brock Lesnar Vows To Go Over (In Suplexes)

I've just watched a video online from last night's WWE 2K17 party where an interviewer spoke to Brock Lesnar.

In the video, Lesnar claimed that he is looking to break his suplex record of sixteen against Randy Orton tomorrow night.

'Twenty' is the target he set.

If people want to act on this, the bookmakers on this list are still offering 3/1 on Lesnar breaking the over sixteen suplex record that was set at SummerSlam two years ago.

The bookmakers are also offering an over/under with the line set at 10.5 suplexes. The 'Over' is currently available at EVENS while the 'Under' is priced 18/25. The money so far has been going the way of the 'Under' as both options were 17/20 a week ago.

I still doubt that the record will be broken tomorrow night, but thought I'd pass this on for those of you who may want to take the odds.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II Odds Published

Betting odds for tonight's NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II have been published.

There are five match markets available for customers to bet on. The prices can be found below:

Bobby Roode 1/7
Andrade Almas 15/4

The Revival 3/5
Gargano and Ciampa 6/5

Asuka 1/2
Bayley 7/5

Austin Aries 13/20
No Way Jose 11/10

Samoa Joe 18/25
Shinsuke Nakamura EVS

The only match that hasn't been priced up, as far as I can see, is the one with Billie Kay taking on Ember Moon.

The markets can be found under 'WWE' on all of the sportsbooks that appear on this list. One of the websites is GrosvenorCasinos.com. It launched a sportsbook alongside its popular casino brand a number of weeks ago.

Three More SummerSlam Match Markets Added To 5Dimes' Board

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has added three more SummerSlam match markets to its board at 5Dimes.com.

They are the latest additions the actual card. One of which is the women's tag team match that was moved to the main show. The remaining bouts are the kick-off fixtures.

Carmella, Becky Lynch and Naomi are -530 favourites to win against Natalya, Alexa Bliss and the person who will replace Eva Marie. A winning bet on the latter will pay out at +350.

Sami Zayn and Neville are -750 faves to defeat The Dudleys on the pre-show. The veterans are +450 underdogs.

American Alpha, The Hype Bros, and The Usos are -600 to repeat what happened on Smackdown and defeat Breezango, The Ascension and The Vaudevillains (+400).

Odds correct as of 8:30pm BST.

Charlotte's Odds Shorten

Charlotte's odds to win the WWE Women's Championship match at SummerSlam have shortened.

For what it's worth, here's how the match market looked as of the time of publishing:

Charlotte has been backed from -190 into -750 while Sasha has jumped out from +150.

It worth noting that this is the same level that Becky Lynch reached on the morning of last month's Battleground before the money rolled in on Natalya. By 9am, Natalya had become a -350 favourite. 

Another market that has seen the Saturday bettors picking away at a favourite is the one for the WWE Championship. The customers have backed Dean Ambrose from -900 to -1200. Dolph Ziggler has moved out  from +500 to +600.

Thanks to all who have left comments, Especially to Marc for bringing up the Becky/Natalya coincidence.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam odds are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

2 More Bookmakers With SummerSlam Odds

Another two bookmakers have betting odds for tomorrow night's SummerSlam 2016 pay-per-view. They are SportingBet.com and YouWin.com.

Both firms share the same software to display odds, so the prices below are the same at both websites.

There are six match markets available.

Finn Balor is a 4/11 favourite to become the first WWE Universal Champion over Seth Rollins (19/10).

Dean Ambrose is 1/9 to retain the WWE Championship over Dolph Ziggler (9/2).

Roman Reigns is a 19/10 underdog in the WWE US Championship match. His opponent - Rusev - is 4/11.

The Miz is 3/10 to keep the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Apollo Crews' challenge. A victory for Crews will pay out at odds of 11/5.

Charlotte is a 8/15 favourite to win the WWE Women's Championship match. The current titleholder - Sasha Banks - is 4/3.

Finally, the oddsmakers have put Brock Lesnar up as a 2/7 favourite to defeat Randy Orton in what is likely to be the final match of the night. Punters looking to back the upset can find 'The Viper' at 23/10.

The WWE odds are found under 'Specials' on the sportsbook menus at YouWin.com and SportingBet.com.

Sports Interaction Canada's WWE SummerSlam 2016 Odds

The Canadian sports betting website - SportsInteraction.com - has, as of this afternoon (BST), published betting odds for SummerSlam 2016.

As of the time of posting, there are nine match markets on the board for Canadian sports bettors to feast their eyes on.

The market that stands out to me is Sheamus at +175 to defeat Cesaro (-250) in the first of their seven match series. This is a brilliant price.

Other match odds are:

Brock Lesnar -400, Randy Orton +250
Charlotte -227, Sasha Banks +162
Dean Ambrose -1000, Dolph Ziggler +500
Finn Balor -250, Seth Rollins +175
Gallows and Anderson -333, New Day +200
JeriKO -227, Enzo and Cass +162
Rusev -278, Roman Reigns +187
The Miz -400, Apollo Crews +250

The market is available as a sub-folder to the MMA odds, but you can follow this link and it should take you to the page.

Bodog / Bovada SummerSlam Odds (August 20th 13:40 BST)

The Bodog and Bovada Sportsbooks have republished their SummerSlam 2016 markets so, in this post, I'll go through each match and highlight the price changes that have been made in the near twenty-four hours since I last looked through them.

Sheamus .vs. Cesaro

A win by Sheamus is now being offered at -300. The sportsbook has adjusted his number from -200, so that's where the customers have been wagering since yesterday. The Cesaro selection (see what I did there?) is now +200 - it has been +150.

John Cena .vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles' price has shortened from -400 to -600. Meanwhile, John Cena's has ascended from +250 to +350.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Randy Orton

Customers have sided with Orton as his price has dipped from +250 to +225. Lesnar backers can bet him at -350. The market is back to where it was when it opened.

Enzo and Cass .vs. JeriKO

Owens and Jericho have seen action as they have moved from -180 to -350. Their opponents have jumped out from +140 to +225.

Apollo Crews .vs. The Miz

The Miz's odds have shortened from -200 to -400 while Crews' have moved to +250 from +150.

The New Day .vs. Anderson and Gallows

The challengers to New Day's WWE Tag Team Championship went from -300 faves to -370. New Day have risen to +235 from +200.

Roman Reigns .vs. Rusev

No change. Roman Reigns is still a +190 underdog, Rusev is -290.

Seth Rollins .vs. Finn Balor

Balor has moved in from -160 to -300. Rollins is now out from +120 to +200. This move has been the first sign of action on the market since it went up earlier this week.

Sasha Banks .vs. Charlotte

Another market that has not changed since my previous visit. Sasha is still a +150 outsider to retain her WWE Women's Championship with a win over Charlotte. The challenger is -200.

Dean Ambrose .vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler's role as underdog has increased moving out from +400 to +500. This is due to Ambrose's odds coming in from -700 to -900.

Prices correct as of 1:40pm BST. The latest odds can be viewed on the following pages:

Get Some Free Bets From Wagering On UFC 202

With UFC 202 taking place tonight, I've figured out a way for visitors to make some free bets if they're thinking of signing up to Betfair.com and Coral.co.uk to bet on SummerSlam.

It'll mean opening accounts with both companies, so it won't work if you're already a client at either or both. There's also the possibility that your free bets won't be in your account before SummerSlam (they could take 24 hours) but I think it's worth a go for newbies.

Firstly, Coral is offering Conor McGregor to win at 8/1. You must bet up to £5 on the result after opening the account. If Conor defeats Diaz, your winnings - over the amount of the regular price -will be paid as free bets. If McGregor fails, the company will refund your stake as a free bet to have a punt on something else.

Secondly, Betfair is giving away either fighter at 6/1. Therefore, the option I recommend is to take Nate Diaz. The maximum you can bet on this option is £10. If Diaz is successful, the company will pay out your winnings as free bets within twenty-four hours. If he loses, Betfair will refund your stake as a free bet.

Whichever result, you'll end up with free bets to use at both websites.

The pages for each offer and their terms can be found below.

There is a slight chance you'll get the free bets in time to bet on the SummerSlam matches but I cannot guarantee it due to the term stating they'll be settled within a day from the result. 

Comment Bag : 20 August 2016

This was left by Steve earlier today. It wasn't off-topic, but I though it deserved a post of its own:

WrestleMania had big movements during the Saturday afternoon (UK). I wonder with this being a big PPV, and having NXT TakeOver tonight (the company had the Hall of Fame on the eve of WrestleMania) if outcomes get decided today.

That's something worth looking out for. Another thing to watch is to see if the booking meetings are done in a similar way to last year's event as it's in the same city etc. For what it's worth, I have pegged 8pm BST on Sunday as the moment where I was confident that the significant moves had come from.

For what it's worth, here are the the times for this year's Mania and all the SummerSlams since I started actively tracking the moves.

WrestleMania 31: Saturday 4pm BST
SummerSlam 2015: Sunday 8pm BST
SummerSlam 2014: Sunday 11pm BST
SummerSlam 2013:Sunday 6pm BST

The times are approximate.

5Dimes' SummerSlam 2016 Betting Odds For August 20th (AM)

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's betting odds for SummerSlam along with notes on where the customers have been betting since last night's update.

Brock Lesnar -350
Randy Orton +250

Randy Orton has been backed down from +280. Lesnar's number had been -400.

Finn Balor -300
Seth Rollins +220

No movement.

Dean Ambrose -900
Dolph Ziggler +500

I noticed Ambrose's number had shortened from -750 and published a post at around 1am BST this morning. At this point, Ziggler jumped out from +450.

Sasha Banks +150
Charlotte -190

Customers coming back in on a title retention through victory as Sasha's odds have fallen from +180. Charlotte's have improved from -260.

The Miz -400
Apollo Crews +280

No difference

John Cena +380
AJ Styles -570

Styles went from -420 somewhere between 11:30pm and 5:45am and has been backed further into -570. Cena went from +300 to +365 to +380 in the same rounds of time.

New Day +255
Gallows and Anderson -365

The heels have been bet from -300. New Day have jumped from +220.

Enzo and Cass +250
JeriKO -350

The sportsbook's clients have punted on Enzo and Cass as their price has dropped from +280 to +250 overnight. A win by JeriKO went from -400 to a slightly better -350.

Rusev -285
Roman Reigns +205

No difference.

Cesaro +200
Sheamus -280

Cesaro has dropped from +220 while Sheamus has been incresed from -300.

Expect more through the day.

Odds correct as of just after 9am BST. The markets can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

Where To Bet On SummerSlam 2016

This is the post that will list the sports betting websites that have markets up to bet on the matches at this year's SummerSlam. More names will be added as soon as I become aware of SummerSlam betting markets becoming available.

The bwin Sportsbook

The oddsmakers at bwin were the first to publish odds for the PPV. They did so as soon as it became clear that one of the matches on the card will see Brock Lesnar wrestle Randy Orton. When available, the bwin odds are found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at bwin.com.

Party Sports

The poker website - PartyPoker.com - also has its own sportsbook. The odds are identical to those that are found at the aforementioned bwin. So, if you're a poker player at Party, you can use your account to wager on WWE in the website's sportsbook. 

When available, Party's WWE odds are found under 'Entertainment' on the Party Sport Website.

The show takes place on Sunday August 21st. If you aren't a subscriber to the WWE Network, you can watch the event for free by signing up through this link.


The oddsmakers at Ladbrokes.com published betting odds for SummerSlam a few days after WWE Battleground. You can view the current prices by following this link to the company's WWE Betting Page.


The 5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook published its WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting markets on Sunday July 31st. They can be viewed under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

BetOnWrestling.co.uk and WWELeaks.org are giving away $50 to bet on SummerSlam 2016 at 5Dimes (New Customer Draw). The information can be found on this page.

William Hill

William Hill's WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting odds were published more than a week before the show. You can view the latest odds by following this link to the company's WWE Betting Page.

Mr Green

The Mr Green Casino has recently added a sportsbook platform. WWE SummerSlam betting odds were published on Saturday 13th August. They can be found by typing 'WWE' into the search bar on the sports betting part of MrGreen.com.


The 888Sport.com website put up WWE odds on Saturday August 13th. They can be viewed under 'WWE' on the website menu.

Grosvenor Casinos

The popular Grosvenor Casinos has added sports betting to its website. WWE SummerSlam odds can be found under 'WWE' at GrosvenorCasinos.com.


The Unibet Sportsbook released its WWE SummerSlam odds on August 13th. You can view the prices by following this link to the sportsbook menu and they're under 'WWE',

LeoVegas Casino

The LeoVegas Casino added a sports betting arm to its operations a few months ago and has been putting up WWE markets ever since. You can find the SummerSlam odds under 'WWE' at LeoVegas.com.

32Red Casino

32Red Casino has been accepting wagers on WWE PPVs for over a year. You can find the SummerSlam markets, that went up on August 13th, under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menu at 32Red.com.


The oddsmakers at Coral.co.uk published prices for SummerSlam on Tuesday August 16th. You can view the markets under 'TV Special' on the website menu.. If you like betting accumulators on WWE matches, this is the bookie for you!

SportsBet Australia

The Paddy Power-owned Sportsbet Australia has also published odds for SummerSlam. You can view the markets by following this link to SportsBet Australia's WWE Betting Page.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power's SummerSlam prices have also been published as of August 17th. View Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


The Betfair Sportsbook added WWE SummerSlam markets to its 'Special Bets' page on August 17th. There are match markets available. Prop bets should be up in time for the PPV.

Open a Betfair Account Now

Sky Bet

The oddsmakers at SkyBet.com released betting odds for SummerSlam on Thursday August 18th. View the latest odds now.


YouWin.com is another sportsbook with SummerSlam 2016 odds.

Sports Interaction Canada

SportsInteraction.com installed odds for the pay-per-view on the Saturday before SummerSlam. View the live odds through this link.


SportingBet.com's SummerSlam odds can be found under 'Specials' on the sportsbook menu.

Ambrose Now -900

Dean Ambrose has now moved from -750 to -900 in the 5Dimes Sportsbook's market for the WWE Championship match winner at SummerSlam.

The current titleholder had been priced at the -750 for over three days.

As a result, the challenger - Dolph Ziggler - has moved out from +450 into +500.

Odds correct as of 1am BST. They can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

Friday, 19 August 2016

5Dimes' SummerSlam 2016 Odds For August 19th (PM)

Here are the latest WWE SummerSlam 2016 betting odds that are available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Underneath each market is a note indicating any changes that have been made to the prices either at the start of today or earlier this evening.

Brock Lesnar -400
Randy Orton +280

No change through Friday

Finn Balor -300
Seth Rollins +220

Balor's odds shortened from --160 to -300 this evening. Rollins' price jumped out from +120.

Dean Ambrose -750
Dolph Ziggler +450

No difference in price since recent updates.

Sasha Banks +180
Charlotte -260

The market has see-sawed today. The day started with Charlotte -210 and Sasha +160. There was a point where Sasha had been backed down to +120 while Charlotte was moved to -160, but the wagers appear to have came in on Charlotte again.

The Miz -400
Apollo Crews +280

Miz started off the day a new favourite with a price of -195. Crews was +155. The sportsbook moved Miz to -400 earlier this evening.

John Cena +300
AJ Styles -420

Styles went from -390 to -420 this evening. Cena made a slight leap from +270.

New Day +220
Gallows and Anderson -300

No change through Friday.

Enzo and Cass +280
JeriKO -400

JeriKO went from -160 to -400 this evening. Their opponents moved out from +120 to +280 in the same time.

Rusev -285
Roman Reigns +205

No change.

Cesaro +220
Sheamus -300

Sheamus was a -145 favourite this morning. He was backed into -300 a little before 8pm BST. Cesaro started at +105.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam odds are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com

Bet at 5dimes

Leave Your SummerSlam 2016 Specials/Prop Ideas Here

Originally published at 8:36pm BST on August 12th. Updates will be made to this post.

For the past few WWE pay-per-view Sundays, the oddsmakers at WilliamHill.com have published specials markets where customers can bet on more than just the match results.

The cool thing about some of these specials are that they're customer/fan inspired. For example, I requested a price for last month's main event to end in a double pinfall. The traders obliged and offered 3/1 odds on the match ending the way I had hoped. Unfortunately, the bookers didn't oblige when it came to scripting the finish!

Shortly after the price was published, the person who was manning the William Hill Twitter account asked me to encourage WWELeaks.org followers and readers to think of some ideas for upcoming WWE PPVs. So, here you go..

In the comments section below, you can leave some of your ideas for markets you'd like to see. I'll forward the link to this post to the William Hill traders so they can see what you've suggested. If they like them, they'll end up being published on the night of the event.

August 13th Update: I have had a response from the trader at William Hill who is overlooking this post. He has asked me to pass on that he thinks there are some good suggestions coming in. He has asked me to communicate that he is unable to price up markets for wrestlers to say catchphrases or do their mannerisms during a match. 

As these bets are in-play specials that will be published just before showtime, they're also unable to put up anything where people can wager/guess the main event or first bout of the night. 

He has relayed an interest in an appearance market and would like some suggestions.

August 14th Update: Just received more feedback regarding some of the latest suggestions. The traders will not publish markets where people can bet on injuries. 
Other suggestions that cannot be done due to difficulty in sourcing: things that are said during the broadcast by wrestlers/announcers/patrons etc, anything to do with pyrotechnic/fireworks, match length, time of wrestler entrances.

You don't have to be a William Hill customer to share an idea. You're welcome to leave your suggestions below and we'll see if they make the board next weekend.

If you'd like to become a William Hill customer, you can join through this link. When they're available, William Hill's SummerSlam betting odds can be found on this page.

SummerSlam 2016 : Heel Favourites To Babyface Favourites

Here's some food for thought that has been brought up in the comment section of the most recent post.

Here are the SummerSlam favourites at 5Dimes.com as of 9:30pm BST:

Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose, Charlotte, The Miz, AJ Styles, Gallows/Anderson, JeriKO, Rusev and Sheamus.

How many babyfaces are on this list if you take out Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose because they're both in matches against other good guys?

I count one: Finn Balor. That's seven heels to one babyface. Quite an unbalance, right?

SummerSlam Favourites' Odds Coming In

There have been a few SummerSlam favourites' prices coming in within the last few minutes.

The changes have seen the following:
  • Finn Balor from -160 to -300
  • The Miz from -195 to -400
  • AJ Styles from -390 to -420
  • Charlotte from -160 to -260
  • JeriKO from -160 to -400
  • Sheamus from -145 to -300
Interestingly, last night's moves came in on outsiders. This evening's interest has been on the match favourites. I don't know what to make of that, to be honest.

The markets are found under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

Sasha Banks Punters Moving In

5Dimes customers have once again started to bet on Sasha Banks to successfully defend her WWE Women's Championship at SummerSlam this Sunday.

In a post published early today, I noted that the titleholder had moved into the outsider role for the match after Charlotte went from +180 to -210 overnight.

Sasha started off the day at +160 and, despite some customers appearing to wager on Charlotte (ie, chasing the odds), the movement now seems to be back in the hands of the Sasha backers as her price is now +120.

For what it's worth, Charlotte remains a favourite to get the win. However, her number is now -160.

A full 5Dimes update will be posted later this evening.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam odds are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at 5Dimes.com.

Looking Back Through Coral's SummerSlam Odds

It has been a little over three days since the Coral Sportsbook published its betting odds for SummerSlam. So, I think it's time to have another look through the prices to see where the customers have been betting.

Firstly, there are two new markets that were unpublished when I first looked through the odds. They are:

AJ Styles 2/7
John Cena 9/4

The Miz 8/13
Apollo Crews 6/5

Now, onto the markets in the order of how they appear on Coral's website.

Gallows and Anderson (1/3) .vs. The New Day (15/8)

The customers have evidently sided with the bad guys to win this match for the WWE Tag Team Championship as they had been 8/15. The New Day drifted out from 11/8.

Sheamus (4/7) .vs. Cesaro (11/10)

The oddsmakers put Sheamus out at 11/8 and I thought it was a perfect price because the heel should win the first match in a series of matches like this. Cesaro was a 1/2 favourite when they opened.

Dean Ambrose (1/10) .vs. Dolph Ziggler (5/1)

This market hasn't changed. I still think the traders have this one right as I cannot see Ziggler winning.

JeriKO (8/13) .vs. Enzo and Cass (6/5)

The babyfaces were 1/4 favourites to start off. The punters have evidently jumped in on Jericho and Owens following their odds having dropped off-shore overnight. JeriKO were originally 5/2 outsiders.

Finn Balor (8/11) .vs. Seth Rollins (10/11)

Balor has had his backers here. He opened at 4/6. Seth Rollins has moved out from 11/10.

Brock Lesnar (1/4) .vs. Randy Orton (5/2)

The odds are the same as how they were when it was first put up.

Rusev (1/3) .vs. Roman Reigns (15/8)

Rusev was 8/11 earlier in the week, so the clients have punted on him to retain the WWE US Championship. The other side of the market had been 10/11.

Charlotte (1/2) .vs. Sasha Banks (11/8)

If you read the first post of the day, you'll know that Charlotte's has become a favourite overseas. This change quickly made its way to the Europe. Charlotte had been an 11/2 outsider. Sasha was a very short 1/12.

Prices correct as of the time of publishing. The latest can be viewed under 'TV Specials' at Coral.co.uk.

Bodog/Bovada SummerSlam Odds Republished

The Bodog and Bovada Sportsbook have republished their WWE SummerSlam 2016 markets.

I published a post where I went through the odds yesterday evening and had another look at 11:30pm BST, but nothing had changed. Here are the prices as of 3pm BST today.

Brock Lesnar -400
Randy Orton +250

This market hasn't moved since the recent update.

Finn Balor -160
Seth Rollins +120

This market has been stationary since its publication

Dean Ambrose -700
Dolph Ziggler +400

Another market that is showing the same as it was when it was installed.

Sasha Banks +150
Charlotte -200

The most topical switch so far this weekend. Charlotte has dropped from +175 to -200 over the past few hours. Sasha Banks has moved out from -260 to +150. Charlotte has opened as high as +600.

The Miz -200
Apollo Crews +150

Customers have been backing on The Miz as he has moved from +130 to -200 with Apollo Crews going out from -170 to +150.

John Cena +250
AJ Styles -400

No difference since yesterday.

New Day +200
Gallows and Anderson -300

No recent changes.

Enzo and Cass +140
JeriKO -180

The heels have been bet down from +200 while Enzo and Cass went from -300 faves to +140 dogs.

Rusev -290
Roman Reigns +190

No difference.

Cesaro +150
Sheamus -200

The customers have backed Sheamus as he was -145 yesterday. Cesaro has moved out from +105.

You can view the live odds below.

5Dimes' WWE SummerSlam 2016 Odds For August 19th (AM)

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE SummerSlam odds as of 11am BST this morning.

Most of the markets haven't changed since yesterday night's update. However, there are three markets that have signs of action. The moves were covered in a post published early this morning.

Brock Lesnar -400
Randy Orton +280

Finn Balor -160
Seth Rollins +120

Dean Ambrose -750
Dolph Ziggler +450

SasHa Banks +160
Charlotte -210

The Miz -195
Apollo Crews +155

John Cena +270
AJ Styles -390

New Day +220
Gallows and Anderson -300

Enzo and Cass +120
JeriKO -160

Rusev -285
Roman Reigns +205

Cesaro +105
Sheamus -145

Sheamus Takes The Edge In Best Of Seven Betting

Sheamus is now a favourite to be the outright winner of the 'Best of Seven Series' between he and Cesaro.

Odds for the up to seven-match winner were published a couple of days ago at 5Dimes.com with both options available at -120 pick 'ems. In yesterday's update, I noted that the customers had backed Cesaro into a -170 favourite while Sheamus moved out to +130.

Thursday night betting has now gone the other way with the Irishman now a -190 favourite. Cesaro has moved out from -170 to +150.

Interestingly, Ladbrokes' odds for the first match in the series - that is listed on Ladbrokes' WWE Betting Page as 'Cesaro vs Sheamus - Best of Seven Series' has also seen Sheamus backed as he his price has gone to 5/4 to 5/6. Cesaro's number has increased from 4/7 to 5/6.

I have noted in previous posts that I am concerned that Ladbrokes customers have been betting on this match market under the belief that they're wagering on the outright winner. Now that Sheamus is favourite to win outright, it's difficult to determine whether they're following Sheamus' favouritism to win overall or just to win match one on Sunday.

For what it's worth, Sheamus remains a -145 to win the initial bout at SummerSlam with 5Dimes.com. Cesaro is +105. The market hasn't changed overnight.

Odds correct as of 10:30am  BST.

Bet at 5dimes

Best European Bookmaker Odds For Sasha Banks And Charlotte

Following on from the news that Charlotte is now a favourite to win the WWE Women's Championship match at SummerSlam in off-shore sportsbooks, I have checked around the European oddsmakers' websites.

I have noticed that all but a few have set Charlotte as the new favourite.

As of the time of publishing, a winning bet on Charlotte will pay out at odds of 11/5 if you place your bet with any of the bookmakers that appear on this list.

For those of you with the opinion  that Sasha Banks will retain with a win, the best price that I can see is the 7/5 from bwin.com or PartyPoker.com.

Charlotte, JeriKO & Miz Favourites To Win At SummerSlam

Charlotte, JeriKO and The Miz have all become favourites to win their respective SummerSlam 2016 matches over at 5Dimes.com.

The challenger to the WWE Women's Championship was a +180 outsider when I checked in with the sportsbook's odds for this Sunday's pay-per-view yesterday night. Her odds have now plummeted to -210.

As a result of the change, current WWE Women's Champion - Sasha Banks - is now +160. She had been -260.

The WWE Intercontinental Championship market had Apollo Crews a -170 favourite when I made the most recent checkpoint. He has now become a +155 underdog.

Wagers on The Miz have forced the bookmaker to move him from +130 to -195.

Finally, the team of JeriKO have become chalk. I last recorded them as +220 dogs, but they are now -160 faves.

Enzo and Cass have moved out from -300 to +120 in the same period.

The Thursday night moves are reminiscent of something that happened on Battleground Thursday that ended up meaning nothing.

A full 5Dimes odds update will be published later this morning.

5Dimes' SummerSlam markets are found under 'Other Sports' at 5Dimes.com.

Bet at 5dimes