Friday, 19 September 2014


Here's how the WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting odds changed between 10am and 10pm BST today.

Cesaro stayed on -120 throughout the day
Sheamus stayed on -120 throughout the day

Roman Reigns went from -230 to -290 (1.34 EU, 10/29 UK)
Seth Rollins moved from +170 to +210 (3.10 EU, 21/10 UK)

Chris Jericho stayed at +800 (9.00 EU, 8/1 UK)
Randy Orton remained on -1700 (1/17 UK)

Mark Henry increased from +450 to +520 (6.20 EU, 26/5 UK)
Rusev shortened from -750 to -960 (5/48 UK)

The Usos drifted from +160 to +190 (2.90 EU, 19/10 UK)
Gold & Stardust -210 to -270 (1.37 EU, 10/27 UK)

Dolph Ziggler from -350 to -300 (1/3 UK)
The Miz dropped down from +250 in to +220 (3.20 EU, 11/5 UK)

Paige from -150 to -130 (1.77 EU, 10/13 UK)
AJ Lee/Nikki Bella from +110 to -110 (1.91 EU, 10/11 UK)

Brock Lesnar -230 to -290 (1.34 EU, 10/29 UK)
John Cena +170 out to +210 (3.10 EU, 21/10 UK)

I will return tomorrow morning with a look at the markets across all bookmakers.

The above odds were taken from the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook.

Don't forget, you can view Live British & Irish WWE Night of Champions 2014 odds over at BetOnWrestling's Live Odds Page.


John Cena remains priced at an industry best 3/1 with to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this Sunday's Night of Champions 2014 pay-per-view.

The sportsbook appears to be only accepting wagers on the main event. The odds for Cena's win are better than the 5/2 and 9/4 found elsewhere.

Punters looking to wager on Cena's opponent, Brock Lesnar, are best looking away from the odds on offer at Betfair as he is 1/6.

Both and have 'The Beast' lined up as a 2/7 favourite to win on Sunday.

Here are the best prices for the rest of the card:

Cesaro 8/13
Sheamus 6/5

Roman Reigns 4/9
Seth Rollins 13/8

Chris Jericho 6/1 Sky Bet
Randy Orton 1/10 Paddy Power

Mark Henry 6/1 Sky Bet
Rusev 1/8 Paddy Power

The Usos 7/4
Gold & Stardust 2/5

Dolph Ziggler 2/7 Sky Bet
The Miz 5/2

Paige 1/2 Sky Bet
AJ Lee 11/4
Nikki Bella 9/2

In the case where no bookmaker is listed, it means that particular price is available with both companies.

Odds correct as of 5pm & taken from:
Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page
Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page
Betfair Sportsbook's Specials Page


Earlier today, I published a post looking at the 5Dimes Sportsbook's betting odds for this Sunday's main event at WWE Night of Champions. In this post, I'll go through the rest of the card.

When the market for the Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton match-up first came out late Monday/early Tuesday, Jericho was priced around +500. He has drifted ever since and is currently marked up at +800 (9.00 EU, 8/1 UK).

In the same period, Randy Orton's role as a favourite has gone from -900 to -1700 (1/17 UK).

The Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins bout makes for an interesting read.

When I first noticed that the market had opened, Reigns was a -230 fave with his rival was +170. The following morning, Rollins' price had dipped to +140 whilst Reigns was -180. By yesterday morning, however, the odds had moved back to where they were initially.

I observed the prices yesterday evening and Reigns had been backed into -280 with Rollins out at +200. However, upon today's viewing Reigns and Rollins are back to -230 (1.43 EU, 10/23 UK) and +170 (2.40 EU, 7/5 UK).

The Miz's price has been halved since odds for the WWE Intercontinental Championship went up.

Miz's opponent, Dolph Ziggler, opened as a -900 favourite. As of right now, his odds are -350 (1.29 EU, 2/7 UK) with the current Intercontinental title challenger going from +500 to +250 (3.50 EU, 5/2 UK) since Tuesday.

It appears the early bettors are expecting either AJ Lee or Nikki Bella to win the Divas Championship battle against Paige.

Paige's price has gone from -600 to -150 (1.67 EU, 2/3 UK) whilst the option of 'AJ Lee or Nikki Bella' had dropped from +400 to +110 (2.10 EU, 11/10 UK).

Surprisingly, the price for The Usos has dropped in betting on the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Even though they remain underdogs to win the match, the current champions have seen their price dip from +310 to +160 (2.60 EU, 8/5 UK). On the other side of the betting coin, Gold & Stardust have gone from -430 to -210 (1.48 EU, 10/21 UK).

In another curious case, Mark Henry's price has also changed since the market for his match against Rusev opened up.

Henry was originally +550, but early action on Rusev forced the American's price to +700 by Wednesday morning. He remained stationary on that price on Thursday but has now dropped down to +450 (5.50 EU, 9/2 UK).

In the same time, Rusev has gone from -1050 to -1500 and now rests at -750 (1.13 EU, 2/15 UK).

The final match on the undercard is the US Championship match between Sheamus and his challenger, Cesaro.

When the lines were initially published, Cesaro was a -290 favourite to win with Sheamus out at +210. As things stand right now, both wrestlers are available at -120 (1.83 EU, 5/6 UK).

I'll continue tracking these odds throughout the rest of the week.

WWE Night of Champions 2014 odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at


John Cena's odds on winning this Sunday night's WWE Night of Champions 2014 main event have continue to drop at the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Click to expand

When the market for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout -which sees Brock Lesnar defend the crown against Cena - first opened, the challenger was around a +500 underdog. He is now priced at +170 (2.70 EU, 17/10 UK).

In the same period, Lesnar has gone from -900 to -230 (1.43 EU, 10/23 UK).

The early stages of betting tend to attract underdog bettors or fans looking for an upset. It will be interesting to see whether the betting action drives John Cena to the role of betting favourite as we head closer to the match.

Prices correct as of 10am BST. For the latest, check the betting board at

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Betfair customers can wager on the main event of WWE Night of Champions after the company published odds under the Special Bets section of the Betfair Sportsbook.

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, has been lined up as a 1/6 favourite with the book. 

His challenger, John Cena, is currently priced at 3/1.

Cena's price is the best available of the three British/Irish bookmakers with odds for Sunday's show.

It is unclear whether Betfair will have markets for the other bouts on the card. If they do, I'll publish an update.

WWE Night of Champions betting markets can be found under Special Bets on Alternatively, you can follow this direct link to the Specials page.


Sky Bet is the latest bookmaker to publish betting odds for this weekend's WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

The firm has opened markets for all eight matches listed for the event. Here's how they are as of 3:20pm BST.

Cesaro is a 8/13 favourite to win the WWE US Championship match against current titleholder, Sheamus. Customers looking to wager on the Irishman can find him at 6/5.

Seth Rollins is a 13/8 outsider against Roman Reigns. As of right now, Reigns is 4/9.

Randy Orton is an overwhelming 1/12 fave to defeat Chris Jericho in what is expected to be Jericho's final match for the time being. If you're looking to make a speculative punt on a Y2J victory, his price is 6/1.

The market for the Mark Henry vs Rusev bout has been compiled similarly to the above with Rusev marked up at 1/12 and Henry 6/1.

Gold & Stardust are 2/5 to win the WWE Tag Team Championship match against The Usos. Customers wanting to back the babyface tandem can get them at 7/4 right now.

The Miz is a 5/2 underdog to Intercontinental Championship champion, Dolph Ziggler (2/7).

Paige is 1/2 to win and retain the WWE Divas Championship against AJ Lee (11/4) and Nikki Bella (9/2).

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship market has unsurprisingly opened with Brock Lesnar a favourite to win. The former UFC and current WWE Champ is 2/7 with his rival - John Cena - priced at 5/2.

All of these markets are set to close at 1am on Monday morning.

WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sports menu at For an easier route, you can follow this direct link to Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.


In this post, I'll highlight how the WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting odds have moved since they were initially published at yesterday afternoon.

Cesaro 4/9 to 8/13
Sheamus 13/8 to 6/5

Roman Reigns 2/5 to 4/9
Seth Rollins 7/4 to 13/8

Chris Jericho 4/1 to 9/2
Randy Orton 1/8 to 1/10

Mark Henry remains at 9/2
Rusev remains at 1/8

The Usos 11/5 to 7/4
Gold & Stardust 3/10 to 2/5

Dolph Ziggler 1/5 to 1/4
The Miz 3/1 to 5/2

Paige 4/11 to 2/5
AJ Lee 3/1 to 11/4
Nikki Bella 5/1 to 9/2

Brock Lesnar 1/6 to 2/7
John Cena 7/2 to 9/4

I have underlined where the early money appears to be going.

In the case of the Divas Championship match, punters seem to be placing wagers on both AJ Lee and Nikki Bella.

There's nothing much to draw from these results other than to note that the underdogs appear to be backed in most of these encounters with the bookmaker readjusting their numbers.

The exceptions are the Mark Henry vs Rusev match (no change) and the Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton match where the favourite has been backed. This has more to do with the knowledge that Sunday is expected to be Jericho's final night with WWE for the time being. The bettors are expecting him to lose on his way out.

WWE Night of Champions odds can be found on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


John Cena's odds on winning this Sunday's main event at WWE Night of Champions 2014 have continued to shorten on the betting board at the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

When the market for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout initially came out, Cena was priced in the region of +500. Since that time, the number has descended indicating that the early bettors are expecting the former champion to avenge his SummerSlam loss to Brock Lesnar.

As of this morning, Cena can be backed at +325 (4.25 EU, 13/4 UK).

In the same betting period - despite still being a favourite to win on Sunday, Lesnar's price has drifted out from -900 to -475 (1.21 EU, 4/19 UK).

It's the late money that indicates which way a result goes. If the early bettors are correct, they're in for a decent return.

Odds correct as of 9am BST. WWE Night of Champions odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting odds have now been published at

The Irish bookmaker is taking bets on the eight matches announced for Sunday's pay-per-view. Here's how they opened.

Sheamus is a 13/8 outsider to win his defence of the WWE United States Championship against Cesaro. Punters looking to bet on the challenger can find him priced at 4/9.

Roman Reigns is a 2/5 fave against Seth Rollins (7/4).

Chris Jericho, who is set to depart WWE imminently, is a 4/1 underdog against Randy Orton. The Viper is currently marked up at 1/8.

Rusev is also a 1/8 favourite. The market for his match against Mark Henry sees the outsider priced at 9/2.

Goldust & Stardust will win the WWE Tag Team Championships, if the compilers have set the lines right. They have given the Rhodes Brothers 3/10 odds with The Usos 11/5.

The Miz is an 8/1 outsider in his Intercontinental Championship challenge against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has opened as a 1/5 favourite.

Unlike the 5Dimes Sportsbook, Paddy Power is listing three choices in the betting for the WWE Divas Championship.

Paige has opened at 4/11 with AJ Lee (3/1) and Nikki Bella (5/1) both being given unfavourable chances of victory.

Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar has opened at 1/6 to defeat John Cena for the second straight pay-per-view.

Bettors looking for Cena to bounce back from his SummerSlam title loss can currently find him out at 7/2.

I will continue monitoring these odds throughout the week as we head towards Sunday.

Odds correct as of 5pm BST. For the latest, check out Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


It appears Paddy Power customers have taken speculative punts on Tim Wiese becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion before the end of 2022.

In a post published yesterday, I noted how Paddy Power had opened a book on the former German goalkeeper becoming WWE champion after news came out suggesting that he was considering a move to Florida to train at WWE's Performance Center.

When the book originally opened, Wiese was given odds of 80/1. The price has now dropped to 50/1.

Paddy Power's special Tim Wiese odds can be found on the WWE Betting Page over at


It has been over a day since I checked in with the WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting odds on the 5Dimes Sportsbook website so I thought I would post an update to show how they were looking as of 9am BST today.

There hasn't been any major shifts where favourites have become outsiders, but there have been instances where odds have shortened.

Here's what I have noticed.

Seth Rollins has been backed down from +170 to +140 (2.40 EU, 7/5 UK). Could this be people suspecting Rollins wins via disqualification following a Dean Ambrose run-in?

Randy Orton remains as a -900 (1/9 UK) favourite against Chris Jericho. The soon to be departing Jericho is +500 (6.00 EU, 5/1 UK).

The Usos have been backed moving from +310 to +245 (3.45 EU, 49/20 UK). Customers looking for a Goldust & Stardust WWE Tag Team Championship win can find them at -335 (1.30 EU, 20/67 UK).

Rusev's odds have shortened in the market for his battle against Mark Henry. He is now priced at -1,500 (1/15 UK). Henry, on the other hand, has gone out from +550 out to +700 (8.00 EU, 7/1 UK).

Early backers have punted on The Miz to win and regain the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. Mizanin, who was a +500 underdog yesterday, has dipped to +335 (4.35 EU, 67/20 UK). Ziggler is listed at -505 (20/101 UK).

It appears the intial bettors like the chance of either AJ Lee or Nikki Bella winning the WWE Divas Championship from Paige on Sunday. The option 'AJ Lee or Nikki Bella' has dropped from +400 to +220 (3.20 EU, 11/5 UK) with the current champion's price being halved from -600 to -300 (1/3 UK).

Early money has landed on Sheamus to successfully defend the WWE US Championship against Cesaro. The Irishman's price has moved from +210 to +170 with the challenger now -230 (1.43 EU, 10/23 UK) after being -290 yesterday.

Main event wagering has seen John Cena backed slightly. He has moved from +500 to +490 (5.90 EU, 49/10 UK). The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar has gone from -900 to -870 (10/87 UK).

There's bound to be a few more dips and twists as we head closer to Sunday.

Odds correct as of 9am BST. For the latest, check the betting board at

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Paddy Power Bookmakers have published odds on former German goalkeeper - Tim Wiese - becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion by New Years Eve of 2022.

There is method to Paddy Power's madness.

It was reported today that Wiese, who ended his playing career at Hoffenheim last season, has been offered a job with World Wrestling Entertainment.

In an article printed on The Guardian's website, Wiese claims he has been approached by WWE officials looking to see if the former goalie, now bodybuilder, had any interest in training at WWE's developmental system in Florida.

Wiese noted that he did not turn down the offer and suggested he and his agent are seriously considering professional wrestling as a career option.

With the story out there, the Irish bookmaker immediately opened a book giving the ex-player odds of 80/1 on becoming world heavyweight champion by December 31st 2022.

The 'German Suplex' odds can be found on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.


Betting odds for this Sunday's WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view have gone live over at the 5Dimes Sportsbook & Casino website.

Please note: pro wrestling betting markets have recently been published later in the week, so I was unable to catch the opening prices. However, here are the odds as of 11am BST today.

Roman Reigns is currently a -230 (1.43 EU, 10/23 UK) favourite to win his match against Seth Rollins. Punters looking to back the Money in the Bank winner can get him at +170 (2.70 EU, 17/10 UK).

Chris Jericho is an underdog for his battle against Randy Orton. The Viper is -900 (1.11 EU, 1/9 UK) with Jericho out at +500 (6.00 EU, 5/1 UK).

Rusev is -1050 (2/21 UK) to leave his match against Mark Henry as victor. Henry, on the other hand, has been given a price of +550 (6.50 EU, 11/2 UK).

5Dimes has priced up Goldust & Stardust as likely winners of the WWE Tag Team Championship match. Their odds are -430 (1.23 EU, 10/43 UK) with current champs - The Usos - at +310 (4.10 EU, 31/10 UK).

Dolph Ziggler is a -900 (1/9 UK) favourite to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship match against The Miz. Bettors looking to back The Miz can find him at +500 (6.00 EU, 5/1 UK). 

The US Championship match has also been priced up with champion, Sheamus, a +210 (3.10 EU, 21/10 UK) outsider to his opponent Cesaro (-290 US, 1.34 EU, 10/29 UK).

Paige is -600 (1.17 EU, 1/6 UK) to retain the WWE Divas Championship in the triple threat match. The sportsbook is giving its customers the option to bet on both AJ Lee & Nikki Bella with the selection having a price of +400 (5.00 EU, 4/1 UK).

The main event - which sees Brock Lesnar defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against John Cena - has opened with the titleholder as the likely winner. He has been tagged as a -900 (1.11 EU, 1/9 UK) fave with the former champion an outsider at +500 (6.00 EU, 5/1 UK).

As per usual, I'll be following the price moves throughout the week all the way up to the close of the show.

Odds correct as of 11am BST. For the latest, check out


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Now that SummerSlam is behind us, it's time to look towards next month's show.

World Wrestling Entertainment's next pay-per-view is going to take place on September 21st from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. In this post, I'll point out the sports betting websites where I'm expecting odds for the event to be published in order to give you a head-start to get the best prices.

As per usual, I'll list the companies that offered prices for the most recent pay-per-view.

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook

If you're looking to bet on WWE Night of Champions, then the first port of call should be

The company is more often than not the first to publish betting odds each month. The firm has consistently opened markets for years and I would be very surprised if they didn't in September.

5Dimes' SummerSlam coverage began on the Wednesday before the show. These markets stayed open right up until the start of each match. No other sportsbook accepting wagers on WWE events keeps its lines up for this long. It should be the first and last place you go to for WWE betting opportunities.

For more information on the company, you can read's review of 5Dimes' WWE Betting Markets.

When they're up, you'll be able to find the markets listed under 'Other Sports' at

Paddy Power

If you're based in a country where you can legally become a customer of Paddy Power, then I urge you to register an account as - next to 5Dimes - Paddy Power is one of the most popular venues for WWE bettors.

Based in Ireland, the company has promoted WWE betting for a long time and, just like 5Dimes, always has odds up for events each month.

During SummerSlam week, had odds up on the Thursday.

To find out more about Paddy Power and WWE betting, you can read BetOnWrestling's Paddy Power Review.

When live, you'll be able to view the odds under 'Sports Novelties' at or by simply following this direct route to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet is another betting firm that offers WWE betting opportunities every single month.

One of the most popular reasons why people choose Sky Bet to gamble on WWE is because the odds close at 1am. Most of the other websites like Paddy Power shut their books with a few hours left remaining before the PPV airs. Sky Bet's coverage means last-minute bettors can place late wagers if they have missed the cut-off point elsewhere.

Sky Bet's SummerSlam markets were opened on the Thursday before the event.

When live, WWE odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sports betting menu at or by following a direct route to Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.

William Hill

William Hill, one of the oldest bookmakers on the planet, has been offering WWE betting markets for years. However, there have been rare occasions when the company hasn't published WWE pay-per-view lines.

During SummerSlam week, odds were first published on the Friday before. It's also worth mentioning that the company takes down prices overnight so if you're reading this in the evening and no odds are around, this might be a reason why. With that noted, the markets are republished early the next day.

If you'd still like to read more about William Hill's WWE betting markets, you can do so at's William Hill page.

WWE markets can be found under 'TV.Specials' of the sportsbook at An easier way to reach the page is to follow this direct link to William Hill's WWE Betting Page.


Another Irish bookmaker - -has offered WWE betting markets for the major PPVs on the WWE calendar and did so for SummerSlam. However, I am unsure whether the company will price up odds for a show like Night of Champions.

Betfair Sportsbook

The UK's Betfair Sportsbook joined in on the WWE betting scene earlier this year when it opened markets for WrestleMania XXX and the two events that followed. They returned for SummerSlam and did offer competitive odds in comparison to other books.

One of the most things I like the best about the Betfair Sportsbook is that the traders have offered prop bets in the past. 

SummerSlam betting markets first went live on the Betfair website on the Saturday morning before the event. 

You can read more about Betfair on BetOnWrestling's Betfair Page.

When live, you'll fnd the odds n the 'Special Bets' section of the sportsbook at

Ladbrokes Bookmakers

The oddsmakers at have been offering their customers ways to bet on WWE for the most recent pay-per-views including SummerSlam. 

In the months when Ladbrokes have posted odds for WWE events, I have noticed they're usually up on the day of the show. However, it's worth noting that the SummerSlam betting odds were available the day before. Could this be a new approach?

On the topic of of approaches - I have noticed that it does take a while for 'Wrestling' to appear on the sportsbook menu so - if you ever find yourself on the website and want to know for sure whether the company has published pay-per-view odds, an approach I suggest is to type 'WWE' into the website's search feature and it will lead you there.

You can read more about the company on BetOnWrestling's Ladbrokes Page.


There are other sports betting websites that have promoted WWE betting in the past.

For example. & its Canadian-facing partner,, Betfred and have done so at certain points in 2014, so it might be worth checking them out on the week of Night of Champions. More companies are listed over at BetOnWrestling's Directory Of Wrestling Oddsmakers.

Be sure to add to your favourites as I'll be publishing regular odds updates throughout Night of Champions week. 

Good Luck with your bets.


In Monday's post titled Dolphins Said, The Results Read : WWE SummerSlam 2014 Edition, I made note of the SummerSlam 2014 betting odds at the time the Reddit/Twitter user, Dolphins1925, announced his 'spoilers' on Twitter.

I thought I would do a follow up with a short post showing what I noticed when tracking the betting markets from the day they were opened all the way through to when they were closed

The first table shows the opening odds for every wrestler that appeared on the main card. 

Click image to expand
Notice how some of the early favourites like AJ Lee, Jack Swagger and The Miz had become outsiders by the time the pay-per-view started?

The second table pinpoints the approximate time when insider money began landing on the eventual winners. It also shows how some of these selections moved from being betting outsiders into favourites within a short space of time.

Click image to expand

The smart money must have been wagered some time between 5pm EST/10pm BST and 6:20pm EST / 11:20pm BST because this is the point where the match winners' odds shortened. 

One of the factors that made it easier to distinguish when the insider money landed was because the sportsbook had incorrectly predicted the winners when they set up the odds earlier in the week.

That's not to say we wouldn't have noticed the shifts. We would have. They just would have looked less dramatic than they do here.

Odds taken from the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook