Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Here's an update to show how the WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 betting odds are looking since I last checked in with the 5Dimes Sportsbook last night.

There has been no change in the Hell in a Cell contest between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

Ambrose remains -320 (1.31 EU, 5/16 UK) and Rollins is +240 (3.40 EU, 12/5 UK).

The Miz has been backed in the US Championship market.

His odds went from the +350 they remained throughout yesterday to +220 (3.20 EU, 11/5 UK) with Sheamus' price moving from -530 to -300 (1.33 EU, 1/3 UK).

Brie Bella has also descended. Her price is now +170 (2.70 EU, 17/10 UK) - a drop from +200. On the other side of the market, Nikki has moved from -280 to -230 (1.43 EU, 10/23 UK).

The Big Show's price continues to shorten in the early stages. He has gone from +350 to +180 (2.80 EU, 9/5 UK) in the past twenty-four hours. In the same time, Rusev has moved from -530 to -260 (1.38 EU, 5/13 UK).

When I last checked in with the Sportsbook, Randy Orton appeared to have been the early bettors' favourite to win the other Hell in a Cell cage match on Sunday's card.

His price had gone from +150 to +100 yesterday. At this moment, he's out at +160 (2.60 EU, 8/5 UK). John Cena, who is now -210 (1.48 EU, 10/21 UK), had been -140 last night.

Of the above, the early betting action that surprises me is for the Bellas' match.

The loser will have to work as the winner's personal assistant for a month. History indicates that the heel should win this match-up because it will lead to a month of sympathy for the babyface. However, it could be a unique twist seeing Nikki having to be subservient to Brie. I cannot see it, though.

I can only guess that the early bettors are either betting on a swerve or simply taking the outsider price.

We're still a number of days away from smart money potentially indicating how these matches will finish, so I will keep a close eye on how the prices change for that match.

Odds correct as of 9am BST. For the latest, check the betting board at


WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 betting odds have now been published at

The Irish bookmaker has marked up prices for every match set to feature on Sunday's pay-per-view. Here's a rundown of the prices as of 12am this morning.

Sheamus is a 1/6 favourite to retain the WWE US Championship against The Miz. Punters looking to wager on the challenger can get him at 16/5.

The Bella Twins' match will see the loser have to work as the victor's personal assistant for thirty days. If the odds are anything to go by, Brie Bella will have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. She has been priced up as a 15/8 outsider. Nikki is 4/11.

Rusev is 1/4 to defeat The Big Show. If you're looking to wager on Show, you can currently find him priced at 5/2.

Dean Ambrose is a 3/10 favourite to win one of the two Hell in a Cell matches on Sunday's card. His opponent - Seth Rollins - has been set at 11/5.

John Cena is 8/13 to win what will likely be the main Hell in a Cell match of the evening. Randy Orton, who will take him on, is priced at 6/5.

Paddy Power is the first company to publish odds for both the WWE Divas Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship matches.

Current Divas titleholder, AJ Lee, is a 4/7 fave to retain against Paige (5/4).

In the tag team match, Gold & Stardust have been given 1/3 odds to leave Dallas as champions. Their rivals - The Usos - have been given 2/1 odds.

I will continue monitoring these prices throughout the week.

WWE Hell in a Cell odds can be found under Sports Novelties at For an easier route, you can follow this link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


With WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 betting odds having been published this morning, I thought I would take a look at the 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook to see what the customers have been wagering on in the early stages of wagering.

There hasn't been a change in the market for the US Championship match, which sees The Miz challenge Sheamus for the title.

Sheamus remains -530 (1.19 EU, 10/53 UK) with Mizanin out at +350 (4.50 EU, 7/2 UK).

Early backers appear to favour Nikki Bella to win her match against sister, Brie. Nikki is now -280 (1.36 EU, 5/14 UK), but had been -210.

Brie Bella has drifted from +160 to +200 (3.00 EU, 2/1 UK).

The Big Show has dropped from +350 to +280 (3.80 EU, 14/5 UK) in the market for his fight against Rusev. This might have been because of the angle that aired on Raw last night which put Show in a position where he vowed to avenge his opponent's attack on a soldier.

In the same period, Rusev moved from -530 to -400 (1.25 EU, 1/4 UK).

Seth Rollins' price has gone from +345 to +240 (3.40 EU, 12/5 UK) in what might end up being the first Hell in a Cell match of the evening. His opponent, Dean Ambrose, moved from -515 to -320 (1.31 EU, 5/16 UK) during the day.

Similarly, the underdog has been backed in the other Hell in a Cell bout.

Randy Orton - who was +150 earlier - is now +100 (2.00 EU, EVENS UK) with John Cena moving from -190 to -140 (1.71 EU, 5/7 UK).

I'm assuming the money landing on Randy Orton is partially due to a stipulation being added to Sunday's match.

The winner will now go on to face Brock Lesnar at an upcoming pay-per-view. There have been hints at an Orton babyface turn, so this may have lead to people to make speculative punts on the possibility Orton versus Lesnar will be an upcoming program.

The company still hasn't published odds for the Divas and WWE Tag Team Championship bouts. Once I see them live, I'll publish an update.

Odds correct as of 11:20pm BST. For the latest, check out


The 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook's WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 betting markets have now been opened at

As of right now, the company is accepting wagers on five of this Sunday's bouts. They are: both Hell in a Cell matches, the US Championship, Rusev versus The Big Show and the contest between the Bella Twins.

Nikki Bella is an early favourite to win the match which will see the loser have to become the victor's servant for a month. She is -210 (1.48 EU, 10/21 UK) while her sister is +160 (2.60 EU, 8/5 UK).

The Miz is a +350 (4.50 EU, 7/2 UK) underdog to defeat US Champion, Sheamus. The Irishman is currently available at -530 (1.19 EU, 10/53 UK).

Similar odds have been applied to the match between The Big Show and Rusev. Show is +350 and Rusev is -530.

John Cena is -190 (1.53 EU, 10/19 UK) to win his Hell in a Cell match against Randy Orton. Punters looking for an outsider victory can get Orton with a price of +150 (2.50 EU, 3/2 UK).

Dean Ambrose is favoured to win his Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins. Ambrose is -515 (1.19 EU, 20/103 UK) with Rollins +345 (4.45 EU, 69/20 UK).

I expect odds for the remaining two matches on the card (AJ Lee vs Paige & Dusts versus The Usos) to be added to the betting board within the next few days.

Keep checking back for updates throughout the week.

Odds correct as of 9am BST. For the latest, check

Friday, 26 September 2014


World Wrestling Entertainment's next pay-per-view - Hell in a Cell - will take place from Dallas, Texas on Sunday October 26th. In this post, I'll point out the online sportsbooks where you're likely to find betting odds for the event.

As per usual, I'll name the bookmakers that offered betting markets for the most recent pay-per-view. In this case, it's WWE Night of Champions 2014.

The 5Dimes Sportsbook

The 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook has offered WWE match markets for many years and was the first company to offer betting odds for Night of Champions in September.
Markets for Night of Champions first saw the light of day either late Monday or early Tuesday (depending on where you live). I found the company having odds out right after the go-home episode of Raw surprising as they had been getting published in the middle of the week before recent PPVs.
I fully expect 5Dimes to have WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 lines up. If they go by the schedule like last time, the odds could be up as early as the 20th/21st October. Failing that, they should be up around the 23rd.

Where to find the odds:
5Dimes' WWE markets are found under 'Wrestling' in the 'Other Sports' category of

Paddy Power

The Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, was the 2nd place to produce lines for Night of Champions 2014. These prices went live on the Wednesday afternoon before the pay-per-view.
Paddy Power is one of Europe's most popular bookies and has allowed his customers to wager on professional wrestling supercards for years. 
I'm expecting the Hell in a Cell 2014 markets will be up around the same timeframe - midweek before the show. 

Where to find the odds:
When available, you'll be able to find the Hell in a Cell 2014 markets under 'Sports Novelties' at For an easier route, you can follow this direct link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet is another European-based company that consistently produces betting odds for upcoming WWE pay-per-views.
In September, was the third website to publish betting odds for Night of Champions. These markets opened on the Thursday afternoon leading up to PPV Sunday. 

Where to find the odds:
When Sky Bet's WWE prices are up, you'll find them under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu at You can follow this direct link to Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.


The Betfair Sportsbook entered the WWE Betting party earlier this year when it published betting lines for WrestleMania XXX. Since then, the company has produced odds for other events.
Interestingly, Betfair decided to compile odds for the Brock Lesnar versus John Cena Night of Champions main event first. These odds were available from the Thursday before showtime.  Lines for the rest of the card went live on the Saturday before the event.

Where to find the odds:
Betfair publishes WWE odds under 'Special Bets' in the Sportsbook menu at Alternatively, you can check out Betfair's Special Bets page.

William Hill

William Hill was the last company to publish betting odds for Night of Champions. They went up on the day of the show. This wasn't the norm for William Hill as the company usually produces lines earlier on a PPV weekend. What was also surprising is the fact the company kept their markets open throughout the show, so customers were able to punt on the matches in-play. 
I'm unsure whether this will be a regular thing or was simply because the event was being aired on Sky Sports. It's something worth checking out on for Hell in a Cell.

Where to find odds:
William Hill's WWE markets will be found under 'TV/Specials' on the sportsbook menu at

On the weekend of Night of Champions, I contacted and was told the compilers were preparing to publish lines. I made regular checks throughout the Saturday, but they never saw the light of day. 
I'm unsure whether the decision to not publish the odds was a one-off, so it might be worth checking for Hell in a Cell odds on the weekend of the show.

The above list are just names that produced odds for WWE Night of Champions 2014. A full list of bookies that have published markets for previous WWE events can be found at's WWE Sportsbook Review Page.

I hope this has been of some use to you. As per usual, I will be updating the blog as soon as I notice WWE betting lines have been published for Hell in a Cell. 

Keep checking back & good luck with your bets!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Here's the Night of Champions 2014 edition of the 'Dolphins Said, The Results Read' series I run in the days following a WWE pay-per-view.

This month once again points to Dolphins1925, or DolphinsReddit as he is known on Twitter,  picking the betting favourites.

Here's what was Tweeted out on Sunday along with some notes on the odds.

My source has guaranteed me once again the leaks are still back. I will be posting spoilers for Night of Champions shortly.


Randy Orton will defeat Chris Jericho

Hardly a surprise considering it was Jericho's last night in the company for the time being. The oddsmakers had Orton a favourite from the start. At the time of the tweet, he was a -4,500 favourite with Jericho priced at +1,500.

Gold & Stardust will defeat The Usos

The Rhodes boys were -6,000 right before the show. They had been favourites to win from the off. For what it's worth, The Usos were +2,000.

Rusev will defeat Mark Henry

Rusev was -1,700 at the time of the tweet. He even ended up being backed further as the show was ongoing. He was priced at -2,000 before the start of the contest.

AJ Lee will win the Triple Threat match

In the few hours before the show, the 5Dimes Sportsbook published individual odds for the participants in the Divas Championship bout. The 'AJ Lee' option had opened at around +275. However, when the smart money appeared to come in, she immediately became a favourite. At the moment the tweet was delivered, she was marked up at -1,200.

The Miz will defeat Dolph Ziggler

Miz had opened as an underdog to win the match. His odds started to move in his favour when the smart money came in between 10pm and 10:37pm BST. In that short space of time, he went from a +400 outsider to a -2,000 favourite. His odds had shortened further when DolphinsReddit announced him as being the potential winner.

Sheamus will defeat Cesaro

This was another case of an early underdog becoming overwhelming favourite in the latter stages of the betting period. At the time of the tweet, Sheamus was in the -1,700 range. A huge shift from the +160 he was at 9am BST on Sunday morning.

Brock Lesnar will defeat John Cena

This was the incorrect 'spoiler' of the night and it makes for an interesting betting story.

Lesnar had been favourite throughout the entire week  However, and as I wrote on this blog in the days leading up to the event, there were occasions when Cena's price started dropping. It wasn't enough to send him into the role of favourite, though.

At the time of Dolphins' tweet, Lesnar's odds were priced at -1,750 after moving from -475 to -1,200 in the period where the smart money appeared to have moved the rest of the board.

Another point worth noting is when I was tracking the closing odds right before the match started, Lesnar's odds were still at -1,750 with Cena at +850. A visitor to the blog noted that he had seen Cena's price drop 350 points around this time.

Whichever way you look at it, John Cena entered the main event as an underdog. Dolphins delivered Brock Lesnar as the winner because of one reason.

The betting board indicated the match would end with a Brock Lesnar victory.

Odds taken from the betting board at

Monday, 22 September 2014


It has just been brought to my attention that William Hill is running in-play betting on WWE Night of Champions.

The markets can be accessed by following this link to William Hill's WWE Page.


Here are the WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting favourites.

They are ranked in order with the wrestler/s strongest odds first.

Gold & Stardust
Randy Orton
The Miz
Brock Lesnar
AJ Lee


If the WWE Night of Champions 2014 betting odds are anything to go by, Sheamus will retain the US Championship against Cesaro tonight.

A little over an hour ago, the current champ had been priced at -120 along with his opponent. 

Upon my most recent observation of the pay-per-view's betting markets at, it seems clear that the Irishman has been backed as his odds now reflect a heavy -1500 (1/15 UK).

On the other side of the board, Cesaro has moved from the aforementioned -120 into +700 (8.00 EU, 7/1 UK).