Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Rumble Odds Notes For 21/1 (PM)

It has been a little under a day since I last wrote about 5Dimes' betting markets for the Royal Rumble, so thought I'd bring you up to speed on the latest price changes that have been made since then.

For starters, I visited the markets again at 11AM GMT and the only adjustment I noticed were in the market for the Roman Reigns .vs. King Corbin match.

At the time, Reigns' price to get a win in the falls count anywhere match had slipped into -210. This was shorter than the -180 he had moved out to, from -260, by yesterday morning.

Roman Reigns
King Corbin
16/1 11:00AM
19/1 11:00AM
20/1 11:00AM
21/1 11:00AM
21/1 10:00PM

Reigns has since moved back into -260 with King Corbin now returning to the +180 he was available at on the 19th.

As for the battle royal markets - the only change I noticed has been sometime between 11AM GMT today and this evening. It has gone the way of a Sasha Banks win in the ladies' Royal Rumble match.

Banks is now at +800. This is down from the +1,250 she has been since falling from +1,500 between January 14th and 15th.

UK/European Rumble Odds News

Just thought I'd point out a few things in regards to betting on the 2020 Royal Rumble if you're in the UK/Ireland and in territories where you can bet with the following firms.

Sky Bet, which has been accepting wagers on the Rumble since February last year, has now began to put up its popular RequestABet markets for the event.

BoyleSports' Rumble markets have been published. Roman Reigns is a 1/2 favourite to win the men's battle royal and Shayna Baszler is 1/3 to win for the ladies.

Ladbrokes Coral is another firm that has released markets for the two battle royals. There are also markets in which customers can place bets on selections appearing in the 'Final Four'.

From here on out, I will not be writing anything more about the Ladbrokes/Coral markets unless it's absolutely necessary for me to do so.

This is because of some things that have been going on in the background between myself and Ladbrokes/Coral for a few years, but also very recently. I feel my time is best suited writing about firms that have treated me fairly as either a customer or as an affiliate and Ladbrokes/Coral have failed me on BOTH grounds.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Rumble Odds Note For 20/1 (PM)

With this being Royal Rumble week, I've began to make a few extra visits to the 5Dimes Sportsbook's markets for the show in order to make notes as we head towards Sunday.

In the 11PM GMT look through the markets, I noticed one change since this morning.

The Drew McIntyre selection has been reduced from +750 into +450.

This isn't the first time McIntyre's odds have lowered as he was initially +950, but was taken down to the aforementioned +750 sometime between Wednesday and Thursday morning last week.

Notes About Flair And Baszler Rumble Winner Odds

In a post published yesterday, I pointed out that the odds for Charlotte Flair to win the women's Royal Rumble had plummeted in the battle royal winner market that's available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook. I've revisited the website this morning and she is still +200.

Another thing I pointed out yesterday is the drop only occurred at 5Dimes as other sportsbooks - both over here in Europe and offshore - still had Flair at a higher price when contrasted with the +200 (2/1) from 5Dimes.

Looking through all the markets this morning, I have noticed Flair's price has declined everywhere apart from MyBookie (+800), Kambi (15/2) and Betway where she's still 12/1.

The adjustments have been:
  • Sky Bet now lists Flair at 7/1, she was 8s yesterday
  • BetOnline had Flair at +800, but is now offering her at +500
  • William Hill moved Flair down from 10/1 into 8/1
  • Paddy Power / Betfair now has Flair at 6/1 when she was 11s yesterday
The prices for a Baszler victory remain as they were yesterday. For those interested they are:

5Dimes  -300
BetOnline -200
MyBookie -160

Sky Bet 1/3
William Hill 1/3
Paddy Power 3/10
Betway 4/11

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Kambi's TV Props For Week Commencing January 20th Published

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published viewership proposition markets for the coming week's pro wrestling TV shows.

In this post, I'll look at all the markets and I'll introduce a FYI section below each write-up to point out anything worth noting when considering the bets.

WWE Monday Night Raw
For the January 20th edition of Monday Night Raw, Kambi is asking customers to bet whether or not the show has a total average audience of '2.3 Million or More'.
The 'Yes' is 9/10 while the 'No' is 4/5.

FYI: The most recent episode of Raw had a total average audience of 2,030,333 but it was up against the college football championship game.

AEW Dynamite
This week's AEW Dynamite will be taped from the Jericho Cruise. Kambi has set the line at '1.0 Million or more' viewers with the 'No' a 13/20 favourite while the 'Yes' is available at 11/10.

FYI: Last week's episode of Dynamite had an audience of 940,000. This was for a live show, so it'll be interesting to see if it beats that number for a taped show. With that said, the fact that it's being recorded aboard a ship might have an intrigue factor. The line is still 60,000 higher than last week's number, though. I've gambled on 'No'.

Strong .vs. Lee - NXT on January 22nd 2020The 22nd January episode of NXT on the USA Network has a line of '0.7 Million or more'. Customers who think the show will draw 700,000 or higher can find the 'Yes' at 9/10 while a winning bet on the result being anything at 699,999 or less will pay out at 4/5.

FYI: NXT from January 15th had 700,000 so what you're betting on here is whether or not the show performs better than last week. I think it has the potential to do so considering 721,000 tuned in on January 8th to see the number one contenders match for the NXT North American Championship and this week will host Keith Lee's challenge for the title.

AEW .vs. NXT
There's a spread prop for both shows. In it, the customers are asked whether AEW Dynamite will beat NXT's number by 250,000 or more viewers. The 'Yes' is a 4/5 favourite over the 9/10 for 'No'.

FYI: I've already pointed out that AEW Dynamite is a taped show, so it will be interesting to see whether taped .vs. live is of any significance.

WWE Smackdown
For the Rumble go-home episode of Smackdown, the line is set at '2.65 Million or More'. Customers that believe the show will have 2,650,000 or above can get the 'Yes' at 19/20. Those who think the result will be less than what is required can currently get 3/4 for 'No'.

FYI: Smackdown's rating has been improving gradually so far in 2020. On January 3rd it recorded 2,418,000. A week later, it had 2,502,500 and - for this week - it had reached 2,580,000. 2.65 Million might be a bit too high, but this is the Rumble go-home show.

Prices were correct as of 12:20PM GMT. They can be found on Kambi's Wrestling Page.

Charlotte Flair's Rumble Odds Cut Into +200 And More

I have just visited the 5Dimes Sportsbook to make my daily 11AM odds notes and noticed that Charlotte Flair's odds to win the women's Royal Rumble have once again declined.

As of today, Flair is now down to +200 to be the 2020 Women's Royal Rumble winner.

Flair's price has been on the decline since Tuesday morning when she fell from the +1,700 she was available at from January 8th into +1,300. The following morning, I noticed her price had dropped into +1,100 and was then at +950 on Wednesday.

The price was still at +950 when I checked in yesterday, so the drop to +200 occurred sometime within the last twenty-four hours.

Interestingly, even though Charlotte Flair's price has been reduced at 5Dimes, she still remains at +800 with other offshore books like MyBookie and BetOnline. For the latter, Flair had started off at +1,000 but was cut into the aforementioned +800 sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

It's somewhat of a different story over here in Europe as Paddy Power moved Flair from 10/1 up to 11/1 within the last twenty-four hours.

As for 5Dimes - with Flair's price cut, the sportsbook has increased some selections' odds. Most notable is the odds-on favourite, Shayna Baszler, who is now available at -300. This is up slightly from the -325 The Queen of Spades could have been found a day ago.

In the men's Rumble market, Roman Reigns' price is now down to -185. He was -110 yesterday.

On the subject of Reigns - his price to beat King Corbin in the falls count anywhere match have been pushed up from -280 to -260 due to Corbin's odds being cut from +200 into +180.

That's not all.

A market for the recently confirmed WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match has now been published.

Bayley is a -195 favourite to successfully retain her title against Lacey Evans. A win for the challenger will pay out at odds of +155.

Adjustments have been made to the other title match markets on the board.

WWE Universal Champion - Bray Wyatt - is now down from -530 into -565 to beat Daniel Bryan in the strap match. A win for Daniel Bryan is now being offered at +375. This is up from +350.

In what I would consider a surprise considering the Becky Lynch .vs. Asuka match is being built as a redemption story for Lynch, the bookmakers have lowered Asuka's price from +300 into +200 to get a decision over the Raw Women's Champion.

Lynch, who had been a -420 fave since January 9th, is now -280.

Prices correct as of 11AM and taken from The 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

17/1 Smackdown Viewership Number Published

Smackdown's total average audience for last night's airing on FOX was 2,580,000. This is according to the TV ratings website, ShowBuzzDaily.com, which published the numbers today.

The episode had 2,616,000 tuned in for hour number one, but had a drop to 2,544,000 for the final half.

Now that the results have been confirmed by ShowBuzzDaily.com, Kambi will settle its final couple of TV prop bets for the week.

The first proposition for last night asked customers whether there would be 2.5 Million or more viewers recorded for the 17th January airing.

'Yes' won by 80,000 viewers. As you'll be able to see in the table below, the selection and the opposing 'No', both started off at 17/20. However, by Wednesday afternoon, the eventual winner had declined to 4/5.

17th January 2020 Smackdown TV Ratings Prop Bet

The second prop was a special which pitted Smackdown against Monday's episode of WWE Raw. In it, customers were asked whether Smackdown would have 250,000 more viewers than Raw.

Monday's show had a total average of 2,030,333 viewers, so this was another win for the 'Yes' as the blue brand had more than double the required number with 549,667 additional viewers.

13th And 17th January 2020 Raw/Smackdown TV Ratings Prop Bet

These markets were available from Kambi.

Sky Bet Publishes Another Rumble 2020 Undercard Match Market

Bayley .vs. Lacey Evans - WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Sky Bet has published a betting market for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match that is now official for next weekend's WWE Royal Rumble.

The bout will see Bayley put her title on the line against Lacey Evans.

As of this afternoon, Bayley is a 1/2 favourite to successfully retain her strap while a decision in favour of her challenger will pay out at odds of 6/4.

The sportsbook has also created a special in which customers can place wagers on who will 'Leave As Champion'. For that one, the current titleholder is 1/4 and Evans is 11/4.

New Match Stips Means New Odds For Some Rumble 2020 Markets

On last night's episode of WWE Smackdown, a couple of the previously announced matches for the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble event had stipulations added to them.

The WWE Universal Championship title will now be defended in a strap match. As you can see below, Kambi has now cut Bray Wyatt's odds to win from 2/13 into 1/8.

Bray Wyatt
Daniel Bryan
4/1 3:15PM
18/1 11:00AM

With Wyatt lowered, Daniel Bryan has drifted to 4/1 from 7/2.

Adjustments have been made to the Wrestling Observer star rating over/under market for the match.

Wyatt .vs. Bryan
O 3.5
E 3.5
U 3.5
4/1 3:15PM
18/1 11:00AM

The 'Under 3.5 Stars' selection has been snipped from EVS into 4/5 and 'Exactly 3.5 Stars' has dipped from 9/4 into 11/5.

'Over 3.5 Stars' has been pushed out to 23/20 from 9/10.

Roman Reigns .vs. King Corbin is now confirmed as a falls count anywhere match.

The match market still lists Reigns as a 1/3 favourite over the 2/1 for a King Corbin victory. However, the Observer O/U prices have changed.

Reigns .vs. Corbin
O 2.5
E 2.5
U 2.5
11/1 11:05AM
18/1 11:00AM

'Over 2.5 Stars' has been taken down from 7/10 into 4/6 while the other selections have increased. The option to wager on 'Exactly 2.5 Stars' is now 49/20 from 12/5 and 'Under 2.5 Stars' went from 6/5 to 5/4.

Prices correct as of 11AM GMT. The latest can be found on Kambi's Pro Wrestling Pages.

5Dimes Rumble Odds Notes For 18/1

I noticed a couple of price changes to the two WWE Royal Rumble match markets on the 5Dimes Sportsbook's website when I checked in at 11:00AM GMT today.

The first change was made in the market for the men's battle royal. Edge - who was previously +1,500 to win the match - is now down to +750.

Shayna Baszler, who is a favourite to win the women's match, had fallen from -190 into -265 when I posted yesterday's update. Her price has continued to decline as it's now at -325.

Friday, 17 January 2020

5Dimes Rumble Odds Notes For 17/1

Here are the latest price cuts I've noticed from today's visit to the 5Dimes Sportsbook's markets for the two Royal Rumble matches.

In the market for the ladies match, the favourite - Shayna Baszler - has been lowered from -190 into -265.

The market for the men's match has had two selections' prices decline since yesterday's visit.

The first has seen Cain Velasquez moved down to +550 from +650 while Brock Lesnar, who'll start the match in position number one, is now +200 from +220.

Prices from The 5Dimes Website.

Thursday, 16 January 2020

AEW Dynamite And NXT Viewership Betting Results For 15/1/20

ShowBuzzDaily.com has released the audience numbers for last night's pro wrestling TV shows that went head-to-head.

AEW Dynamite once again won the night as it had 940,000 viewers to NXT's 700,000.

Now that the results have been confirmed by the website, Kambi will settle a trio of proposition markets that were published for the night.

The prop for AEW Dynamite asked customers whether more than one million viewers would tune in for the show.

The 'No' was backed from 3/4 into 8/13 during the period people were able to bet on the market.

AEW Dynamite Prop Bet For January 15th 2020

'No' was also a winning selection in the market for NXT as the bookmakers set the line at 720,000. Therefore, it fell 20,000 short of winning for the 'Yes', which was backed from 4/5 into 11/20.

NXT Prop Bet For January 15th 2020

As you can see, the eventual winner was 9/10 when the market was initially installed. It was pushed out to 5/4 when the 'Yes' was lowered.

The final market for Wednesday night was a head-to-head special which asked customers whether or not AEW Dynamite would beat NXT by 250,000 or more viewers.

There was a 240,000 difference, so it was reasonably close. 

AEW .vs. NXT Prop Bet For January 16 2020

The eventual winning selection was 4/5 to start off with, but was taken down to 13/25 and remained at that price until the market was taken down last night.

A market for tomorrow night's episode of WWE Smackdown on FOX is still available as of the time of writing. 

The line for the show is set at '2.5 Million or More'. Going by the odds movement, it would appear as though the bookmakers have had interest in the 'Yes' as the selection has lowered to 4/5 from 17/20.

17/1/20 Smackdown Betting TV Prop

Those who believe Smackdown's total average audience for the night will be recorded at under 2,500,000 can now get 'No' at 9/10. This is up from its opening 17/20.

Kambi's Entry Odds For Both Rumbles

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published more specials for the two Royal Rumble matches that will be held next week.

Customers can now gamble on the entry number the eventual winners draw in their respective matches.

Here are the odds for the women's Royal Rumble match.

Women's Royal Rumble 2020 Entry Number Betting

And here are the odds for the men's Royal Rumble.

As of this moment, they are offering 'Entrant #01' at 11/2 and the best advice I can give is - if you believe Brock Lesnar will win the match from number one position - there's more value in taking him in the outright market. This is because he's 13/2 there right now. 

Men's Royal Rumble 2020 Entry Number Betting

These markets, and props like an 'Odd/Even' and 'Over/Under' can be found on Kambi's WWE Betting Page.

5Dimes Publishes Reigns/Corbin Market Plus Rumble Odds Notes For 16/1

The oddsmakers from 5Dimes have published a market for the Roman Reigns versus King Corbin match that has been announced for the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble undercard.

As of this morning, Reigns is a -280 favourite to overcome his nemesis. A decision in favour of Corbin will pay out at odds of +200.

In yesterday's 5Dimes post, I published a catch up in regards to the odds for both of the Royal Rumble battle royals. Here are some updated notes I've taken from this morning's visit.

  1. In yesterday's post, I initially failed to point out that Ricochet's price had lowered from +4,500 into +3,750 in the men's market. I made an correction at the bottom of the post a few hours later, but want to point it out again just in case anybody missed the emendation
  2. Brock Lesnar's price has once again dropped. He was +350 previously, but is now down to +220
  3. Drew McIntyre's odds have lowered from +950 to +750
  4. Edge is now at +1,500. This is down from the previous price of +2,250
  5. Shayna Baszler, who made a losing appearance in the battle royal on NXT last night, has had her odds to win the women's Royal Rumble match moved in from -175 into -190

Prices correct as of 11AM GMT and taken from The 5Dimes Website.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Notes About 5Dimes' Rumble Markets After A Week Of Betting

It has been a little over a week since the 5Dimes Sportsbook published its betting markets for the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble.

I've been visiting the website on a daily basis and have made notes on all of the markets and thought - with it being a week since I last wrote about them - that I'd publish an update of sorts.

Women's Royal Rumble Match
I'll start with the women's Royal Rumble market because, I would have to state that - out of all the markets available - this is the one with the most interesting price adjustments.
This is because Charlotte Flair's odds have been on the decline.
Between a week today right up until yesterday morning, no selection had its price shortened. Then, yesterday morning, I noticed Flair's price had lowered from +1,700 into +1,300.
The price was then taken down to +1,100 by 10PM GMT last night and - on this morning's visit - I noticed they've dropped down to +950.

One other selection is showing shorter odds when contrasted with last week and it's the one for Sasha Banks. Her price was taken down from +1,500 to +1,250 sometime between 10PM GMT last night and 11AM GMT today.

WWE Universal Championship
Bray Wyatt remains a -530 favourite to successfully retain the WWE Universal Championship while Daniel Bryan stays at +350.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
The WWE Raw Women's Championship market was adjusted in favour of Becky Lynch sometime between Wednesday and Thursday last week as the champion was cut from -350 into -420. Her challenger - Asuka - was pushed out to +300 from +250.
They remain at those respective prices as of 11AM GMT today.

Men's Royal Rumble Match
The first selection I noticed with a shorter price in the men's Royal Rumble match market was the one for Keith Lee. It was taken down from +2,000 into +1,750 sometime after Wednesday morning but before 11AM GMT on Thursday.
No other selections were lowered from Wednesday until yesterday morning when I saw that Brock Lesnar's price had lowered from +650 into +350.
Two other selections have moved within the last twenty-four hours. They are for a win by Edge (+2,250 to +2,000) and Tommaso Ciampa (+4,500 to +3,750).

2:15PM GMT Update: I missed that Ricochet's odds have declined overnight as he is now +3,750 but was +4,500 before that.

Prices from 5Dimes' Website.

13/1/20 WWE Monday Night Raw Audience Number

ShowBuzzDaily.com released the audience numbers for the 13th January WWE Monday Night Raw last night.

The episode drew a total average audience of 2,030,333 viewers. 

Now that the numbers have been released, a prop market - in which customers could bet whether or not the show drew an audience of 2,300,000 or more - will be graded in favour of 'No'.

The winning selection was 9/10 when Kambi's markets for this week's TV numbers were opened.

WWE Monday Night Raw Prop Bet For January 13 2020

As you can see, the favourite was 'Yes'. It was 4/5.

The breakdown for the show went as follows.

Hour 1: 2,218,000
Hour 2: 2,059,000
Hour 3: 2,030,333