Saturday, 21 September 2019

Another Look At The Owens/McMahon HIAC 2019 Prop

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens on the September 17th 2019 WWE Smackdown

Last Saturday, I published a post in which I mentioned that the oddsmakers from Kambi had released Hell in a Cell 2019 prop bets.

The props allowed customers to wager on certain matches taking place inside the Hell in a Cell structure on next month's card.

There were eight propositions priced up and they had a short shelf life considering last Sunday's Clash of Champions followed by Raw and Smackdown would have - and did - hint of potential matches for the upcoming event.

Of the eight props, only one was republished after this week's television shows and it is one for a possible match between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens.

If you watched this week's WWE Smackdown, you would have seen the company has furthered its McMahon/Owens storyline by having the fired Owens serve papers to McMahon threatening to sue WWE for wrongful termination.

It's strongly looking like the pair will meet in another match. Whether it's going to be another Hell in a Cell match - after they wrestled in one two years ago - is another thing, though.

From betting, the market has been adjusted in favour of the Hell in a Cell 2019 card having an Owens .vs. McMahon cell match.

As you can see in the table below, the 'Yes' has been cut from 23/20 into 7/20 following the storyline development.

HIAC 2019 Prop Bet - Will Owens .vs. McMahon Take Place In The Cell?

Those who believe that the two will not meet inside the cell on October 6th can now find the 'No' at 19/10. This is up from its previous price of 8/13 favourite.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Body Of 'Tony' From 5Dimes Found

For the past few months, I have finished off nearly all of the posts covering the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE betting markets with a link to a story about the company's founder - William Sean Creighton (AKA 'Tony')  - who was kidnapped in Costa Rica a year ago and had been missing ever since.

I did so as I thought it would be best to be straight up with current and potential customers about the situation.

This situation has had a development over the past few days.

Earlier this week, I read a report that Creighton's body had been found buried in a cemetery in the city of Quepos in Costa Rica. Just like when I first began to read into the story about Tony's disappearance, I didn't know how genuine - or accurate - the reports were as I was going by a Spanish written articles from sources I didn't know at all. This was not the first time in the past few months that I had read about a body being found only for the report to be false. Therefore, I waited for the mainstream to report on it.

News sites like ESPN have now ran with the latest story and the reporters were given confirmation from the US State Department that Costa Rican authorities confirmed with them that the body found in Quepos was that of the missing sportsbook owner.

The ESPN article shared the following statement from the department:

'We can confirm Costa Rican authorities identified the remains of a US citizen in Costa Rica.. We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss. We are closely monitoring local authorities' investigation into the cause of death. We stand ready to provide all consular assistance. Out of respect to the family during this difficult time, we have no further comment'.

The article goes on to note that a Homeland Security investigation into alleged money laundering by 5Dimes - which began in 2016 - is still open.

5Dimes Releases HIAC 2019 Match And Prop Markets

The 5Dimes Sportsbook have published match and proposition markets for the WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV that's scheduled for October 4th.

As of this evening British time, the bookies have Seth Rollins as a +250 underdog for his WWE Universal Championship defence against Bray Wyatt.

A decision in favour of the challenger will pay out at odds of -350.

In the second match market, Becky Lynch is a +320 outsider to successfully retain the WWE Raw Women's Championship inside the Hell in a Cell.

Her opponent - Sasha Banks, who is coming off a disqualification win against Lynch at this past Sunday's WWE Clash of Champions - is a favourite with a price of -460.

The special additional market on the website allows customers to guess which of those two matches will be the longest.

'Raw Women's Championship Match Duration' is a -190 favourite to the +150 for 'Universal Championship Match Duration'. I can't argue with that, to be fair.

Prices correct as of 8:00PM BST. The latest can be found on The 5Dimes Website.

Smackdown And HIAC 2019 Markets Published By Sky Bet

Sky Bet's oddsmakers have opened books on the WWE Championship match that's scheduled for the October 4th Smackdown and two bouts that have already been announced for WWE Hell in a Cell 2019.

On this week's WWE Smackdown, Brock Lesnar issued a challenge to Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. The request accepted and the two will meet on Smackdown's debut on FOX.

Kofi Kingston .vs. Brock Lesnar - Smackdown on FOX - October 4th 2019

The firm has installed Lesnar as a 1/3 favourite to win the match. A successful defence for Kingston will pay out at odds of 9/4.

For what it's worth, Brock Lesnar has also been moved to 1/3 in the 'WWE Champion After Kofi Kingston' special that's also available from Sky Bet.

Two nights after the FOX show, WWE will air its WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 event from Sacramento, California. Already confirmed for the show are two Raw title matches.

The first will see Becky Lynch defend the women's title against Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell.

Banks won their Clash of Champions meeting by disqualification and has been installed as a favourite to win here in another cell match. She's 2/7 to the champion's 9/4.

WWE Universal Champion -Seth Rollins - will defend his title against Bray Wyatt as well. As of this morning, Sky Bet lists the challenger as a 1/5 favourite. A decision in favour of Rollins is being offered at 10/3.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The Ratings For NXT's Debut On The USA Network Are In

The ratings for last night's NXT debut on the USA Network are in and this will mean that a betting market from Kambi will now be graded.

According to, the show had an average audience of 1,179,000.

Now that the result is in, Kambi will settle a betting market that was first published last month which allowed customers to gamble on the TV rating.

The bookmaker gave customers three spreads to choose from - 'Under 1 Million',  '1.0-1.49 Million' and '1.5 Million or More'.

As you can see in the table below, the action appeared to have landed on the option with the higher rating as its price descended from 7/4 to 4/5 over the period customers were able to wager on it.

The winning selection - '1.0 - 1.49 Million' - started out at 9/10, but drifted to a closing 6/4 following the decline of '1.5 Million Or More'.

NXT Debut On The USA Network Betting Result - September 19th 2019

All eyes will now be on NXT's performance next week and, most importantly, on October 2nd when it goes head-to-head with All Elite Wrestling's debut on TNT in the United States.

Becky Lynch .vs. Sasha Banks Wins Match Of The Night For Clash 2019 And More

The Becky Lynch versus Sasha Banks match, from this past Sunday's WWE Clash of Champion 2019 PPV, was given the most stars in Dave Meltzer's review of the event.

This means that all of the Wrestling Observer themed star ratings betting markets that were published by Kambi for the Pay-Per-View will now be settled.

Sasha Banks' disqualification win over the WWE Raw Women's Champion was given three-and-three quarter stars from Meltzer.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Highest Rated Match

The match qualified as 'Any Women Match' in a market in which customers could have gambled on the bout that would end up being the 'Highest Rated' in the issue. It was a 33/20 second-favourite to the AJ Styles .vs. Cedric Alexander match for the United States Championship match, which received two stars from the reviewer.

With the highest rated match picking up 3.75 Stars, another market which gave customers the opportunity to punt on the 'Exact Star Rating of the Highest Rated Match' will now be settled with the 'Exactly 3.75 Stars' selection settled as a 9/4 win.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Exact Star Rating Of Highest Rated Match

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were placed in a head-to-head in opposition to the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match, which saw Bayley beat Charlotte Flair. The latter was given one-and-a-quarter stars in the review, so 'WWE Raw Women's Championship' turned out to be the correct favourite. It was 17/20 from Thursday all the way through to the start of the show on Sunday night.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Head-to-Head Wagering

Kambi's Over/Under line for the match was set at three-and-a-half stars, so the 'Over' won by quarter of a star at odds of 13/10. As you can see below, the market had little to no activity from the day it was installed right up to its closing.

Raw Women's Championship
O 3.5
E 3.5
U 3.5
12/9 7:00PM

In a post published yesterday, I noted that the oddsmakers have already released star ratings O/U lines for the two matches announced for the upcoming WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV one of which is a rematch of this month's highest rated bout.

Becky and Sasha are going to have to go one better this time as the line for their Hell in a Cell match is 3.75.

For those interested, they've set a line of 3.50 for Seth Rollins' Universal Title defence against Bray Wyatt.

Results Of Other Over-Under/Props/Specials
Here are the results for all of the other O/U lines from last Sunday's PPV.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Over/Under Results

The majority fell below the lines that Kambi set up. The linemaker had the main event correct as Meltzer rated it exactly on the nose - 3.50 Stars.

As mentioned above, the WWE United States Championship match was Kambi's favourite to end up being match of the night. It appeared in a head-to-head market where it had to get more star ratings than either of Seth Rollins' performances of the night.

The two stars given to the US Championship contest did not fare well against both of Rollins' matches. 

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman's failed WWE Raw Tag Team Championship defence beat Styles .vs. Alexander by quarter of a star while Rollins' successful Universal Championship defence against Strowman won by a star-and-a-half.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Head-to-Head Wagering

Gamblers evidently felt the US Championship match would win the head-to-head as the odds for the selection fell from 4/6 into 13/25 between Thursday and Sunday evening. The eventual winner began at 7/5 and was 33/20 when the market closed.

There were a couple of proposition markets available for the show.

The first - titled 'Curtain Raiser' - asked customers to bet whether or not they thought the match that would end up being the highest rated would end up being placed as the opening match on the main card.

The 'No' was backed from 7/25 into 1/4 and this turned out to be the correct play as Becky Lynch .vs. Sasha Banks was the sixth match of the PPV.

WWE Clash of Champions 2019 Observer Betting: Prop Bets

'Joint Winners' gave customers the opportunity to wager on there being more than one match with the highest star rating in Dave Meltzer's review. This obviously went to the 'No' as the three-and-three-quarters for the Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks match wasn't equalled by the rest of the card.

I'll return with another one of these results posts following Hell in a Cell next month.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lesnar A 2/5 Favourite To Beat Kingston On October 4th And More

Brock Lesnar has opened as a 2/5 favourite to beat Kofi Kingston in their WWE Championship clash that's scheduled for WWE Smackdown's debut on FOX.

The bout, which was set up on last night's Smackdown, will take place on October 4th.

Kambi opened a market for the match today with the champion a 7/4 underdog to his challenger.

As well as the match winner market, the 'Title Holder At End Of Listed Event' market I wrote about THIS MORNING has been republished with the two remaining names left in contention on it.

WWE Champion After Smackdown's Debut On FOX

Lesnar - who was 5/1 when the market was last seen - is now an 11/25 favourite. The odds for Kofi Kingston to retain, and leave the show with his reign intact, are now at 8/5. This is up from the previous price of 23/20.

All future coverage of the 'Title Holder' market will focus only on Kingston and Lesnar starting with today's pricing.

The bookies have also created a 'Method of Decision' market in which customers can bet on how they believe the match will end.

'Pinfall' is a 1/7 favourite. A 'Submission' is 9/2 and 'Any Other Method' is 5/2.

Method Of Decision Betting For Kofi Kingston .vs. Brock Lesnar On October 4th 2019 WWE Smackdown

Kambi Publishes HIAC 2019 Match Markets

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published markets for two bouts that have been confirmed for the upcoming WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV.

The first will see Sasha Banks once again challenge Becky Lynch for the WWE Raw Women's Championship.

This time, the pair will square off inside the Hell in a Cell structure. As of the time of writing, Banks is a 1/4 favourite. A decision for the titleholder will pay out at odds of 5/2.

The WWE Universal Championship will also be contested inside the cell as Seth Rollins defends his strap against 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt.

Kambi has placed the champion at 9/5. The Fiend is 4/11.

Among other specials, such as 'Method of Decision', there are Wrestling Observer star ratings Over/Under markets available for the two matches.

There is a line of 3.75 stars for the women's match while the Universal Championship contest has one of 3.50 stars.

Kingston .vs. Lesnar Set For Smackdown's FOX Debut

Kofi Kingston .vs. Brock Lesnar Set For WWE Smackdown Debut

Brock Lesnar will challenge Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on the first WWE Smackdown that will air on FOX.

The October 4th bout was set up on last night's episode of Smackdown.

Following The New Day's trios win against Randy Orton and The Revival, Lesnar - with Paul Heyman - confronted the WWE Champion and issued a challenge.

With the title bout now confirmed for the show, my focus is now on a betting market - published by Kambi earlier this year - which allowed customers to gamble on who would leave the debut episode on the new channel as WWE Champion.

As you can see in the table below, when the market was first installed, Kambi had Kingston at 25/1 to walk out of Los Angeles with the strap. Seeing as he was champion at the time the market was created, I thought 25/1 was being far too generous so placed a very small bet on Kofi.

The other potential WWE Champion coming out of the October 4th broadcast - Lesnar - was 7/2 on day one.

WWE Champion At The End Of October 4th Smackdown Betting

The market was adjusted on August 29th with Kofi Kingston a 23/20 favourite. 

Lesnar's price fluctuated in the months that the market was available. This coincided with him becoming Money in the Bank winner and his brief stint as WWE Universal Championship. However, when the market was last seen - which was over a fortnight ago - customers could have found him at 5/1.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

KOTR 2019 Betting: After Week 5

After five weeks of weekly tournament action, the King of the Ring tournament has concluded with Baron Corbin being crowned winner.

Throughout the entire tournament, I've published weekly posts with updates pointing out how certain markets for the tourney ended up being settled and will conclude this coverage in this post.

Before I get to all of the specials that have been settled from Corbin's victory, I can safely say that a market, published by Kambi, in which customers could have bet on the 'Exact Composition of Finalists' will be settled with 'Baron Corbin .vs. Chad Gable' being the winning selection.

The eventual winning selection of 'Corbin .vs. Gable' was not even in the running when the market was initially priced up in late-August. It made its way into contention when the market was readjusted on September 4th and was available at 33/20.

By the morning of Monday September 9th, which was the last day Kambi took bets on it, the selection was cut from the aforementioned 33/20 into 9/10 and stayed at this price right up to later that day when betting was closed before the first semi-final took place on WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Exact Composition Of Finalists Market

Another one of Kambi's markets for the final, which was published on August 28th and was closed on September 9th, was a special that allowed customers to bet on the 'Losing Finalist'.

When it was first installed, 'Chad Gable' was 10/1. However, after winning against Andrade in the quarter finals, his price began to decline and - on the day the market closed - he was an even money favourite to lose the final.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Losing Finalist Market

As mentioned in a post published last night, Corbin closed as a 4/7 favourite in a match winner market Sky Bet created for the final.

The eventual winner had started out at 4/9, so it would appear that the punters felt that Gable had a chance of winning.

Baron Corbin
Chad Gable
12/9 9:30PM
16/9 6:30PM
16/9 10:10PM

Sky Bet had match markets for the quarter finals and semi finals and also had an outright winner special during the tournament (see links at bottom of this page). The company had the best price out of the three sports betting firms that released an outright winner for the tournament. As you'll see in the table below, Corbin was 16/1 to be crowned king in mid-August.

By last Monday, when the market was last seen, Corbin was the favourite at odds of 6/4.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Sky Bet Outright Winner

William Hill also closed its market on Monday September 9th with Corbin a 6/4 favourite. The bookmaker opened its tournament winner special on the same day as Sky Bet, but had the eventual winner at a lower 13/2 than Sky Bet's 16s.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: William Hill Outright Winner

Kambi - the only other sportsbook that I am aware of that had an outright winner market - opened its book a day after Sky Bet and William Hill and had Corbin at 4/1. The market was taken down yesterday evening with the two finalists being the last selections left in the running.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi Outright Winner

Corbin closed as a 13/25 favourite.

As I have covered in all of the other 'KOTR 2019 Betting' posts, Kambi had 'Stage of Elimination' markets in which customers could gamble on where the participants' tournament came to a close.

The special for Baron Corbin was published on August 16th and the options were: 'Quarter Finals or Before', 'Semi-Final or Losing Finalist' or 'Tournament Winner'. The eventual winner was 4/1 and remained at that price when the price for Corbin to have an early exit was cut from 33/20 into 6/5.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's 'Stage Of Elimination' Market For Baron Corbin

Corbin's 'Stage of Elimination' market was last seen on August 26th, which is not something I can say for the one which allowed customers to gamble on Chad Gable's 'Stage of Elimination'.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's 'Stage Of Elimination' Market For Chad Gable

The Gable special was created shortly before WWE announced the tournament bracket on August 16th. All of Kambi's King of the Ring specials were removed shortly after that and were gone until five days later. 

The Gable market did not return along with the others. I surmise this is because - with Gable drawing Shelton Benjamin in 'Round 1' and with the potential of meeting Andrade in the quarter final - the 'Quarter or Semi Final' looked like an obvious exit.

I doubt anybody backed it, but - if they had - the winning selection ended up being 'Reaches Final' and it was 17/1 for the short time the market existed.

There were plenty of other tournament specials from Kambi for the tournament. 

A 'Top Babyface .vs. Top Heels' market gave customers the opportunity to wager on who they thought would win the tournament in groups. 

The selections were split into three categories. 'Top Babyfaces' consisted of Ali, Cedric Alexander, Kevin Owens, Ricochet and The Miz while the 'Top Heels' were Andrade, Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Elias and Samoa Joe. The participants I didn't name, including Chad Gable, all made up the 'Others' grouping.

So, from betting, the winning selection turned out to be the 'Top Heel' group which started out at 1/3 on August 16th, but had declined to 1/10 within ten days.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's First Babyfaces .vs. Heels Market

That wasn't the only 'Babyfaces .vs. Heels' special that was made. 

When the tournament was in progress, a new 'Babyfaces .vs. Heels' special was published. The heel group, consisting of the the baddies left in the tourney - Andrade, Baron Corbin, Elias and Samoa Joe - started out as  2/5 favourites on August 28th but fell to 11/25 in a little over a day. The counter group of babyfaces (Ali, Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable and Ricochet) opened at 7/4.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Second Babyfaces .vs. Heels Market

The winning group was moved to 11/10 on September 4th and stayed at this price right up to the day the semi-finals began.

Last night's finalists are both from the United States of America, so this means that 'USA' will be the winning selection in a betting market in which clients could have bet on the 'Nationality of Winner'.

In this special, the 'USA' was up against 'Canada' and the 'Rest of the World'.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Nationality Of Winner Market

The winning selection started out at 11/10 and was adjusted to 8/13 on August 21st after 'Canada' was taken out of the running following Kevin Owens' elimination in the first round. 

'USA' began to drift out as customers sided with the 'Rest of the World' and - by the time the market closed - the selection was up to 5/2.

There was also a 'Brand of Winner' special which allowed customers to gamble on the roster the eventual winner is a member of.

'Raw' opened as a 21/50 favourite and - when it was last made available on September 9th - had ended up at 1/4 following some back-and-forth betting within the near month.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Brand Of Winner Market

An alphabet market was also created. In it, customers could gamble on the first letter in the name of the winner.

There were three options to chose from. They were 'A-B', 'C-D' and 'E-Z'. 

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Alphabet Market

The group 'B' was included in started out at 7/5 on August 16th. It was then adjusted to 17/20 on August 21st and declined from there. By the time the market was last available on August 26th, the selection had dropped into 7/10, which made it a closing joint-favourite with the 'C-D' selection.

Finally, there was a special in which customers could bet on the 'Age of Winner'. There were two selections the gamblers could choose from. They were '34 Years or Less' and '35 Years or More'.

As I noted in THIS POST last week, when the two wrestlers qualified for the final, both were thirty-four years old. However, Baron Corbin turned thirty-five last Friday. This, therefore, moved him into representing the '35 Years or More' category, which had started out as a 7/5 underdog on August 16th and had climbed to 15/4 before the market closed on August 26th.

WWE King of the Ring 2019 Betting: Kambi's Age of Winner Market

I hope you enjoyed this weekly look at the King of the Ring betting coverage. Here are the links for the other parts in the series.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Odds For Tonight's KOTR Final

Kambi's King of the Ring 'Tournament Winner' market was taken down a short time ago.

I'll write more about it once we know who has been crowned king, but the closing favourite was Baron Corbin at 13/25.

Corbin's fellow finalist, Chad Gable, was 13/10 when the market was closed.

Even though he closed as the outsider to Corbin, Gable's price declined across the past few days.

Sky Bet's match winner market is still available until 11:00PM BST and it also has Corbin a favourite although - from betting -  it's once again Gable who appears to be the punters' pick.

As you can see in the table below, Gable was 13/8 when I came across the market on Thursday night. I made frequent visits to the website and noticed that Gable had dipped to 11/8 early this evening and had moved down to 5/4 when I looked before writing this post.

Baron Corbin
Chad Gable
12/9 9:30PM
16/9 6:30PM
16/9 10:10PM

A Look At Kambi's AEW Championship Specials

In the most recent post, I pointed out that - while WWE Clash of Champions was on air - Kambi released betting markets for AEW Full Gear. They weren't the only AEW markets Kambi published last night.

A couple of AEW World Championship markets were released. The first is a special in which customers can place wagers on when Chris Jericho drops the title while the second allows punters to gamble on the person who succeeds the titleholder.

There are two selections available in the market when customers can gamble on the date Jericho loses his title (there's a joke there somewhere).

'Before/During March 1 2020' is a 1/2 favourite while the opposing option - 'After March 1 2020' is out at 7/5.

AEW Betting - Time Jericho Loses AEW World Championship

Kenny Omega is a 3/4 favourite to succeed Jericho as titleholder in the 'Champion After' market. The list contains other names like Jericho's next challenger Cody (5/4) and his most recent opponent - Adam 'Hangman' Page (6/1).

You can view all the early prices in the image below.

AEW World Championship Betting - Titleholder After Chris Jericho

Kambi's First AEW Full Gear Markets

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published markets for the matches that have been announced for the next AEW pay-per-view.

AEW Full Gear will take place on November 9th and two bouts are already scheduled for the show.

The first is a match that was originally set to occur at AEW All Out - Jon Moxley .vs. Kenny Omega - while the second is the AEW Heavyweight Championship contest which will see Chris Jericho defend his title against Cody.

Moxley has been installed as an 8/13 favourite to defeat Omega in their match. A decision in favour of the Canadian will pay out at odds of 23/20.

For what it's worth, when the market for what turned out to be the scratched match from AEW All Out, both wrestlers were priced at 17/20.

Chris Jericho is an 11/25 favourite to successfully retain the AEW Heavyweight Championship against his challenger.

Cody is 8/5 to get the W.

Kambi has also published Wrestling Observer star ratings over/under markets for the two matches. Both have been given lines of 4.25 Stars.

Kambi Publishes NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Specials

On Saturday, the oddsmakers from Kambi released a couple of specials markets for NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14.

Unlike previous years, the 2020 edition of the show will take place over two nights - the annual January 4th date and the following night. Both events will take place at the Tokyo Dome.

Even though there has been no confirmation yet, there have been hints - made by Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi - that January 5th's main event could be a battle between the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champions with the winner taking both straps.

With the possibility that a title .vs. title match is the plan for January, the Kambi oddsmakers have created specials where clients can wager on who is holding the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the conclusion of 'Day 2' and what the 'Exact Composition' of match opponents is.

Barring a loss of the title shot briefcase he won by winning this year's G1 Climax over the coming months, Kota Ibushi will challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on January 4th.

If the title .vs. title idea reaches fruition, then the winner of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match on January 4th will then go on to face whoever the Intercontinental Champion is on the 5th.

As of this moment, it looks like Kazuchika Okada .vs. Kota Ibushi will be the IWGP Heavyweight Championship contest on Janaury 4th and, unless he loses it before then, the Intercontinental Champion - Tetsuya Naito - will then meet the winner in the title .vs. title match the following night.

It is also likely that Naito will defend his strap on January 4th just so they have more intrigue for the title versus title match.

From a betting perspective, Ibushi opened as an even money favourite to leave night two as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

The person who has talked about being a double champion for quite some time (ie before Ibushi) - Naito - was a 7/4 second-favourite.

They were both followed by the current titleholder at 2/1.

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Betting - IWGP Heavyweight Champion On Night 2

As noted, the two wrestlers who have voiced a wish to be a double champion have been Ibushi and Naito, so it was unsurprising to me to see 'Kota Ibushi .vs. Tetsuya Naito' as the favourite in Kambi's 'Exact Composition of Match' market in which customers have to wager on the match they believe will be contested for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on night two.

It is 13/10.

The joint-second favourite is Okada .vs. Ibushi, which is the scheduled match for January 4th. Therefore, I believe it should have slightly higher odds than the 5/2 on offer.

The other match in second is one that would see - if the title .vs. title route happens - Kazuchika Okada successfully defend the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Kota Ibushi on January 4th and then meet Tetsuya Naito the following evening.

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Betting - Exact Composition Of IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match On Night 2

This post was written on Sunday afternoon. I decided to wait until Clash of Champions was out of the way before I published it. I focused on the opening odds for both markets. The current prices might have changed by now. If they have, I'll post another update within the next few days.

WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE Clash of Champions 2019 favourites at the time the PPV was startng.

They are ranked in order of strength of odds with the wrestler/s with the shortest price first.

Seth Rollins -475
AJ Styles -400 (Kick Off Winner)
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross -390
Roman Reigns -310
Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler -280
Drew Gulak -230 (Kick Off Winner)
Shinsuke Nakamura -190
New Day -185
Kofi Kingston -160
Sasha Banks -160
Bayley -155

Odds from 5Dimes.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Clash 2019 Odds Notes

Here are some notes after looking through the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Clash of Champions markets.
  • AJ Styles has dropped from -350 into -400. His opponent, Cedric Alexander, has moved out to +280 from +250
  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have moved to -390 from -350 in the market for their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship defence against Mandy Rose and Sony Deville. The challengers are now +270 outsiders from +250
  • Roman Reigns has dropped from -290 into -310 while Erick Rowan has moved to +230 from +210
  • Sasha Banks is now a -160 favourite to win in the WWE Raw Women's Championship match. She was -140 a little over half an hour ago. A win for Becky Lynch will now pay out at odds of +120 - this is up from +100
  • The Miz's price to win the Intercontinental Championship match has been snipped from +165 into +150. Shinsuke Nakamura has moved from -215 to -190
  • The New Day remain -185 favourites over The Revival (+145) in the Smackdown Tag Team Championship market
  • 'The Field' against Drew Gulak - in the Cruiserweight Championship market - has declined from +210 into +170. The titleholder is now a -230 fave from -290. His opponents' individual prices remain unchanged (Carrillo +220, Dorado +1,100)
  • Randy Orton has lowered from +145 into +120. The WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, has moved up from -185 into -160
  • Seth Rollins has dropped to -475 from -400 to successfully retain the WWE Universal Championship from Braun Strowman (now +325 from +280)
  • No change for Rollins and Strowman (+200) .vs. Roode and Ziggler (-280)
  • Bayley is still a -155 fave to beat Charlotte Flair (+115) in the Smackdown Women's Championship market
Prices correct as of 10:35PM BST.

Sasha Banks Returns To Favouritism In Clash 2019 Betting

Sasha Banks has returned to favouritism in the WWE Clash of Champions 2019 betting market that's available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Earlier this evening, I pointed out that the challenger to Becky Lynch's WWE Raw Women's Championship had fallen from +100 to -110. The decline now sees Banks more to -140.

With Banks back into favouritism, the titleholder has moved from the previous price of -130 into +100.

Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks
12/9 8:00AM
12/9 3:20PM
13/9 8:00AM
15/9 3:40PM
15/9 5:00PM
15/9 10:00PM

Sasha Banks has been a favourite over here in Europe since this weekend. As you can see, in the table below, I noticed she was 4/5 with Sky Bet when I looked over the market this morning. Her price declined to 4/6 this evening.

Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks
4/9 6:45PM
14/9 9:30AM
15/9 11:00AM
15/9 9:25PM

The only other 5Dimes market in which I've noticed adjustments - as of 10PM BST - is the one for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match.

Drew Gulak has fallen to -290 from -230. The bookies have kept his opponents' prices at +220 for Humberto Carrillo and +1,100 for Lince Dorado, but have increased 'The Field' versus Gulak from +170 to +210.

12/9 8:00AM
13/9 8:00AM
13/9 9:00PM
14/9 9:00AM
14/9 11:00PM
15/9 10:00PM