Monday, 25 March 2019

Lynch At -320 In Mania Betting

Becky Lynch's odds to win the WWE Raw Women's Championship have dipped in a WrestleMania 35 betting market at 5Dimes since this afternoon's announcement that the bout will be the main event of the April 7th show.

When I checked in this morning, Lynch was still a -280 favourite to overcome the titleholder, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair in the triple threat match. She is now down to -320.

As a result of Lynch's price moving in, the bookmakers have moved Flair up from +650 into +975. Rousey has slightly increased from +320 to +325.

A wager on 'The Field' versus Becky Lynch will now pay out at +240. This was increased from the +200 customers would have found this morning.

This is the only change that has been made to 5Dimes' WrestleMania markets since this morning's visit.

BetOnline Hangs Gronk At +150 To 'Fight In WWE' Next

Following on from last night's news that Rob Gronkowski has retired from pro football, the oddsmakers from BetOnline have opened up a market offering the former tight end at +150 to 'fight in WWE'.

The market - which asks the punter - 'what will he do next?' has the WWE option as a favourite. It's followed by other potential, and not so potential, landing spots.

The entire list is:

To fight in WWE +150
NFL Commentator +200
Actor +500
Host a Podcast +500
Play in NFL +1,000
Play in AAF +3,300
Play in XFL +3,300
Male Stripper +5,000
Play in CFL +5,000

This 'Specials' market is found under 'Futures' on the sportsbook menu of the BetOnline Website.

WWE Confirms Its WrestleMania 35 Main Event

WrestleMania 35
WWE has sent out a press release confirming that Ronda Rousey .vs. Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair will be the main event of WrestleMania 35.

The release states that 'for the first time in WWE history, a women's match will be the main event of WrestleMania as the Raw Women's Championship featuring Ronda Rousey (c) .vs. Charlotte Flair .vs. Becky Lynch will take place on Sunday, April 7 in front of a capacity crowd at MetLife Stadium and streaming live (sic) on WWE Network around the world.'

This news shouldn't be surprising to many considering the three ladies have been in the midst of a feud dating back to last year.

From a betting perspective, the triple threat match has been a favourite to go last in markets that have been available from firms like Sky Bet and the websites that offer Kambi's WWE coverage.

I'll write more about how the markets were adjusted over the months they were available in the days following the event.

As of earlier today, the selection was 1/100 with Sky Bet and 1/16 from Kambi.

Angle Market Republished By Kambi

The oddsmakers from Kambi have republished a Kurt Angle special that has been MIA for the past few days.

I first wrote about it in this post from Wednesday. It allows customers to bet on who Angle's opponent - or opponents - will be at WrestleMania 35.

As we know, Angle has announced that Baron Corbin will be his WrestleMania 35 opponent in what is being billed as a farewell match. However, the announcement has been met by criticism and suspicion with some believing that John Cena will end up being the person who competes in Kurt Angle's final match.

With that in mind, the bookies have produced a special in which customers can bet on Angle meeting Corbin at Mania, Cena at Mania or to wrestle BOTH men in separate singles matches during the PPV.
When I first wrote about the market, the selection covering a 'singles match vs Baron Corbin only and no more matches during the event' was 8/13, the one for Kurt Angle .vs. John Cena only was 23/10 and the selection covering 'different singles matches against both Baron Corbin and John Cena during the event' was 7/5.

You can see, in the table below, that the consensus of the early bettors appear to have backed the selection that covers a match with John Cena only as it was moved down to 4/6 while the other selections moved out.

Kurt Angle At WrestleMania 35 Betting

Today's readjusted pricing points to the Baron Corbin selection having been cut as it has been snipped from 2/1 into 7/4.

The scenario with Angle facing both wrestlers - in separate matches - on April 7th has stalled at 6/4 after moving out from 7/5 on Thursday.

Angle is set to wrestle AJ Styles on tomorrow night's episode of WWE Smackdown.

Cena Back Into Favourite To Oppose Angle At WrestleMania

John Cena has returned to favouritism in a betting market which will pay out on Kurt Angle's singles opponent at WrestleMania 35.

Sky Bet moved the wrestler from 5/6 into 4/6 sometime between yesterday's post and today. 

As a result of Cena moving in, Baron Corbin - who is the currently advertised opponent for Angle's farewell match - has been moved to 11/10 from 5/6.

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent

You can see in the table above that Cena was a favourite before last week's announcement by Angle which indicated that Corbin would be his last opponent.

The revelation was underwhelming to many.

Some are of the belief - and are technically betting - that this is all leading to a swerve which will lead to Cena locking up with Angle in the latter's career finale.

Rollins Moves To -250 At 5Dimes

In a couple of posts published yesterday, I noted that Brock Lesnar's odds to win his WWE Universal Championship defence against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35 had declined slightly on the 5Dimes website.

Well, this morning's update is a reverse of that.

Sometime after 9:30PM GMT and 11:00AM this morning, Rollins shortened into -250.

Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins
17/3 10:00PM
24/3 4:00PM
24/3 9:30PM
25/3 11:00AM

It's the only match market that has been adjusted since yesterday evening.

I have no plans to extensively cover the two battle royal outright winner markets this year. However, I will point out how the favourites' prices are when contrasted to 'The Field'.

The event is far too stacked up and I feel following every selection in those markets will be time consuming. I am already on record stating that I strongly believe Braun Strowman will win the men's battle royal and I also have an idea for the women's match, but will wait until at least one market is published until I mention who she (or he - if Santina Marella is there) is.

This doesn't mean I intend to ignore everything in those markets. For example, following last night, Andrade was moved down from +3,000 to +2,000 and Rob Gronkowski fell from +8,000 into +4,500. I've highlighted those two names because someone I know believes Andrade has a chance and I was intrigued to see if the overseas punters would back the latter following his retirement from American football.

5Dimes' WWE markets are found under 'Pro Wrestling' on the sportsbook's website. The sportsbook's founder is still missing as of the time of writing - please read this post for most of the details.

Sky Bet's Gronk Specials And More

Rob Gronkowski - tight end of the New England Patriots American football team - announced his retirement from the sport yesterday evening. 

It didn't take long, following the news breaking, for wrestling fans to speculate that Gronk's next move would be to work for WWE.

As many of you are sure to be aware, the former football player is friends with Mojo Rawley and has appeared in and out of the ring at many WWE events, so being involved in pro wrestling post-football isn't as unlikely as it would for any other major football player who has called it time on his playing career.

Sky Bet has reacted to yesterday's news by publishing a handful of Rob Gronkowski specials to its 'Ongoing Specials' markets. Here's what they have:

Rob Gronkowski to appear live in person at any WWE PPV up to and including WrestleMania 36
The bookies have given this 4/6. It includes all WWE PPVs up to next year's WrestleMania. Doing this early obviously means the punter has two Manias covered.

By the way, Gronk appearing at this year's Mania has been cut from 5/2 into 2/1 in Sky Bet's appearance specials since the news broke.

Rob Gronkowski to wrestle in a match on a TV episode of Raw or Smackdown before WrestleMania 36
This is 3/1. Here's the thing - if Gronk ever works for WWE, I am sure it'll be infrequent. Therefore, the chance is more likely that it'll be on a PPV. However, with Smackdown starting on Fox later this year, I intend to place a small wager on this option at 3/1. Gronk wrestling on TV would surely bring eyeballs to Fox.

Rob Gronkowski to wrestle in a tag team with Mojo Rawley in a televised match up to and including WrestleMania 36 
I was asked by a reporter on Twitter yesterday evening what kind of odds a bookmaker would set for this happening. Well - the answer is 4/1!

Rob Gronkowski and Mojo Rawley to become AEW Tag Team Champions before 1st January 2021
This one goes beyond WrestleMania 36 and will pay out at odds of 10/1 if Gronk and Rawley become All Elite Wrestling talent and win the company's tag team titles. I cannot see this happening. Rawley's job in WWE became safer with Gronk's retirement.

Rob Gronkowski to beat Brock Lesnar in a WWE match up to and including WrestleMania 36
The bookies have given 16/1 for Gronk to beat Brock Lesnar in a match before - or during - next year's WrestleMania. You know what? it's highly unlikely, but this has become an instant dream match for this Indianapolis Colts fan.

Rob Gronkowski to win the WWE Championship or Universal Championship up to and including WrestleMania 36
The bookies have given 33/1 for Gronk to win either of the premier titles in WWE before the end of next year's WrestleMania. There would surely be a meltdown of the highest order if this were to happen.

Rob Gronkowski to win the 2020 Royal Rumble
Gronkowski is 66/1 to win the 2020 Royal Rumble in these specials.

Rob Gronkowski to win the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match in 2019
If Gronk were to become this year's Mr. Money in the Bank, the bookies will reward punters at odds of 100/1. 

There are other ways to bet on Gronk outside of these markets. I've already pointed out that he is 2/1 to make an appearance at WrestleMania 35. Those who'd like to gamble on him winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal can also find him available on the list there.

As I wrote back on February 16th, when the market was first published, I placed a speculative punt on Gronk winning the battle royal because it would play into a story from a couple of years ago when he was there to see his friend, Mojo Rawley, win it. He was 100/1 when I backed him. I checked his price last night shortly after his retirement was announced and he was 66s. He's now down to 25/1.

With that said, I strongly believe Braun Strowman will end up winning the battle royal now. 

If Vince McMahon is going to remove Strowman from a Royal Rumble match against Brock Lesnar in order to protect him from having to lose again, he isn't going to put him in a comedy feud with two comedians for Mania season and have them get one over on him on the big night. 

I believe the end result will be Strowman, Colin Jost and Michael Che celebrating Strowman's battle royal win. 

Don't ask me how they get there.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Paddy Power's NXT TakeOver: New York Markets

Betfair / Paddy Power have also published markets for NXT TakeOver: New York.

The prices are:

Adam Cole 4/7
Johnny Gargano 6/5

Velveteen Dream 2/5
Matt Riddle 7/4

Walter 4/6
Pete Dunne EVS

Shayna Baszler 4/5
Bianca Belair 5/4
Kairi Sane 15/2
Io Shirai 9/1

This means that there are more opportunities for punters to bet on this show. Sky Bet published its own markets earlier.

Prices were correct as of 10:50PM GMT today.

More Mania 35 Markets From 5Dimes

More WrestleMania 35 betting opportunities have become available to customers of the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Earlier today, I published a post noting that the oddsmakers had installed a market in which customers could place wagers on Braun Strowman or 'The Field' winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Since the post went live, more names have been added to the sportsbook's Pro Wrestling page. For example, Curt Hawkins - who had been a favourite over here in Europe - is +900.

For what it's worth, Strowman's price is now slightly lower than earlier. He is now at +140 - a dip from +150. 'The Field' has moved up to -180 from -190.

There are new match markets as well.

Kurt Angle is -245 against Baron Corbin (+175).

WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, is -280 to successfully retain his strap against former ally, Tony Nese (+200).

The US Championship market has been priced up similarly with Samoa Joe -280 to Rey Mysterio's +200.

Markets that have been available before today have been adjusted since the recent update. Most of the changes have gone the way of the outsiders.

Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins
17/3 10:00PM
24/3 4:00PM
24/3 9:30PM

As you can see above, Brock Lesnar - who I mentioned had dipped from +175 into +160 today - is now down to +155 to win the WWE Universal Championship match.

Seth Rollins remains a favourite, but his price has moved up to -195 from -210.

Shane McMahon has lowered from +335 to +275 for his meeting with The Miz (-505 to -395).

Another underdog who has been backed is Batista. He has dropped to +200 from +230. A win for Triple H is now -280. This is better than the earlier -310.

The WWE Raw Women's Championship market has been adjusted with both outsiders - Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair -  lowered.

Titleholder, Rousey, is now at +320 from +350 and Flair is +650 from +950. Due to their price lowering, the bookies have moved the favourite, Becky Lynch, up from -350 into -280.

Those looking to fade Rousey by backing 'The Field' will now find the selection at +200, which is a drop from its previous number of +250.

The exception to the latest adjustments moving in favour of the outsiders is Randy Orton.

He has dropped to -165 from -160 while AJ Styles has increased to +125 from +120.

5Dimes' WWE markets are found under 'Pro Wrestling' on the sportsbook's website. The sportsbook's founder is still missing as of the time of writing - please read this post for most of the details.

Sky Bet's NXT TakeOver: New York Markets Published

Sky Bet has published markets for NXT TakeOver: New York.

As of the time of writing, the oddsmakers have published four markets.

NXT Women's Champion - Shayna Baszler - has been priced up at 10/11 to successfully retain her strap against Bianca Belair (6/5), Kairi Sane (8/1) and Io Shirai (12/1) in a fatal four-way match.

NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne, is a 4/5 favourite against Walter (10/11). This one surprised me because I was expecting Walter to be the opening fave.

There's also an NXT North American Championship market with Velveteen Dream a short 2/5 fave to retain with the W against Matt Riddle (7/4).

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole are set to face each other in a best-out-of-three falls match to crown a new NXT Champion after Tomasso Ciampa had to surrender it through injury. The bookies have Cole at 1/2 while Gargano is 6/4.

The event will take place on the Friday before WrestleMania 35 and will air live on The WWE Network.

9PM Update: Walter has now moved to 4/5 and Dunne to 10/11.

Strowman +150 To Win Andre Battle Royal With 5Dimes And More

The oddsmakers from 5Dimes have installed Braun Strowman at +150 to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35.

As of the time of writing, customers can choose to bet on Strowman with the plus odds or fade him by taking 'The Field' at -190.

This is the most recent market to be added to 5Dimes' coverage of the PPV. I have been visiting the website regularly since last week's post in which I pointed out a few markets had been released. All of the markets had been stationary until sometime after 8AM GMT today.

One market has changed and it has seen WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, snipped from +175 into +160.

Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins
17/3 10:00PM
24/3 4:00PM

With Lesnar moving down, the oddsmakers have pushed Seth Rollins up from -245 into -210.

5Dimes' WWE markets are found under 'Pro Wrestling' on the sportsbook's menu.

Cena And Corbin Now Joint-Favourites In Angle Market

John Cena and Baron Corbin are now 5/6 joint-favourites to oppose Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35.

I've been following a betting market that was published shortly after it was announced that Kurt Angle will wrestle his farewell match at WrestleMania and especially since this week's episode of WWE Raw in which Angle announced Baron Corbin as his opponent.

With fans believing there'll be a swerve - which will see John Cena becoming Angle's Mania rival - the price for Cena has been on the descent since Tuesday.

As a result of this, the currently advertised opponent - despite remaining the favourite - has been drifting.

The 'John Cena' selection was EVS when I looked this morning. It has now been snipped into the aforementioned 5/6. 

Corbin - on the other hand - has been moved from 4/7.

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent Betting
Click on image to expand

Cena Down To EVS In Angle Opponent Market

John Cena is now at evens to be Kurt Angle's singles opponent at WrestleMania 35 in a market from Sky Bet.

The second favourite has been on the descent since the market was republished on Tuesday morning after Angle announced he would wrestle Baron Corbin at the event on April 7th. Many fans are expecting some sort of swerve with John Cena to be eventually revealed as Angle's final opponent.

With the punters evidently hoping in the aforementioned scenario playing out, Baron Corbin's price has been drifting since Tuesday. However, he remains at the price he was yesterday morning - 4/7.

You can view how I've kept track of the moves by clicking on the table below.

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent

Saturday, 23 March 2019

No Change In Angle Mania Market

It's a case of no change in regards to Sky Bet's 'Who Will Be Kurt Angle's Singles Opponent?' market for WrestleMania 35.

All the selections are still showing the same pricing as yesterday morning's visit.

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent Odds - March 23rd AM

Baron Corbin is still a 4/7 favourite with John Cena in close second at 5/4.

You can view how I've followed the markets in this post from yesterday.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Reports That Hulk Hogan Will Be At Mania 35

Mike Johnson from PW Insider is reporting that Hulk Hogan is being lined up to appear at WrestleMania 35.

The news didn't really surprise me as I have suspected Hogan would be brought back at Mania and have pointed out in numerous posts that there is a betting market that's offering +260 on the Hulkster appearing at Mania.

Hogan last made an appearance for WWE at the press conference that announced the site for WrestleMania 36. Before that, he was on the episode of Raw following 'Mean' Gene Okerlund's passing.

In the latter part of 2018 - he was brought in for the Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia, which was his official return to the company after spending years in exile.

With three appearances under his belt in the short amount of time, it was surprising to continuously see the +260 each time I looked at MyBookie's website.

The company still also has The Rock -260 favourite NOT to wrestle on April 7th. 

Cena Now 5/4 To Meet Angle In A Singles Match At WrestleMania 35

John Cena's odds to be Kurt Angle's WrestleMania opponent have continued to decline in a market that is available from Sky Bet.

The market, which can be found along with other WrestleMania 35 match winner and specials, is now showing Cena at 5/4. This is a drop from yesterday morning's 2/1. 

Baron Corbin, who was announced by Angle as his April 7th opposition, remains a favourite. However, his price has now drifted out to 4/7 - an increase from yesterday's 4/11.

The remaining selections are still showing the same pricing as yesterday.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

More Mania 35 Match Markets Published By BetOnline

More WWE WrestleMania 35 match markets have been added to the BetOnline Website.

Customers can now bet on the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match. Buddy Murphy has been installed as a -500 favourite to successfully retain the strap against challenger, Tony Nese (+300).

The bookies have also priced up a match market for Samoa Joe's United States Title defence against Rey Mysterio. The champ is -300 and the challenger is a +200 underdog.

Finally, the other newest market is for Kurt Angle's match with Baron Corbin. Angle is -250 to Corbin's +170.

The addition of the new markets means that there are now eight bouts covered by the sportsbook.

Kambi's Kurt Angle WrestleMania Odds Update For March 21st

Kambi has adjusted the Kurt Angle WrestleMania specials I wrote about yesterday.

For those who may have missed yesterday's post, the oddsmakers are taking bets on three possible things happening at WrestleMania - Kurt Angle wrestles his currently announced opponent Baron Corbin, he wrestles John Cena instead or he has singles matches with both of the wrestlers in separate matches.

Kurt Angle WrestleMania 35 Special Bets

Since yesterday, it seems clear that the punters have backed the option for Angle to have his only match at WrestleMania with the consensus choice - John Cena. The selection has moved into 4/6 from yesterday's 23/10.

Angle announced Baron Corbin as his final opponent during this week's Raw. If this turns out not to be a swerve, and John Cena doesn't end up wrestling a singles match with Angle as well, the sportsbook will pay out at 2/1 - an increase from yesterday's 8/13.

The other selection, that kind of makes sense as it would give the fans a match they want in the end, is to have Angle wrestle both Corbin and Cena in two separate matches on the card. It was 7/5 yesterday but has risen slightly to 6/4.

WrestleMania 35 Star Rating Betting Update

Kambi's Wrestling Observer Newsletter star ratings betting markets were republished yesterday with a few changes made to them.

In the 'Highest Rated Match of the Night' market, two of the three early favourites have shortened. Customers have apparently backed the WWE Championship and Raw Women's Championship matches as they have both dipped into 9/4 from 5/2.

The third joint favourite - when the market was first published on March 15th - has moved up to second favourite. Customers can now find 'Universal Championship' at 11/4. Other selections that have drifted out are found in green in the table below.

The final selection that has been trimmed is the one for 'Any Male Tag Match' to get the most stars in Dave Meltzer's review of the event. It has been lowered from 11/1 into 10/1.

Wrestling Observer Betting - Highest Rated WrestleMania 35 Match

The 'US Championship' selection has been reworded. When it was available last week, the bookies had it listed as 'Rey Mysterio .vs. Andrade or US Championship'. I surmise this is because they guessed that Mysterio would end up as Samoa Joe's challenger after pinning him in a tag match on Smackdown and covered the likelihood of Joe .vs. Mysterio and the rumoured Mysterio/Andrade match just in case. As we now know, the US Championship has been confirmed as Joe versus Mysterio hence the Mysterio/Andrade match being scrubbed from the wording of that selection.

There have been a couple of adjustments made to the prop markets that were published last week.

In the market titled 'Joint-Winners', the punters have backed the 'No' from 1/2 into 4/9. Therefore, the punters have sided with the evening NOT having at least two matches with the highest amount of stars in Meltzer's review.  

With the 'No' moving in, the bookies have 'Yes' up to 6/4 from 7/5.

The prop in which customers can bet 'Yes' or 'No' on 'a match valid for any Championship to be awarded the highest star rating' has had the 'Yes' snipped from 1/8 into 1/10 while the 'No' has risen up from 4/1 into 9/2.

As well as the changes mentioned above, Kambi has also produced Over/Unders for the new matches that have been added to the card.

The new matches - and their lines - are:

Kurt Angle .vs. Baron Corbin - 2 Stars
US Championship - 3.50 Stars
Cruiserweight Championship - 3.50

Therefore, the entire lineup of O/U lines is currently:

Wrestling Observer Betting - WrestleMania 35 Star Ratings O/U

Prices and lines correct as of the time of writing. The latest can be found on the websites with Kambi's WWE markets. An example can be found below.

Angle's WrestleMania Opponent Update For March 21st

I once again looked over Sky Bet's market in which customers can place wagers on 'Who Will Be Kurt Angle's singles opponent' at WrestleMania 35 this morning. 

As has been happening since Tuesday afternoon, John Cena's price has once again slid down. He's now at 2/1. When I checked in twenty-four hours earlier, he was at a slightly higher 5/2.

By the way - it might not be at this price for long, but if you still want to bet on Cena at 5/2 there is a way to get it. 

If you head over to the WrestleMania 35 RequestABet selections. Sky Bet is still offering 5/2 for 'Kurt Angle .vs. John Cena to take place as a scheduled match' at Mania. 

Baron Corbin remains a favourite. However, his price has moved up a tad. He's now 4/11 from 2/7. Another drifter is Shelton Benjamin, who is now at 8s - an increase from 6/1.

The rest of the market is unchanged from my last update. You can view the prices below.

I visited the website at 9:30AM and made the adjustments to the table below back then. I have only just returned home and had time to publish this post, but the odds are still showing the same pricing now as earlier.

Who Will Be Kurt Angle's Opponent At WrestleMania 35

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Correction About Heat Race .vs. Babyface Glory WrestleMania Market

I previously wrote a post titled 'Kambi's Heat Race .vs. Babyface Glory' in which I wrote about new WrestleMania 35 specials and have to make a correction.

In the post, I pointed out that Kambi is taking bets on the following things to happen at Mania.

- Brock Lesnar leaves event as Universal Champion 2/1

- Daniel Bryan leaves event as WWE Champion 2/1

- Ronda Rousey or Charlotte Flair leaves event as WWE Raw Women's Champion 2/1

- Babyface Glory: Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins all to leave event as champion 33/20

I wrote about the specials thinking that you can pick and choose the ones you like. However, I should have read the rules properly because the sub-title states 'First of the listed occurrences to happen during the event'.

Therefore, it pays out on whichever happens first rather than if it happens at all during the evening. So you're not only betting on one of these things happening, you also have to concern yourself with how the matches are ordered on the card. As I wrote in the original post that has now been deleted, the prices weren't compelling. They're even more unattractive now.

You can view a screenshot below. Apologies for any confusion I may have caused.

Heat Race .vs. Babyface Glory Betting

Kurt Angle WrestleMania 35 Specials From Kambi

The oddsmakers from Kambi have priced up some Kurt Angle WrestleMania specials that might be of interest to fans who believe Angle will either face Baron Corbin, Kurt Angle or both wrestlers in singles matches on April 7th.

On this week's episode of Raw, Angle revealed that he'd like to meet Baron Corbin in what is being billed as a farewell match. Many have felt that this match is underwhelming and are hopeful that this is part of a chapter that ends with Angle wrestling his last match against John Cena instead.

Kambi's oddsmaker is evidently aware of the reaction and has put up three scenarios for customers to bet on.

The first is for Angle to meet Baron Corbin in a singles match at WrestleMania only. This has been priced at 8/13.

The next option removes Baron Corbin from competing against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania and puts John Cena in the spot. It is 'Singles match versus John Cena only and no more matches during the event' at 23/10. For this to play out, Corbin would have to be written out of the match and replaced by John Cena. Some fans are hopeful that this could happen during next week's Raw as it hails from Cena's neck of the woods - Boston.

A third scenario is intriguing. It is 'To have different singles matches against both Baron Corbin and John Cena during the event' at 7/5. I guess the way this would work is for Angle to make short work of Corbin and then for Cena to come out and be Angle's final opponent.

The markets are found under 'Kurt Angle (WWE WrestleMania 35)' on the sportsbook and casino websites with Kambi's odds. An example can be found below:

Sky Bet Publishes WrestleMania 35 Cruiserweight Championship Match Market

On last night's episode of WWE 205 Live, Tony Nese beat Cedric Alexander in a tournament final to determine a number one contender to Buddy Murphy's Cruiserweight Championship.

The match will take place at WrestleMania 35.

Sky Bet has published a market for the bout.

The champion is a 2/9 favourite. Nese was initially priced at 10/3, but is now at a slightly lower 3/1.

Cena Moved To 5/2 In Angle Opponent Market

John Cena's odds to be Kurt Angle's final opponent, in a singles match at WrestleMania 35, have once again been reduced in a betting market from Sky Bet.

When I last checked in early yesterday evening, Cena was a 3/1 second-favourite to meet Kurt Angle on April 7th. He is now down to 5/2.

As a result of Cena's price dipping, the oddsmakers have moved favourite - Baron Corbin - up from 1/4 into 2/7.

Kurt Angle's Opponent Odds

On Monday's edition of Raw, Angle announced Corbin as his opponent. Fans evidently feel underwhelmed by the reveal and are hoping that the story progresses to the point in which Cena replaces Corbin.

Samoa Joe 4/11 To Win At Mania 35

Samoa Joe has opened at 4/11 to successfully retain the WWE United States Championship at WrestleMania 35.

On last night's Smackdown, Rey Mysterio revealed he would challenge Joe for the strap at the April 7th event. His son, Dominic, was there to hear the news and stated that he will be there in attendance to see his father's match.

Dominic has been training to become a wrestler. Therefore, I have a feeling he'll somehow play a part in how this match concludes.

Sky Bet has put the challenger up as a 2/1 outsider.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

BetOnline's WWE WrestleMania 35 Markets Published

BetOnline is the latest sportsbook to publish betting markets for this year's WrestleMania.

As of the time of writing, customers can place wagers on five of the bouts that are scheduled to take place on April 7th.

The Miz has opened as a -400 favourite to beat Shane McMahon (+250) in the clash between former WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champs. 

Triple H is -250 for his meeting with former protege, Batista (+170).

The recently re-signed AJ Styles has opened as a +125 underdog for his match with Randy Orton. Those looking to back the heel in a babyface-heavy card (on paper!) can find Orton at -165.

Speaking of babyfaces - the most popular person currently on the WWE roster, Becky Lynch is -500 chalk for her WWE Raw Women's Championship challenge against titleholder, Ronda Rousey (+250) and the third participant in the triple threat match - Charlotte Flair (+800).

WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, is an outsider for his defence against 2019 Royal Rumble winner, Seth Rollins. A win for the titleholder has opened at +170. Those looking for Rollins to slay The Beast can back him at -250.

I expect more markets will be published as we head nearer to the event. They can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu on THE BETONLINE WEBSITE.

Latest Odds For Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent

Kurt Angle's WrestleMania 35 Opponent

Here are the latest prices for Sky Bet's market in which customers can place wagers on who they believe will face Kurt Angle in a singles match at WrestleMania 35.

I published a post this morning noting that - after Baron Corbin was announced as Angle's opponent on last night's episode of Raw - the ex Raw General Manager was slashed from 6/1 into 2/9 favourite.

An hour after I checked in, I noticed his price has drifted out slightly. He is now at 1/4 after John Cena was snipped into 3/1 from 9/2.

I believe Cena has been backed by people who are hoping that Angle .vs. Corbin being announced last night is merely a setup to a bigger match in Angle versus Cena.

Strowman Now Favourite To Win Andre The Giant Battle Royal And More

Braun Strowman has now become a favourite to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35 in a betting market that's available from Sky Bet.

The Monster Among Men announced his intention to compete in the match during last night's edition of WWE Raw and is now 6/5 to overcome the field.

When I checked in last night, Strowman was at 16/1. Customers could have found him at 33/1 when the market was first published on February 16th.

Fortunately for me, I was thinking about potential things for Strowman to do at WrestleMania and the only thing that seemed logical from my guesswork was to be in the battle royal. I placed a few pounds on him at 20/1 on Friday evening.

With Strowman currently in a 'feud' of sorts with the Saturday Night Live comedians, I thought it was worth asking Sky Bet if those names could be added to the list as well.

The end scene should be Strowman celebrating the win with the two men (for press), but I felt the need to have small wagers on the comics just in case of some silly conclusion where either one of them has their hands raised in victory.

The two names - Colin Jost and Michael Che - have both been added at 80/1 each.

In related news - with Kurt Angle seemingly set to wrestle in a singles match at WrestleMania, it looks like the streak of early favourites not winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has continued.

Angle started off as the early favourite to win the battle royal when it first opened in mid-February. His name will be added to the table below in time for next year's edition of the match.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Early Favourites .vs. Winners History

Only time will tell whether Braun Strowman finds his way in the 'Winner' column. After two previous years of being an early favourite, it sure would be ironic if he finally wins it after starting off at longer odds.

Sky Bet Still Taking Bets On Angle's WrestleMania Opponent

In the first post of the day, I wrote about Sky Bet's 'Who Will Be Kurt Angle's Singles Opponent?' market for WrestleMaia and joked that I might be getting ahead of myself by declaring the 'Baron Corbin' selection a winner before it'll be settled on WrestleMania Sunday.

It seems that I really was jumping the gun.

I assumed Sky Bet's market wouldn't be reopened following last night's announcement by Kurt Angle that Baron Corbin will be his final opponent.

The firm has republished the market with Corbin now the betting favourite at 2/9. This is a drop from the 6/1 customers would have found him from Sunday right up to an hour before Raw.

I suppose, with the way WWE has been lately with matches being changed on the fly, that this is why the market has been republished. I think the match will go ahead as planned, but at least one person I've chatted to today - Abraham in the comments section of this post - is hoping John Cena takes Corbin's place as Raw comes from Cena's neck of the woods, Boston, next week.

Here's how the odds were looking as of 11AM GMT today.

5Dimes Mania 35 Update For March 19th (AM)

5Dimes' WrestleMania 35 Odds

There's still nothing to report on the 5Dimes Sportsbook's markets for WrestleMania 35.

All prices remain as they were when I first wrote about them on Sunday evening.

Angle Is 1/3 To Beat Corbin At WrestleMania 35

Kurt Angle is a 1/3 favourite to win his farewell match at WrestleMania 35.

A market for the match, which will see Angle end his career against Baron Corbin, was published this morning with Angle a short fave to get the job done.

Corbin has been priced at 9/4.

Angle revealed who his opponent would be during a segment on last night's edition of WWE Raw. Sky Bet and Kambi were both taking bets on who Angle's opponent will be at WrestleMania.

Sky Bet installed Corbin at 5/1 on Friday and cut into 9/2 by Sunday afternoon. He eventually drifted out to 6/1 by Sunday and closed at that price last night.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but have already golded out the Corbin selection as a winner in the table below.

Baron Corbin To Face Kurt Angle At Mania 35 Betting Odds
Sky Bet's Kurt Angle Market