Friday, 31 July 2015

Bwin Publishes Additional SummerSlam Main Event Market

The traders at the bwin Sportsbook have added a new SummerSlam 2015 market to its coverage for the August 23rd pay-per-view. This time, customers can wager on how the Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker main event will finish.

As of the time of writing, the company is offering six options for customers to put their money. They are:

The Undertaker wins by pinfall 4/5

This has evidently been chalked up as the favourite option by the oddsmakers.

Brock Lesnar wins by pinfall 7/5

My gut instinct tells me to take this. However, the next choice is also taking my fancy.

Either wrestler awarded victory via disqualification 5/1

I like this one as you're only betting on the match finishing in a disqualification and not on which of the two will be deemed the winner. A disqualification might interest the fans on social media who have been predicting that Sting will involve himself in this match. I am not one of those people, but still think a DQ might be a way to get a result that keeps both wrestler strong.

Submission wins

And on the subject of keeping both wrestlers strong, bwin has 'Brock Lesnar to win by submission' and 'Undertaker to win by submission'. Both selections are 20/1. 

I highly doubt this will be the way it ends. I think the company will go out of its way not to have either guy submit here.

We'll see how these bets are settled in a little over three weeks. In the meantime, it'll be interesting to see where the punters go.

The bwin WWE SummerSlam markets are found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook's menu at I encourage anyone interested in these odds to grab them as soon as you can as the sportsbook tends to take them up and down on a frequent basis.

Chyna : A 20/1 Shot To Win Celebrity Big Brother

With news that former WWE Women's and Intercontinental Champion - Chyna - is rumoured to be in negotiations to enter the next series of Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother, bookmakers have begun the quick task of adding her to their boards.

The first two have been BoyleSports and Coral.

Coral's Celebrity Big Brother Market

Coral has the better price as of the time of posting with her a 20/1 chance to win. Boylesports, on the other hand, is offering 18/1.

Personally, I don't think she has a chance of winning, so the bookies are offering around about the right price if not lower than my expectations.

I will continue monitoring these markets to see if any other firms publish odds for her.

The best price 20/1 can be found under 'TV Specials' in the Non-Sports A-Z section of the Coral website.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lesnar/Taker As Of July 30th

Wrestling fans have continued betting on The Undertaker to win the WWE SummerSlam 2015 main event over at the 5Dimes.

The sportsbook's market first opened a number of days ago with both participants in the August match-up available as -120 pick 'ems.

The Undertaker is now priced as a -510 favourite with his foe out at +340.

The betting makes for different reading in this part of the world with British bookmaker - Betfair - having cut Brock Lesnar's odds from 15/8 to 13/8.

However, the Irish bookie - Paddy Power - has readjusted its Undertaker price from 6/5 to a shorter 4/9.

With there still being weeks to go until the summer PPV, it's still a guessing game over how this match will finish.

View's SummerSlam Betting Guide

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brock Lesnar .vs. Undertaker SummerSlam Main Event Odds For Tuesday July 28th

With last night's episode of WWE Raw not involving either of the two participants of the SummerSlam 2015 main event, I wasn't expecting much change in their betting odds after I finished watching the episode today.

And I was right. 

Firstly, the bwin Sportsbook's SummerSlam markets are currently off the board. This is not unusual, The firm does tend to take their WWE match markets down on a frequent basis. There is enough time between now and SummerSlam for them to reappear.

The other two European books - and still have the same prices before last night's show.

Paddy Power has the best price on Undertaker with him chalked up at 4/9. If you think Brock Lesnar will end up being booked to win on August 23rd, the Betfair Sportsbook's 15/8 is the most appealing.

The 5Dimes Sportsbook is the only firm to show signs of activity following last night's edition of WWE's flagship show. 

When I last checked in, at 9pm BST yesterday, Brock Lesnar was a +200 underdog (his odds had dropped from +280 the day before) and Undertaker was -280.

The fans appear to have sided with The Phenom this time as his price has now shortened to -350 with Lesnar having drifted out to +250.

'The Beast' will be back on television this coming Monday, so it will be interesting to see how the fans react to his odds then.

Bet at 5dimes

Going Over 5Dimes' WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Odds

The 5Dimes Sportsbook published future odds for the 2016 Royal Rumble around a month ago. In this post, I'll go through the current prices and indicate where the early bettors have placed their wagers.

There are a lot of names on this list. These vary from good shots all the way to highly unlikely to even enter.

The list currently looks like this. I have noted any price changes in brackets:

Brock Lesnar +250 (was +350)
Kevin Owens +350 (was +600)
Seth Rollins +450
Rusev +450 (was +700)
Roman Reigns +650
Daniel Bryan +650
Ryback +650
Cesaro +950 (was +1,000)
Dean Ambrose +1,000
John Cena +1,000
Bray Wyatt +1,000 (was +1,300)
Randy Orton +1,000 (was +1,200)
Sheamus +1,300
Neville +1,700
Damien Sandow +2,400
Dolph Ziggler +2,500
The Undertaker +2,500 (was +6,600)
R-Truth +2,800
Big Show +2,800
Kane +3,000
Luke Harper +3,200 (was +3,700)
Mark Henry +3,500
Bo Dallas +3,700
The Miz +3,700
Tyson Kidd +3,700
Curtis Axel +3,700
The Rock +5,000
Goldust +5,500
Stardust +5,500
Triple H +5,500
Kurt Angle +8,000
Fandango +10,000
Bubba Ray Dudley +10,000
Mick Foley +11,000
Shawn Michaels +11,000
X-Pac +11,000
Ric Flair +19,000 (was +20,000)
Jesse James +20,000
Billy Gunn +20,000
Vince McMahon +50,000
Shane McMahon +50,000

Bets on the upper echelon make sense as it could be any of those wrestlers that end up winning the battle royal in late January.

The Undertaker odds going from +6,600 to +2,500 is obviously a result of him returning to WWE at Battleground more than a week ago.

It's also interesting to see fans backing Luke Harper now that he has rejoined Bray Wyatt.

As with all the sportsbooks taking bets on this match, any wrestler you bet on that does not enter the match will be classed as a losing bet and not a voided one.

The prices can be found in the 'Futures' menu at

Bet at 5dimes

Betfair Publishes WWE SummerSlam 2015 Main Event Odds

The Betfair Sportsbook has become the latest bookmaker to publish betting odds for the main event of this year's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Undertaker has been installed as a 2/5 favourite while his opponent - Brock Lesnar - is available at 15/8. This is the best odds you can currently find for 'The Beast'.

Customers new and old can find the market under 'USA' in the 'Special Bets' section of the Betfair website.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Brock Lesnar .vs. The Undertaker Odds For Monday July 27th

With four online sportsbooks now offering betting on the SummerSlam 2015 main event, we're in a position to see angles play out on the next few weeks worth of Raw episodes and see if the odds from a Monday evening are different the following day.

As Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker is a huge match, I can see some see-sawing angles along the road to August 23rd. It'll be interesting to see if the fans watching at home feel compelled enough to bet on any hint they see during the programme.

Fans in the United States can only bet on the SummerSlam markets available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook, so I'll concentrate on those odds first.

As of 9:36pm BST, The Undertaker is -280 and Brock Lesnar is +200.

Fans appear to have been taking Lesnar as his price has dropped from the +280 it was twenty-four hours ago. The Undertaker, on the other hand, has improved from -400.

The Irish bookmaker - - also has The Undertaker as favourite to win the battle. He's 4/9 with the firm, but had been a 6/5 underdog yesterday.

Lesnar is now an appealing 13/8 (I think he'll win to set up another WrestleMania match).

Don't forget, if you're in Australia, you'll be able to bet these odds with the Paddy Power owned Sportsbet Australia. You can view the Sportsbet WWE Betting Page by following this link.

The final bookie with SummerSlam prices is the European It was the first website to publish markets for this match.

The bwin markets first went live last Tuesday with Undertaker 91/100 and Lesnar 4/5. Since that time, the customers have moved Lesnar's odds down to 1/2 while The Phenom has drifted to 7/5.

I plan to do these Monday and Tuesday back-to-back posts every week through to SummerSlam. I'll return tomorrow once I have finished watching Raw.

Odds available from:

The 5Dimes Sportsbook, Sportsbet Australia, and Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Australian WWE Fans Can Also Bet On SummerSlam, Royal Rumble & WrestleMania

In a post published yesterday, I noted that the Paddy Power Sportsbook has published betting markets for not only this year's SummerSlam but also for the 2016 Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32.

It's worth pointing out that the Paddy Power owned Sportsbet Australia has mirroring odds. So, wrestling fans living down under can bet on the same markets as us up here.

At the time of publishing, Brock Lesnar is a 1.70 favourite to win the rematch from WrestleMania XXX. His opponent is priced 2.05.

Sportsbet's WWE odds can be found under 'Sports Novelties' on the A-Z menu. Here is a link to the latest odds.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Undertaker An Early Favourite In SummerSlam 2015 Betting

The Undertaker has been the early bettors' choice in WWE SummerSlam 2015 betting at

Odds for the main event of World Wrestling Entertainment's August pay-per-view were first installed yesterday with both he and Brock Lesnar available as -120 pick 'ems.

It was apparent that Brock Lesnar had began to drift when I checked out the prices early this morning. His price has continued to go out and currently stands at +280.

A winning bet on The Phenom will pay out at odds of -400.

The market can be found under 'Other Sports' on the 5Dimes betting board.

Bet at 5dimes

Paddy Power's 2016 Royal Rumble Betting Board

In my most recent post, I noted that the Paddy Power Sportsbook had opened WWE betting markets for SummerSlam 2015, The 2016 Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 32. I'm back to go over the Royal Rumble odds.

They are:

Click image to expand

There 55 selections currently available to bet on with Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins at the top of the board as 4/1 joint-favourites.

Unlikely winners like Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are 40/1 while Zack Ryder is the only outsider set at 50/1.

The market can be found along with other wrestling markets on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Paddy Power Publishes SummerSlam 2015 Main Event Odds & More

The Paddy Power Sportsbook has published betting odds for the main event at SummerSlam 2015 on its WWE Betting Page. But, that's not all. The firm has also put up Royal Rumble 2016 and WrestleMania 32 markets for punters to bet on.

The Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker match has Lesnar favoured with odds of 8/13. His opponent is out at 6/5.

I'll go into more detail on the company's Royal Rumble 2016 market in an upcoming post. For those interested, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins lead the pack as joint 4/1 faves.

The WrestleMania 32 market is intriguing because the sportsbook has priced up odds for a match that I highly doubt will take place on April 3rd.

The firm has gone with a triple threat match involving all three former members of The Shield. As noted, I don't think this will be one of the bouts on the card. If you do, and would like to bet, the market has opened with Dean Ambrose 6/5, Roman Reigns 15/8 and Seth Rollins 21/10.

All bets will obviously be deemed null and void if this triple threat match does not take place on the night.

Around about this time last year, I submitted a request for a prop bet where customers could bet on which Shield member became WWE World Heavyweight Champion first. I had totally forgotten all about this until I saw this market up today. I wish the traders had put it up as my intention was to back Seth Rollins.

Now that Paddy Power has put up SummerSlam odds, I'll make occasional visits throughout the next few weeks to see how the fans have been betting.

Odds correct as of 2:15pm BST today. For the latest, check out Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.