Sunday, 29 March 2015

Where To Get The Best Rock Props This Morning

With the 5Dimes Sportsbook now having taken down the 'Will The Rock appear in-ring at WrestleMania?' prop off the board, I had a look across the domestic bookmaking websites to see if it were still available here.

It is still up at both and

So, if you'd like to wager on 'Yes, he will make an in-ring appearance' - the best price you'll be able to get is the 8/11 with Betfair.

The option to bet against a Dwayne Johnson cameo is best placed at Paddy Power as the selection is 13/8 there.

You can view the odds from both websites below:

Paddy Power's WWE Betting

Betfair's Specials Page (you'll need to click on the 'USA' tab)

First Sunday Look At 5Dimes' WrestleMania 31 Lines

Here are the WWE WrestleMania 31 lines currently available at the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

I'm going go through each match and prop, tell you the odds and note where the fan/bettor money has gone since yesterday evening.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Looking only at the names with the more realistic chance of winning this:

Damien Mizdow -125
The Field .vs. Mizdow -115 (was +120)
Sheamus +200
Ryback +800
Hideo Itami +900
Mark Henry +3500
Big Show +1600 (dropped from +2500)
The Miz +3500

Tag Team Championship

Kidd & Cesaro -320
Field .vs. Kidd & Cesaro +240 (was +250)
The Usos +400
New Day +1500
Los Matadores +1800

Divas Tag Team

AJ Lee & Paige -210
The Bellas +160 (dropped from +220)

Randy Orton .vs. Seth Rollins

Orton +160
Rollins -210

No change.

Ladder Match

Daniel Bryan -410
The Field .vs. Daniel Bryan +290 (dipped from +345)
Dean Ambrose +515
Bad News Barrett +1500
Dolph Ziggler +1300
Luke Harper +5500
Stardust +7000
R-Truth +7000

US Championship

Rusev +550
John Cena -1050 (backed from -720)

The Undertaker .vs. Bray Wyatt

Undertaker -530 (was -460)
Wyatt +350

Sting .vs. Triple H

Sting -475
HHH +325 (has been backed from +475)

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar +190
Roman Reigns -270 (stregthened from -175)

As noted, the company did have prop bets up as well. The one for 'Will The Rock make an in-ring appearance?' has been taken off the board. The remaining two are:

Undertaker's Ring Entrance With Total Set At 285 Seconds

Over -900 (was -350)
Under +500

Seth Rollins To Cash In His MITB Briefcase On The Show

Yes +310
No -430 (backed from -280)

The above prices were correct as of 8:45am BST. For the latest, head over to the betting board at where you will find them under 'Other Sports'.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saturday Daytime WrestleMania 31 Betting At 5Dimes

Here is a short update where I look at how the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WrestleMania 31 betting odds have changed over the course of Saturday daytime.

For new visitors, I should point out that these changes are down to wrestling fans or regular bettors placing stakes on who they believe will win each match.
  • Tyson Kidd & Cesaro's price has gone from -270 to -350 since this morning
  • Mizdow to win the Andre the Giant battle royal is now -160 after being -125 earlier
  • Seth Rollins has been backed from -160 in to -210
  • The Bella Twins' odds have dipped from +260 to +220
  • Daniel Bryan's odds on winning the Intercontinental Championship now stand at -515. They had been -380. However, Bad News Barrett has also evidently seen some action as his price has fallen from +1700 to +1200
  • Undertaker (-460) .vs. Bray Wyatt (+320) has seen no change
  • No change in Sting (-825) .vs. Triple H (+475)
  • John Cena has been backed into -720 from -600
  • Roman Reigns has gone from -135 to -175 with Brock Lesnar drifting out from -105 to +135
The following has occurred in prop bet action:
  • The Rock not to appear in-ring has fallen slightly from +110 to +100
  • The Undertaker's entrance to last longer than 295 seconds is -350, but had been -270
  • The Money in the Bank contract not to be cashed in has gone from -210 to -280
I'll be back with another look at the 5Dimes WrestleMania markets early in the morning.

5Dimes' WWE betting odds can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Bet at 5dimes

Titan Bet's WWE WrestleMania Betting Odds has opened the book on tomorrow night's WWE WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view.

The firm is accepting wagers on six bouts set for tomorrow's event.

Here are the odds as of 5:13pm GMT:

These markets can be found in the 'Entertainment' section of the Titan Bet website

Titan Bet Sportsbook

Winner's WrestleMania Odds Out

WWE WrestleMania 31 betting odds have now been published with the betting firm

The company is accepting wagers on six of the matches scheduled to take place tomorrow night. Here are the odds as of 4:44pm GMT today.

Seth Rollins has been given a price of 4/7 to win against Randy Orton. People looking for a win by 'The Viper' can get him at 5/4.

AJ Lee & Paige are 1/4 favourites over The Bella Twins (11/4).

Rusev is a 3/1 underdog against his US Championship challenger - John Cena. If you'd like to bet on Cena, Winner has him at 2/9.

The Undertaker is available at 2/7 to win against Bray Wyatt (5/2).

Sting is a short 1/7 to do away with Triple H. Customers expecting a Triple H victory can find him here at 4/1.

Both Roman Reigns and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Brock Lesnar - are 5/6 in main event betting.

Winner's WWE odds can be found under 'Entertainment' on If you're new to Winner, there's a link below for you to get the latest new customer offer:

The Best WrestleMania Odds Across Domestic Bookmakers As Of Saturday Morning

With WrestleMania betting now heading into its final two days, I thought I would look through the odds available from the long list of European bookmakers with WWE markets in order to guide you to where the best prices are.

I have gone through each match individually and have found the most competitive odds for you to take in order to find value from your bets. At the bottom of this page is a list of new customer offers from all of the brands listed in this post. Most of these offers are free bets after initial deposits, so you can even more advantage of the WrestleMania odds on offer.

I'll start with the battle royal..
Andre the Giant Battle Royal

It's difficult to go through every name on the list, so I have selected the top-tiered wrestlers (ie, the ones most likely with a chance of winning). 

If you're looking to back any of these runners you'll find:
Damien Mizdow at EVENS with Paddy Power
Sheamus 3/1 with Coral, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill & Betfair
Ryback 7/1 with Bwin
Hideo Itami 16/1 with Paddy Power
Mark Henry 22/1 with Paddy Power
Curtis Axel 25/1 with Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill & Bwin
Big Show 25/1 at Paddy Power, Ladbrokes & Bwin
Kane 25/1 at Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Coral & William Hill

Fatal 4-Way

The current champs - Tyson Kidd & Cesaro - can be backed at 8/13 with Sky Bet or Ladbrokes. If you're looking to bet on The Usos, they're 3/1 with Paddy Power. Paddy Power is also offering the market best price on The New Day at 8/1. Sky Bet is your place if you think the outsiders, Los Matadores have a chance. They're available at 10/1.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Daniel Bryan's best odds are the 8/15 with Coral. If you'd like to punt on any of the other wrestlers in this match, your best bet would be to head over to bwin as the company is offering the best price for all other participants.
Here are the prices from Bwin:

Ambrose 9/2
Ziggler 10/1
Barrett 10/1
Luke Harper 40/1
Stardust 40/1
R-Truth 40/1

John Cena .vs. Rusev for the WWE US Championship

The best price out there for a John Cena victory is 1/4. They can be found at BoyleSports, SportingBet and Coral.
Rusev is 3/1 and can be bet at the following: Sky Bet, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfair, and Bwin.

AJ Lee & Paige .vs. The Bella Twins

If you believe the Bellas will get the W, you'll find them at 11/4 with Sky Bet and William Hill.
AJ & Paige backers can find their odds at 2/7 with BoyleSports, Paddy Power, Coral & Betfair.

Randy Orton .vs. Seth Rollins

Paddy Power's 6/4 is the best price around for Orton. The 8/13 on offer at Coral's for Rollins is where the value is.

The Undertaker .vs. Bray Wyatt

If you think The Undertaker will defeat Bray Wyatt, the 3/10 with BoyleSports and Bwin is where you should go. Bray Wyatt believer? Ladbrokes is your friend at 3/1.

Sting .vs. HHH

Sting is a heavy 1/7 at a number of destinations. You'll find this price at: Sky Bet, BoyleSports, Paddy Power, Coral, William Hill and Betfair.
If you'd like to place a wager on Triple H, the 9/2 with Ladbrokes will bring you the better return.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

It's as simple as this - if you think Brock will win, the better odds are the 6/5 with Ladbrokes and if you think it'll be Roman Reigns, William Hill's 5/6 is the better number out there.


If you're looking to bet at any of the above bookmakers for the first time, then you could take advantage of the betting companies' new customer offers. The links below will direct you to offers that each bookmaker has allowed and to promote. By joining through these links, the hope is that some of the bookmakers that only promote WWE odds during WrestleMania season will continue doing so for other pay-per-views. 

Thanks, happy punting & good luck!

Hideo Itami's Odds Drop

Yesterday afternoon, I had a look around the list of sports betting websites in search of the best value price on Hideo Itami to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the WrestleMania 31 pre-show.

The results were mixed. I found his odds ranging from 6/1 with all the way up to 20/1 with

With nearly a days betting since that time, Itami's odds have shortened at bwin. He is now 9/1.

If you're looking to bet on Itami, the value is now with where he is 16/1.

Odds correct as of 10am GMT. For the latest, check Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

More WrestleMania 31 Betting Markets Opened At 5Dimes Sportsbook

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has added more betting markets to its WWE WrestleMania 31 betting coverage at

Customers can now wager on the fatal 4-way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship, more participants in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and place two new prop bets that have been devised since I last checked in.

The WWE Tag Team Championship betting sees current belt-holders, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro, as -270 favourites. The Usos are second-favourites with a line of +350.  The New Day and Los Matadores are +900 and +1100 respectively.

Before last night, sportsbook clients could only wager on Damien Mizdow, Sheamus, Ryback or 'The Field' in battle royal betting. They now have the opportunity to punt on the other names scheduled to be in the pre-show fixture. Below is a full list of names along with their odds.

Damien Mizdow -125
The Field .vs. Mizdow -115
Sheamus +175
Ryback +700
Hideo Itami +900
Mark Henry +2500
Big Show +2500
The Miz +2700
Erick Rowan +3000
Fandango +5500
Konnor +5500
Titus O'Neil +5500
Viktor +5500
Adam Rose +7500
Darren Young +7500
Goldust +7500
Heath Slater +7500
Jack Swagger +7500
Sin Cara +7500
Zack Ryder +7500

The two new prop bets allows customers to punt on there being a Money in the Bank cash-in by Seth Rollins and how long The Undertaker's entrance will last.

The Seth Rollins prop has 'MITB briefcase is cashed in during PPV' at +160 while the opposing option is -210.

5Dimes' traders have set The Undertaker's entrance length at 285 seconds. If you believe it will go over that amount, you're looking at -270. The under is +190.

Prices are correct as of 7:47am GMT. For the latest, check out the betting board at

Bet at 5dimes

Friday, 27 March 2015

Bwin Introduces MITB Prop Bet To WrestleMania 31 Markets

The European betting company,, has added a prop bet to its WWE WrestleMania 31 betting markets for Sunday.

'Will the Money in the Bank be cashed in at WrestleMania?' is the question.

The 'Yes' is an underdog at 2.50 (6/4)  while 'No' is 1.50 (1/2).

This prop has been available elsewhere, but it's the first time I have seen it on the bwin website.

BoyleSports' WWE WrestleMania 31 Odds Published

The Irish bookmaker is another name offering betting markets for this weekend's WWE WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view.

The company's website is listing seven matches for customers to bet on.

BoyleSports' oddsmakers have given Daniel Bryan 4/9 to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the ladder match. Dean Ambrose is second-favourite with 11/4.

If you'd like to bet on any of the other competitors, you can find them as follows:

Dolph Ziggler 8/1
Bad News Barrett 9/1
Stardust 25/1
Luke Harper 25/1
R-Truth 25/1

Seth Rollins is favoured over Randy Orton in one of the grudge matches scheduled for Sunday. Mr. Money in the Bank is 4/7 while his opponent is 11/8.

The Bella Twins are 5/2 outsiders against AJ Lee & Paige (2/7).

John Cena has been chalked up as a 1/4 shot to defeat Rusev in the US Championship match. Customers looking to back the current champion can find him priced up at 11/4.

Bray Wyatt is 5/2 to be victorious against The Undertaker (3/10).

The company has given Sting short 1/6 odds to get the W against Triple H. This 1/6 price is the best market price on The Stinger as of the time of writing. HHH is 7/2.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Brock Lesnar - is EVENS to successfully defend his title against challenger, Roman Reigns. If you, pardon the pun, believe that Reigns will secure victory, you'll find him priced at 8/11.

Odds are correct as of 9:24pm GMT this evening and can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu at

Get €50 in Free Bets - Boylesports

Betfair Add More WrestleMania 31 Prop Bets

One of my favourite things about's coverage of professional wrestling betting are the prop bets that the traders devise.

They have set up some unique offerings for WrestleMania 31, so - in this post - I'll share with you the props along with their odds.

Will The Rock Make An Appearance In The Ring?

This one is available across a number of websites. If you think Dwayne Johnson will make an appearance at any point during the PPV, you can wager on 'Yes' at 8/11. If you feel he won't be there, then you can back 'No' and double your stake.
For this bet to be settled, he has to make an appearance 'in the ring' or not.

Falls From The Ladder

The company has set a line where customers can wager over or under the amount of spots the Intercontinental Championship will have from the ladder.
The line is 16.5 and odds for either option - 'Over' or 'Under' - are 20/23.

Undertaker's Entrance

You know the Super Bowl prop bet where they set a line at how long the US National Anthem will go on for? Well, how about this one where the customer can bet on how long The Undertaker's entrance will last?
The timer starts from the first gong all the way to the opening bell.
The total has been set at 4 minutes and 45 seconds. If you think it'll go longer than that, the price is 8/13. If you believe it will be shorter, it's 6/5.

CM Punk to appear?

Betfair did this one last year. Punk didn't appear then, and he won't on Sunday. Still, if you still hold out hope and want to put your money on it, the company will give you 5/1.

All 5 Titles To Change Hands

If you think there will be five title changes on the show, the company will pay out at 6/1.

Will There Be A Guest Commentator?

In this prop, you're staking on there being a guest commentator at any point during the show. The prop has been written up as 'Will There Be A Guest Commentator On The Night At Any Time?' I am unsure whether this covers the pre-show which has two matches added to it.
The oddsmakers have given 5/1 on someone coming in.

Battle Royal Winner To Thank Andre

I think this one is close to the prop where customers have to bet on who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first. Only, you're betting on the battle royal winner thanking or dedicating his win to Andre the Giant.
The price on this is 4/1.

Betfair's WrestleMania odds can be found under 'USA' in the 'Special Bets' section of the Betfair Sportsbook. 

Searching For Itami

I have spent the past few minutes looking through the WrestleMania 31 betting markets in order to see if Hideo Itami has been added to any of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal markets.

The search was a success.

I have found his name on offer at three of the many bookies with odds up for Sunday's pay-per-view.

He is 6/1 with, 16/1 with and the equivalent of 20/1 with

The value is evidently with Bwin.

However, with the match now being moved from the main card, I am unsure how this will all play out.

With Tatsumi Fujinami in the area for the festivities - and he was with Inami last night - the thought of the pair alongside the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy is something I am sure that would make the Japanese press.

It's a good idea on paper, but is it something WWE will overlook in order to have another Mizdow and Miz break-up that won't mean much in days from now?

Odds correct as of 12:30pm GMT. If you're looking to punt on Hideo Itami, you'll be able to find these prices on:

Sky Bet's Wrestling Betting Page

Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page

Bwin's Sportsbook under 'Entertainment'

NXT's Hideo Itami Wins Spot In The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

If - like myself - you had a bet on either Adrian Neville or Finn Balor winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, you are in possession of a losing slip.

Hideo Itami secured his place in the battle royal after winning a special tournament held at WWE Axxess last night.

I have taken a look around the betting websites this morning and there is no sign of Itami in any of the battle royal odds. However, I won't be surprised at all if his name appears shortly.

The match itself was pulled from the main WrestleMania card and will now feature on the pre-show.

More Ladder Match Betting Opportunities At 5Dimes

More names have been added to the ladder match betting market at

When odds for this Sunday's match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, the only names customers could wager on were Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose. They now have the opportunity to place stakes on the other wrestlers in the match.

Here are the odds as of 8:30am GMT today.

Daniel Bryan -320
The Field vs Daniel Bryan +240

Dean Ambrose +325
Bad News Barrett +1500
Dolph Ziggler +1500
Luke Harper +4500
Stardust +4500
R-Truth +4500

Bet at 5dimes

Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Thursday Evening Browse Through Bovada's WrestleMania 31 Lines

It has been two days since published betting lines for WrestleMania 31, so - in this post - I am going to look through the matches and note who the early bettors have been wagering on.

Ladder Match For The Intercontinental Championship

When the markets opened, Daniel Bryan was listed with a price of +150. He has now been backed into -150.
Dean Ambrose's odds have drifted out from +225 to +300
Dolph Ziggler's have dipped to +700 after opening +800
Bad News Barrett has also shortened moving to +800 from +900
Luke Harper has shot up from +2000 to +3300
Stardust is +2000 after opening on +2500
R-Truth has dipped from +3500 into +2000

A mixed sign here. I guess the obvious one is that Daniel Bryan has become a favourite while there does seem to have been punts made on outsiders like Ziggler and Barrett.

Fatal 4-Way For The WWE Tag Team Championship

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro were +125 when the book was opened. They're now -200, so the bettors have backed them.
What's also interesting here is that The New Day were installed as second-favourites with a price of +350 while The Usos were in 4th at +700. Since Tuesday, The Usos have dropped to +400 and New Day have gone out to +500.
I suppose the reasoning behind The Usos being positioned fourth is that Jey is recovering from an injury.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

The interesting change here has been with Curtis Axel's price.It has dropped from +1800 to +1400.

AJ Lee & Paige .vs. The Bella Twins

The market for this match wasn't published when I first found the lines.

AJ and Paige are -300, The Bellas are +200.

Seth Rollins .vs. Randy Orton

This is also a bout that I don't have an initial line for.

Rollins is -150, Orton is +110.

Rusev .vs. John Cena

This market remains as it was on Tuesday.

Cena is favoured at -450 while the current US Champion is +275.

Sting .vs. HHH

No change here.

Sting is -700, Hunter is +400.

The Undertaker .vs. Bray Wyatt

When the odds opened, The Undertaker was -350 and Wyatt was +225. They're now -400 and +300 respectively.
Needless to say, The Undertaker has his backers.

Brock Lesnar .vs. Roman Reigns

The market opened with Roman Reigns a -170 favourite and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion a +130 underdog. However, a few hours later, Brock Lesnar announced that he was re-signing with WWE and the market was taken down for re-adjustment.
When the odds were republished, both wrestlers were a pick 'em at -120.
They remain on -120 as of right now.

For the latest prices, you can follow this link to Bovada's WrestleMania markets.

Lesnar & Reigns Pick 'Em At 5Dimes

Thursday daytime betting has brought Brock Lesnar's odds back down at

Earlier today, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was +160 with his opponent, Roman Reigns, favoured with a line of -120.

As of 6:30pm GMT, the pair are both available at equal odds of -120.

Bet at 5dimes

Balor & Neville's Chances Of Winning The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Finn Balor's odds on winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31 have dropped since I last checked in with the match markets at

The NXT wrestler had been 40/1 yesterday afternoon. He is now priced at 16/1 on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Balor is in a tournament scheduled to take place at WWE Axxess tonight which will see the winner gain entry to Sunday's battle royal. Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze are the other participants in the tourney. However, there are only prices available for Balor and Neville across all websites accepting punts on WrestleMania.

If you're looking to find the best price on either of the two -'s 9/1 is the best for Neville while Balor is 20/1 at, and

In this morning's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on the prospect of either Adrian Neville or Finn Balor being victorious at WrestleMania.

He was of the opinion that Balor should win if the plan is for him to end up being brought to the main WWE roster but felt that Vince McMahon wouldn't see Neville as worthy of winning the battle royal if he were to be given the spot in the match.

For what it's worth, I have staked £2 on Neville at 16/1 a couple of days ago and £4 on Balor at 40s yesterday.

I'm expecting these prices to start dipping as soon as we learn who has secured their place for Sunday.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

YouWin & UWin Publish WWE WrestleMania 31 Odds

The Sports betting firm, and its Canadian-facing partner,, have published betting odds for this Sunday's WrestleMania.

I am quite surprised as I had been told that the sportsbook managers had decided to discontinue offering WWE markets last year.

Unfortunately, YouWin pulled out of the UK late last year. The company is still operating in other parts of Europe. This might come in handy for customers based in countries that appear on British/Irish bookmakers' restricted list.

If you're visiting from Canada, the UWin  website can cater to your needs.

Below are the links to view both website's WWE markets.

YouWin's WWE Odds

UWin's WWE Odds

Brock Lesnar Now Underdog In 5Dimes WrestleMania 31 Betting

Brock Lesnar was a favourite in WWE WrestleMania 31 betting when I checked in on the 5Dimes Sportsbook's markets early this morning. He has since drifted out.

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now priced at +150. A change from the -260 he was around 4am GMT.

With Lesnar now an underdog, Roman Reigns has obviously shifted to play the role of favourite.

The challenger's price now stands at -190. It had been +180.

Other notable changes in the WrestleMania lines at 5Dimes have seen:

- Triple H backed down from +600 into +500
- Bray Wyatt's price moving from +500 to +450
- Mizdow going from +115 to -155 in Andre the Giant battle royal wagering
- Daniel Bryan now a -420 fave after being -230 at the start of the day

It's worth noting that these changes are 100% down to fan/bettor money. 

I will continue to make frequent checks all the way through to Sunday.

Odds correct as of 11pm GMT. For the latest, check out the betting board at

Coral's WWE WrestleMania 31 Odds Published has become the latest sports betting company to publish markets for this Sunday's WrestleMania pay-per-view.

The traders have written up seven markets for WWE fans to bet on.

Daniel Bryan is a 8/15 favourite to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the ladder match that will also feature Dean Ambrose (3/1), Dolph Ziggler (8/1), Bad News Barrett (10/1), Luke Harper (20/1), Stardust (25/1) and R-Truth (33/1).

Randy Orton is EVENS to win his match against Seth Rollins. If you're looking to take a gamble on the current Money in the Bank holder, you'll find him 8/11.

AJ Lee & Paige have been cast as 2/7 favourites against The Bella Twins (5/2).

Bray Wyatt is a 5/2 underdog in the market for his face-off against The Undertaker. Customers looking for an Undertaker victory can get 2/7.

John Cena is 1/4 to win the US Championship fixture against Rusev. If you want to back the Bulgarian to defeat Cena for a second supershow on a trot, he's 11/4.

Sting is a heavy 1/7 to defeat Triple H (4/1).

In WWE World Heavyweight Championship betting, both champion and challenger are 5/6.

Coral's WWE markets are found under 'TV Specials' in the Non-Sports A-Z menu of the sportsbook at

Ladbrokes' WWE WrestleMania 31 Odds

WWE WrestleMania 31 odds have now been published over at

The sports betting firm is accepting wagers on six of the matches scheduled for Sunday's event.

Daniel Bryan has been given a price of 2/5 to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the ladder match. His opponents in the betting are: Dean Ambrose (3/1), Dolph Ziggler (6/1), Bad News Barrett (7/1), Luke Harper (16/1), Stardust (20/1) and R-Truth (25/1).

AJ Lee & Paige are 1/5 favourites to win the divas tag team match versus The Bella Twins (10/3).

Randy Orton is a slight 5/4 underdog for his singles match against Seth Rollins (4/7).

The Undertaker is a short-priced 1/4 to be victorious in his battle against Bray Wyatt. Customers looking for a Wyatt win can find him currently priced at odds of 11/4.

Sting - who will make his wrestling debut for WWE on Sunday night - has been chalked up as a strong 1/6 in his bout against Triple H. Punters looking for the upset in this match can find Hunter at 7/2.

The main event market has opened with Brock Lesnar the favourite to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with a win. He has been priced at 8/11. Challenger - Roman Reigns - is EVENS.

WrestleMania odds can be found under 'Wrestling' on the sportsbook menu of

Bwin's WrestleMania 31 Betting Odds

European sportsbook - - is another company that has published betting odds for this Sunday's WrestleMania pay-per-view.

The firm is accepting wagers on seven of the matches on the card. Here are the odds as of 2:30pm GMT today.

AJ Lee & Paige are 1.20 favourites to win against The Bella Twins (4.00).

Seth Rollins has been priced as a 1.40 shot to be victorious against Randy Orton (2.75).

Daniel Bryan is at the top of the market for the WWE Intercontinental Championship ladder match. He is available at 1.30. The next on the list is Dean Ambrose with 5.00. Dolph Ziggler and current titleholder - Bad News Barrett - are both 10.00.

Mizdow has been chalked up as a 1.73 favourite to win the Andre the Giant battle royal. Sheamus is in second priced 3.00.

Rusev is an underdog against John Cena. The current US Champion appears as 4.00 while Cena's is 1.20.

Both The Undertaker and Sting are short-priced favourites for their matches on the card.

The Phenom is 1.13 with The Stinger at 1.14.

Their opponents - Bray Wyatt and Triple H are 5.00 and 4.50 respectively.

Bwin's WWE odds can be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at

Lesnar/Reigns Back Up At Bovada

The Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns WrestleMania 31 main event betting odds have been re-adjusted and are now back up at

Both wrestlers are now -120 with the sportsbook,

The market was temporarily taken down following the news that Brock Lesnar had re-signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. This news prompted a flurry of bets on Lesnar to be victorious in the match on Sunday.

Odds available on Bovada's Wrestling Betting Page.

If you're in Canada, you can bet on the same lines with the Bodog Sportsbook.

Paddy Power Add The Rock Prop To WrestleMania 31 Betting

The Paddy Power Sportsbook has added another prop bet to its WWE WrestleMania 31 coverage.

It's similar to the prop available at both and where customers can wager on whether The Rock will play a role during Sunday's show.

The rules are simple - The Rock either has to make an in-ring appearance or not.

As of 12pm GMT today, the option to bet on him not being inside the WrestleMania 31 ring at any point during the PPV is favoured by 4/7.

Customers with the belief that he will be there on the night can find him priced at 5/4.

It's worth noting that he'll be on the other side of the USA on Saturday night as he'll be in New York guest hosting Saturday Night Live.

These odds, along with other WrestleMania match markets, can be found on Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Brock Signs New Deal & What It Means For His Odds

When I posted 5Dimes' WrestleMania odds a few minutes ago, I had just woken up and not read any wrestling news before checking to see if the sportsbook had published any lines for Sunday.

I was unaware that news of Brock Lesnar signing a new deal with WWE had been announced.

My surprise at seeing Lesnar as favourite to win the main event on Sunday isn't as much of a shock now considering he's locked in beyond Monday night.

This news has caused Lesnar's odds to shift over here as well.

The best price on a Lesnar win can be found with The firm has him at EVENS. He had been 2/1 yesterday, so they're evidently dropping.

5Dimes' WWE WrestleMania 31 Odds Published

The 5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook has now published betting markets for this Sundays WWE WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view.

As of the early hours of this morning, there are eight matches covered along with a special prop bet involving The Rock.

The prop asks the punter to predict whether Dwayne Johnson will appear in the ring on the show.

The option of 'The Rock in the ring during WrestleMania' has been given an outside chance of +100 while the selection on him not being in the ring during the event is favoured with a line of -140.

In betting on the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, the firm is giving its customers three options: Damien Mizdow versus The Field, Sheamus versus The Field or Ryback versus The Field:

Mizdow +115
The Field -155

Sheamus +230
The Field -310

Ryback +600
The Field -1,200

It's a slightly similar case, in the Intercontinental Championship market where the options are Daniel Bryan versus The Field and Dean Ambrose versus The Field.

Bryan -230
The Field +170

Ambrose +220
The Field -300

AJ Lee & Paige have been cast as -320 favourites in the divas tag team match. A bet on the Bella Twins is currently +240.

Seth Rollins is -170 against Randy Orton (+130).

In the US Championship market, current champ - Rusev - is a +450 underdog while the challenger, John Cena, is -750.

The Undertaker is -900 to be victorious against Bray Wyatt. Customers thinking The Phenom will lose a second WrestleMania bout in succession can find Wyatt at +500.

The Sting versus Triple H fixture has The Stinger as an overwhelming favourite in this early stage. He is -1,200 while Hunter can be backed at +600.

In what is the most noteworthy pricing so far, the 5Dimes traders have done something all other sportsbooks haven't done and that's make Roman Reigns an underdog in the market for the main event.

The challenger to Brock Lesnar's WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been given a price of +180 while the current titleholder is -260.

As per usual, I'll be following the odds all the way up to the start of each match.

WrestleMania betting markets can be found in the 'Other Sports' category at

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