Friday, 24 June 2016

Betfair Publishes UFC 200 Props

MMA, and even pro wrestling, fans can now have a bet on some UFC prop bets following this afternoon's release of UFC 200 specials over at

There are a handful of props available to punters. They range from enhanced trebles all the way up to Sable being a surprise octagon girl for the evening.

Yes, you read that right.

For this post, I'll concentrate only on the Lesnar/WWE-related markets that are available. There are others on the board, so I recommend checking the MMA Betting Page at to see the rest.

Starting from the top, the website is listing:

Brock Lesnar To Perform A German Suplex 8/1

I haven't bet on this one. I am intrigued to see if anybody does.

Brock Lesnar To Wear A Suplex City T-Shirt On His Entrance To The Cage 10/1

Brock Lesnar is set to walk out with Reebok's Canadian fighter jersey, so I am once again intrigued to see if any punter takes a stab in the dark on this one.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson To Be Announced As A UFC Competitor On The Night 16/1

It was only late last night that I stumbled upon an article about The Rock where he mentioned that he considered fighting for the UFC in 2004 or something. I think the closest we'll get to seeing Dwayne Johnson fight in an octagon is if he plays a UFC fighter in a move.

Brock Lesnar To Get An Instant Title Shot If He Wins 8/1

I'm finding it hard to discount this option.

If you recall, Lesnar came into the UFC and lost in his first fight to Frank Mir. He then defeated Heath Herring and was given a title fight against Randy Couture with a 1-1 UFC record (2-1 MMA). Firstly, I don't think he'll beat Mark Hunt, but I do have a feeling that - should he win - it won't be the last we'll see of Lesnar in the UFC.

I haven't bet on it, but I'm tempted.

Quickest Fight Of The Night

As you would expect, the customers can pick which of the fights on the card will end up being the shortest. Brock Lesnar .vs. Mark Hunt is favourite at 8/11. The full list is below:

Quickest Fight Of The Night Odds (Click Image To Expand)

Sable To Be A Special Guest Octagon Girl 28/1

If you think Lesnar's wife will end up being  a guest octagon girl at any point during the night, the company will pay out at odds of 28/1. My money's staying in my pocket.

The Undertaker To Call Brock Lesnar Out Again? 10/1

This bet refers to the incident following Lesnar's loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 when Undertaker was being interviewed by Ariel Helwani. Lesnar was walking past and Taker said something to him. This was all a work to set up a pro wrestling match between the pair. The traders are offering 10/1 on something similar being done again.

Vince McMahon To Be In Attendance 12/1

I have bet on this option. I have nothing to back me up on this other than my own thought that, if there is an agreement between WWE and UFC to have Lesnar's services for the night, I think it would be a courtesy for UFC to have invited Vince McMahon to the event. With that said, I would not be surprised if Triple H, Shane McMahon or Stephanie McMahon attend as the WWE higher-up representatives. 12/1 on the chance Vince is there is too good to turn down, though.

As noted there are many more prop markets on the board. These are just an example of the WWE-related specials that are available.

The markets can be found under 'Mixed Martial Arts' on the sportsbook menu at

Thursday, 23 June 2016

How Seth Rollins' & Dean Ambrose's Title Wins Settled Bets Last Weekend

With both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this past Sunday, a handful of special bets that had been in-running since the springtime have now been settled. In this post, I'll go through the specials one-by-one and note how the odds were early on and at other points during the months that followed.

Next Champion After Roman Reigns

The Next Champion After Roman Reigns market was set up where customers could bet on the wrestler they thought would end Roman's reign.

I first wrote about it on Wednesday April 6th. At that time, Seth Rollins was priced as a 5/1 second-favourite. I liked the price on him and felt that he deserved another run with the title. The bettors appeared to be in agreement as, by May 30th, his price had plummeted to 2/5. This drop in price did coincide with the return of Rollins and his placement into a program against Reigns.

By June, the odds for Rollins had improved slightly. Dean Ambrose's number that lowered from 10/1 to 6/1 between June 12th and 18th. Once again, there is a reason behind the move and it's due to the fact that, on June 17th, it was clear from the off-shore betting odds that Dean Ambrose was booked to win the Money in the Bank contract.

Here's how the top part of the market moved from April to the weekend of Money in the Bank with particular interest in the odds for both Rollins and Ambrose as they were the ones to watch.

Next Champion After Roman Reigns Betting (Click Image To Expand)

The gamblers who took Seth Rollins at 5s early on were the real winners here.

To Win The Championship On The Road To WrestleMania 33

The sportsbooks had also put out a market where customers could bet 'Yes' or 'No' on certain wrestlers winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at any point from the moment the bet was placed right up to the close of next year's WrestleMania. I covered this in another post published on April 8th and noted that I liked the chances of Seth Rollins winning, but the 1/5 odds didn't appeal to me. For what it's worth, Rollins not winning the title at any point between April 8th 2016 and WrestleMania 33 was 3/1.

I did not comment at all on the Dean Ambrose price in this market. The 'Yes' was 2/1 and the 'No' was 1/3.

Rollins and Ambrose both winning now means the market has had two 'Yes' covers so far.

Championship Matchbets

Another WWE World Heavyweight Championship market was set up where the bookmakers published matchbets where the proposition was to bet on which of two wrestlers won the title first. An option for 'Neither win the title' before the close of WrestleMania was also in the running.

A handful of props were published, but the ones that matter right now are the following head-to-heads:

- Seth Rollins and John Cena
- Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar
- Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar

Rollins .vs. Cena
The Seth Rollins .vs. John Cena matchbet market opened with Rollins a 1/2 favourite, Cena was 13/10 and the 'Neither' was 6/1.  In the post published on April 9th, I wrote, regarding this particular matchbet, 'I think Rollins has a better chance of getting there before Cena.'

The customers evidently felt the same way They backed Rollins as well. Here's how the market changed in nearly two months:

Rollins .vs. Lesnar
The Rollins versus Lesnar matchbet market went almost the same way as the one above. Almost.

Lesnar opened as the favourite in this case. The money went the way of Rollins, though. In the time between April 6th and May 30th, Lesnar was announced as returning to the UFC for what is at this moment being billed as a one-night thing and Rollins came back to WWE from injury. Rollins was also added to the Money in the Bank main event for the title, so this could explain the interest going the way of The Architect. At the time I first saw the prices, I stated that I 'cannot see beyond Rollins'. This was based mainly on Lesnar's contract and that I had been anticipating the former champion regaining the title he was forced to relinquish in the latter part of 2015. And doing so before Lesnar,

Ambrose .vs. Lesnar
Brock Lesnar's limited date contract led me to write 'for some reason, I like the 2/1 on Ambrose more than I like the 'Neither'. 

The punters appear to have been in disagreement with this notion as the 'Lesnar' or 'Neither' selections seeing action forced Ambrose out from 2/1 to 7/2.

World Heavyweight Championship Reigns

Another market I wrote about in early April was one where customers could bet on when Roman Reigns lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and predict when certain names would claim the title. In today's post, the only names worth focusing on are Reigns for dropping the title, Ambrose for his Money in the Bank cash-in victory and Seth Rollins' short reign.

Date Roman Reigns Drops The Title Odds (Click Image To Expand)

Going by the odds, the sportsbooks' customers did back into the 'Before or on Money in the Bank' and 'On Raw after MITB but before SummerSlam 2016'. I was not in that party as I incorrectly predicted the 'Between SummerSlam but before Survivor Series option'. I did announce that 'I won't be betting on it, though'. An incorrect pick is still an incorrect pick!

Date Dean Ambrose Wins The Title Odds (Click Image To Expand)

Predicting when Dean Ambrose would win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was a tough choice. I had a feeling he would within the times being offered, My suggestion was to avoid taking the 'No title win before MITB 2017,' That's hedging right there.

It's interesting to see just how far the 'Before of on Money in the Bank (2016)' market drifted out. You could have picked him up at 20/1 a week before he actually won the title.

Finally, I really like what happened with the Seth Rollins market.

Date Seth Rollins Wins WWE Title Odds (Click Image To Expand)

In the post of April 7th, I wrote that I had no doubt that Rollins would regain the title. I was a bit off as I predicted this title win would come between SummerSlam but before the Survivor Series'. 

Once he was back and inserted into the main event of Money in the Bank, a visitor - Jordan Kaye - commented on a post noting that he was interested in taking the 7/1 odds on Rollins winning the title 'on or before Money in the Bank'. His trick was to get the best odds on a Rollins title win in the MITB main event. I did not think Rollins would regain the title in the match, but thought the idea was worth sharing as it was a good opportunity for the punters to pick up Rollins at odds better than they would get in a regular match market. It was a slight gamble as the rules were calling for Rollins to win the title rather than the match (he could have been victor by countout or disqualification and the belt stay with Reigns). 

I also went one step further by recommending new customers of place the bet and get 21/1 odds because the company was (and still is as of the time of writing) welcoming new clients with treble the odds on their first bet. All of it can be read in the post titled 'How You Could Get 21/1 Odds On Seth Rollins Winning The Belt At MITB 2016'.

It was a great call by Jordan that paid off thanks to whatever went down with Roman Reigns.

This isn't the last post of this kind you'll see this week. I have another one in the works that should be published in another day or so. In it, I'll go through the Money in the Bank specials that had been available in the months leading up to last week's PPV.

For those of you interested in the markets I've covered in the post above, you can find a list of the sportsbooks where you could have found them in this special page that has been created over at

Punk .vs. Gall On For September

The much anticipated UFC fight between CM Punk and Mickey Gall is now confirmed to take place at UFC 203 on September 10th.

Betting odds for this fight have been available for a few months. I believe was the first of the European sportsbooks to put up prices for a fight between the pair. I wrote about this in February when they had installed Punk as a 2/1 outsider. However, the bookmaker had opened betting with the belief it would take place on the UFC 200 card. Alas, that has not transpired.

The firm still has the fight down for July 10th, but has also moved out Punk's odds to a far better 10/3. Gall, on the other hand, is a short 2/9.

To get the best return from a Gall win, you should take the bet at as he is 1/3 there. In contrast, he's 1/4 almost everywhere else with markets available for the meeting.

As for overseas pricing - I have been following the odds since they were installed a while back. They haven't changed from Punk (under his real name, Phil Brooks) at +240 and Gall with a line of -300.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Roman Reigns Suspended, Battleground Market Suspended

A short while ago, it was announced that WWE had suspended Roman Reigns for violating its Wellness Policy. As a result, the bwin Sportsbook suspended betting on the triple threat match for July 24th's WWE Battleground event.

Earlier this evening, I published a post noting that the sportsbook was offering Reigns as a 3/1 shot to regain the title in the contemporary dream match between he, Seth Rollins (3/1) and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion - Dean Ambrose (1/2).

It'll be interesting to know when WWE knew about this failure. If people were aware on Sunday, it could explain Sunday's betting shift in favour of Seth Rollins winning the main event against Reigns after the bets had come in for the latter on Friday night.

There is a part in the policy that allows WWE to keep the failed wrestler around to complete storylines (drop titles etc) before the suspension goes into effect. This might have been what happened here.

This news will now affect the upcoming draft as it'll take place within the next thirty days. As for the triple threat match? The suspension will be up just in time for the pay-per-view. It might still happen.

If the company found out about the result after last night's Raw, then I would not be surprised if there is a new main event fixed up for Battleground.

'Who Will Buy The UFC?' Market Closed

The Paddy Power Sportsbook has closed the market where its customers could have bet on 'Who Will Buy The UFC?' 

Before being taken down last night, the WME/IMG selection had dropped from 10/1 into 7/1 as soon as reports of a winning bid by 'WME/IMG in conjunction with Dalian Wanda Group' started to filter in through media reports.

The market just before it was taken down yesterday evening. Click image to expand

For what it's worth, the UFC has denied these rumours.

All bets are pending until the end of the year. Per the terms, a full sale must be announced before the close of 2016.

Bwin's Battleground Odds Back Online

Following last night's Raw, the bwin Sportsbook has republished its WWE Battleground betting odds. This time with a confirmed match and a 'Who Will Win The WWE Women's Championship?' market.

Click on image to expand

We now have it confirmed that the former Shield members will meet in the main event of the show. Just like when I wrote about this yesterday, I have absolutely no idea how this match will end. I have a feeling the storyline going in will be about which brand the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will end up on as I sense the PPV will be all about some people feuding getting the last chance to wrestle each other before they split off to different brands the following day.

A controversial finish to break up the title is just too obvious to me, but I can't shake off the feeling that's what they'll do. If I had to ignore my instinct and pick one of the three, then Ambrose is the way to go.

As for the WWE Women's Championship market - I don't think they'll give Charlotte versus Sasha Banks yet. If they do, that'll be two matches that would fit better at a SummerSlam. My guess from last night's TV is they'll go with a tag bout with Paige and Sasha taking on Dana Brooke and Charlotte to set up Sasha challenging for the Women's Championship. Unlike this past Sunday, the finish of the tag match should see the champion (Charlotte) doing the job to set up the next match. In this case, it has to be Sasha Banks securing the victory for her team to get ready for SummerSlam.

There's still a month of TV to go, so things are bound to become clearer soon enough.

When available, these markets can be found under 'Entertainment' at both and the sportsbook at

Monday, 20 June 2016

UFC Sale Betting: WME-IMG Group Wins Bidding?

There have been reports that the WME-IMG Group in conjunction with the Dalian Wanda Group has won a $4.2 Billion bid to purchase the Ultimate Fighting Championship doing the rounds this evening.

I have been following this story because the oddsmakers at had published a market in May where customers can bet on some of the businesses in the frame.

Click on image to expand

As you can see in the image above, the WME/IMG Group is listed at 10/1 to be the winning bidders. However, the Dalian Wanda Group is listed as a single selection as a 4/9 favourite.

The market has not changed since it was first installed. It'll be interesting to see how much longer it remains open for now that this news is bound to gain mainstream attention over the next few days to weeks.

These odds can be found in the Sports Novelties section of the Paddy Power Website.

Bwin's WWE Battleground 2016 Odds Published

We're less than a day removed from Money in the Bank and now we have the first sighting of betting odds for the next WWE pay-per-view.

The oddsmakers at have published some markets where their customers can predict the wrestlers that will win four of the championship matches that could end up on the card.

Click on image to expand

The market that intrigues me the most is the one for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After Money in the Bank, I can't help but think that WWE will pull the trigger and give away the Shield three-way that has been a contemporary dream match for wrestling fans.

WWE announced today that the draft will take place on the first live Tuesday Smackdown on July 19th. Battleground is on the following Sunday, so I have a feeling that the triple threat match will be the last time the three wrestlers will be together on the same brand and the storyline heading into that match will be a question over where the WWE World Championship will end up at the close of the show.

There's also the potential for this match having a screwy finish that could lead to the title being split off. With that said, maybe it's too obvious something like this could happen with it being the final pay-per-view before the schism.

The WWE Tag Team Championship market also has The New Day as 1/5 faves. After hearing the commentators going on about them going for the longest reign record (It's Still Demolition to me, Dammit!), it's likely that they'll hold on to the straps for the time being.

The card should start taking shape soon enough.

Odds correct as of 7:45pm BST today. They can be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at

Where To Bet On WWE Battleground 2016

The next event on the WWE pay-per-view calendar is Battleground 2016. It'll take place from Washington DC on July 24th.

In this post, I'll list most of the sportsbooks that have published Battleground betting odds in the weeks and days leading up to the show. I'll update this list as soon as I am able to and change the date so it's near the top of the list of post titles.

The bwin Sportsbook

The bwin Sportsbook first released betting markets for the event on the day following Money in the Bank. The early odds gave customers the opportunity to predict the wrestlers who will win some of the championship matches on the night. You can read this post where I announced the release of these markets.

When they're available, the odds can be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at


If you're a poker player with an PartyPoker account, you can bet on Battleground with the sports betting platform that is available at

The markets are a mirror of the prices that have been released by bwin. Just like with bwin, they're filed under 'Entertainment' on the PartySport menu at

Ladbrokes MITB 2016 Situation Resolved

Ladbrokes has now paid out in full the 8/1 bet that I placed on Seth Rollins to defeat Roman Reigns in the Money in the Bank main event last night.

Earlier today, I noticed that the firm had only given me 67p profit from the bet and I queried it. I was told that Rollins was supposed to have been 1/3 at the point my bet was struck.

After some help, I was able to make a case that Rollins was available as an outsider everywhere else and prove that Ladbrokes was still offering Rollins at 8/1 minutes after my bet placement.

If you are still looking for your bets to be cashed out at the price you took, I recommend getting in touch with the LadbrokesCare handle on Twitter. In my opinion, they seem to be more on the ball than the live chat team. 

Thanks to all who helped out with advice or showed support on Twitter and the comments section.

More On Ladbrokes' Refusal To Fully Pay Out On Seth Rollins

Preface: The situation I write about below has now been resolved. You can read more through this link

Earlier today, I published a post where I mentioned that Ladbrokes is refusing to pay me the full amount on Seth Rollins' win over Roman Reigns at last night's Money in the Bank show.

Since I put the post out there, I have had a lot of people get in touch. Some have told me that they're in the same boat as me, some have told me to go to IBAS to get this fixed up and one person has helped further by showing me his bet receipt from last night.

And guess what - Ladbrokes paid out on Seth Rollins at 8/1. His bet was struck later than mine.

Here's his bet:

Click on image to expand

In the image above, I have taken out the receipt number. I do have the original image, but thought it best not to have this information out there.

Now, check out the time the bet was placed: 20:31 BST, Compare this to the time mine was accepted:

Click on image to expand

Mine was struck at 20:24. Seven minutes before him for those of you who can't count (I'm looking at you Ladbrokes, and I'll get to that in a bit).

In this morning's chat with the Ladbrokes customer service rep, I was told that the pricing was inaccurate because Seth Rollins was meant to be 1/3 at that time. Of all the people he could have told that yarn to. I told him he was incorrect, but he would accept that Rollins was still an outsider six minutes later when I placed a bet on him over at Paddy Power. View the image below showing that I took Rollins at 7/2 at 20:30 BST.

Click on image to expand

On top of this, the Twitter user has other betting slips from the same time showing that William Hill (6/1), Betfair (9/2) and Sky Bet (5/1) all had Seth Rollins an underdog at that point in the evening.

Ladbrokes claimed that the odds for Seth Rollins at the time of my bet should have been 1/3. That's rubbish because - as highlighted above - he was an outsider across all of the European books at that point. The 1/3 argument also holds no water when a customer receives £10.67 in returns.

Ladbrokes Refuses To Pay Full Amount On Seth Rollins' Win At MITB 2016

Preface: The situation I write about below has now been resolved. You can read more through this link

Ladbrokes is refusing to pay out the 8/1 odds I took on Seth Rollins to win at Money in the Bank last night.

I checked into my account earlier on this morning and found the firm had settled the bet as a  £10.67 return instead of the £90.00 I was expecting.

The bet was placed at 8:24pm BST, keep this in your thoughts.

I contacted customer services to query why I wasn't paid the correct amount. The employee told me that there had been an error and Rollins was meant to have been 1/3 at the time.

Let's overlook the fact that £10.00 into 1/3 does not equal £10.67 for a moment.

Ladbrokes wasn't the only firm I placed a bet on Rollins with yesterday evening. I also had a £40 bet on him over on the Paddy Power website.. He was available at 7/2 six minutes AFTER the Ladbrokes bet.

Paddy Power settled the full amount.

So, Ladbrokes is using the technical error excuse where I know that Seth Rollins was more than 1/3 across all the European sportsbooks at the point my bet was struck. Rollins, as noted in yesterday's post, had opened as an 11/2 outsider. He absolutely was not a favourite over here when my bet was struck.

In my opinion, this is bad form. The staff member told me there was little chance of getting any help from IBAS, but I have gone that route to see if I can get any assistance on this matter.

I'll share with you the results of this.

What I will do for now is recommend you not to bet on WWE with this firm because of their refusal to pay out the full winnings.

The excuse that Rollins was meant to have been 1/3 is also flimsy considering the return they gave was £10.67. £10 on at 1/3 should be £13.33, so even if they do want to use the technical issue excuse, they're cheating me.

Read More About This Story

WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Betting Favourites

Here are the WWE Money in the Bank 2016 betting favourites as the pay-per-view was starting.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke -1350 over Becky Lynch and Natalya
Seth Rollins -1500 to beat Roman Reigns in the main event
The New Day -1600 to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship in the Fatal 4-Way
Apollo Crews -2000 over Sheamus
Rusev -2000 over Titus O'Neil
AJ Styles -2000 over John Cena
Baron Corbin -2000 over Dolph Ziggler
Dean Ambrose -2000 to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Golden Truth won as -1850 favourites on the Money in the Bank Kick-Off Show
The Dudleys were -1580 favourites to defeat The Lucha Dragons on the pre-show, but lost

The above prices were taken from the betting board at

If you're unable to bet live with 5Dimes, you can bet live at the following:

Seth Rollins Now -1500 To Win Against Reigns At MITB

Seth Rollins' role as a favourite to win tonight's WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Roman Reigns has shortened further in the market that is available at

At 12am, Rollins was priced at -780. Within half an hour he was available at -1500.

As a result, Roman Reigns' number has increased from +460 to +700.

Other favourites who have seen action within the past half hour are:

Dean Ambrose from -1500 to -2000
AJ Styles from -1500 to -1750
Charlotte/Dana -1110 to -1350
Baron Corbin -1500 to -1750

The other faves on the board, but who haven't moved since midnight, are:

The New Day -1400
Rusev -1350
Apollo Crews -1500

Bet at 5dimes

Closing MITB 2016 Kick-Off Odds

Here are the closing odds for tonight's Kick-Off:

Lucha Dragons +750
Dudleys -1580

Golden Truth -1850
Breeze/Fandango +900

These prices were available from the betting board at

Sunday, 19 June 2016

William Hill's MITB Props has just published some prop/appearance markets for tonight's Money in the Bank.

Customers can bet on how some of the matches will finish in the first couple of markets.

Click on image to expand

Here are the appearance odds that the traders have put up:

Click on image to expand

It seems that they're doing live betting as well.

The markets can be found by following this link to William Hill's WWE Betting Page.

5Dimes' MITB 2016 Odds As Of 11pm BST

Here are the Money in the Bank odds as of 11pm BST. I'll also mention any changes that I have noticed.

Roman Reigns +320
Seth Rollins -460

A little more action on Rollins. He had been -400.

Kevin Owens +925
Dean Ambrose -1500
Chris Jericho +5000
Cesaro +10000
Sami Zayn +12500
Alberto Del Rio +12500

No Change.

John Cena +700
AJ Styles -1500

No Change

New Day -1200
Anderson/Gallows +750
Enzo/Cass +2500
The Vaudevillains +15000

No Change

Rusev -750
Titus O'Neil +450

No Change

Charlotte and Dana Brooke -1110
Natalya and Becky Lynch +570

I noted that Charlotte/Dana's odds had shortened from -620 to -1110 after 10pm.

Dolph Ziggler +390
Baron Corbin -590

No Change

Apollo Crews -780
Sheamus +460

Lucha Dragons +450
Dudleys -750

Golden Truth -930
Breeze/Fandango +510

The favourites were -720 at 9pm.

Bet at 5dimes

Charlotte & Dana's MITB 2016 Odds Shorten

Charlotte and Dana Brooke's odds to win the women's tag team match at Money in the Bank have shortened from -620 to -1110 at

This now moves Natalya and Becky Lynch out to +570 from +410.

5Dimes' MITB 2016 Odds As Of 9pm BST

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Money in the Bank 2016 odds as of 9pm BST. I will also add some notes indicating where people have been wagering since 5pm this evening.

Roman Reigns +280
Seth Rollins -400

The big news here is that Seth Rollins' odds have plummeted from +700.

Kevin Owens +925
Dean Ambrose -1500
Chris Jericho +5000
Cesaro +10000
Sami Zayn +12500
Alberto Del Rio +12500

No change since 5pm.

John Cena +700
AJ Styles -1500

Just like with the Money in the Bank ladder match market, there hasn't been anything worth noting here since 5pm.

New Day -1200
Anderson/Gallows +750
Enzo/Cass +2500
The Vaudevillains +15000

No change here.

Rusev -750
Titus O'Neil +450

Guess what? No change.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke -620
Natalya and Becky Lynch +410

No change here as well.

Dolph Ziggler +390
Baron Corbin -590

I noted that Ziggler's odds had fallen from +340 to +150 between 5pm and 6:30pm, but they have evidently drifted back out. Corbin has gone from -510 to -190 to -590 in this time.

Apollo Crews -780
Sheamus +460

No change.

Lucha Dragons +450
Dudleys -750

The Dudleys have been backed from -420 while the Lucha Dragons' number has increased from +300.

Golden Truth -720
Breeze/Fandango +440

Goldust and R-Truth have been backed from -490. Their opponents moved out from +330.

Odds from

Bet at 5dimes

Rollins' Odds Flip (Updated)

Seth Rollins' odds to win against Roman Reigns have flipped at

He is now a -400 favourite.

This is a huge drop from the +700 he was a few hours ago.

As a result of this change in favour of Rollins, Roman Reigns is now an underdog with a line of +280. He was originally priced -1500.

Bet at 5dimes

Ziggler's Odds Falling Overseas

I have just been alerted to the fact that Dolph Ziggler's odds have started to descend at

He was +340 ninety minutes ago, but is now down to +150.

He's available at 39/20 from and showing as a 9/2 underdog on the Wrestling Betting Page at

5Dimes MITB 2016 Odds For Early Sunday Evening

As promised, here are the findings from my 5pm monitoring of the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Money in the Bank 2016 markets.

The Two Kick-Off Markets

I published a post not so long ago where I noted that the sportsbook had released odds for the two tag matches that will air within the hour before the main show. The odds haven't moved. They are:

Lucha Dragons +300
Dudleys -420

Golden Truth -490
Breezeango +330

Baron Corbin .vs. Dolph Ziggler

This is another new market since the 8am visit, so I have nothing to compare the current prices to. Corbin is a -510 favourite while Ziggler is out at +340.

Apollo Crews .vs. Sheamus

The Sunday punters have forced the sportsbook to shorten Crews from -460 into -780. Sheamus' number has been increased from +320 to +460.

Charlotte and Dana .vs. Becky and Natalya

The heels have been backed from -350 to -620 while Lynch and Natalya have moved out from +250 to +410.

Rusev .vs. Titus O'Neil

No difference in this market since yesterday. The US Champion is -750 while the challenger, O'Neil, is +450.

WWE World Tag Team Championship

The New Day's role of favourites has shortened further. They moved from -900 to -1200. Their rivals have all moved out with The Club going from +615 to +750, Enzo and Cass from +2000 to +2500 and The Vaudevillains now +15000 from +10000.

John Cena .vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles' odds have moved from -1350 to -1500 since this morning. On the other side of the market, Cena has gone out to +700 from +650.

Roman Reigns .vs. Seth Rollins

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now -1500. He had started off the day at a slightly better -1200. Seth Rollins has moved out from +600 into +700.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Dean Ambrose is still getting action. His odds have now dropped from -1200 to -1500. In my opinion, this is now fan money backing into him following the heavy interest on Friday. The other selections' have moved out with Kevin Owens moving from +760 to +925, Chris Jericho from +3500 to +5000, Cesaro from +9000 to +10000, Sami Zayn from +10000 to +12500 and Alberto Del Rio also from +10000 to +12500.

Now that I have set this checkpoint, the next visit will compare these prices and so on.

Prices correct as of 5pm BST. The latest can be viewed under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Bet at 5dimes

LeoVegas' MITB 2016 Kick-Off Odds

A few minutes ago, I published a post noting that 5Dimes is now taking bets on the two tag team matches that will air on the Money in the Bank 2016 Kick-Off show.

Visitors who are unable to bet on the matches with 5Dimes can find the two match markets available on the following websites:,, and

The odds, as of the time of publishing, are:

Click on image to expand

I have used the LeoVegas Sportsbook for the image above. The casino's betting arm was launched recently, so I'm giving it some attention this evening. As noted, you can also find the same markets at the other firms.

5Dimes Publishes MITB Kick-Off Markets

Customers of the 5Dimes Sportsbook can now bet on the two Money in the Bank Kick-Off matches that were added to the card a couple of days ago.

The odds, as of 4:30pm BST, are:

Click on image to expand

I'm planning to go through all of the odds after 5pm, but thought I'd put throw these out there in the meantime.

The markets can be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Bet at 5dimes

Successful MITB Cash-In Odds Fall To 1/10

The odds for this year's Money in the Bank winner to successfully cash in his title shot have dropped from 1/5 to 1/10 within the past day at

This activity can be attributed to the news that Dean Ambrose is expected to win tonight's ladder match to claim the Money in the Bank briefcase.

On this past Monday's episode of Raw, Ambrose teased that he would cash in his immediate title shot during tonight's main event.

Customers, figuring out that Ambrose is at this point set to win the match, have now backed into the successful cash-in option going by the threat/promise that was delivered on Monday night.

Click on image to expand

If you believe the cash-in attempt will fail, the bookies will now pay out at a far better 19/4.

Another market that has been on my radar is one where customers can predict when the Money in the Bank briefcase will be cashed in. The option to wager on the contract being cashed in as early as this year's SummerSlam had been taking a hammering since I posted this three weeks ago. The Ambrose news has also forced this price to shorten over the past few days.

Click on image to expand

These market and exact odds can be found across a number of sportsbooks, I have used as this example because it has just added a sportsbook to its service and thought there might be some visitors out there unaware of this. New customers can join via this link or through the banner below:

Where To Bet On Money In The Bank 2016

Now that WWE Extreme Rules is done and dusted, it's time to look ahead to the next regular pay-per-view on the WWE calendar. This will be Money in the Bank 2016 and it'll take place on June 19th. In this post I'll add most of the sportsbooks that are accepting wagers on the event. It'll be updated as and when the markets are released.

With the Money in the Bank ladder match being a big deal for WWE storylines, a number of bookmakers have been accepting wagers on the winner as far back as earlier this year.

PLEASE NOTE: Some markets that were open earlier this yea may have been taken down after they were added to this list. Some markets might reopen in time for the PPV, though.

Bwin Sportsbook

The oddsmakers at first opened a book on Money in the Bank on February 15th. Kevin Owens opened as a 2/1 favourite. More names have been added to the market as the months have progressed.

These odds can be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at but please be advised that the company does take down its WWE markets now and again. Therefore, if you don't see any odds available when you are looking, I recommend checking back at another time.

PartySports is a partner of the bwin Sportsbook. The company has a sportsbook on its website that mirrors the same odds and markets that can be found over at

If you are a poker player with Party Poker, you can use your account to bet in this sportsbook. If you aren't a client yet, you can sign up USING THIS LINK and claim the latest welcome bonus.


The Bovada Sportsbook's Money in the Bank odds were first published on the week of WrestleMania.

This is the first website on this list that caters to customers in most US States. It's either Bodog or 5Dimes. Having accounts at both sites is recommended because you can guarantee getting the odds that will secure the best return.

You Can View Bovada's WWE Markets Via This Link


Bodog is a Canadian sportsbook that has identical odds to Bovada. Therefore, the Money in the Bank odds went up at the same time - WresteMania week.

View Bodog's WWE Betting Page

32Red Casino

The sportsbook at the 32Red Casino is another site that has been accepting betting odds on Money in the Bank since the spring.

The company is not only taking wagers on the eventual winner, it is also taking bets on when it will be cashed in and whether the cash-in will be successful or not.

The odds can be found alongside other wrestling-themed markets under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menu at


32Red, and the next bookie on the list (I'll get there in a moment!) all share similar odds and markets. Therefore, everything you find at one can be found at either of the other two.

I recommend joining all three, though. The reason being is you can take advantage of the three differing welcome offers.

Open a Unibet Account Via This Link

888Sport is one of Europe's biggest online sportsbooks and just like with its other partners - Unibet and 32Red - has been publishing WWE odds for every PPV for quite some time. It has a whole host of specials where punters can bet on things like 'who will be WWE Champion at the end of WrestleMania 33?' The traders appear to be all-in on WWE betting. They have even put up odds for recent NXT TakeOver and WWE Network Specials to highlight this commitment.

The odds can be found under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menu at

This is a special link to get the latest offer from 888Sport


The Betfair Sportsbook's Money in the Bank odds were published a little under two weeks before the PPV. You can read about their release through this link.

The WWE odds can be found under 'Special Bets' on the menu at

LeoVegas Sport

As of 13th June, I have found another casino that has a sportsbook with WWE odds. It's The odds are a mirror of the markets that can be found at three other sites (888, 32Red, Unibet). Another option is good.

5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook

The 5Dimes Sportsbook published its markets for Money in the Bank on Monday June 14th. You can read about their release in this post.

5Dimes' latest odds can be viewed under 'Other Sports' on the sports betting menu at

Sky Bet

Sky Bet's MITB odds were published on the afternoon of Wednesday June 15th. You can view the latest prices by following this link to Sky Bet's WWE Betting Page.

SportsBet Australia

The Paddy Power owned Australian sportsbook, SportsBet, released betting odds for Money in the Bank on Friday (Australian time). You can view the odds through this link.

William Hill

William Hill's Money in the Bank 2016 odds were published on Friday 17th June. Read all about their release.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power's Money in the Bank odds started to filter in on the afternoon of Friday June 17th. View the markets through this link.


The oddsmakers at installed prices for Money in the Bank on the morning of the show. They can be viewed by following this link to Ladbrokes' WWE Betting Page.

Ladbrokes' MITB 2016 Odds

Ladbrokes' Money in the Bank betting odds are now available on its WWE Betting Page.

There are seven matches available to wager on.

The New Day have been installed as 1/10 favourites to win the Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Tag Team Championship. They're followed by The Club at 6/1, Enzo and Cass at 20/1 and The Vaudevillains who are 100/1.

Apollo Crews is a 4/9 to defeat his current nemesis, Sheamus (8/5).

US Champion, Rusev, is a short 1/8 to retain the title with the W over Titus O'Neil. If you like the chances of the challenger, the firm will pay out at 9/2.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke are 1/2 to be victors over Becky Lynch and Natalya (7/5).

John Cena is a 13/2 underdog for his match against AJ Styles. Styles is a very short 1/16.

Roman Reigns is almost as short to score a successful title defence against Seth Rollins. The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion is 1/12 while the challenger is 11/2.

As with every other sportsbook out there, for obvious reasons, Dean Ambrose is now a odds-on to win this year's Money in the Bank ladder match. He is 1/14 to raise the briefcase later on tonight. The other runners' prices are as follows:

Kevin Owens 7/1
Chris Jericho 33/1
Cesaro 80/1
Sami Zayn 100/1
Alberto Del Rio 100/1

The markets are tentatively scheduled to close at 11pm this evening. You can view the latest odds through this link.

5Dimes' MITB Odds As Of 8am BST

The prices for Apollo Crews and Charlotte & Dana Brooke to win at tonight's WWE Money in the Bank have changed overnight at

I last checked in with the sportsbook's MITB lines at 11pm BST last night. I noted that both selections' prices had began to drop. This has continued through the night.

Crews has moved from -350 to 460 while Charlotte/Brooke has shortened from -270 to -350. As a result, Sheamus' has improved from +250 to +320 and Lynch/Natalya is now +250 from +190.

The Crews .vs. Sheamus and Charlotte/Brooke .vs. Lynch/Natalya markets were the only fixtures that have changed since my previous post.

Here are all the lines as of 8am BST today:

Charlotte and Dana Brooke -350
Natalya and Becky Lynch +250

Apollo Crews -460
Sheamus +320

Roman Reigns -1200
Seth Rollins +600

Kevin Owens +760
Dean Ambrose -1200
Chris Jericho +3500
Cesaro +9000
Sami Zayn +10000
Alberto Del Rio +10000

John Cena +650
AJ Styles -1350

New Day -900
Anderson/Gallows +615
Enzo/Cass +2000
The Vaudevillains +10000

Rusev -750
Titus O'Neil +450

Bet at 5dimes