Tuesday, 18 June 2019

2 More Stomping Grounds Match Markets From Sky Bet

Sky Bet has created match markets for two bouts that have been added to the WWE Stomping Grounds card.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been installed as 6/5 underdogs when they'll meet Xavier Woods and Big E (8/13) in a tag contest.

WWE United States Champion - Samoa Joe - is 2/5 for his title defence against Ricochet (7/4).

Monday, 17 June 2019

Closing Odds For Tonight's Fatal 5-Way

Sky Bet's market, for tonight's Fatal 5-Way to determine a number one contender to Samoa Joe's WWE United States Championship, has now closed.

When I published an update earlier today, I noted that Braun Strowman had dipped from last night's 5/4 into EVS.

As you'll see in the table below, the favourite was moved to 10/11 this evening. He remained at this price right up to the 11PM BST cutoff.

Closing Odds For 17th June 2019 Episode Of WWE Monday Night Raw

Ricochet stayed a 6/4 second-favourite while the other participants drifted out from their earlier prices.

The Miz, who was a third-favourite, went from 5/1 to 11/2 between yesterday and this morning and then rose to 13/2 this evening. 

Cesaro was 6/1 and drifted out to 8/1 this morning while Bobby Lashley - who was 10/1 to start off with - ascended to 12/1 this evening.

The winner is scheduled to meet Joe for the title at WWE Stomping Grounds this Sunday.

Latest Odds For Tonight's 5-Way And More

Here are the latest Sky Bet odds for the Fatal 5-Way match that's scheduled to take place on tonight's edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

17th June 2019 Raw: Fatal 5-Way Betting

I first looked at the market at around 7AM BST. At that time, it was still showing the same pricing as last night. However, by 8:40AM, the odds for a Braun Strowman win had decreased from 5/4 into EVS while The Miz (5/1 to 11/2) and Cesaro (6/1 to 8/1) drifted out.

Ricochet (6/4) and Bobby Lashley (10/1) are unchanged.

I've been asked if I've bet on any of the selections and I haven't. The reason why is because I have a feeling there will be some sort of twist which will lead to Samoa Joe having to defend the US Championship against all five men in a six pack challenge at the PPV.

The reason why I have came to the six-pack conclusion is that, with this being the go-home show before the PPV, setting up one challenger for Joe leaves the other four men with no direction for Sunday. The six pack progresses the current story somewhat and gives all of the guys a match at Stomping Grounds.

If I were forced to pick one person to win tonight, I'd go with Ricochet.

With this being to determine a number one contender to the US Championship, the odds for two of the babyfaces in tonight's match have declined in Sky Bet's market in which customers can punt on the champ 'After Samoa Joe'.

Strowman remains a favourite, but his price was moved to 11/8 from 13/8. Ricochet, who's a second-favourite, has dipped from 2/1 into 7/4.

The Miz has drifted out to 3s from 7/4 while Cesaro (4/1) and Bobby Lashley (5/1) have stalled.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Sky Bet Publishes Market For Tomorrow Night's Fatal 5-Way

Sky Bet has published a market for a match that's scheduled for tomorrow night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE announced yesterday that there will be a fatal 5-way with the winner becoming the number one contender to Samoa Joe's WWE United States Championship.

As of the time of writing, Braun Strowman is a 5/4 favourite to get the W.

The other competitors in the match are Ricochet (6/4), The Miz (5/1), Cesaro (6/1) and Bobby Lashley (10/1).

Whoever wins will meet Samoa Joe a week from tonight at WWE Stomping Grounds.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Champs After Revival And Joe Update

In a post published earlier today, I pointed out that Sky Bet had released two new 'Champion After' markets. I was unable to write much at the time, but have finally managed to get around to creating the spreadsheets to keep track of the price adjustments, so thought I'd add them to this post so everybody gets to see all the earliest prices to make up for the rushed post from this morning.

Here's how they both started off. The prices from yesterday are still correct as of 5PM BST today.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions After The Revival Betting

WWE US Champion After Samoa Joe Betting

Next Title To Change Hands Betting Update For June 14

I've just visited Sky Bet's 'Next Title to Change Hands' betting market and have noticed that that one selection has shortened since yesterday's update.

The 'Smackdown Women's Championship' has been snipped from 9/1 to 15/2 to be the next title to switch owners in the special.

Next WWE Title To Change Hands - June 14th 2019

In what could be regarded as a related story, Sky Bet's customers have evidently sided on Alexa Bliss to win the Smackdown Women's Championship match against Bayley at WWE Stomping Grounds in a week from Sunday night.

The challenger was 7/2 when I came across the market early on Saturday evening. She is, as of this afternoon, down to 9/4. 

Alexa Bliss
8/6 4:00PM
10/6 12:00PM
11/6 5:30PM
12/6 1:30PM
13/6 10:20AM
14/6 3:50PM

As a result of Bliss' price declining, the bookies have moved Bayley up from 1/6 to 1/3 across the six days.

2 New 'Champion After' Markets From Sky Bet

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have published two new 'Champion After' markets now that new champions have been crowned recently.

Braun Strowman has been installed as a favourite to succeed Samoa Joe as WWE United States Champion in the first market while - in the second - the bookmakers have priced up The Usos as 4/7 favourites to become the next WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

Both markets were published on Thursday. I'll write more about them in future posts.

I published an update to this post, with all of the earliest prices for both markets. You can read it by following this link.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Next Title To Change Hands Betting Update For June 13th

It has been a little over a day since I last published a post concerning Sky Bet's 'Next Title to Change Hands' market, so I thought I'd write a short update pointing out the one adjustment that has been made to it since then.

As of this afternoon, the only differing price - when compared to yesterday - is the one for the 'WWE Raw Women's Championship'. It has been snipped from 12/1 to 10/1.

It's the selection I have backed. I did so after publishing yesterday's post.

When I looked through the current titleholders and their upcoming matches, the one that stood out for me is Becky Lynch .vs. Lacey Evans.

Evans lost the first of their meetings at Money in the Bank. I thought that, if WWE is high on Evans as its supposed to be, losing another match to Lynch isn't the way to go about it.

I thought the 12/1 was worth a gamble.

With that said, and as I've pointed out in previous 'Next Title to Change Hands' markets, The Kabuki Warriors are a real threat to The IIconics for the Women's Tag Team Championship.

In my opinion, the women's tag straps are correctly positioned as favourite. It's just that, when I was looking to have a  bet, I thought that the 12/1 for the 'Raw Women's Championship' was worth a punt because of the reason I mentioned above.

Next Title To Change Hands - Sixth Edition

An UNDERwhelming Super ShowDown

This week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter - featuring Dave Meltzer's review of last Friday's WWE Super ShowDown PPV - has now been published. Therefore, Kambi's Wrestling Observer star ratings markets will soon be settled, if they haven't been by the time you're reading this post.

As many visitors are aware, Kambi's oddsmakers published a handful of Observer-themed markets ahead of Friday's show. In this post, I'll go through all of the specials that were available and point out how they'll be settled.

To start off with, it's best to say that the show was unsurprisingly not received well in Meltzer's review. It was UNDERwhelming from a betting perspective as well as every single match fell below the oddsmakers' line.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter - Star Ratings Betting For Super ShowDown 2019

As you can see above, the 'Match of the Night' turned out to be the Finn Balor .vs. Andrade match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. 

Even though it fell short of the line, the bookies, and the punters, expected Balor/Andrade to be given more stars than the rest of the card as it opened as a 5/4 when a 'Highest Rated Match of the Night' special was put up a couple of days before the show. The eventual winner was snipped to 7/10 within the first day and remained at this price all the way through to its close shortly before the start of the PPV on Wednesday evening.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter -  Highest Rated Star Ratings Betting For Super ShowDown 2019

The three-and-a-quarter for Balor .vs. Andrade means that 'Exactly 3.25 Stars' will win at odds of 3/1 in the market in which clients could gamble on the 'Exact Star Rating' that was given to the match of the night.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter -  Exact  Star Ratings Betting For Super ShowDown 2019

Another market, which was available to customers leading into the show, was a head-to-head where Roman Reigns .vs. Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman .vs. Bobby Lashley opposed one another. The winning match in this square-off would be the bout that earned the most stars in Meltzer's review.

I was confident that Reigns .vs. McMahon would do far better than the bookie's line of 1.75 stars and was sure the bout would exceed whatever Strowman .vs. Lashley could do. How wrong I was. The final result saw Reigns and McMahon score one-and-a-half while Strowman and Lashley beat them by a quarter of a star.

The odds for Strowman .vs. Lashley to do better than Reigns .vs. Lashley were at 3/4 when the market opened, but customers would have found the eventual winning selection at a better price of 17/20 following Reigns/McMahon dropping from 23/20 to EVS.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter - Star Ratings Betting For Super ShowDown 2019

A trio of prop bets will also be settled now that this week's issue has been published.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter - Star Ratings Prop Betting For Super ShowDown 2019

The first proposition - titled 'Joint Winners' - gave the customers the opportunity to wager on there being two or more matches with the highest number of stars in the review. The 'No' - which was 7/20 - will win that one.

Prop number two was titled 'Main Event'. The customers had to gamble on the highest rated match in the review being the match that went on last. As we know, the match that closed the show - The Undertaker .vs. Goldberg - was given a DUD rating. Or, to try and put a positive spin on it, the best match in the review didn't go last, so the 'No' won this proposition. It was a very short 1/12.

With Finn Balor .vs. Andrade being for the Intercontinental Championship, the prop market titled 'Title Match' will settle with the 'Yes' winning at 1/16. The rule of this market was for 'a match valid for any championship to be awarded the highest star rating'.

All of these markets were available from Kambi for WWE Super ShowDown. The oddsmakers frequently publish Observer-themed markets for major WWE events and have most recently put up an Over/Under market for the Chris Jericho .vs. Hangman Page match that's scheduled for AEW All Out in August. When available, you'll be able to find these markets on the link below.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Undertaker Now 7/4 Favourite To Headline 2020 WWE Hall Of Fame Ceremony

The Undertaker has become the Kambi oddsmakers' favourite to be the headliner of the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame.

Taker, who was 7/2 when the market was first published on March 10th, had recently moved to 2/1 but has now dipped to 7/4.

This move means he is now the only favourite on the board. He had shared the spot with two other wrestlers - Batista and The Rock - since the end of May.

With Taker moving in, The Rock has moved up to 23/10 while Batista has stayed at 2/1.

You can view all of the selections, and their current prices, in the table below.

2020 WWE Hall of Fame Headliner Betting Odds For June 12th 2019

Sky Bet Releases Sixth 'Next Title To Change Hands' Market

Sky Bet has published the sixth edition of its 'Next Title to Change Hands' market.

The special contains a list of WWE's championships and allows the customer to wager on the title they believe will be lost and won next.

The most recent market was settled in the early hours of yesterday morning when The Revival secured the Raw Tag Team Championship in a triple threat match against Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder and The Usos.

The 'Women's Tag Team Championship' - currently held by The IIconics - is the top of the current market as a 10/3 favourite.

It's followed by the aforementioned winner from the fifth edition, which is 9/2.

All of the selections, along with their early prices, can be viewed in the image below.

Sky Bet's 'Next Title to Change Hands' - Sixth Edition

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Revival's Raw Tag Title Win Settles 2 Markets

The Revival's WWE Raw Tag Team Championship win on last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw now means that a couple of Sky Bet's markets will be settled.

The first is the company's 'Next Title to Change Hands' market. This special was in its fifth edition and was only created last week following the United States Championship 'win' by Samoa Joe.

The winning selection started out at 8/1 on Tuesday morning. It was understandable to see the selection at this price considering that Brock Lesnar was threatening to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase later in the week and - on top of that - there was on Raw Tag Team Championship match scheduled for the WWE Super ShowDown PPV.

The selection starting to move in after the Saudi Arabia event, which had no title changes, and was moved into favouritism not long after WWE announced that Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder would defend their titles against The Revival.

By yesterday evening, 'Raw Tag Team Championship' was moved to 6/5 and was still at this number when the market closed at 11PM BST.

Click on image to expand

Another market that will obviously close now is the one in which Sky Bet's customers could have bet on the successors of Hawkins and Ryder.

Click on image to expand

The Revival could have been found as high as 10/1 as recently as last week in the special. As you'll be able to see in the table below, the team closed as 11/10 second-favourites to The Usos, who were added to the match hours after WWE revealed it would only be The Revival challenging the champs.