Sunday, 24 May 2020

Pro Wrestling TV Match Markets For Week Commencing May 25 2020

Kambi's oddsmakers have released match markets for bouts that have been advertised for professional wrestling TV shows that will air next week. 

In this post, I'll run through all the markets that are available as of the time of writing. I'll also mention a market for AEW Dynamite that was available yesterday, but is currently suspended.

25th May - WWE Monday Night Raw
There are two match markets available for tomorrow night's edition of WWE Raw.

The first is for the US Championship match that will see Andrade defend his strap against Apollo Crews. Both men have been placed at 17/20 apiece.

A triple threat match to determine a number one contender to Asuka's Raw Women's Championship is also being advertised. 

Nia Jax is a 1/3 favourite. She's followed by Charlotte Flair at 43/20. Natalya is 8s.

27th May - WWE NXT
Two match markets have been released for Wednesday's episode of WWE NXT.

There will be a triple threat match to determine the winner of Group A in the Cruiserweight Championship tournament with the winner going on to the final. The participants are Kushida, Drake Maverick and Jake Atlas.

Kushida is the 3/4 favourite, Maverick is 21/20 and Atlas is 15/2.

A cage fight between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher, which will be refereed by Kurt Angle, is also booked for the show.

Kambi lists Riddle as a 2/5 favourite. A win for Thatcher will pay out at odds of 7/4.

29th May - WWE Smackdown
The semi-finals of the WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament have also had match winner markets created for them.

In the first market, the bookmakers list Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan at 17/20 pick 'ems.

The other bout will see 1/5 favourite - AJ Styles - take on 3/1 Elias.

* * *

As mentioned above, the bookmakers also had a market for a contest that is scheduled for Wednesday/s AEW Dynamite, but it is currently off the board due to AEW Double or Nothing being held last night.

It was for the battle royal that will determine a challenger for the TNT Championship, which was won by Cody last night. The victor will get his match on the June 3rd edition of Dynamite.

Here's how the market looked when it was first published yesterday.

Adam Page 11/2
Chris Jericho 11/2
Cody 11/2
Darby Allin 11/2
Lance Archer 11/2
MJF 11/2
PAC 11/2
Kenny Omega 7/1
Shawn Spears 7/1
Dustin Rhodes 8/1
Jake Hager 8/1
Brodie Lee 10/1
Jungle Boy 10/1
Matt Hardy 10/1
Orange Cassidy 10/1
Sammy Guevara 10/1
Luchasaurus 12/1
Scorpio Sky 12/1
Wardlow 12/1
Christopher Daniels 25/1
Colt Cabana 25/1
Frankie Kazarian 25/1
Jimmy Havoc 25/1
Joey Janela 25/1
Kip Sabian 25/1
Marko Stunt 25/1

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Kambi's TV Viewership Markets For Week Commencing May 25th 2020

Kambi's oddsmakers have published prop markets for next week's professional wrestling TV shows. In this post, I'll share with you the lines and prices.

Regular TV Over/Under Propositions

WWE Raw to have 1.75 Million or more?
Both 'Yes' and 'No' can be found at 17/20 each.

WWE NXT to have 0.58 Million or more?
The bookmakers have given 'Yes' odds of 3/4 while the 'No' is 19/20.

AEW Dynamite to have 0.75 Million or more?
'No' is a 4/5 favourite. Those looking to gamble on the 'Yes' can get 9/10.

WWE Smackdown to have 2.03 Million or more?
'Yes' is a 4/5 favourite. Anything below 2,030,000 will pay out at odds of 9/10 for 'No'.

Spread Propositions

AEW Dynamite to beat WWE NXT by 150,000 or more viewers?
'No' is 3/4 and 'Yes' is 19/20.

WWE Smackdown to beat WWE Raw by 300,000 or more viewers?
Both selections are 17/20.

Update About BetOnline's AEW DoN 2020 Markets

Here's an update about the BetOnline markets for tonight's AEW Double or Nothing PPV.

  • When I last wrote about the Nyla Rose versus Hikaru Shida match market, I noted that Shida's odds were shorter than when the market opened as they had dipped from +150 into +140 while the champion's price as favourite had moved up from -200 to -180. Everything is back to where it was initially as Rose is -200 and Shida is +150
  • MJF is now -400 to get a win against Jungle Boy. In today's post, I noted that he had fallen from -150 into -200 while Jungle Boy moved to +150 from +110. Jungle Boy is now +250
  • Jon Moxley was off the board earlier, but has now been placed at -400. He was -250 originally. Brodie Lee was +200 - from +170 - this morning, but has now risen to +250

There have been changed made to the casino ladder match market. 

Darby Allin has lowered from +175 into +150
The Field is now +250 from +275
Scorpio Sky, the guy whose odds fell from +1,000 into +800 between Thursday and this morning, is now down to +300

The other selections have drifted apart from Orange Cassidy, who has stalled at +700.

Rey Fenix is now +550 from +400 (he will not be a part of the match as he will be replaced by Joey Janela)
Colt Cabana has risen to +1,200 from +900
Frankie Kazarian has moved out to +1,200 from +1,000
Kip Sabian has also drifted to +1,200 from +1,000
Luchasaurus has moved to +1,400 from +1,200

The other markets for tonight remain the same as how they were EARLIER TODAY.

Prices correct as of 8PM BST from BetOnline's Wrestling Page

22/5/20 Smackdown Viewership Number Published

The May 22nd episode of WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average audience of 2,039,500 viewers with 2,076,000 tuned in for the first hour and 2,003,000 for its second.

With confirming this information, the oddsmakers from Kambi will now settle their remaining two viewership proposition markets for this week's TV.

The proposition for Smackdown to have a total average audience of 2.1 Million or more viewers will see 'No' graded as the winning selection. 

As you can see below, the selection started off at 17/20 against 'Yes' and was backed into 4/5 by Wednesday morning and was then at 1/2 by 7:00PM BST the following day.

22/5/20 WWE Smackdown TV Prop Bet

No will also be graded as the winning selection in a spread proposition market that customers were able to wager on.

Smackdown vs Raw Prop Market For May 18th and 22nd

In the prop customers were gambling on whether last night's Smackdown would have 300,000 or more viewers than the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

As noted in a post published on Tuesday, Monday's episode of Raw had an average total of 1,757,333 viewers. Therefore,  the difference was 282,167. This means that 'No' will be graded as the winning selection by 17,833 viewers.

'No' started out at 9/10 to the 4/5 for 'Yes', but there was a flip within a few hours and the eventual winner became the 4/5 favourite.

Odds from Kambi

2 New DON 2020 Match Markets From Kambi

As mentioned in the first post I published today, Britt Baker has been injured and will not wrestle Kris Statlander at AEW Double or Nothing 2020 later on tonight.

This has prompted AEW to have Penelope Ford as Baker's replacement.

Kambi has created a market for the new match. As of this afternoon, Statlander is an 11/20 favourite. A decision for Ford will pay out at odds of 5/4.

A market for the Shawn Spears .vs. Dustin Rhodes match has also been created.

Spears is a 1/4 fave while Rhodes is 5/2.

Kambi's Odds For DON's Casino Ladder Match

Kambi has published a market for the casino ladder match that's set for tonight's AEW Double or Nothing 2020 PPV.

The list contains Joey Janela, who has replaced Rey Fenix.

Darby Allin EVS
Mystery Participant 2/1
Scorpio Sky 2/1
Luchasaurus 7/2
Orange Cassidy 7/2
Frankie Kazarian 15/1
Colt Cabana 20/1
Joey Janela 20/1
Kip Sabian 20/1

The market, along with other specials for the match, can be found on Kambi's Pro Wrestling Page.

A Look Over BetOnline's AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Markets

BetOnline published its AEW Double or Nothing 2020 lines a few days ago, so I have taken a look over the current prices to see how they've changed since then.

Here's what I've noticed.

Britt Baker .vs. Kris Statlander
This match is officially off following an injury to Britt Baker. She'll be replaced by Penelope Ford. The market is still available and showing the earliest odds I have: Baker a -300 favourite over Statlander (+200).

Lance Archer .vs. Cody
The market for the match to determine the first-ever AEW TNT Champion has kept Lance Archer a -150 fave over the +110 for Cody.

Nyla Rose .vs. Hikaru Shida
AEW Women's Champion, Nyla Rose, has been pushed up from -200 favourite to -180 as her challenger - Hikaru Shida - has dipped from +150 into +140.

Shawn Spears .vs. Dustin Rhodes
Shawn Spears has remained a -400 favourite to get a decision over Dustin Rhodes (+250).

MJF .vs. Jungle Boy
MJF has lowered from -150 into -200 for his meeting with Jungle Boy. A decision in favour of the latter will now pay out at odds of +150. This is up from +110.

The Inner Circle .vs. The Elite
The odds for a win by The Inner Circle has lowered from -150 into -200 while their opponents, The Elite, have risen from +140 to +150.

Jon Moxley .vs. Brodie Lee
The market for the AEW Championship match currently has Jon Moxley off the board. He was initially -250 with his challenger at +170. Lee is still available to gamble on. He's currently +200. For what it's worth the last two times I've seen selections blocked out (Asuka for Money in the Bank and Nikki Cross/Alexa Bliss for Mania), the selection has gone on to win their respective matches.

Casino Ladder Match
Scorpio Sky's odds to win the casino ladder match have been taken down from +1,000 into +800.  The other selections' prices remain unchanged. The current odds are:

Darby Allin +175
Field (Mystery Entry) +275
Rey Fenix +400*
Orange Cassidy +700
Scorpio Sky +800
Colt Cabana +900
Frankie Kazarian +1,000
Kip Sabian +1,000
Luchasaurus +1,200

*Rey Fenix is out of the match and will be replaced by Joey Janela. I surmise that this would mean that the 'Field' pick will mean Janela as well as whoever the additional opponent will be.

Prices correct as of 12:30PM BST today. The latest can be found on BetOnline's Wrestling Page.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

AEW And NXT Viewers For 20/5/20

AEW Dynamite was the winner of last night's TV viewership battle against WWE NXT with 701,000 to its opposition's 592,000.

This is according to the television viewership website - - that is used by Kambi's oddsmakers to settle their pro wrestling TV prop bets.

Three markets were created for last night's head-to-head.

In the first, customers were asked whether AEW Dynamite would have a total average audience of 680,000 or more.

The 'Yes' will win as a 3/4 favourite. For what it's worth, and it isn't worth anything now, 'No' was 19/20.

Kambi's market for WWE NXT asked customers whether 625,000 or more would tune in.

20/5/20 NXT Prop Bet

Going by the betting, it would appear that people thought the line was too low as the 'Yes' was backed from 19/20 into 4/5 in the period I followed the changes to the market.

'No' will be graded as the winner. It opened as a 3/4 favourite, but was out to 19/20 by Tuesday afternoon.

Finally, a spread special will also be graded now that the results are in. In it, customers were asked whether AEW Dynamite would have 60,000 or more viewers than WWE NXT.

They had both 'Yes' and 'No' available at 17/20 apiece, but it'll be the 'Yes' that will win as the difference was 109,000.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

18/5/20 Raw Viewership Number Released

Last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw had a total average audience of 1,757,333.

This is according to the TV viewership website,, that is used by the oddsmakers from Kambi to grade their professional wrestling TV prop bets.

For last night's episode, Kambi asked its customers to bet whether or not there would be a total average of 1.8 Million or more.

18/5/20 Monday Night Raw TV Prop

'No' will be graded as the winner.

As you can see above, the winning selection started out as a 4/5 favourite, but was pushed out to 23/20 by yesterday afternoon as the 'Yes' fell from 9/10 into 8/13.

The breakdown for the episode went as follows:

Hour 1 - 1,818,000
Hour 2 - 1,810,000
Hour 3 - 1,644,000

Monday, 18 May 2020

Match Markets For 22/5 Smackdown Plus Note About Raw Market

Kambi's oddsmakers have released markets for the matches that are set for this Friday's episode of WWE Smackdown.

In WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament match-ups, Jeff Hardy will wrestle Sheamus and AJ Styles will take on Shinsuke Nakamura.  The other two contests with markets are the Bayley versus Charlotte Flair meeting and a mixed tag team match.

Hardy is a 13/20 favourite to progress into the next round. A decision in favour of Sheamus will pay out at 11/10.

Styles is favoured to win his meeting with Nakamura. He's 11/25 and Nak is 8/5.

Bayley is 7/5 to Charlotte Flair's 1/2 for their bout.

The mixed tag team match will see Mandy Rose and Mr. Money in the Bank - Otis - take on Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler. The former are 23/20 outsiders while Deville and Ziggler are 8/13.

While looking over the markets this morning, I noticed Kambi is also taking bets on a match that's scheduled for Raw.

In it, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross will defend the WWE Women's Tag Team Championhip against The IIconics.

I looked back to last night's prices and there have been adjustments made to the market between then and today.


Bliss and Cross

The IIconics

17/5 7:30PM



18/5 12:30PM



As you can see, the titleholders' odds have dipped from 7/10 into 1/2 while the challengers' odds have moved out from EVS to 7/5.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Kambi Publishes TV Props For Week Commencing 18/5 Plus Backlash 2020 Odds

Kambi's oddsmakers have released new pro wrestling betting markets.

Firstly, they've created their weekly TV viewership prop bets and - secondly - markets for possible WWE Backlash 2020 matches have gone live.

Here are the lines that have been set for the week of programming ahead.

WWE Raw: 1.8 Million or more
AEW Dynamite: 0.68 Million or more
WWE NXT: 0.625 Million or more
WWE Smackdown: 2.1 Million or more

Spread props have also been published. 

For the AEW Dynamite versus WWE NXT Wednesday Night War spread, Kambi has asked its customers whether AEW's programme will beat NXT by 60,000 or more viewers. The WWE Smackdown versus Raw spread is 300,000 or more viewers.

The Backlash markets that have been priced up are:

Randy Orton 3/4
Edge 19/20

Drew McIntyre 1/12
Bobby Lashley 5/1

Bray Wyatt 4/5
Braun Strowman 9/10

Saturday, 16 May 2020

15/5/20 Smackdown Viewership Number Released

Last night's WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average audience of 2,042,500 viewers with 2,030,000 tuned in for the first hour and 2,055,000 for the second.

This result means that the final two viewership prop markets, that were published by Kambi for this week, will now be settled.

In the first market, clients were asked to gamble on the prospect of Smackdown having a total average of 2,000,000 or more viewers.

Those who felt it would have, will now have their wagers on 'Yes' settled at odds of 7/10.

15th May 2020 Smackdown TV Prop Bet

As you can see, the losing selection - 'No' - was EVS.

The second market that can now be graded following the release of the result on the website is a prop which asked customers whether Smackdown would beat Raw by 350,000 or more viewers.

The May 11th episode of Monday Night Raw had a total average of 1,918,667 viewers. Therefore, Smackdown only beat it by 123,833 people. 

'No' will be graded as the winner. The selection was a 3/4 favourite over the 19/20 that was offered to those who may have wanted to back Smackdown getting 350,000 or higher more than Monday's programme.

15/5/20 Smackdown .vs. 11/5/20 Raw Prop Bet

Kambi Releases Match Markets For Week Commencing May 18th

Kambi has published markets for wrestling matches that will take place on TV - and PPV - next week.

Here are the new markets starting with Monday's Raw.

18th May WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, announced on the most recent episode of WWE Raw that King Corbin will travel over to the red brand to take on the champ.

Drew McIntyre 1/5
King Corbin 3/1

20th May AEW Dynamite
The go-home episode of AEW Dynamite has four match markets available.

MJF 1/5
Marko Stunt 3/1

Jon Moxley 1/12
Ten 5/1

Orange Cassidy 23/20
Rey Feniz 8/13

Sammy Guevara 27/25
Matt Hardy 4/6

20th May WWE NXT 
Rhea Ripley has returned to WWE NXT TV and will take on Io Shirai next week.

Rhea Ripley 3/4
Io Shirai 19/20

23 May AEW Double or Nothing 2020
Kambi has published new markets for the latest additions to the AEW Double or Nothing 2020 card/

Matt Hardy and The Elite 27/25
The Inner Circle 4/6

Private Party 27/25
Best Friends 4/6

Nyla Rose 3/5
Hikaru Shida 6/5

Britt Baker 11/25
Kris Statlander 8/5