Tuesday, 15 October 2019

14/10/19 Raw Rating Is In

Last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw had a total average audience of 2,278,666 viewers.

The result means that a prop bet, created by Kambi, will now be settled with the result of 'No' being the winning selection.

Customers were asked whether the show would get a total average of 2.35 Million or more in the special. The winning selection was available at odds of 19/20 while the option to wager on the show having 2.35 Million or above was 3/4.

14/10/19 WWE Raw Rating Prop Bet Result

ShowBuzzDaily.com - the website that is used by Kambi to grade the pro wrestling TV ratings proposition markets - pointed out that the show had 2,521,000 viewers for the first hour, 2,318,000 for its second and then 1,997,000 for the final sixty minutes.

Other proposition markets for this week's AEW Dynamite, NXT and Smackdown audiences are still available as of the time of writing.

Pro Wrestling TV Prop Bets For Week Commencing October 14th 2019

Sky Bet Adds More WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Markets

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have added markets for the new matches that have been added to the WWE Crown Jewel 2019 card.

The first sees Mansoor as a 1/4 favourite to win against Cesaro (11/4).

WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, is a 4/7 favourite to get a win against Bray Wyatt in a falls count anywhere match. A decision in favour of The Fiend will pay out at 5/4.

The bookmakers have also created an outright market in which customers can wagers on who they believe will win the tag team World Cup. The selections and prices, as of 8:45PM BST this evening, can be viewed in the image below.

WWE Tag Team World Cup Betting Odds From Sky Bet

Monday, 14 October 2019

A Look Over The Results Of Last Week's TV Prop Bets

Kambi released a few proposition markets for last week's professional wrestling TV ratings. I covered all of the show-specific markets as soon as I became aware of the ratings for them. However, I decided to hold off on writing about the props that required the ratings for more than one of the shows until today.

Before I begin this post, it's best to bring those who may have missed last week's ratings up to speed. Here are the audience numbers for the shows along with links to the respective pages.

Monday's episode of WWE Raw had an average audience of 2,334,333. I wrote about the proposition for the Raw number IN THIS POST. A couple of days after that, I released THIS POST with both the AEW Dynamite and NXT numbers. AEW's show had 1,018,000 while NXT had 790,000. Finally, on Saturday evening, I took a look at Smackdown's total average of 2,898,500 IN THIS POST.

Combined Audience
Seeing as I have all the numbers in the paragraph above, I may as well begin with the big one that was released which asked customers whether the combined audience number for all of the above shows would be '8 Million or more'. If you add them all up, the total was 7,040,833. Therefore, the winning selection was 'No' which was 27/25 from October 6th right up to Monday evening. 

The losing selection, 'Yes', was 4/6.

Raw To Have 1.1 Million or More Than AEW
There was a prop which asked customers whether Monday Night Raw would have 1.1 Million or more viewers than AEW Dyamite. 

4/5 was applied to 'Yes' while the 'No' was 9/10.

As we know, Raw had 2,334,333 and Dynamite had 1,018,000. Therefore, the 'Yes' turned out to be the winning selection as Raw had 1,316,333 more than AEW's flagship.

AEW To Have 0.5 Million More Than NXT
Kambi had a prop which saw the two Wednesday shows competing. The bookies asked the customers whether AEW would have at least 500,000 more viewers than NXT.

Both 'Yes' and 'No' started off at 17/20 apiece. However, within a couple of days, the odds for the 'No' were taken down to 3/4 while the 'Yes' was increased to 19/20.

TV Prop Bet: AEW Dynamite .vs. NXT (October 9 2019)

AEW beat NXT, but it didn't do it by 500,000. The difference was 228,000. Therefore, those that appear to have sided with the 'No' made the correct call.

Raw .vs. AEW and NXT
Another proposition saw Monday Night's Raw number going up against the two shows from Wednesday night (AEW and NXT). The question asked was whether Monday's audience would beat the combined number for AEW Dynamite and NXT. The 'Yes' was a 7/10 favourite over the 'No' at EVS. 

AEW and NXT had a combined total audience of 1,808.000. This was below the 2,334,333 for Raw, so the winning selection was 'Yes'.

Smackdown To Have 1.2 Million More Than Raw
There was a prop in which clients could bet whether or not Smackdown had 1.2 Million more viewers than Raw. 

The 'Yes' was EVS over the 7/10 for the 'No'.

The winning selection turned out to be the favourite as Smackdown only beat Raw by 564,167.

FOX .vs. USA Network
The proposition titled 'FOX .vs. USA Network' saw Smackdown's audience going up against the combined number for the two shows on the USA Network - Raw and NXT.

Customers were asked whether Smackdown would get a higher audience total than both of those shows. The 'Yes' was an 11/20 favourite over the 5/4 for 'No'.

Raw and NXT's combined number was 3,124,333. Therefore, it beat the 2,898,500 for Smackdown. 

That's a win for the 'No'.

Earlier today, I published THIS POST pointing out the prop markets that have been published for this week's TV shows starting with tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw.

Kambi's Pro Wrestling TV Ratings Prop Bets For Week Commencing October 14th 2019

Kambi's oddsmakers have released proposition markets for this week's pro wrestling TV shows.

They're similar to markets that have been published for the past few weeks.

The first is a prop asking customers to wager 'Yes' or 'No' to whether AEW Dynamite has a total average audience of '1 Million or more' in its initial airing on TNT this Wednesday. The option to bet against it doing 1,000,000+ is 7/10 to the 'Yes' at EVS.

Prop number two is another for Wednesday night TV and asks whether or not NXT's airing on the USA Network has 765,000 viewers or more. The 'Yes' is a 4/5 fave while its opposing selection is 9/10.

The third is for tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. The line is set at 2.35 Million viewers for its airing on the USA Network. 'Yes' is 3/4 while the 'No' is 19/20.

This coming Friday's episode of WWE Smackdown is also covered with the firm setting a line of '2.65 Million or more' for its total average audience. 'No' is a 13/20 favourite while the 'Yes' is 11/10.

TV Ratings Prop Bets For Week Commencing October 14th 2019

Another two markets are 'spread' specials where the customers can gamble on certain shows having more of an audience than its opposition.

The first asks whether AEW on TNT has 250,000 more viewers than NXT on the USA Network. The 'No' is 3/4 to the 'Yes' at 19/20 for that one. 

In the other 'Spread' proposition, Smackdown is up against Raw and the clients have the option to bet whether or not Friday's Smackdown on FOX has 250,000 more viewers than Raw on the USA Network. Both the 'Yes' and 'No' selections are at 17/20 as of the time of writing.

For what it's worth, even though Raw has its draft show tonight, I am backing Smackdown to beat the 0.25 Million spread because Raw is up against an NFC North rivalry game in the NFL with the Detroit Lions taking on the Green Bay Packers.

IWGP Heavyweight Champ At Conclusion Of Wrestle Kingdom 14's Second Night Update For October 14th

New Japan Pro Wrestling's King of Pro Wrestling 2019 event is on as I write this and I thought it was an opportune time to post an update about the Wrestle Kingdom 14 special that has been available from the Kambi oddsmakers.

The special, which will pay out on who is holding the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at the end of night two of Wrestle Kingdom on January 5th 2020, was taken down as today's show was beginning. Here's how the market looked fifteen minutes before it was removed.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion At End Of NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Night Two

I last wrote about the market on September 29th. The most recent prices - in the image above - were made on October 2nd. Two selections were cut with Jay White moving in from 5/1 to 9/2 and Tetsuya Naito from 2/1 to 6/4.

Three names drifted. They were: SANADA (9/1 to 10/1), Kazuchika Okada (33/20 to 2/1) and the betting favourite - Kota Ibushi (3/4 to 17/20).

All other selections remain at their previous odds.

During today's show, Naito and Shingo Takagi beat Taichi and Douki in a tag match. Post-match, Taichi beat up Naito and indicated that he would do what Naito couldn't (be in contention to be the double champion at the conclusion of Wrestle Kingdom), so that has me thinking Naito .vs. Taichi will be the match at Power Struggle with the winner going on to face the IWGP  Intercontinental Champion on night one of Wrestle Kingdom. 

The bottom line - they're building hurdles for Naito to get through to make it to night two of Wrestle Kingdom and that, to me, makes him my favourite to be the double champ when all is said and done on January 5th.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Last Night's Smackdown Audience Number Is In

ShowBuzzDaily.com has published its network scorecard with the preliminary results for last night's TV.

Smackdown on FOX had a a total average audience of 2,898,000 viewers. This was a drop of close to 1 Million from last week's debut episode.

The first hour of last night's show had an audience of 2,925,000. There was a drop in the second as it had 2,872,000.

With last week's audience being at 3,869,000 the oddsmakers from Kambi published a proposition market for this week's audience result. It asked customers whether the show would have a total average of 3.6 Million or more and had the 'No' as a 3/4 favourite over the 'Yes' at 19/20.

The 'Yes' was taken down to 9/10 after that, but the 'No' was then backed from 4/5 into 13/20 and the 'Yes' closed at 11/10.

The 'No' turned out to be the correct bet.

WWE Smackdown 11th October 2019 Prop Bet

This was not the only proposition market from this week's professional wrestling TV shows. On Tuesday, I published THIS POST about a market for Monday's Raw audience and then - in this post from Wednesday - I wrote about two markets for AEW Dynamite and NXT.

Combined proposition markets for all of the shows were also published. I'll write about them in a future post.

William Hill Publishes 2 WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Markets

William Hill's oddsmakers have published markets for the two WWE Crown Jewel 2019 matches that were announced yesterday at a press conference in Las Vegas.

The first bout will see Tyson Fury compete against Braun Strowman. As of the time of writing, the boxer is a 1/4 favourite while a decision in favour of Strowman is 11/4.

WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - will also face one of his UFC nemesis' in the form of Cain Velasquez on the very same card.

The champ has been installed as a 6/4 outsider. A winning wager on Velasquez will pay out at 1/2.

Prices correct as of 3:15PM BST. The latest can be found under 'TV/Specials' on the William Hill Website.

Sky Bet Publishes Fury/Strowman Odds

The oddsmakers from Sky Bet have released a market for the Tyson Fury versus Braun Strowman match that has been made official for WWE Crown Jewel.

As of this afternoon, the sports betting firm has Fury as a 1/6 favourite. His opponent is 7/2.

The two will compete in Saudi Arabia on October 31st.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Tyson Fury .vs. Braun Strowman Confirmed For Crown Jewel And Odds

WWE has confirmed that Tyson Fury and Braun Srowman will meet at WWE Crown Jewel on October 31st.

A market for the match has already been published by the oddsmakers from Paddy Power.

The firm has Fury a 1/7 favourite. A win for Strowman will pay out at odds of 4/1.

A Final Look At Kambi's WWE HIAC 2019 Observer Markets Now That We Know The Results

Dave Meltzer's review of WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 was published in this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and, now that it has been released, Kambi's star ratings betting markets will soon be settled.

Going into the weekend, WWE hadn't announced a full card for the PPV. Therefore, Kambi's oddsmakers were limited with what they could offer in regards to the star ratings markets.

By Friday, three matches were announced. A fourth - Bayley .vs. Charlotte Flair for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship - was confirmed the following day. Therefore, Kambi was only able to cover the four bouts that were set in stone a day before the event.

The Over/Under markets saw two of the bouts go Over and the other half fall Under.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Observer Over/Under Results

Becky Lynch's successful WWE Raw Women's Championship defence over Sasha Banks was awarded four stars in Meltzer's review. This was tied with the Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns versus Luke Harper and Erick Rowan tornado tag team match that followed on the card.

The Raw Women's Championship market had a line of 3.75, so those who backed the 'Over' will have bets settled in their favour. Looking at the betting, it seems that the bookies were taking action on the eventual winning selection as the odds went from 21/20 on September 18th and were down to EVS on the evening of the event.

Raw Women's Championship
O 3.75
E 3.75
U 3.75
18/9 11:45AM
19/9 9:30PM
28/9 1:10PM
1/10 4:30PM
6/10 6:00PM
6/10 11:15PM

Customers also appear to have sided with the 'Over' in the tornado tag team match. Kambi set the line at three stars and the 'Over' was backed from the EVS on September 28th all the way to 1/3 just before the event.

Bryan/Reigns .vs. Rowan/Harper
O 3
E 3
U 3

28/9 1:10PM
1/10 4:30PM
5/10 11:45AM
5/10 8:00PM
6/10 9:45AM
6/10 6:00PM
6/10 11:15PM

Charlotte Flair's WWE Smackdown Women's Championship victory over Bayley was given two-and-a-quarter stars in Dave Meltzer's review. 

With the match only announced over the weekend, Kambi's Over/Under market was installed on Saturday morning. There were adjustments made on Sunday, but - as you can see below - they went the way of the 'Over'. 

SD Women's Championship
O 3
E 3
U 3
5/10 10:30AM
6/10 9:45AM
6/10 6:00PM
6/10 11:15PM

The eventual winning selection started off at 4/5 but was out to 7/4 by Sunday night.

Meltzer's review started with a great opener. It read 'WWE's Hell in a Cell show started out strong, and ended with a bang. The wrong kind of bang.'

And a bang it was as the main event - which was declared a 'Match Stoppage' - was graded minus two stars by the newsletter's editor.

It should go without saying that the 'Under' turned out to be the winning selection. The line was set at 3.5 stars on September 18th. The market remained stationary right up to Saturday morning when the 'Over' was backed from 19/20 into 17/20. This meant that the 'Under' was pushed out to 21/20 from 19/20.

By Sunday evening, things had changed. The 'Under' had fallen to 1/2 while the 'Over' had drifted all the way out to what turned out to be its rightful place of  31/20.

Universal Championship
O 3.5
E 3.5
U 3.5
18/9 11:45AM
5/10 11:45AM
6/10 11:15PM

The best price would have been the 21/20 that was available for most of the weekend.

There were two other star ratings specials for the event. Both were head-to-heads to see which match had the most star ratings.

The first matchbet was available from October 1st and had the two Hell in a Cell cage matches competing against each other.

Lynch .vs. Banks won this one. From the betting, you can see that - despite the first sign of wagering siding with the bouts to get the 'Same Star Rating' - the late movements came in favour of the eventual winner. It went from 7/10 all the way down to 7/20 in the period it was available.

WWE HIAC 2019 Observer Head-to-Head Betting 1

The second head-to-head was created after Bayley .vs. Charlotte Flair was confirmed. The bout was up against the tornado tag team match that tied for best match of the night with four stars, so the ladies were one-and-three-quarter stars behind.

The wagering points to the eventual winner being backed as the price was 3/4 on Saturday morning and was then down to 7/10 almost twenty-four hours later. The market remained at these prices right up to the close later that day.

WWE HIAC 2019 Observer Head-to-Head Betting 1

Hopefully, I'll be back next month with a similar post for Crown Jewel. Fingers crossed that we get a full card in time for that one.

More About The Hogan .vs. McMahon WrestleMania Match Market

In a follow up to the most recent post in which I mentioned that BetOnline has released a WrestleMania 36 match market for Hulk Hogan .vs. Vince McMahon - there appears to be some method behind BetOnline's apparent madness.

I've just read - in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter - that Hulk Hogan gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times and mentioned that he had talked to Vince McMahon about having one last match because he dislikes the idea that his final bout took place in a TNA ring. He goes on to state that he would like the bout to be in his home area of Tampa (where WrestleMania is) and for his opponent to be Vince McMahon.

First - this is Hogan being Hogan.

Second - I stand by the initial opinion that there is no way the match happens.

One look at how aged Vince McMahon has become in recent years should indicate that. For example, remember the angle where Roman Reigns was moved to Smackdown earlier this year? McMahon needed Elias as a spotter when he took the Superman Punch from Reigns.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

This Isn't October 2002, Is It?

BetOnline has published a random WrestleMania 36 match market.

It's taking bets on Hulk Hogan .vs. Vince McMahon. 

As of tonight, Hogan is a -300 favourite while a winning wager on Vince McMahon to win the highly unlikely WrestleMania XIX rematch, is +200.

The market can be found under 'Game Props' on the BetOnline Website.

NXT And AEW TV Ratings For October 10th 2019 Are In

The ratings for last night's pro wrestling TV shows were released this evening. This now means that a number of TV ratings prop bets that were created by the Kambi oddsmakers will be settled.

The market that was specific to the NXT rating asked customers to bet whether the show had an audience of 0.825 Million or more.

When wagering began, the 'Yes' was a 3/4 favourite over the 'No' at 19/20. It appears the consensus went with the 'No' as - within three days - the odds were taken down to 9/10 while those for the 'Yes' were increased to 4/5.

The betting action turned out to be on the correct side as the audience was recorded as 790,000.

NXT on USA Network - October 9th 2019 TV Ratings Prop Bet

The 'No' won in the proposition for AEW Dynamite's audience as the punters were asked whether it would do better than 1.3 Million.

According to the source that Kambi uses to grade these markets - ShowBuzzDaily.com - AEW Dynamite had an audience of 1,018,000 for its airing on TNT (it was also aired on Tru TV, but for settlement purposes the only channel that counts is TNT). 

Looking at the betting, it would appear that there were some keen to wager on the show doing 1,300,000 or above as the 'Yes' moved in from 4/5 to 7/10 within two days and was then down to 4/6 on the afternoon of the show.

As a result of the 'Yes' falling in, the bookies moved the eventual winner out from 9/10 to 27/25 with a stop in-between at EVS on Tuesday.

AEW on TNT - TV Ratings Prop Bet For October 10th 2019

There were other AEW and NXT TV ratings props that saw the shows compete with one another and also Raw and Smackdown. I'll write about how they were/will be graded once I know the results of Smackdown's rating.

WWE Draft Information Is Out

A lot has changed in the few hours since I published the most recent post.

I've only just returned and found out that WWE has revealed two pools for the Friday and Monday draft nights.

The company has spread out top names in each pool so some aren't eligible to be drafted tomorrow night and some are guaranteed to go on Friday rather than during Raw's coverage.

I can understand why WWE has done it like this at it ensures that the Monday draft show will have top talent moving across rather than all of the big names being involved tomorrow night.

I've also found out that the oddsmakers from Kambi had published a ton of new draft specials but, due to the pools being released, they've been taken down. That's a shame because it must have taken them a while to work on them only for the news to put a spanner in the works. Something similar happened with their work on the King of the Ring markets as they released markets just before the bracket was published.

The number one draft pick market I did see - and wrote about in this post - is also obsolete in a way as Brock Lesnar was the betting favourite, but is ineligible for tomorrow as he is in Raw's pool.

All of the names in each pool can be viewed below.

Smackdown's Pool
Becky Lynch
Roman Reigns
The OC
Bray Wyatt
Drew McIntyre
Randy Orton
Sasha Banks
Braun Strowman
Bobby Lashley
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Lacey Evans
Viking Raiders
The Revival
The Street Profits
Lucha House Party
Kevin Owens
Humberto Carrillo
Akira Tozawa
Sin Cara
Eric Young
Chad Gable
Heath Slater
Drew Gulak
The B-Team

Raw's Pool
Seth Rollins
Brock Lesnar
Charlotte Flair
Titus O'Neil
Shinsuke Nakamura
Aleister Black
The New Day
Daniel Bryan
Luke Harper
Erick Rowan
The Miz
King Corbin
Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode
Samoa Joe
The Kabuki Warriors
Cedric Alexander
Rey Mysterio
Heavy Machinery
Apollo Crews
Liv Morgan
Jinder Mahal
Buddy Murphy
Mojo Rawley
No Way Jose
Dana Brooke
Shelton Benjamin
Hawkins and Ryder
The IIconics
Sarah Logan
Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville
Drake Maverick

Lesnar A Favourite To Go First In WWE Draft

WWE Champion - Brock Lesnar - is a 3/4 favourite to be the first overall pick in tomorrow night's WWE Draft.

The oddsmakers from Kambi have published a market allowing customers to go first. Behind Lesnar, in the betting, is Becky Lynch who is a 33/20 second-fave.

WWE Universal Champion - Seth Rollins - is next up at 5/2 with Charlotte Flair (5/1), Bray Wyatt (6/1) and Roman Reigns (7/1) also available.

The brand that has the first pick will be decided with the result of an opening match that will see Seth Rollins - representing Raw - take on Smackdown's Roman Reigns. The brand of the winner will get to choose the first overall pick.

WWE Draft Betting - First Overall Pick

Jurassic Express Now Betting Faves To Be Inaugural AEW Tag Champs And More

The oddsmakers from Kambi have republished a couple of AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament matches that were taken down before last night's episode of AEW Dynamite.

On the show, initial tournament favourites - The Young Bucks - fell to Private Part in the first match. With the Bucks out of contention, the bookies have adjusted the outright winner market that will pay out on whoever is inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Champions.

Jurassic Express have now become favourites. The team, made up of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, was a joint 3/1 second-favourite when the market was first installed. However, punters can now find them at a reduced 7/4.

The faves aren't the only selection that has been lowered since last night's result. All other runners are showing shorter odds today. You can view the current prices in the table below.

AEW World Tag Team Champions - Betting Odds

A proposition market, in which clients can bet whether or not the tournament winners will come from the left side of the bracketing, has also returned to the websites with Kambi's odds.

The 'No' - which covers a win by The Dark Order, Best Friends or SoCal Uncensored - has lowered from 5/2 into 13/10 while the 'Yes' - covering Private Party, Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express - is now 13/25 from 1/4.

AEW World Tag Team Champions - Prop Bet

Odds correct as of 3:30PM BST today.

The Bucks' AEW Tag Title Tournament Loss And How It Affected 3 Betting Markets

On last night's AEW Dynamite, Private Party progressed to the semi-finals of the tournament to crown inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions with a win over The Young Bucks.

This result means that three specials markets for the tournament, that were published by Kambi, are looking to become settled.

The first special was a 'Tournament Winner' market that allowed customers to gamble on the Bucks or the field to be crowned champions.

The Jacksons were even money favourites in the outright market and were obviously the same here. However, the 'Any Other Participant' selection was offered at odds of 7/10.

AEW Tag Team Title Tournament - Bucks .vs. Field Bet

A prop bet which asked customers whether The Bucks would be the finalists from the left side of the tournament bracket was also released. The 'Yes' was a 3/5 favourite over the 6/5 for 'No'. It'll be the latter that will end up being the winning selection now that the team is out of contention following last night's loss.

AEW Tag Team Title Tournament - Young Bucks Prop Bet

Finally, the bookmakers installed a special where clients could gamble on the 'Stage of Elimination' of the then favourites.

Customers had the opportunity to gamble on the team being the 'Tournament Winner' at EVS, 'Runner Up' at 17/10 or, what turned out to be the correct pick, 'Quarter or Semi-Final' at 23/20.

AEW Tag Team Title Tournament - Stage of Elimination Bet

Private Party now find themselves in the October 23rd semi-finals. Before last night, Kambi had the team at 9/1 to be the outright winners.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Inaugural AEW World Tag Champions Betting

The first match in a tournament to crown inaugural All Elite Wrestling Tag Team Champions will take place on tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite. It will see The Young Bucks and Private Party in a battle to progress into the next round.

This past weekend, Kambi's oddsmakers released a handful of betting opportunities for the tourney.

The first is an outright winners market which allows clients to gamble on the team - or teams - they believe have a chance of being crowned the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions.

At the top of the list - at EVS - are the Young Bucks. They're followed by Jurassic Express and The Dark Order as 3/1 joint-second favourites.

The list continues with every other team that's competing in the tournament and ends with Best Friends at 15/1. 

AEW Tag Team Championship Betting

As mentioned above, there are more than just the outright winner special.

In one market, clients can gamble on The Young Bucks versus The Field. The punters get the same price of The Bucks to win the tourney (obviously!), but there's a 7/10 pricing on 'Any Other Participant' being crowned champs on October 30th.

AEW Tag Team Championship Prop Bets

As you can see above, there are two proposition markets under 'Listed occurrence to happen during the event (unless otherwise specified). 

The first asks customers whether the 'Bracket of origin of Tournament winner' is the 'Left Bracket'. That side of the bracketing consists of the Bucks, Private Party, Lucha Brothers and Jurassic Express while the other side has Best Friends, SoCal Uncensored and The Dark Order. There are only three teams on the right side of the bracket because The Dark Order have won a bye into the semi-final and will meet the winners out of Best Friends and SoCal in two weeks.

'Yes' is a 1/4 fave while the option to wager on the winners coming in from the right is 5/2.

The other proposition asks the customers whether The Young Bucks will represent the left bracket in the October 30th final.'Yes' is a 3/5 favourite over the 'No' at 6/5.

Finally, there's a market in which punters can gamble on The Young Bucks'  'Stage of Elimination' the options are 'Eliminated in quarter or semi final' at 23/20, 'Runner Up' at 11/10 and - just like the other markets for the Bucks to win - the 'Tournament Winner' is EVS.

AEW Tag Team Championship Betting Specials

NXT Champion After Adam Cole Markets

With NXT's show on USA Network airing tonight, I thought I'd take a look over a couple of new betting markets that have been released by Kambi.

The specials were published over the weekend and allows customers to place bets on who they believe will succeed Adam Cole as NXT Champion.

There's also a special in which customers can wager on the time when Cole's title reign ends.

The 'Next to win listed Championship' market has both Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa as 5/4 joint-favourites. Both wrestlers returned to NXT TV last week, so it isn't surprising to see both of them at the top of the betting.

Other names on the list include names like Velveteen Dream (6/1), former champion - Johnny Gargano (9/1) and last week's losing contender - Matt Riddle (12/1).

Kambi's NXT Champion After Adam Cole Betting Market

The market where customers can bet on the date Cole loses the title has two selections for potential bettors to choose from. They are 'Before/During January 1st 2020' and 'After January 1st 2020'. The latter is a 13/20 favourite while the option to bet any time from the time of the bet right up to - and including - New Year's Day is 11/10.

Kambi's Date Adam Cole Drops The NXT Championship Market

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

October 7th's Raw Rating Is in

ShowBuzzDaily.com has just released the ratings for last night's cable TV shows and WWE Monday Night Raw had a total average audience of 2,334,333 viewers.

This means that a prop market, in which customers could bet whether or not last night's episode would have 2.45 Million viewers or not will be settled in favour of the 'No'.

WWE Raw Viewership Prop Bet For October 7th 2019

The market was one of ten specials published over the weekend. The winning selection was a 7/10 favourite while those who thought the show would get 2.45 Million and above were offered EVS.

Here's a breakdown of the show.

Hour 1: 2,443,000
Hour 2: 2,330,000
Hour 3: 2,230,000
AVG:    2,334,333

Kambi was the betting service that released these markets. I'll write about other AEW, NXT and Smackdown props once I find out their results later in the week.

Sky Bet Publishes Crown Jewel 2019 Market

Sky Bet has published a market for the 5-on-5 match that is scheduled for WWE Crown Jewel 2019 on October 31st.

WWE Crown Jewel 2019 5-on-5 Match

The match will see a team made up of wrestlers chosen by Hulk Hogan take on a team representing Ric Flair.

Randy Orton is captain of Team Flair while Seth Rollins will helm Team Hogan. So far, King Corbin and Rusev have been announced for Team Flair and Team Hogan respectively.

As of the time of writing, Team Hogan is the betting favourite with a price of 1/3. The opposing side is 9/4.