Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kambi Rumble Odds Update

Kambi's 2018 WWE Royal Rumble betting markets were temporarily taken down at the start of the week. However, I made note of all the prices on November 30th. In today's post, I'll compare these prices to my previous notes from a month ago to highlight any adjustments.

This is going to be a long one with a lot of 'No change' or 'No difference'.

  • John Cena 6/4 - His price hasn't changed. He remains the bookie's favourite.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura 2/1 - Nakamura's price has fallen from 5/1 
  • Roman Reigns 5/2 - Reigns was a joint 6/4 favourite along with Cena, but has drifted out
  • AJ Styles 9/2 - Styles has moved up from 7/2
  • Samoa Joe 13/2 - Joe was previously 5/1
  • Seth Rollins 13/2 - Same as Joe
  • Braun Strowman 8/1 - No change
  • Brock Lesnar 8/1 - No change
  • Finn Balor 8/1 - No change
  • Jinder Mahal 10/1 - The former WWE Champion's odds have been cut from 25/1
  • Kevin Owens 10/1 - No change
  • Matt Hardy 15/1 - Snipped from 25s
  • Baron Corbin 20/1 - No change
  • Bray Wyatt 20/1 - No change
  • Dean Ambrose 20/1 - No change
  • Kane 20/1 - Has fallen from 80/1
  • The Miz 20/1 - A drop from 30/1
  • Big E 25/1 - No difference
  • Bobby Roode 25/1 - Another non mover
  • Cesaro 25/1 - No change
  • Chris Jericho 25/1 - No change
  • Jason Jordan 25/1 - No change
  • Jeff Hardy 25/1 - No change
  • Kassius Ohno 25/1 - No change
  • Randy Orton 25/1 - No change
  • Rusev 25/1 - No change
  • Sami Zayn 25/1 - No change
  • Sheamus 25/1 - No change
  • Bill Goldberg 33/1 - No change
  • Daniel Bryan 33/1 - Bryan's odds have halved
  • Kurt Angle 33/1 - No change
  • Shane McMahon 33/1 - Another selection that has halved
  • The Rock 33/1 - Yet another to have halved
  • The Undertaker 33/1 - No change
  • Triple H 33/1 - No change
  • Apollo Crews 40/1 - No change
  • Big Show 40/1 - No change
  • Dolph Ziggler 40/1 - No change
  • Drew McIntyre 40/1 - Had previously been 150/1
  • Luke Gallows 40/1 - No change
  • Luke Harper 40/1 - No change
  • Mojo Rawley 40/1 - No change
  • Shelton Benjamin 40/1 - No change
  • Alberto Del Rio 50/1 - No change
  • CM Punk 50/1 - No change
  • Conor McGregor 50/1 - No change
  • Batista 66/1 - No change
  • Ryback 66/1 - Moved out from 33/1
  • Hulk Hogan 100/1 - No change
  • Shawn Michaels 100/1 - No change
  • James Ellsworth 125/1 - No change
  • Ronda Rousey 125/1 - No change
  • Adam Cole 150/1 - Up from 125/1
  • Aleister Black 150/1 - No difference
  • Bobby Fish 150/1 - No change
  • Chad Gable 150/1 - No change
  • Johnny Gargano 150/1 - No change
  • Kyle O'Reilly 150/1 - No change
  • Mark Henry 150/1 - No change
  • Tommaso Ciampa 150/1 - No change
  • Bo Dallas 200/1 - No change
  • Curt Hawkins 200/1 - No change
  • Curtis Axel 200/1 - No change
  • Enzo Amore 200/1 - No change
  • Erick Rowan 200/1 - No change
  • Fandango 200/1 - No change
  • Goldust 200/1 - No change
  • Heath Slater 200/1 - No change
  • Jack Gallagher 200/1 - No change
  • Jey Uso 200/1 - No change
  • Jimmy Uso 200/1 - No change
  • Kalisto 200/1 - No change
  • Karl Anderson 200/1 - No change
  • Killian Dain 200/1 - No change
  • Kofi Kingston 200/1 - No change
  • Konnor 200/1 - No change
  • Neville 200/1 - No change
  • R-Truth 200/1 - No change
  • Rhyno 200/1 - No change
  • Rich Swann 200/1 - No change
  • Roderick Strong 200/1 - No change
  • Tye Dillinger 200/1 - Up from 80/1
  • Tyler Bate 200/1 - No change
  • Tyler Breeze 200/1 - No change
  • Viktor 200/1 - No change
  • Xavier Woods 200/1 - No change
  • Ric Flair 250/1 - Up from 160/1
  • 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin 250/1 - up from 200/1
  • Vince McMahon 250/1 - No change
  • John 'Bradshaw' Layfield 400/1 - No change
  • Mick Foley 400/1 - No change
  • X-Pac 400/1 - No change
  • Donald Trump 500/1 - up from 250/1
  • Darren Young Off The Board - Young was removed. The last odds I have for him are 200/1

Prices were correct as of 30th November. When available, you'll find the Royal Rumble outright odds on the websites that publish betting odds from Kambi. A couple of examples can be found below:

Monday, 4 December 2017

Daniel Bryan Specials Update For December 4th

In a post published yesterday, I mentioned that the price for Daniel Bryan having his next match within the WWE ring had been cut from 6/4 into 3/4 in a market where customers of the websites that publish Kambi's WWE betting odds can have a wager on the promotion of Bryan's return. Since then, this market - along with another where you can bet on the date of the next match - have been adjusted.

Daniel Bryan Betting Specials For December 4th

The market where you can gamble on the promotion that houses Daniel Bryan's return to the ring is still showing 'WWE' at the aforementioned 3/4. The majority of the remaining selections have drifted out. 

New Japan has moved from 23/20 to 13/10
Ring of Honor from 6/4 to 7/4
CMLL from 7/2 to 4/1
PWG from 15/2 to 8/1
All Japan from 12/1 to 15/1
NWA from 12s to 15/1
Lucha Underground from 15/1 to 17/1
Pro Wrestling NOAH from 15/1 to 17/1
Evolve from 20/1 to 25/1
Impact/TNA/Global Force from 25/1 to 33/1

This leaves 'Any Unlisted' (4/1) and 'No Match Til After Mania 35' (2/1) as the only selections to stay put.

Daniel Bryan Betting Specials For December 4th

There have been three changes made to the market where punters can have a bet on the period when/if Bryan steps back into the squared circle as a competitor.

The 'Before/During WrestleMania 34' option has been cut from 9/4 into 5/4. The second option on the board 'Between first day after WrestleMania and 27th September 2018' has lowered to 5/2 from 3/1.

This has left 'Between 28th September 2018 But Before WrestleMania 35' to drift out from 2/5 into 4/5 putting it in a nice(ish) price for anyone out there who believes that Bryan will leave WWE when his contract expires next autumn and then wrestles anytime before the WrestleMania that'll take place in 2019.

Odds correct as of 12:30pm GMT images from Unibet's WWE Betting Page.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Daniel Bryan's Odds To Wrestle A Return Match For WWE Cut

The odds for Daniel Bryan's comeback match to take place inside a WWE ring have been cut in a specials market that's available from the websites that publish betting odds from the Kambi Group.

In the market - customers can have a punt on the promotion that they believe Bryan will next wrestle for.

His current employers - WWE - was 6/4 when I wrote about the odds on Friday. They have since been cut into 3/4.
Daniel Bryan's Next Match Betting Odds

As you can see above, the selection has been on the decline as it was 2/1 on the day the market was first opened.

The rest of the list is still showing the same pricing as Friday.

I surmise that the punters have been watching Smackdown lately. There have been teases of tension between Smackdown's General Manager and his superior, Shane McMahon.

It would be an interesting turn of events if Daniel Bryan's return is as a WWE roster member. He was forced to retire due to concussion issues in early 2016. WWE is in the midst of a legal issue with former talent attempting to sue the company in a class action suit concerning concussions and I can't see how Bryan being brought back to wrestle will look good in WWE's defence after the publicity it generated from forcing Bryan to stop competing.

With that said, Bryan has stated - in numerous interviews - that he is looking for other medical opinions that would give him the green light. However, this would have to be okayed by the very same doctor who made the call to end Bryan's career - Joseph Maroon.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Daniel Bryan Betting Update For December 1st

The oddsmakers from Kambi's Daniel Bryan specials were republished yesterday evening. I've just had a look through them to note any adjustments since jotting down the prices at the start of the week.

What I've noticed is that the odds for Bryan to wrestle in WWE again have been snipped from 2/1 into 6/4.

However, it isn't the only option available that has been lowered since Monday. A bet on 'Any Unlisted Promotion' from the list of potential suitors has moved from 23/4 into 4/1.

Some of the other promotions in the market have drifted out. The entire list - with changes in parethesis- can be viewed below:

NJPW 23/20 (from EVS)
Ring Of Honor 6/4 (No difference)
WWE 6/4 (Down from 2/1)
CMLL 7/2 (Up from 3/1)
PWG 15/2 (Was 23/4)
NWA 12/1 (Was 8/1)
All Japan 12/1 (Up from 10/1)
Lucha Underground 15/1 (No change)
Pro Wrestling NOAH 15/1 (No change)
Evolve 20/1 (No change)
Impact/TNA/GFW 25/1 (No change)
Any Unlisted Promotion 4/1 (Down from 23/4)
No Match Til After End Of WrestleMania 35 2/1 (No change)

The second Bryan special - where clients can have a bet on the period where they believe Danielson will return to the ring - hasn't changed since its publication. The prices are:

Before or During WrestleMania 34 9/4
Between 1st Day After WrestleMania 34 and 27th September 2018 3/1
Between 28th September 2018, But Before WrestleMania 35 2/5
During WrestleMania 35 15/1
No Match Until After WrestleMania 35 2/1

Asuka Conqueror Update For December 1st

Kambi's oddsmakers have once again snipped the odds for Asuka to be defeated before next year's WrestleMania.

A market, where clients can have a bet on the day the undefeated athlete suffers a loss, has been available to customers since mid-September. The clients could pick one of three options - 'Before WrestleMania', 'During WrestleMania' or 'On First Day After WrestleMania 34 Or Later'. 

Date Of Asuka's Loss Betting Odds

As you can see in the table above, the 'Before WrestleMania' selection went from 2/1 into 6/4 between November 17th and 26th. Then - when the market was relaunched yesterday evening - the price had been cut to 5/4.

This is good news to those who believe WWE should retain Asuka's undefeated streak beyond WrestleMania as the odds for this are now at 8/13.

In my opinion, if done right, Asuka's streak should extend way beyond WrestleMania. 

Another market - where clients can have a punt on the person who delivers the loss - has also been adjusted since the start of the week.

The bookies have cut Charlotte Flair from 2/1 into 7/4 and Paige - who seems to be on a collision course with Asuka - has lowered from 5s into 4/1. She was 10/1 before her return to TV a fortnight ago.

MITB Odds Update For December 1st

With the Survivor Series now in the rear-view, the Kambi oddsmakers have now removed another selection down from their 'Date of Briefcase Cash-in' market for the ladies' Money in the Bank.

The removal of what was the third time-frame 'Between 1st Day After SummerSlam, But Before Survivor Series' now sees three remaining. They are:

Between Survivor Series, But Before WrestleMania 34 1/14 (previously 11/50)
During WrestleMania 34 11/4 (previously 11/4)
On First Day After WrestleMania Or Later 6/1 (previously 10/1)

The rest of the oddsmakers' Money in the Bank markets have stayed where they were since last weekend.

They're still offering 1/100 that the cash-in will be successful. I've written extensively ever since the summer that it has to be a success as it'll be the first-ever female cash-in and, in my opinion, would be a waste of time if it doesn't happen.

Those of you who disagree can find the 'No' at 10/1.

The show of the cash-in market still has 'Raw/Smackdown' at 6/5 while the opportunity to wager on it occurring during a pay-per-view, WWE Network special or anything else will pay out at odds of 3/5.

One thing that I stressed during Survivor Series weekend was that I had doubts that the cash-in would take place until after the Starrcade event. With Charlotte Flair as the current WWE Smackdown Women's Champion, I felt that they would keep the strap on her for the special house show in her father's stomping ground of the Greensboro Coliseum. It should go without saying that, now that Starrcade is behind us, I can't find any other reason to delay the cash-in other than if the company intends to have Charlotte Flair as titleholder when she does media hyping up whatever they have planned for WrestleMania with Ronda Rousey (if this is the plan, of course).

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Batista's HOF Odds Move To 6/4

Batista's odds to be the headline act at the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony next April have dipped in a market that was republished by Kambi a few hours ago.

As of the time of writing, the Hollywood actor is a 6/4 second-favourite to be the final inductee at the event. He had previously been available at 7/4, but had been out at 2/1 a few weeks earlier. However, the shortest he has been - since being installed - is EVS.

WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Headline Act Betting Odds

With 'The Animal' moving in, the oddsmakers have pushed Taz up from 15/1 into 25/1.

The Undertaker remains a 4/5 favourite.

New Names Added To Mania 34 Women's Title Markets

The latest female wrestlers to make to the main WWE roster in recent weeks have been added to a couple of Kambi's WrestleMania 34 markets where customers can have a bet on who they believe will walk out of next April's super show holding either of the women's titles.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, who were introduced as part of Paige's faction -Absolution - last week have been added to the WWE Raw Women's Championship market.

Deville is 8/1 and Rose is available at 50s. Their stablemate, Paige, who had been on the list since it was initially priced up in April, has been cut since I last checked in. She is now 6/1 from 10s.

Smackdown's trio - Riott Squad - have made it to the market where customers can have a wager on the wrestler they believe will be holding Smackdown's title come the close of April 8th.

Ruby Riott, who heads the team, is 3/1. Her two associates, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, can be found at 25/1 each.

As of the time of writing, Asuka is an 8/13 favourite to be in possession of the Raw title while Miss Money in the Bank, Carmella, is 7/10 to be the Smackdown champ.

Strowman's Odds Lowered In HHH Mania Market And More

Braun Strowman has moved into 7/4 in a market where customers of the websites that publish betting odds from Kambi can have a bet on who they believe will oppose Triple H at WrestleMania 34.

In a post published on Monday, I noted that the bookmakers had installed The Monster Among Men at 2/1.

Strowman now becomes a joint-second favourite alongside Shane McMahon, who has drifted out from 6/4.

Kurt Angle remains an 11/20 favourite on this list.

A similar market - where punters can have a wager on who John Cena's dance partner will be for April 8th - has sided, once again, with AJ Styles and The Undertaker.

The odds for the current WWE Champion, Styles, have been adjusted from 7/10 from 3/5 since Monday. Taker - on the other hand - has shortened from 13/5 into 5/2.

Paddy Power Rumble Odds Notes For November 30th

Shinsuke Nakamura's odds to win the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble have continued to decline in an outright winner market on the Paddy Power website.

When I last checked in with the sportsbook's market - over two weeks ago - the Smackdown star had dropped from 9/1 to 11/2. He is now down to 7/2.

Nakamura is third on the list. Above him are Roman Reigns (has drifted from 9/4 to 5/2) and John Cena (stuck at 9/4 favourite).

It appears as though one punter has had a bet on Shelton Benjamin winning this coming January's battle royal as his price has been cut from 150/1 into 50/1.

Nakamura and Benjamin are the only selections to drop in this time. I've already mentioned Roman Reigns moving up from 9/4 to 5/2, but there are others. They are:

AJ Styles from 7/2 to 5/1
Seth Rollins 6/1 to 8/1
Bobby Roode from 8/1 to 10/1
Samoa Joe from 10/1 to 12/1
Finn Balor from 12/1 to 14/1
Bray Wyatt from 16/1 to 20/1
Jeff Hardy from 22/1 to 25/1
Matt Hardy from 25/1 to 33/1
The Rock from 40/1 to 50/1
The Undertaker from 40/1 to 50/1
Killian Dain from 40/1 to 66/1
CM Punk from 50/1 to 66/1
Alberto Del Rio from 150/1 to 200/1
Jerry Lawler from 150/1 to 200/1
Shaquille O'Neal from 150/1 to 200/1
Darren Young from 150/1 to 200/1
James Ellsworth 150/1 to 200/1