Wednesday, 12 December 2018

TLC Match Odds Update

There has been a minor change in one of the WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 betting markets that are available from the 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Charlotte Flair - who lost via disqualification in a match against Asuka on last night's episode of Smackdown - has had her odds lowered in a market for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship triple threat match.

The former Smackdown Women's Champion is now -125 to regain the title in the TLC match on Sunday. She had been +105.

Despite Flair's odds moving in, the price for her opponents - Asuka and champion, Becky Lynch - remain at the respective numbers of +150 and +350.

10/12 3:00PM
11/12 9:00AM
12/12 10:00PM

Those looking to bet on 'The Field' against Flair can now find the option at -115. This is an increase from -145.

The rest of 5Dimes' odds for Sunday's show are showing the same pricing as Yesterday Morning.

Prices correct as of 10PM GMT and available from The 5Dimes Website.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Kambi Also Taking Bets On 2 New TLC 2018 Matches

In the most recent post, I noted that the Sky Bet oddsmakers had opened betting on two of the latest additions to the Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 card. Kambi has also installed markets for the two matches.

As of the time of writing, Natalya is a 2/13 fave to beat Ruby Riott (7/2) in the tables match while Buddy Murphy is a 3/5 to score a decision over Cedric Alexander (6/5) in a WWE Cruiserweight Championship defence.

2 More TLC 2018 Match Markets From Sky Bet

A couple more WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 match markets have been published by the oddsmakers from Sky Bet today.

They have installed Natalya as a 1/8 favourite to beat Ruby Riott in the tables match. A win for Riott will pay out at 9/2.

On last night's Raw, it was announced that there will be a rematch from Super Show-Down with Buddy Murphy defending the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against former titleholder - Cedric Alexander.

As of the time of writing, the champion is a 4/6 favourite to retain with a decision over Alexander (11/10).

The addition of the two new markets mean that Sky Bet is accepting wagers on all of the matches that have so far been confirmed for Sunday's show.

Another MMC Change

There has been yet another change in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament.

This time, Apollo Crews has replaced Finn Balor in the team with Bayley. They're set to take on Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox in one of tonight's semi-finals.

Per Kambi's rules, bets on the match winner will be settled as void if Balor is not featured in the bout later on tonight.

It was a market that had been available from the start of the month right up to 5PM GMT yesterday and had sided with Bayley and Balor throughout.

Fox and Mahal
Bayley and Balor
1/12 1:00PM
3/12 2:30PM
5/12 3:00PM
10/12 4:00PM

The team had opened at 5/4, but were 9/10 yesterday.

Bayley and Balor were one of the teams I picked to win the tournament before the season began. I now have one team left in play.

A match market for the second semi-final booked for tonight was also taken down yesterday.

Carmella and R-Truth
Asuka and The Miz
5/12 3:00PM
10/12 4:00PM

The Smackdown semi-final, which will see Carmella and R-Truth compete against Asuka and The Miz, closed with Carmella and R-Truth 3/10 favourites. They had been backed into this price after opening at 1/3 five days earlier.

Carmella and R-Truth is the other team I backed to win the tourney before it kicked off, so I am hopeful that the bettors picked the right side in this round of betting.

A win for last season's winners closed at 11/5 - up from their opening 2/1.

5Dimes' WWE TLC 2018 Odds For Tuesday Morning

There have been a few changes to the WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 betting markets that are available to customers of the 5Dimes Sportsbook since yesterday.

Seth Rollins' odds to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship with a win over Dean Ambrose have risen to +140 from yesterday's +120. As a result, Dean Ambrose's role as favourite has moved in from -160 to -180.

Braun Strowman's price to beat Baron Corbin in a TLC match has dropped into -400 from -390 while his opponent has moved up to +280 from +270.

Ronda Rousey is now a -900 favourite to successfully retain the WWE Raw Women's Championship against Nia Jax. She was -750 yesterday. As a result, punters can now find Jax at +500 - an increase from +450.

The Smackdown Women's Championship market now has Charlotte Flair at +105. She was +110 yesterday. The other challenger - Asuka - is now at +150, but was +120 yesterday. A win for the titleholder, Becky Lynch, is now being offered at +350 - an increase of ten points.

Those looking to oppose Lynch by taking 'The Field' can find the selection at -530, which is down from -510.

The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship triple threat match has also been adjusted. The Bar remain at +110 to retain, The New Day has drifted to +230 from +205 and The Usos are down from +223 into +200.

The Field .vs. The Bar remains at -150.

Elias is now a +100 underdog to win his match with Bobby Lashley. He was +115 yesterday.  On last night's Raw, it was announced that this will be contested as a ladder match. A win in favour of Lashley will now pay out at -140, which is up from -155.

The markets for the other matches on the board are still where they were yesterday.

Finn Balor +375
Drew McIntyre -565

Daniel Bryan -350
AJ Styles +250

Odds from 5DIMES.

Monday, 10 December 2018

TLC 2018 Odds From 5Dimes

The 5Dimes Sportsbook is now taking bets on this weekend's WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 PPV.

Here are the odds as of 3PM GMT today.

The triple threat tag team match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship has The Bar at +110 to retain. Their opponents, The New Day and The Usos, are +205 and +223 respectively.

Elias is a +115 outsider for his match with Bobby Lashley (-155).

Finn Balor is out at +375 for his battle with Drew McIntyre (-565).

WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins, is a +120 underdog for his defence against Dean Ambrose. A successful wager on the challenger will pay out at -160.

Braun Strowman has been installed as a favourite to defeat Baron Corbin in the TLC match. He's -390 to Corbin's +270.

Ronda Rousey is -750 for her WWE Raw Women's Championship defence against Nia Jax (+450).

Daniel Bryan is -350 to successfully retain the WWE Championship against AJ Styles (+250).

The match that I'm keen to see play out is the triple threat TLC match for the Smackdown Women's Championship. Current titleholder, Becky Lynch, is +340 to retain. A win for Asuka will pay out at +120 and one in favour of Charlotte Flair is +110. Those who might want to bet against the champ can find 'The Field' at -510.

Prices correct as of 3PM GMT and taken from the 5Dimes Website.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

All Elite Wrestling Specials

A number of wrestling special markets - all about a possible new wrestling promotion - were brought to my attention this evening.

The specials, available from the BetOnline Website, concern AEW (All Elite Wrestling) - a company that is reportedly in development and is being bankrolled by the son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner, Shahid Khan.

The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page are obviously involved with the potential new promotion as the Bucks and Omega all own the copyright to using the 'Elite' name for merchandising within pro wrestling.

As for the specials - customers of the websites can place bets on where the aforementioned names sign their next contracts. As well as those proposition markets, clients can also bet on the following:

- What Role Will Jim Ross Have With AEW?
- All Elite Wrestling To Be Announced By 31st January 2019?
- All Elite Wrestling To Announce A TV Deal?

The Jim Ross market is interesting. His name has been floated around as possibly being associated with the project. It should be worth noting that, as of the time of writing, he's still signed to WWE until April 2019. Therefore, I believe it's safe to surmise that Ross cannot be signed to anything until his current contract expires.

The oddsmakers have the following selections on the Ross special:

Commentator +300
General Manager +225
Head Office +175
Will Not Be A Part Of AEW +150

I find it surprising to see 'Commentator' at +300. If this project gets off the ground, Ross as the head commentator is what they should do based on his name alone. As well as being surprised to see Ross as AEW's commentator being the highest price in the market, having him as 'Head Office' shouldn't be out of the question considering he juggled jobs as head of talent and WWE's lead play-by-play commentator years ago.

The proposition for AEW to be announced by January 31st 2019 has the 'Yes' at -250 and the 'No' at +170 while the prices for AEW to announce a TV deal has the 'Yes' favoured at -200 and the 'No' at +150.

The most important thing to note about the specials where people can place wagers on the wrestlers' next contract being signed is that - as far as I am aware - their New Japan contracts expire on the final day of January. I know for sure that Kenny Omega's ends on this date.

Even more important is that - according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter dated November 26th 2018 - all of the wrestlers that have been associated with this project are keen to retain their relationships with New Japan. Therefore, the 'New Japan' selection stands out to me in all of these markets.

For Adam Page, the firm is offering:
New Japan +500
WWE +400
All Elite Wrestling -300
The Field +400

For Cody:
New Japan +500
WWE +900
All Elite Wrestling -1,200
The Field +600

For The Young Bucks:
New Japan +600
WWE +1,200
All Elite Wrestling -700
Field +400

For Kenny Omega:
New Japan +600
WWE +300
All Elite Wrestling -500
The Field +800

If I were a BetOnline customer, I would back 'New Japan' in all of these specials. Especially the one for Omega as his January 4th IWGP Heavyweight Championship defence against Hiroshi Tanahashi might give away the fact that Omega has resigned or - in the very least - indicated an intention to renew, should he retain his strap.

These specials are found under 'Game Props' on the sportsbook menu that's found on the BetOnline Website.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Note About Asuka's TLC 2018 Kambi Odds

Asuka's odds to win the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship at next weekend's WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018 PPV have been on a daily decline in a betting market that's available from the Kambi oddsmakers.

You'll see in the table below that the Empress of Tomorrow started out at 5/2 when the market for the triple threat TLC match was first published by the bookmakers nearly a week ago. The selection is now at 6/5 after being adjusted every day since Tuesday's Smackdown aired.

1/12 1:00PM
3/12 2:30PM
5/12 4:00PM
6/12 12:15PM
7/12 4:00PM

With Asuka's odds falling, the price for Charlotte Flair to go over has risen after initially being cut from 4/5 into 19/20. As of right now, customers can find her at 6/5.

Current champion - Becky Lynch - is now at 11/4. This is an increase from her opening 2/1.

It is worth noting that - despite Asuka evidently seeing interest from Kambi's clients - the Sky Bet website has had her at 11/4 since before Tuesday's edition of Smackdown.

Sky Bet was the first to publish odds for the match. It opened with Asuka at 6/1 so her present price has been more than halved since I wrote about them on November 28th.

Here's how I've tracked Sky Bet's market.

28/11 6:27PM
28/11 7:42PM
28/11 9:10PM
29/11 9:30AM
29/11 11:20AM
30/11 11:30AM
4/12 10:55AM
7/12 4:30PM

In the post from late last month, I made a few scenarios as it pertains the result of the match. None had Becky Lynch retaining so I am not surprised to see the punters backing Asuka to get the win at TLC. However - the result that still makes the most sense to me is a Charlotte victory as it would allow for her to meet Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble if both women are in possession of their brands' championships in January. 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

WrestleMania 35 Betting Update

Earlier today, I published a post about the Kambi oddsmakers' WrestleMania 35 markets where clients can wager on who certain wrestlers' opponents will be at April's show. In the post, I noted that the markets had been taken down and that I'd publish an update once I see them again.

Well, they've now been republished. The only market that has been adjusted since the post is the one where clients can punt on The Undertaker's opposition.

The Undertaker's WrestleMania 35 Opponent Betting

In the aforementioned post, I wrote about being glad to see Shawn Michaels drifting out as I felt he was an incorrect favourite to begin with. He has now been replaced at the top by AJ Styles, who has been lowered from 6/4 into 5/4.

Michaels is now at 5/4 from EVS.

Another selection that has been cut is The Rock. He went from 20/1 into 17/2.

I also noticed a small error in one of my notes for another market. I had Bobby Lashley at 10/1 to be Brock Lesnar's opponent. However, the price had been increased from 10s into 12/1 when the market went back up yesterday.

That isn't all.

New markets, where clients can wager on what they believe will be the major title matches on the Mania card, are now available.

In the Raw Women's Championship market the favourite is one that is reportedly the current plan - Ronda Rousey .vs. Becky Lynch. This selection is 1/2.

A triple threat match with Rousey, Lynch and Charlotte Flair is a 6/4 second-favourite. It is followed by:

Ronda Rousey .vs. Charlotte Flair 2/1
Becky Lynch .vs. Charlotte Flair .vs. Nia Jax .vs. Ronda Rousey 5/1
Ronda Rousey .vs. Natalya 17/1
Ronda Rousey .vs. Alexa Bliss 20/1

If you've been following along, you'll be aware that I have been going against the reports and believe that - if it's the main event - Charlotte Flair should be in the match with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey.

A Charlotte Flair match is favoured to be the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship fixture on the Mania card.

Asuka .vs. Flair is 3/5. This is followed by Asuka .vs. Becky Lynch (7/4), Lynch .vs. Flair (5/2), a match I thought would headline Mania this time last year, but obviously not now - Asuka .vs. Ronda Rousey (5/1), Lynch .vs. Flair .vs. Rousey (13/2) and Asuka .vs. Naomi (10/1).

The WWE Universal Championship market has Brock Lesnar .vs. Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar .vs. Seth Rollins as joint-favourites with odds of 6/4.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported a few weeks back that Lesnar .vs. Rollins is one of the matches planned for Mania. All we can work with is the idea that this COULD be the Universal Championship if Strowman doesn't win the strap from Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Going by what I've been watching on TV, I get the feeling Strowman will square off against Drew McIntyre at Mania. However, getting there might have to involve McIntyre costing Strowman the chance of becoming champion either at Tables, Ladders and Chairs or at the Royal Rumble.

Should Strowman .vs. McIntyre be for the Universal Championship, the bookies will pay out at 5/2.

The other options available as of the time of writing are:

Strowman .vs. Lesnar .vs. Rollins 5/2
Lesnar .vs. Styles 3/1
Lesnar .vs. The Rock 5/1
Lesnar .vs. McIntyre 6/1
Lesnar .vs. Cena 6/1
Lesnar .vs. Lashley 8/1
Lesnar .vs. Balor 10/1
Strowman .vs. Lashley 15/1
Strowman .vs. Cena 17/1
Strowman .vs. Rollins 17/1
Strowman .vs. The Rock 20/1

AJ Styles .vs. John Cena is an even money favourite to be the WWE Championship match. The second-fave is one that I strongly doubt we'll see at Mania - Styles .vs. Daniel Bryan (2/1). However, it's in joint-second with a match that I could absolutely see happening - Bryan .vs. Cena.

A match I once thought had a chance of happening at WrestleMania 35, but looks highly unlikely now that both are heels and holding different Smackdown titles is Daniel Bryan .vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. It's 15/1. I would like to see the match, but it's so far away from happening at this point that the odds are in line with my reassessed expectation.

The other selections are:

Bryan .vs. The Miz 3/1
Bryan .vs. Shane McMahon 4/1
The Miz .vs. Shane McMahon 5/1
Bryan .vs. Shane McMahon .vs. The Miz 6/1
Styles .vs. Orton 8/1
Cena .vs. The Miz 8/1
Bryan .vs. Rollins 10/1
Cena .vs. Orton 12/1
Styles .vs. Nakamura 15/1
Styles .vs. The Miz 15/1

WrestleMania 35 Opponents Betting Update For Early December

Yesterday afternoon, the oddsmakers from Kambi republished their WWE betting markets. These included the specials where clients could place wagers on who certain wrestlers will face at WrestleMania 35. However, by 5PM GMT, the Mania opponent specials were removed.

I was able to make note of all of the prices before their removal and have now compared them with their previous numbers. Here's what I've noticed for each wrestler.

Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania Opponent
Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported a few weeks ago that the current plan for WrestleMania is to have Seth Rollins wrestle Brock Lesnar. This news has obviously had an affect on the market as Rollins has been slashed from 7/1 into 5/4 joint-favourite.

Rollins' fellow favourite in the market is Braun Strowman, who, barring any storyline or real-life hurdles on his road from elbow surgery recovery, is likely to be Lesnar's Royal Rumble opponent.

WrestleMania 35 - Brock Lesnar's Opponent Betting

Rollins isn't the only selection that has been cut since the last time the market was adjusted. Batista (15/1 to 10/1) and Finn Balor (20/1 to 15/1) have also lowered.

John Cena's WrestleMania Opponent
John Cena is set to return to WWE at the end of this month. He currently hasn't been announced as working beyond mid-January.

Three selections have been snipped in the market for Cena's Mania dance partner. The first is Daniel Bryan from 2/1 into 6/4. I haven't placed any wagers on this particular market, but this would have been my pick. As I've written numerous times in the past - and will surely do many more times in the future - John Cena will eventually chase the seventeenth world title win. It seems almost perfect for the chase to be against heel Daniel Bryan. If only Cena were still in a relationship with Nikki Bella - and still a member of the Total Divas/Bellas cast - I would have been even more confident that this would end up being one of the major matches on the WrestleMania card because of its potential appeal to the Total Divas/Bellas audience.

WrestleMania 35 - John Cena's Opponent Betting

Shinsuke Nakamura has been cut from 8/1 into 13/2 and Brock Lesnar has been slashed from 20/1 into 7s. I surmise Lesnar has been moved to 7/1 in order to keep it in line with the Brock Lesnar opponent market as they're correlated. 

Daniel Bryan's WrestleMania Opponent
AJ Styles and John Cena remain 6/4 joint-favourites to be Daniel Bryan's opponent. The three selections that have been cut since I last made note of changes are Rey Mysterio (4/1 to 3/1), Shinsuke Nakamura (10/1 into 8/1) and Jeff Hardy (12/1 to 10/1).

WrestleMania 35 - Daniel Bryan's Opponent Betting

The Undertaker's WrestleMania Opponent
New selections have been added to the special for Undertaker's opposition. A couple have been taken off the board.

WrestleMania 35 - The Undertaker's Opponent Betting

The additional names are AJ Styles (6/4), Aleister Black (4/1), Drew McIntyre (4/1), Daniel Bryan (10/1), Finn Balor (12/1) and Randy Orton (15/1). Triple H and CM Punk - who have already faced Taker at previous WrestleManias and are unlikely to meet him in the 2019 edition of the event for countless reasons - have been removed.

I am glad to see Shawn Michaels' name drift back out as it made no sense to me to see him as the favourite. Sure, he and Taker were feuding recently. It just didn't compute with me why they would do Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels at another WrestleMania. Michaels has lost twice to Taker at Mania and the only result that would make sense - if the two were to meet again - is for HBK to go over and I don't think it's productive for this victory to occur on the WrestleMania stage. Taker's WrestleMania losses - as we've seen - should be saved for people that can build to something for the future. This is, of course, if he's ever going to lose again.

I was asked a while back who I could see facing Taker at Mania. I randomly threw out Braun Strowman at the time. If I were asked now  - after seeing Aleister Black added to the list and now guessing it's Strowman versus Drew McIntyre - I would say Black just because I'd be interested to see if WWE goes there.

Ronda Rousey's WrestleMania Opponent
When the market for Ronda Rousey's WrestleMania opponent was first priced up, many people thought the most obvious rival for Mania would be Charlotte Flair. But then Becky Lynch found herself injured and unable to take on Rousey at the Survivor Series. Due to this situation, WWE apparently changed course by having Flair meet Rousey in November with all reports pointing to Lynch getting her chance to take on Rousey at Mania instead of Flair.

The apparent change of plans have affected the odds as Lynch is now at 1/2 after opening at 5/2 at the start of October. Flair - who was 1/5 - has now moved to EVS.

WrestleMania 35 - Ronda Rousey's Opponent Betting

Rousey has targeted Flair following the beatdown at the conclusion of their Survivor Series meeting. We're sure to get the rematch. As mentioned, the reports state that it's Rousey .vs. Lynch at WrestleMania. If the plan is - or was - for the women to main event WrestleMania, I am struggling to picture WWE pulling Flair from being one of the history makers and cannot shake off the thought that the match will end up being a three-way to include all three women. If my instinct is found to be correct, any wagers on Lynch or Flair will be settled under the dead heat rule.

I'll publish another update about the markets if or when they reappear.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Carmella And R-Truth 1/3 Favourites To Make Mixed Match Challenge Final And More

Carmella and R-Truth are 1/3 favourites to beat Asuka and The Miz in next week's semi-final of the Mixed Match Challenge tournament.

Both teams progressed to the next stage of season two last night when Carmella and R-Truth beat Charlotte Flair and Jeff Hardy while their opponents for next week's round toppled Naomi and Jimmy Uso.

A win in favour of last year's winners will pay out at 2/1.

The bookies have also priced up a proposition market where clients can punt on the gender of the legal participants in the match when the fall is counted.  If either R-Truth or Miz score the decision, the gamblers will have their wagers settled at 4/9. A decision in favour of the ladies will pay out at 6/4.

The winners will square off against the team that qualifies from the semi-final featuring talent from the Raw brand.

Kambi first published a market for the match last week. It was republished today once again showing interest in Bayley and Balor to go over Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal.

Fox and Mahal
Bayley and Balor
1/12 1:00PM
3/12 2:30PM
5/12 3:00PM

As noted in previous posts where I've written about this match - Finn Balor is already scheduled to wrestle on the night of the final. I surmise this is why the oddsmakers opened with Bayley and Balor as outsiders.

Just like with the other semi-final, Kambi is also taking bets on the 'Gender of Decision'. It has been adjusted for the first time since December 1st with the punters appearing to back Bayley and Alicia Fox being involved in the finish as 'Female' has dipped from 17/20 into 3/4.

1/12 1:00PM
5/12 3:00PM

A decision with Finn Balor and Jinder Mahal as the legal teammates will now pay out at 19/20 - an increase from its opening 17/20.

The bookie has also republished their outright winner market. On top of this, they've also added a special where clients can guess the finalists.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 Finalists Betting
Click on image to expand

It isn't surprising to see that the two favourites to win their respective matches on next week's show are at the top of this particular market at 1/2. 

Before the tournament began, I backed Bayley/Balor and Carmella/R-Truth to be the outright winners so I'm hopeful that will be the match as it'll place me in a win-win situation going into December 16th. 

It would be typical of this tournament for Finn Balor to end up being replaced on the night of the show following a loss to Drew McIntyre, wouldn't it?

Prices correct as of 3PM GMT. The markets can be found on websites that publish Kambi's WWE Odds.