Monday, 23 November 2015

Where To Bet On WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2015)

Now that this year's Survivor Series is over, it's time to look ahead to the next WWE betting opportunity - WWE Table, Ladders & Chairs 2015.

The event will take place on December 13th from the TD Garden in Boston. In this post, I'll list the sports betting websites where you could find odds for some of the matches on the event. The way I approach these 'Where To Bet' posts in preparation for an upcoming PPV is to look back to the most recent show and note the betting firms that opened markets for it. In this case, I'm going to concentrate on the bookies that were out in force for Survivor Series.

5Dimes Casino & Sportsbook

5Dimes wasn't the first sportsbook to publish betting markets for Survivor Series. In fact, it was one of the last. It is at the top of the list because most of the visitors that come across this blog are based in the United States. All of the other bookies on this list don't accept custom from gamblers in the USA, so I've put it on the top to save the US visitors from having to scroll through a list of places they're unable to use.

The 5Dimes Survivor Series markets were first published the day before the event. This was late for them. They're usually up long before that.

5Dimes' Tables, Ladders and Chairs betting odds will be found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at when they are available.

It's also worth noting that - as of a few months ago - 5Dimes is unable to accept clients in the UK.

The bwin Sportsbook

The bwin Sportsbook was the first betting company to publish lines for the Survivor Series. They went up on Wednesday October 28th.

When available, bwin's odds will be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu at

Paddy Power

The Paddy Power Sportsbook is one of the most popular sports betting brands in Europe and has been offering WWE betting opportunities for years.

Paddy Power's Survivor Series odds went up shortly after Seth Rollins was forced to drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The firm published a huge market where customers could bet on the overall winner of the title tournament. More match markets were added along the way.

When available, Paddy Power's WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs markets will be found under 'WWE' on the menu at Alternatively, you can view the odds by following this link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Betfair Sportsbook

The Betfair Sportsbook's Survivor Series odds were first published on Monday November 9th and remained open all the way through to the day of the show.

There are two huge reasons why you should consider the Betfair Sportsbook to bet on pro wrestling. One is the company likes drawing up unique prop bets each month. The other is that the company allows its customers to bet on the PPV matches in-play for most of the events on the WWE calendar.

When they;re up, you'll be able to view the Tables, Ladders and Chairs odds under 'Special Bets' on the Betfair website.

Unibet, 888Sport and 32Red

These three bookmakers have mirroring websites and are relatively new when it comes to professional wrestling betting. I have been impressed with some of their markets as they have been thinking outside the box with some of the odds they had on offer for the Survivor Series. For example, customers could bet on which Wyatt Family members would take on The Brothers of Destruction.

The firm also had WrestleMania 32 markets avalable. Read more about them by following this link.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs markets will show up under 'WWE' on the menus at all three websites when they become available.

If you aren't a customer at any of the three, you can sign up via the links below. Joining via these links will let you qualify for their latest offers:

Join Unibet   Join 888Sport   Join 32Red

Sky Bet is another sports betting brand that has been offering WWE markets for many years.

Its WWE Survivor Series book was opened on the Friday before the show. All the match markets remained open until right before the opening bell for the respective bouts.

When available, you'll be able to view the TLC betting odds under 'Wrestling' on the menu at Alternatively, you can follow this link to see whether the odds have been published.

William Hill

It's safe to state that William Hill was the first sports betting company from Britain to allow its customers to punt on professional wrestling. I did so for the 2002 Royal Rumble, but that's a story for another time.

William Hill's Survivor Series markets were published on the weekend of the show.

When available, the TLC odds will appear under the 'TV/Specials' category of the sportsbook menu.


I first became aware of's WWE markets on the day of the Survivor Series. The firm published a market where its customers could place their stakes on the winner of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Sportingbet has offered WWE betting opportunities on a semi-frequent basis. If the oddsmakers draw up anything for TLC, they'll show up under 'Specials' on the Sportingbet website.

And that's all. I hope this list is of some help. I aim to keep on top of the TLC betting markets and will update this post as soon as I am aware that markets have been opened.

Good luck!

The Sheamus Cash In & More

We're now a few hours removed from Sheamus' WWE World Heavyweight Championship title win over Roman Reigns at the close of Survivor Series and I'm still trying to figure out why Roman Reigns' odds to win the tournament weren't backed when the favourites' odds shortened heavily in the hours leading into the event.

When the significant odds changes were made between 10 and 11pm GMT, the prices for the overall tournament winner were more or less left alone. This lead me to surmise that Sheamus was going to leave the event as champion.

However - I cannot pat myself on the back for calling it. My prediction, based on the lack of action in the tournament market, led me to believe that Sheamus was going to insert himself into the final to make it a three-way and win the title in a similar fashion to how Seth Rollins cashed in at this year's WrestleMania.

And even if that did happen, I still would have had to credit a visitor to this blog - Sam Parkes - who suggested the idea in a comments post over a week ago.

It'll be interesting to see what becomes of Sheamus' title run and whether he now makes it all the way to WrestleMania.

Before Seth Rollins' injury, I was banking on Sheamus cashing in the Money in the Bank titleshot at the close of WrestleMania in a spot where - after Reigns claims or successfully defends the title - he is forced to take on Sheamus. Only for Sheamus to fail. My reasoning in this idea was so the crowd would cheer Reigns over the Irishman.

This thought is apparently something the people at WWE is applying to attempt to sound out any negative reaction to Roman Reigns. Albeit, my idea was a quick reaction. WWE is going all-in.

According to Dave Meltzer on this morning's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, the company's aim is to make Sheamus a go away heat kind of champion so that - when Roman Reigns finally secures the title - the fans will be glad to see a new champ in Reigns.

Good luck with that one.

Another peculiar odds shift took place in the Dolph Ziggler versus Tyler Breeze market.

Breeze had been favoured from the moment the odds went live. However, in the period when the heavy bets came in, he started to drift out and went from -160 to +250 forcing yours truly to predict a Dolph Ziggler win.

Despite being an outsider at the start of the PPV, Breeze's odds did start to come down during the show and was +190 by the time he entered the ring.

I obviously cannot explain what happened here. It's speculation on my part, but I would guess there was a change in plan somewhere along the line.

Either that or misinformation was sent out.

Tyler Breeze Wins As An Underdog

Tyler Breeze's win over Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series was surprising from a betting perspective.

The newcomer, who had been favourite for the majority of the time his odds were available, drifted out on Sunday evening following a flurry of bets on his opponent.

Ziggler's price had dropped from +120 to -350 between 9pm and 10:45pm GMT yesterday evening. However, by match time, Ziggler's number had started bettering and was -270 before closing.

In the same period, Breeze went out from -160 to +250 and was +190 as the bell sounded.

It originally looked like the match had been targeted by inside action as other markets lines had heavy movement around the same time.

Betfair's Survivor Series Main Event Odds

The Betfair Sportsbook has published betting odds for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship final at the in-progress Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns is a 7/10 favourite to defeat Dean Ambrose (EVS) in the match that has now been confirmed following both wrestlers progressing from the semi-finals earlier in the show.

The sports betting company is allowing its customers to wager on all of tonight's show in-play, so you'll be able to bet on the match as you're watching the action unfold.

Betfair's WWE Survivor Series markets can be found under 'WWE' in the 'Special Bets' section of the Betfair Sportsbook website.

5Dimes Publishes Reigns .vs. Ambrose Odds

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has published a market for the final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at Survivor Series.

The match will see Roman Reigns taking on Dean Ambrose after both wrestlers progressed after beating Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens respectively.

Reigns has been chalked up as a -175 favourite. His opponent is +135.

Odds correct as of 2am GMT and available from the betting board at

Survivor Series (2015) Betting Favourites

Here are the Survivor Series betting favourites ranked in order of how short their odds are over at

Roman Reigns to beat Alberto Del Rio -6,000
Brothers of Destruction -2,000
Dean Ambrose over Kevin Owens -1,500
Charlotte -1,350
Dolph Ziggler -380

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament winner market has Roman Reigns as a -160 favourite. Dean Ambrose is second-favourite with +150 odds. I mentioned in a recent post that the odds not moving in these markets has me believing the tournament will end in controversial fashion.

Don't forget, you can bet during the show at the following websites: will have match markets open right up to the start of each bout will have in-play, so you can bet during the match

Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Different Tournament Winner?

A short while ago, I noted that the Survivor Series markets over at have had some significant changes.

I went through the match market odds because that's where all the action appears to have taken place. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament winner outright odds haven't moved drastically.

This leads me to wonder whether none of the four names on this list will end up winning the title tonight. My instinct is telling me that Sheamus will wind up cashing in during the final in a similar way to Seth Rollins' title win at WrestleMania.

This is all speculation on my part, though. Don't quote me on this.

For what it's worth the odds for the tournament winner are:

Roman Reigns -215
Dean Ambrose +150 (has dropped from +190 in the past half hour, though)
Kevin Owens +2,000
Alberto Del Rio +4,000

Interesting Survivor Series Odds Shifts

There have been some huge moves over at 5Dimes' Survivor Series markets. They are:

- Roman Reigns has gone from -2,000 to -6,000 to defeat Alberto Del Rio
- Dean Ambrose has moved from -530 to -1,200
- Charlotte's odds have shortened from -600 to -1,350
- The Brothers of Destruction have moved from -900 to -2,000
- The big indicator that smart money may have landed is in the Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze match-up Ziggler has moved from a +120 underdog into a -350 favourite.

I'll post a follow up shortly.

Sportingbet's Survivor Series Tournament Winner Odds

It has just been brought to my attention that has released odds for tonight's show.

The firm is accepting wagers on the tournament winner. The odds are as follows:

Roman Reigns 4/9
Dean Ambrose 11/10
Kevin Owens 9/1
Alberto Del Rio 18/1

This market can be found under 'Specials' on the Sportingbet website.

Last Call: Paddy Power's Survivor Series Markets Set To Close

The WWE Survivor Series betting markets at are set to close in the next hour.

The firm has scheduled 11pm as the cut-off point for bets on tonight's show.

Customers can find the markets under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menu at Alternatively, you can follow this link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Roll Call Of Sports Betting Websites With Survivor Series Odds

William Hill and Bwin have both closed down betting for tonight's Sutvivor Series. So, in this short post, I'll list the firms that sill have prices available.

Paddy Power: The sportsbook will close tonight's markets at 11pm GMT. You can view the markets by following this link to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

Betfair: Betfair's odds will likely be up to the PPV and beyond. View the odds under 'Special Bets' on the sportsbook menu.

Sky Bet: Similar to Betfair, I expect Sky Bet's odds to be up through the night. View the markets by following this link to Sky Bet's Wrestling Betting Page.

Unibet: Unibet's markets appear to be scheduled to close at 1am. They can be viewed under 'WWE' on the Unibet menu.

888Sport: Just like with Unibet, I expect 888's odds to close just before the PPV. View the odds under 'WWE' on the sportsbook menu.

32Red: 32Red's Survivor Series odds should also close at 1am. Follow this link to the sportsbook's menu page and find the odds under 'WWE' (There's a decent new customer offer if you like playing online casinos, by the way).

5Dimes: If 5Dimes' track record is anything to go by, I expect every match market to remain open until the respective match begins. Odds are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

If you're on a PC or Laptop, you can also find Live WWE Betting Odds from the most of the names above by following this link to's Live Odds Page.

5Dimes' Survivor Series Odds As Of 8pm GMT

Here are the 5Dimes Sportsbook's WWE Survivor Series odds as of 8pm GMT this evening. There are notes below each market to indicate where the bookmaker's customers have been betting since my last update.

Roman Reigns -2,000
Alberto Del Rio +1,000

No change since around 4pm.

Dean Ambrose -530
Kevin Owens +350

Ambrose has been backed from -400 within the past two hours.

The Brothers of Destruction -560
Wyatt Family +370

Kane and The Undertaker have been backed from -530 since 6pm.

Charlotte -900
Paige +500

No change.

Dolph Ziggler +110
Tyler Breeze -150

Ziggler's odds have halved. He had been +220 two hours ago.

Roman Reigns -265
Dean Ambrose +300
Kevin Owens +950
Alberto Del Rio +1,900

Dean Ambrose has been the selection that has decreased in the four individual odds market for overall tournament winner. He has fallen from +345.

5Dimes' Survivor Series markets are found under 'Other Sports' on the betting board at

Betfair Cuts Gobbledy Gooker Odds

The Betfair Sportsbook has cut the odds for an in-house appearance by The Gobbledy Gooker at Survivor Series following a tease by Renee Young.

Earlier today, the firm had a Gooker appearance priced at 25/1. However, a tweet by Young where she announced that she will conduct all of her business as the Gobbledy Gooker on the Survivor Series pre-show has forced the bookie to cut the price to 1/2.

We're entering peculiar territory here as I wouldn't consider Young dressing as the infamous turkey a winner.

It was enough to force a reaction from the bookie, so good luck if you've backed it.

Individual Survivor Series Tournament Winner Odds Published

5Dimes has added individual WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament winner odds to its betting board at

The sportsbook customers were able to punt on Roman Reigns .vs. The Field when the lines were first published yesterday. They now have the option of taking the other runners. Here are the odds as of a short while ago.

Roman Reigns  -290
The Field .vs. Roman Reigns +210

Dean Ambrose +345
The Field .vs. Dean Ambrose -515

Kevin Owens +900
The Field .vs. Kevin Owens -1,850

Alberto Del Rio +1,600
Alberto Del Rio .vs. The Field -4,800

The Best Domestic Survivor Series Odds As Of 5pm GMT

Here are the best WWE Survivor Series match odds from all of the domestic bookmakers that have prices out for tonight's event.

Roman Reigns 1/9 Paddy Power
Alberto Del Rio 6/1 bwin, Sky Bet and Betfair

Dean Ambrose 2/7 Paddy Power
Kevin Owens 3/1 Sky Bet

The Brothers of Destruction 4/11 Sky Bet
Wyatt Family 3/1 Betfair

Charlotte 2/9 William Hill
Paige 4/1 Bwin

Dolph Ziggler 15/8 Paddy Power
Tyler Breeze 4/9 William Hill and Betfair

New customers can sign up via the links below and might be able to qualify for free bets upon registration.

5Dimes' Survivor Series Odds As Of 4pm GMT

Here are the latest Survivor Series odds from

Roman Reigns -2,000
Alberto Del Rio +1,000

The customers have been backing Reigns as he was -1,350 at 8:30am GMT.

Kevin Owens +245
Dean Ambrose -335

This market has remained stationary since the morning.

Dolph Ziggler +175
Tyler Breeze -245

Another market that hasn't changed since earlier on today.

Charlotte -900
Paige +500

Charlotte has been backed from -530.

Brothers of Destruction -530
The Wyatts +350

Kane & The Undertaker's odds have shortened from -420.

Roman Reigns wins Heavyweight Tournament -290
Field wins Heavyweight Tournament +210

The customers have also gone with Reigns here. He had been -170 at the start of the day.

Odds correct as of 4pm GMT and will likely change. View the live odds for 'Pro Wrestling' at under 'Other Sports'

More WrestleMania 32 Prop Markets Available From Three Bookmakers

The Unibet, 888Sport and 32Red Sportsbooks have published more WrestleMania-themed betting markets to their WWE odds pages.

Customers of any of the three (they operate under the same umbrella) can now put their money with their mouths are in regards to predicting how the WrestleMania card will pan out.

There are markets where you can predict/bet on whom will wrestle Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Triple H and Dwayne Johnson on the April event.

The Brock Lesnar market has Roman Reigns as a 33/100 favourite. Obviously, the reverse is the same for the Roman Reigns opponent market.

The Undertaker and John Cena markets are also symmetric in that both wrestlers are favoured to battle one another.

The Dwayne Johnson and Triple H market is intriguing. Yes, they're both symmetric in that both are favoured to battle each other at WrestleMania. The problem, however, is The Rock will not wrestle at Mania, if all reports are accurate. 

In a recent issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Johnson's filming commitments and insurance played a part in the rumoured Triple H versus The Rock showdown being scrapped in favour of Triple H facing Seth Rollins.

Plan B is also out the window for obvious reasons.

Even though Johnson is currently unable to wrestle on the show, customers might still want to bet on the star making a cameo at WrestleMania. The three bookies have this covered in that they're offering him at 33/100 to show up in any capacity. 

If you think he'll fail to make one of his surprise appearances, the 2/1 on 'No' should be tempting.

Other names on the appearance board are: 

Ronda Rousey (Yes 17/20 No 17/20): An interesting one considering everything that has happened to her recently.

CM Punk (Yes 10/1, No 1/100): To quote Gorilla Monsoon 'That's highly unlikely, Brain.'

Batista (Yes 7/5, No 1/2): Guardians of the Galaxy 2 begins filming in the early part of 2016. This might rule him out, but you never know. 

Now that I have taken note of these prices, I'll make occasional updates as we head closer to WrestleMania.

They can be found under 'WWE' on the menus at all three of the sportsbooks. The links below are for visitors who would like to become members of any or all of the three (they also send you to the latest offer page). Joining via will let them know there is an audience willing to bet on WWE events and will hopefully allow them to keep pushing more WWE-related markets to us.

William Hill's Survivor Series Match Odds

Here are the William Hill Sportsbook's match odds for tonight.

Click image to expand

I noted yesterday that the firm had published betting markets for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship winner. These match markets are new additions to the bookmaker's coverage of tonight's show.

If you're a William Hill customer and intend to bet on any of these selections, it's worth bearing in mind that the markets are scheduled to close at 10pm GMT this evening.

Kevin Owens' Odds Continue To Dip & More

Wrestling fans continue to bet on Kevin Owens making it to the final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at tonight's Survivor Series.

The 5Dimes Sportsbook has once again shortened the WWE Intercontinental Champion's odds to defeat Dean Ambrose in their semi-final bout. His odds have fallen from +300 to +245 since the early hours of this morning.

Ambrose remains a favourite. His price currently rests at -335.

Roman Reigns is still a -1,350 favourite to overcome Alberto Del Rio (+650) in the other semi-final.

The tournament winner market has also seen action. 'The Field .vs. Roman Reigns' has dipped from +150 to +130 since 1am GMT. A bet on Reigns winning outright will now pay out at -170 if he is champ at the tournament close.

Other notable price changes since 1am:

The Wyatts have been backed from +325 to +300.

Tyler Breeze is now -245, but had been -210.

Odds were correct as of 8:30am GMT. For the latest, check the betting board at

Betfair Publishes A Survivor Series Appearance Market

The Betfair Sportsbook has added yet another special market for the Survivor Series. This time, customers have the option to bet on certain individuals appearing on camera during the show.

Names like Spike Lee (33/1) and Kanye West (33/1) were put up initially.

As of the time of writing, I am unable to view the full list. However, I am aware of some of the names that are on it. Here are the ones that interest me (please note: they interest me in that they're added, not that I'm going to bet on all of them).

Vince McMahon - This might be a good shout at coming in. With the ISIS threat rumour doing the rounds and the FBI, Anonymous and news agencies drawing attention to the Survivor Series, I can see McMahon doing one of his pep talk promos to start off the show just like his 9/11 speech when the company filmed an episode of Smackdown a couple of days after the terrorist attacks.

Diamond Dallas Page - Lives in Georgia, so it makes sense for his name to be on this list.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts - Similar deal to DDP.

The Gobbledy Gooker - It's his 25th anniversary as well!

Randy Orton - This one is a guaranteed 'No'.

Ron Simmons - Might be worth considering this one. He's famous for his roots to Georgia and he has a track record of doing the 'Damn' spot. The only thing that holds me back from betting is that most of these cameos are done in backstage skits and these do not pay out as all action must take place at ringside or within the arena itself.

Sting - I don't think we'll see him for a while.

Brock Lesnar - He'll be back soon. But - when he does - he'll be advertised.

Chris Jericho - Is touring with Fozzy in Europe, so no chance.

Hornswoggle - His suspension should be done by now, right?

Kanye West - Was born in Georgia

Lex Luger - I don't know if he still lives there, but he's another name with roots to Georgia. I highly doubt he'll be featured at any point.

Spike Lee - Another person from Georgia and I think he has been seen at WWE shows in the past, if I recall correctly.

Melissa Joan Hart - This is an interesting selection as she has been a topic of interest to wrestling fans earlier this week when she shared an opinion on Twitter regarding Kevin Owens. It prompted a response from Owens that ended up with a number of WWE fans stirring the pot even more by being hostile towards her over social media. Everything that happened isn't an angle in any way, so don't expect Hart to be in Atlanta tonight.

Last month, I thought HBO's Bill Simmons was a good shout to appear during Hell in a Cell. He appeared on screen and paid out at odds of 20/1 to some lucky punters.

4pm Update: The error that caused me being unable to view the market has now been corrected.  Here's a screenshot:

Click image to expand

These markets can be found alongside other Survivor Series match and prop bets in the 'Special Bets' section of

5Dimes Bettors Wagering On A Reigns .vs. Owens Final

It has been about seven hours since the 5Dimes Sportsbook installed betting odds for the Survivor Series and it hasn't taken long for wrestling fans to back the wrestlers they think will end up going over in the two key matches on the night.

The sportsbook customers appear to be looking for a Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens final in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

I state this because Reigns' odds have shortened from the -900 they opened at and are now -1,350 while, over in the other semi-final market, Kevin Owens' price has dipped from +400 to +300.

A market where customers can bet on 'Roman Reigns wins Heavyweight Tournament' has also seen some action. However, it has gone the way of 'The Field .vs Reigns wins Heavyweight Tournament' as the odds have dropped slightly from +165 to +150.

It's still early. Within hours, I could be writing a post claiming that the bettors are betting/voting/hoping on a Reigns versus Dean Ambrose finale.

These odds were correct as of 1am GMT. They are available from

Saturday, 21 November 2015

New Survivor Series Markets Added To

The Betfair Sportsbook has added new Survivor Series markets to its coverage of tomorrow night's WWE pay-per-view.

Customers can now bet on the Tyler Breeze .vs. Dolph Ziggler singles match and on two prop specials.

The match market has opened with Ziggler a 13/8 underdog. Breeze is a 4/9 favourite in what will be his WWE pay-per-view debut.

The latest prop markets lean towards the tag match which will see Kane and The Undertaker wrestle The Wyatt Family.

'All Four Members of the Wyatt Family to Receive a Chokeslam?' is available at 5/2.

The other market is an over/under where customers can punt on there being over or under three-and-a-half chokeslams on the night. So, even though the best chance for chokeslams is during the tag match, all other bouts on the card are covered.

'Over 3.5' has been set at 8/11 and Under is EVENS.

Betfair's WWE markets are found under 'Special Bets' at

William Hill Installs WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Odds

The William Hill Sportsbook is the latest firm to offer WWE Survivor Series wagering.

As of this evening, the company has priced up odds for the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

The favourite is Roman Reigns. He's 1/2. Next on the list is Dean Ambrose at 7/4.

They're followed up by Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio who are 9/1 and 25/1 respectively.

William Hill's markets can be found in the 'TV/Specials' section of the William Hill website.

5Dimes Publishes Survivor Series Odds

As of a short while ago, the 5Dimes Sportsbook has begun to add WWE Survivor Series match markets to its betting board.

There are five match markets available for customers to bet on. These are: the two semi final matches in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament, The Brothers of Destruction versus The Wyatt Family, Charlotte versus Paige for the Divas Title and Tyler Breeze's pay-per-view debut against Dolph Ziggler.

The aforementioned Ziggler is an underdog. He's +170 while his opponent is -230,

Charlotte is -475 to retain her championship with a win over Paige. A successful bet on the challenger will pay out at odds of +325.

The tag team match has been priced in a similar fashion to the Divas Championship. The Brothers of Destruction are -475 and The Wyatt Family are +325.

The first semi final market has Kevin Owens out at +400. His rival, Dean Ambrose, is down as a -600 favourite.

Roman Reigns is favoured to win over Alberto Del Rio. He's -900 while Del Rio is +500.

The company is also offering tournament winner odds. 'Roman Reigns wins Heavyweight Tournament' is -215. 'The Field' is being offered at +165.

5Dimes' WWE betting odds can be found under 'Pro Wrestling' in the 'Other Sports' category of the website's betting board. If you live in a country where 5Dimes can be accessed, you can view the live lines by following this link.

Bwin's Survivor Series Odds Are Back Up

The bwin Sportsbook's WWE Survivor Series betting markets are back online.

There are three match markets available. Customers can bet on the winners of the tag team match which will see The Brothers of Destruction taking on two members of The Wyatt Family, the Divas Championship match and Tyler Breeze's PPV debut against Dolph Ziggler.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship market is also still available. It features the four runners left in.

There's also a Money in the Bank prop market added. The 'No, there will not be a cash-in' is available at 67/100 with the 'Yes, Sheamus will cash-in' at 11/10.

The board can be viewed below:

Click image to expand

New customers can sign up to bwin via this link. The company's WWE markets can be found under 'Entertainment' on the sportsbook menu.

Brock Lesnar Now -125 To Win The 2016 Royal Rumble

I have spent a good part of the week making regular visits to the 5Dimes Sportsbook in the hope of catching the publication of Survivor Series 2015 lines. There still hasn't been a sign of them. Instead, I've gone through the company's Royal Rumble odds to see any changes that have been made since I last checked in with them.

The most notable difference has been at the top of the list. Brock Lesnar, who was always a favourite to win, has now been backed from +425 to -125.

This move from plus to negative pricing is sure to be a byproduct of Seth Rollins' injury and the decision to run with a WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament at the Survivor Series.

The bettors have evidently picked Roman Reigns as the potential winner of tomorrow night's tournament and are aware that one of the reported plans for WrestleMania 32 is to have Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns in a rematch from last year's event.

One way to get to this match-up is to have Reigns win the title and then have Lesnar be victorious in January's battle royal to secure the number one contender tag.

Even though The Beast's price has plummeted, there are other wrestlers on the board whose odds are less than they were a few months ago. Here are the rest:

Kevin Owens has dropped from +725 to +500
Roman Reigns from +700 to +675
Cesaro from +1,700 to +1,500
John Cena from +1,000 to +550
Dolph Ziggler from +2,600 to +2,500
The Rock from +5,250 to +3,000
Triple H from +6,000 to +5,500
Stardust from +6,000 to +5,500
Kurt Angle from +8,500 to +5,500
Fandango +12,500 to +10,000
Ric Flair +19,000 to +15,000

We're sure to get a better idea on where things could be going once tomorrow night's event concludes. I'll continue looking out for the release of Survivor Series odds from 5Dimes. Be sure to check back over the course of the weekend.

If you're a 5Dimes customer, you'll be able to find these markets filed in the 'Other Sports' category under 'Futures' at

Friday, 20 November 2015

MITB Cash-In Odds Available From

Sky Bet has added a Money in the Bank cash-in prop to its Survivor Series coverage at

The firm is offering 11/10 odds on Sheamus executing his contract to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship during Sunday's show. A successful punt on the 'No' will pay out at 4/6.

For what it's worth, Sheamus was a conspicuous absence from WWE television this week. This - to me - is a red flag and has prompted me to bet on the 'Yes'.

The market can be found alongside other WWE Survivor Series match prices on Sky Bet's Wrestling Betting Page.

Sky Bet Installs Survivor Series Odds has become the latest sportsbook to publish betting odds for this Sunday's WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

As of the time of writing, the firm has installed match markets for five of the bouts scheduled to take place on the card. There is also a tournament winner book where customers can bet on the four runners for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The WWE Divas Championship market has opened with current titleholder - Charlotte  - a 1/3 favourite. Her opponent, Paige, is 9/4.

Tyler Breeze is 4/7 to win on his PPV debut. His rival, Dolph Ziggler, is 5/4. I like the odds for Breeze here. He's a much shorter 2/5 with Paddy Power.

The Brothers of Destruction are listed as 8/15 faves over The Wyatts (11/8).

Both Dean Ambrose (2/7) and Roman Reigns (2/9) are favourites to win their semi final matches against Kevin Owens (5/2) and Alberto Del Rio (3/1) respectively.

Reigns tops the tournament winner market with odds of 4/7. Dean Ambrose is second-favourite at 2/1. Next up is Kevin Owens with 11/2 and trailing behind is Alberto Del Rio at 5/1.

Odds correct as of 10am GMT. For the latest: Follow this link to view Sky Bet's Wrestling Betting Page.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Breeze .vs. Ziggler Up At

The Tyler Breeze .vs. Dolph Ziggler singles match that is scheduled for this Sunday's WWE Survivor Series has been added to Paddy Power's WWE Betting Page.

The latest addition to the WWE roster - Breeze - is currently priced as a 2/5 favourite. His opponent is 7/4.

The pair have been in a feud since Breeze moved up from NXT.

Three Bookmakers Install Survivor Series Betting Markets

The Unibet, 888Sport and 32Red Sportsbooks have published a handful (and then some) of Survivor Series markets today.

Customers can bet on the bouts that had been scheduled as far as earlier this week. There is also an option to bet on the possible tournament finals. I'll get to them shortly.

The WWE Divas Championship market has opened with current titleholder - Charlotte - a 1/5 favourite to defeat her challenger, Paige (3/1).

The bookmaker is also accepting wagers on Charlotte retaining. The 'Yes, she will retain' has been chalked up at a short 1/13 while the 'No, she won't retain' is 11/2.

If you have a feeling that Paige will be booked to win the match via pinfall or submission, the best option is to go for the 'No, Charlotte won't retain' rather than to punt on Paige to win the match in the regular match market.

Obviously, if you believe Charlotte will win - the value (if you can call it that) is by backing her at 1/5 in the match market.

The Brothers of Destruction have been handed 11/20 odds to win the tag team match of the night. Their opponents - The Wyatt Family - are 13/10.

The sportsbooks' oddsmakers have not only priced up odds for the match, they're also accepting action on the possible duo that will take on Kane and The Undertaker.

The options are:

Wyatt/Strowman 3/5
Wyatt/Harper 31/20
Strowman/Harper 7/4
Wyatt/Rowan 3/1
Strowman/Rowan 7/2
Rowan/Harper 6/1

The tournament semi-final matches have been priced up as follows:

Roman Reigns 1/10
Alberto Del Rio 5/1

Dean Ambrose 1/5
Kevin Owens 3/1

But, that's not all. Customers can also wager on the 'Tournament Winner', 'Losing Finalist' and the winner of the potential final matches.

The tournament winner odds are:

Reigns 7/20
Ambrose 8/5
Owens 5/1
Del Rio 10/1

The losing finalist prices are:

Reigns 7/5
Ambrose 4/5
Owens 5/1
Del Rio 17/4

There are four potential finals. I can only see it going either Ambrose vs Reigns or Owens .vs. Reigns. The prices are:

Reigns 33/100
Ambrose 2/1

Reigns 2/5
Owens 7/4

The other outcomes have been priced up as:

Del Rio 13/4
Ambrose 9/50

Owens 27/100
Del Rio 12/5

It goes without saying that the sportsbook will cancel all bets on the final matches that don't take place.

There's also a Money in the Bank market for the Survivor Series where customers can bet on Sheamus executing his contract to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As of the time of publishing, the odds for 'Yes' are 3/4 and the 'No' is 19/20.

This is a good showing by the three sportsbooks. The oddsmakers have evidently taken a lot on board with the Wyatt and potential final match markets. There are also WrestleMania-themed markets available, but I'll cover them in a different post.

If you'd like to open an account at any of the three bookmakers, you can do so by following the links below. If you do so through WWELeaks, it'll let them know that there is an audience out there that is signing up specifically to bet on pro wrestling. I hope the end result will be more months like this where they produce a plethora of markets as we see here. Joining via the links below will also qualify you for their latest new customer deals.

The WWE markets are found under 'WWE' on the menu of ALL these sites.