Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Sky Bet Publishes Refreshed Gauntlet Match Market For Super ShowDown

Sky Bet has republished an updated version of its market for Thursday's gauntlet match at WWE Super ShowDown.

The reason for the adjustment is due to Rusev having been scratched from the match and replaced by the returning Rey Mysterio.

AJ Styles remains a favourite. However, his price is now 4/11. He was at 1/2 when I checked in a day ago.

BetOnline's New Super ShowDown Match Markets And Mania 36 Prop Bets

BetOnline has created more match markets for this week's WWE Super ShowDown as well as priced up some WrestleMania prop bets.

For starters, they have WWE Smackdown Women's Champion - Bayley - a favourite to beat Naomi in their match on Thursday. A win for the titleholder will pay out at -260 while Naomi going over is priced at +175.

Seth Rollins and Murphy are -410 faves to successfully retain their WWE Raw Tag Team Championship against The Street Profits (+255).

A market for the gauntlet match has also been installed. However, one of the selections is no longer in the match as BetOnline's second-favourite, Rusev (+350), is being replaced by Rey Mysterio.

For what it's worth, the other selections' prices are:

AJ Styles -225
Andrade +500
Bobby Lashley +700
R-Truth +700
Erick Rowan +1,000

As for the WrestleMania props, they have the following offerings:

Will Cain Valesquez Appear?
No -120
Yes -120

Will Rob Gronkowski Appear?
No -300
Yes +200

Will Conor McGregor Appear?
No -1,000
Yes +550

Will Donald Trump Appear?
No -1,500
Yes +600

Will Mike Tyson Appear?
No -2,500
Yes +800

Tyson Fury To Appear In The Ring With
Braun Strowman +125
Rowan +200
Big Show +400
Brodus Clay +400
John Cena +800
Kane +800
The Undertaker +1,000

The new markets can be found on BetOnline's WWE Betting Page.

Monday, 24 February 2020

2 More RAB Wagers For Mania 36

I have just placed a couple of wagers on Sky Bet's RequestABet page for this year's WrestleMania 36.

If you've been following the wrestling news over the past day or so, you'll understand why I've gone for them.

I've backed:

Roman Reigns v Goldberg to take place as a scheduled match


Bray Wyatt v John Cena to take place as a scheduled match

The odds for the two selections have probably changed by the time you're reading this, but I have 7/4 and 5/2 respectively.

Sky Bet's Wyatt/Goldberg Latest Prices

When I published this morning's post, Sky Bet's market for the WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Super ShowDown was still off the board. It has now been republished along with other markets for Thursday's event.

Just like with all of the other sportsbooks I wrote about today, Sky Bet has snipped the challenger's odds to win the match.

Bray Wyatt
9/2 6:30PM
10/2 12:00PM
16/2 10:00AM
24/2 4:00PM

As you can see, Goldberg is now at 6/4. The most recent price I had was 10/3.

With the challenger's odds lowered, customers will now find Bray Wyatt at 1/2 to successfully retain his championship. He was previously 1/5.

Notes About Goldberg's Super ShowDown 2020 Odds

In a follow up to yesterday's post in which I wrote about the report that some rumoured WrestleMania 36 matches appear to have been changed, I have checked in with betting odds for WWE Super ShowDown to see if there have been any changes made to a key match on that card.

The match in question is for the Universal Championship with Bray Wyatt defending the strap against Bill Goldberg.

Yesterday's report noted that the much speculated Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns Universal Championship bout could be off the Mania card with Reigns facing Bill Goldberg instead.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Goldberg is winning the strap against Wyatt on Thursday in order to drop it to Reigns on April 5th, but it has forced bettors and bookmakers to entertain the possibility. Here are some notes I've made from this morning's visits to the Wyatt versus Goldberg Super ShowDown 2020 markets.

  • BetOnline has snipped Goldberg from +450 into +425 in its market for Thursday's match. A win for Bray Wyatt is now being offered at -800, which is up from -850
  • 5Dimes now lists the challenger at +400. This is down from the most recent +450. Wyatt is now a -600 fave. This is up from -750
  • William Hill has cut Goldberg from 11/4 into 9/4 and has placed Wyatt at 1/3 from 1/4
  • Kambi's market is back on the board with Bill Goldberg now at 7/5 to get the W on Thursday. The most recent price was 9/4. As a result of the challenger's odds having been snipped, Bray Wyatt is now 1/2 from 2/7
I believe it's important to stress that Dave Meltzer's report from yesterday also pointed out that the John Cena versus Elias match that he said was on for April 5th has now been shelved and, as I wrote yesterday, there could be a correlation.

John Cena chasing his seventeenth world title is a story that has been in WWE's bag for years. Only a fool would think that WWE would not go there and - now that Cena's time is being spent working on movies - this might be the right time to pull the trigger and get that story done to get another 'WrestleMania Moment'.

Therefore, Goldberg winning the title on Thursday to set up Goldberg/Reigns for the strap at Mania, is not as sure a thing as some might think. With that said, he could win the bout but not the belt.

If it goes that way, this would mean Goldberg/Reigns is not for the title, but is still a marquee match on the Mania card and - with Cena/Wyatt for the title - you get two big story matches rather than one if you have the title on the line with Goldberg/Reigns and just have Wyatt/Cena (if that is the plan!) as an undercard bout.

I'm not saying Goldberg isn't winning the strap on Thursday. It's just, as I think about it, it seems to make the most sense to have Wyatt retain and start the Cena chase from the following night's episode of Smackdown.

William Hill Publishes Ripley/Flair Mania 36 Market And More

Rhea Ripley .vs. Charlotte Flair - WrestleMania 36The oddsmakers from William Hill have published a market for the most recent addition to the WrestleMania 36 lineup.

Following last week's NXT TakeOver: Portland, 2020 Women's Royal Rumble winner - Charlotte Flair - chose to challenge NXT Champion, Rhea Ripley, for the strap at the April 5th event.

Ripley has been installed as an 8/13 favourite. Her challenger is 6/5.

Markets have also been created for the new bouts added to this Thursday's WWE Super ShowDown event from Saudi Arabia.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion - Bayley - will put her title on the line against Naomi. A decision in favour of the titleholder will pay out at odds of 4/9 while Naomi is 13/8.

A WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match has also been announced for Thursday with the present champs - Seth Rollins and Murphy - 2/7 favourites against The Street Profits (5/2).

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Reports Of Changes To Mania 36 Card

It was a newsworthy edition of Wrestling Observer Radio this morning as Dave Meltzer has reported there have been changes made to the WrestleMania 36 card.

According to the newsletter's editor, the much speculated Bray Wyatt versus Roman Reigns match - for the WWE Universal Championship - looks to be off.

On the podcast, Meltzer noted that he isn't one hundred percent sure it has changed, but he has been given the impression that it has. He also pointed out that, when he was informed of the change, that Bill Goldberg winning the strap from Wyatt at this Thursday's WWE Super ShowDown event came to mind as it would allow for a Goldberg versus Reigns clash for the title.

Meltzer went on to state that, when the company announced Goldberg as Bray Wyatt's challenger, many would have preferred to see Goldberg versus Reigns at Mania rather than Wyatt versus Reigns.

I am one of those people.

A few weeks ago, when Goldberg was about to reveal 'who's next' for him, I thought there was a chance that we'd see Reigns versus Goldberg at Super ShowDown. This is because of the following tweet that Roman Reigns wrote at the start of the year.

When asked why he punches a pad on his entrance during Smackdown, his reply was a a subtle jab at Goldberg's ring entrance:

Roman Reigns Takes A Shot At Goldberg

As I wrote back when I speculated that we'd see Reigns versus Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, this raised an eyebrow and made me sure that we'd see the two square off eventually.

(There was also a tease on a Raw a few years ago when they had a brief staredown on episode of Raw)

It now makes more sense if the reported change turns out to be Goldberg versus Reigns.

As it stands, Goldberg is still an outsider win the title shot on Thursday.

I've had a look at the few sportsbooks with their markets on the board.

William Hill lists him at 11/4, which is slightly shorter than the opening 7/2. Offshore site BetOnline has the challenger back at +450 after briefly moving him out to +525 following Wyatt's price being cut from -850 into -950 sometime before the afternoon of February 18th.

Bray Wyatt
13/2 8:00PM
18/2 12:15PM
22/2 7:30PM
23/2 10:30AM

As for 5Dimes, both wrestlers' prices have been fluctuating. You can see - in the table below - that Goldberg's price was cut from +460 into +334 between February 12th and 15th, but has been on the drift since the 16th. 

Bray Wyatt
12/2 9:50PM
15/2 12:30PM
16/2 9:30PM
22/2 7:00PM
23/2 10:30AM

Another match that Meltzer reported recently that looks to be off - and this could be correlated should Wyatt win against Goldberg on Thursday - is John Cena versus Elias.

A Wyatt versus Cena match could make sense if the we're not getting Wyatt/Reigns as it would allow for Cena to chase the 'record' should it be for the title. If it isn't for the strap, they could get to it by having Wyatt interrupt Cena's return to TV on Friday night and work towards it that way.

Another news item in the show was that other Mania bouts - from the Smackdown side - are up in the air right now.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

21/2/20 Smackdown Viewership

The network TV numbers have been released from last night and WWE Smackdown on FOX had a total average audience of 2,490,000 viewers.

This is from having 2,542,000 tuned in for the first hour and 2,438,000 for its second.

Now that the numbers have been recorded, the final couple of pro wrestling TV proposition markets for this week will be settled by the Kambi oddsmaking service.

In the first prop, customers were asked whether the show would have a total average of 2.5 Million or higher. With the number being below that, the winning selection will be 'No'.

As you'll see below, the eventual winner started off at 9/10 on Sunday and was backed into 17/20 later that day.

It remained at that price right up to the market's close yesterday evening.

21st February 2020 - Smackdown TV Prop Bet

The second prop, which required Smackdown's number, asked customers whether the blue brand would beat the 17th February episode of WWE Monday Night Raw by 200,000 or more viewers.

With Raw having 2,437,000 on Monday, the difference was 53,000. Therefore, the winning selection will be 'No'.

The eventual winner was 19/20 from Sunday right up to Monday evening when betting was stopped a few hours before Raw began.

21/2 Smackdown .vs. 17/2 Raw Prop Bet

Friday, 21 February 2020

XFL Betting: Week 3 2020

The DC Defenders and Houston Roughnecks continue to drop in BetOnline's XFL 2020 Championship Winner market.

As of this week's post, the Defenders are +200 favourites with Houston trailing in second at +225. They were both +350 and +250 respectively when I wrote about them last week.

Both teams are at 2-0 and will face 0-2 losing teams this coming weekend.

XFL 2020 Champions Betting Odds Ahead Of Week 3

With the focus on DC and Houston slipping in betting on the outrights, it's worth pointing out that the New York Guardians - a team that was backed from +750 into +600 after a week one victory - has now been pushed to +1,000 following their 27-0 loss to the Defenders last Saturday.

It was quite a scene during that game as the Guardians' quarterback, Matt McGloin, didn't hold back to air his grievances with the game plan.

The Guardians have also drifted over here in Europe following last Saturday's mauling. The best price you would have found for them to win the championship was 4/1 last week. As of right now, they're available at a best price of 12/1.

As for the offshore favourites? Well, they have shortened over here as well with DC now a best price 21/10 (was 15/4) and Houston has been cut from 5/1 into 3s.

I am now 2-1 betting on the games after two weeks.

My week two plays were on the Seattle Dragons (+3.5) and the over in the aforementioned Guardians versus Defenders game.

I won with Seattle as the team more than covered the three-and-a-half point spread as the Dragons won straight up with a score of 17-9 against the Tampa Bay Vipers.

New York versus DC fell below the line of 46.5 with the 27-0 scoreline.

So, with me being 2-0 on the point spread, I thought I'd go back there with my bet for this week.

As crazy as this may come across, especially after writing about the Guardians' implosion, I am going to back them getting the ten points against St. Louis.

Overlooking that the Guardians lost by twenty-seven last week, the BattleHawks' last two games - whether they've won or lost - have not had a margin of ten points between the two teams.

Add in the fact that New York's loss was against the favourites to win the entire league and it MIGHT not be as bad as it really looks.

I'm also 1-0 when taking teams getting double digits, so I'm going to ride that one until the wheels fall off.

Dead Heat In NXT TakeOver: Portland Match Of The Night Betting

Two matches were given the highest star ratings in Dave Meltzer's review of last Sunday's NXT TakeOver: Portland event.

The review, which appeared in the issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that was published this morning, gave four-and-three-quarter stars to the NXT Tag Team Championship match which saw Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle claim the straps from Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly and its following main event which saw Adam Cole retain the NXT Championship with a decision over Tommaso Ciampa.

With two bouts sharing the 'Highest Rated Match' honours, Kambi's market - in which customers could bet on the match they thought would get the most stars in Dave Meltzer's review - will be settled under the dead-heat rule.

The 'NXT Championship' selection started off at 13/5 on February 4th and found its way down to 9/4 heading into the day of the show while its co-winner started out at 9/4 and was out to 13/4 by 6:30PM GMT on the evening of the event.

The favourite - Finn Balor versus Johnny Gargano - was backed from 6/4 into 3/4 between February 4th and Sunday evening and came one quarter of a star short of making it a three-way tie.

7/4 was being offered in a proposition market in which clients could gamble on the prospect of two or more matches having the 'Joint Highest Rated' bouts in the review. 

'No' lost as a 2/5 favourite.

Another market that will now be settled following the release of Meltzer's report is one in which customers could have gambled on the 'Exact Star Rating of the Highest Rated Match'. There were three options, 'Over 4.75 Stars' was 2/1, 'Under 4.75 Stars' was a 4/6 favourite and the winner - 'Exactly 4.75 Stars' - was 6/4.

Kambi will now settle the star rating over/under markets that were created for all six matches on Sunday's card.

As you'll see below, the 'Over' struck in four of the matches. The option to gamble on a respective match getting 'Exactly' what the line was won for the remaining two bouts.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

19/2/20 AEW Dynamite And NXT Viewers

ShowBuzzDaily.com has published the TV viewership numbers for last night's AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT.

The show with the most viewers was AEW Dynamite. It had 893,000 which was 99,000 more than WWE's programme.

Now that the results are in, Kambi will settle three proposition markets that were created for the night's TV.

In the first prop, customers were asked whether or not AEW Dynamite would have a total average audience of 850,000 viewers.

As you can see below, the winning selection  - 'Yes' - fell from 19/20 into 7/10 sometime before 11:00AM GMT on the day of the programme.

19/2/20 TV Prop Bet: AEW Dynamite

For the WWE NXT prop, the line was set at 800,000 or above.

19/2/20 TV Prop Bet: WWE NXT

With the episode getting 794,000 the winning selection is the 7/10 favourite - 'No'.

The third prop was a spread special which asked customers whether AEW's show would beat NXT's by 100,000 or more viewers. 

With the difference between AEW and NXT being 99,000, 'No' won at odds of 4/6. It was very close, though.

19/2/20 TV Prop Bet:  AEW Dynamite .vs. WWE NXT

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

17/2/20 Raw Viewership Number Published

With it being Presidents' Day on Monday, ratings for this week's Raw were released a day later than usual.

The episode drew a total average of 2,437,333 viewers with 2,671,000 tuned in for the first hour, 2,559,000 for the second and 2,082,000 tuned in for the final sixty minutes.

Now that the viewership numbers have been released, Kambi will settle its Raw TV prop market. In it, customers were asked whether or not the show would have an average total of 2,300,000 or more.

The winning selection - 'Yes' - was 17/20 to those who were willing to bet on it from the weekend right up to Monday night.

17th February 2020 Monday Night Raw TV Prop Bet