Sunday, 5 February 2023

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Favourites

Here are the betting favourites for the matches that are scheduled for tonight's NXT Vengeance Day.
  • Carmelo Hayes
  • Roxanne Perez
  • Chance and Carter
  • Bron Breakker
  • Dijak
  • The New Day
The selections are ranked in order of strength starting with the wrestler/s with the shortest betting odds.

BetOnline's markets were used for this post.

Saturday, 4 February 2023

Browsing The NXT Vengeance Day '23 Odds

I have been keeping track of BetOnline's markets for tonight's NXT Vengeance Day show. Here is everything I've been able to note right up to 7:00PM GMT this evening.

NXT Women's Championship
The betting has sided with Roxanne Perez to successfully retain her NXT Women's Championship in a triple threat match against Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin.

As you'll see below, the titleholder started out as a -1,250 favourite when the market was released on January 16th. The champion's odds have since dropped into -2,000 with a short stop at -1,400 in-between.

With Perez's price lowered, her opponents' have obviously increased with Jayne jumping out to +700 from +500 and Dolin increasing from +1,000 to +1,200.

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Odds

Apollo Crews .vs. Carmelo Hayes
Starting out as a -1,000 favourite, Carmelo Hayes is now -2,000 to win the best of three falls match against  Apollo Crews.

A win for Crews will pay out at odds of +700. He had started at +500 when the market was first created a couple of days ago.

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Odds

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship
I first came across the market for the NXT Women's Tag Team Title match a week last Wednesday. At the time, the titleholders - Katana Chance and Kayden Carter - were favoured with a price of -500. Their challengers, Fallon Henley and Kiana James, were +300.

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Odds

When I checked in Thursday, I noticed the champions' odds had dropped into -600. Then, a day later, they had decreased into -800 and have once again moved in sometime between 11:30AM and 7:20PM GMT today when they fell into -1,250.

The Henley and James selection is currently priced at +550.

NXT Tag Team Championship
On this week's episode of NXT, Chase University was added to the match for the NXT Tag Team Championship resulting in the earlier market for a triple threat becoming obsolete. The table below consists of the prices for the triple threat and for the four-way.

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Odds

As you'll see above, Duke Hudson and Andre Chase fell from +1,000 into +450 within a day. They weren't the only selections to have shortened in that period, however. That's because Pretty Deadly slipped from +250 into +200.

Sometime between 11:30AM and 7:00PM GMT today, the current titleholders - The New Day - became odds-on favourites moving in from +150 second-faves to -125.

Gallus, who were +100 favourites, moved up to +200 when Pretty Deadly and Chase University were both reduced yesterday.

NXT North American Championship
Dijak's odds to beat NXT North American Champion - Wes Lee - went from -200 into -300 a couple of days ago. 

A decision in favour of the titleholder is priced +200. This is up from the +150 from when the market was initially priced up in mid-January.

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Betting Odds

NXT Championship
The market for the steel cage match for the NXT Championship has been available since January 16th and has not been adjusted at all since it was published.

Bron Breakker is a -700 favourite to retain. The challenger - Grayson Waller - is +400.

Prices correct as of 7PM GMT today. The latest can be found on BetOnline's Pro Wrestling Page.

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Cody Rhodes Opens As WrestleMania Favourite

Cody Rhodes has opened as a betting favourite to beat Roman Reigns when they meet in the main event of WrestleMania 39.

The 2023 Royal Rumble winner is listed at -400 in a market that has been created by the oddsmakers from BetOnline. 

WWE WrestleMania 39 Betting Odds

A decision in favour of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion - Roman Reigns - will currently pay out at odds of +250.

This is the first WrestleMania market from BetOnline for an official match scheduled for WrestleMania weekend. For the past few months, customers were able to wager on the outcome of a potential contest between Reigns and his cousin - The Rock.

In that market, Roman Reigns was backed from -175 into -400 between June 4th 2022 and when the market was taken off the board following the Royal Rumble result which saw Rhodes claim the right to challenge Reigns for the straps on the weekend of April 1st and 2nd.

View BetOnline's WWE Odds

Sunday, 29 January 2023

2023 WWE Royal Rumble Betting Favourites

Here are the closing favourites for tonight's WWE Royal Rumble event. 

- Roman Reigns to beat Kevin Owens
- Bray Wyatt over LA Knight
- Bianca Belair to win against Alexa Bliss
- Rhea Ripley (Women's Royal Rumble)
- Cody Rhodes (Men's Royal Rumble)

The names are ranked in order of strength starting with the selection with the shortest odds that were available from the BetOnline Sportsbook.

Saturday, 28 January 2023

Betting On Sky Bet's Rumble RABs

I have browsed through all of the RequestABet selections for the Royal Rumble on the Sky Bet website.

It's always fun to see what other people have asked the bookmakers to price up. I find myself going through each option - and there are many of them - thinking to myself 'I like that one', 'I dislike that one' and so on.

I found myself placing wagers on a few of them. Here's what I have gone for. They're in no particular order.

Cody Rhodes Iron Man, Becky Lynch Iron Woman and Rhea Ripley to win Royal Rumble 16/1
In yesterday's post, I noted how I did not bet on Rhea Ripley in the outright market because I felt she would be involved more with the feud between the Mysterios when it came time for WrestleMania season. This is technically my wager on Ripley to win (even though I still have doubts). It'll obviously need Cody and Becky to be the Iron persons of their respective matches. 

Cody Rhodes Iron Man, Liv Morgan Iron Woman, Solo Sikoa and Ripley Most Eliminations 20/1
All four are favourites in the individual specials for the Rumble matches, so I thought it was worth a small gamble to have them all backed in one bet.

Nia Jax to Participate in the Women's Royal Rumble 3/1
I saw an image of Nia Jax while browsing Twitter last night. I didn't read the post, but - as I was scrolling through - I did wonder 'is she going to be there tomorrow?' I saw the selection today and thought it was worth a gamble.

Steve Austin and Zack Ryder to participate in the Men's Rumble and Nia Jax to participate in the Women's Rumble 12/1
A perfect way for Zack Ryder to be reintroduced to WWE is as a surprise participant in tonight's match. I'm still guessing Austin will be in the match to start something with Lesnar (opposing what is reported about Lesnar/Austin being a no-go after being pitched) or Roman Reigns. I also need Nia Jax for this one.

The Rock to win the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes Iron Man and Most Eliminations 40/1
Upon seeing this offering, I thought 'if I still believed Rock was coming in, I would have bet at least a fiver on this'. I then thought I'd kick myself it came in, so put a £1 on.

I expect I'll have another couple of visits to the page before the end of the night. 

Another Look Through BetOnline's Rumble Specials

In a post published earlier this week, I went through the Royal Rumble specials that are available to customers of the BetOnline Sportsbook and noted any price adjustments that had been made between the day the markets were first installed and the then time of writing. With the two battle royales taking place later tonight, I've decided to revisit the topic with an update.

When I last wrote about the Ironman market, I noted that Seth Rollins' odds had dipped from +350 into +300 within the first four days of its availability. There have been a couple of other adjustments since then.

On January 25th, I noticed that Ricochet's price had lowered from +5,000 into +3,000 and then - a couple of days after that - Sami Zayn's price was reduced from +150 into +100.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Betting

Iron Woman
Liv Morgan's odds to be the iron woman of the Women's Royal Rumble match have continued to slide.

In Monday's post, I pointed out that the 2022 Money in the Bank winner had fallen into +150 from +400. When I visited the website yesterday, I noticed that price had been trimmed into +125.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Betting

Most Eliminations in Men's Royal Rumble
BetOnline has added Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley to its 'Most Eliminations' market for the Men's match.

Lesnar is +200 and Lashley is +600.

With the two names now included, Seth Rollins' price has been increased to +1,400 from +1,000.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Betting

Most Eliminations in Women's Royal Rumble
On Monday, I didn't have any price adjustments to write about in regards to the market for the Women's Royal Rumble. However, that is no longer the case.

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Betting

As you can see above, the bookmakers have lowered Raquel Rodriquez's price slightly moving in from +150 into +140.

A few other selections have increased with Bayley, Asuka and Shayna Baszler all having been pushed out from +500 to +550.

Prices correct as of 1PM GMT. The latest can be found on BetOnline's Wrestling Page.

Friday, 27 January 2023

Royal Rumble '23 Betting

I have had a few people either Tweet, message or email over the past few weeks asking me who I think will win both of the Royal Rumble matches this year. What I often try to do is wait until the final TV show of the Rumble build and then publish a post with my guesses.

I've decided to publish this one early. It doesn't contain firm and final guesses, though.

If you read Tuesday's Post, you would have seen me close it by stating I am fairly confident that one of the four favourites will win the men's Rumble. If one of those names wins, I would have been lucky enough to have caught their prices at the right time within the last eleven months. 

WWE Royal Rumble 2023 Logo

In tonight's post, I'll focus on the four favourites to win the men's battle royal and explain why I bet on them and how I feel about their chances as of today. Then, I'll briefly mention what has happened with my wagers on the women's Royal Rumble.

The names will be in order of appearance in the majority of betting markets starting with the favourite.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes was the third person I bet on. My wager was struck on the Tuesday following WrestleMania 38 after Rhodes declared his intention to win WWE's version of the World Championship - something his father didn't attain. 

A couple of months later, Rhodes was out with injury and it looked like he would make it back in time for the Rumble. 

The American Nightmare is now set to return tomorrow night after declaring for the battle royal a few weeks ago. 

He is obviously the betting favourite to win.

What makes me think there is a strong chance of Rhodes winning is how his return has been promoted on TV with rehab videos throughout January. It's very reminiscent of Triple H's January 2002 return from injury which culminated in a Royal Rumble win.

Who's got the book nowadays?

Sami Zayn
Do you remember the segment from a  Smackdown when Sami Zayn was with the Bloodline and was given the Honorary Uso t-shirt from Roman Reigns? Well, for some reason, I watched that episode on Saturday evening rather than when I usually catch Smackdown on a Saturday morning. 

It was that evening when I thought to myself to check out Zayn's odds to win the Rumble. He was 40/1 so I immediately had a gamble.

At the risk of copying something I read in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this morning (and also heard Dave Meltzer say on Wrestling Observer Radio yesterday morning, for that matter), of the four names on this list, Sami Zayn is the person who should win the Rumble.

Zayn has been the MVP of the Bloodline storyline. His participation in it will obviously conclude with a match against Reigns.

Conveniently, the next WWE event - Elimination Chamber - is in Zayn's neck of the woods: Montreal. I cannot help but wonder if that is where we get the Reigns .vs. Zayn chapter in the Bloodline story. This could segue to Sami and Kevin Owens' much anticipated reunion. Somehow.


I dislike the idea of both major titles being defended at WrestleMania, but I have thought of a scenario where Cody Rhodes wins the Royal Rumble and there is a call back to the aforementioned promo from April where he pointed out his intention to challenge for the title his father never won. That would set Rhodes to focus solely on the WWE Championship leaving a challenge for the Universal Championship up for grabs inside the Elimination Chamber.

In the scenario I am conveying,  that would be where Sami Zayn secures a WrestleMania title shot and it would be done in front of a hometown audience.

The Rock
The Rock winning the Royal Rumble, and then going on to challenge his cousin - Roman Reigns - writes itself. 

It works even more when you factor in that Roman Reigns has been calling himself the 'Head of the Table' ever since the Bloodline faction began in 2020.

WrestleMania in Hollywood seemed like the perfect place. The main road to that destination was via the Royal Rumble.

I had been wagering on The Rock to win previous Royal Rumbles because I was confident that the match between the two cousins would happen.

Going by the reports, it looks like The Rock competing in this year's Royal Rumble is unlikely. I have cashed in most of my Rock bets for profit, but have left a few open just in case.

I can recall the moment where I believe the window closed on The Rock winning the Rumble. It was on January 9th when WWE sent out a press release stating that WrestleMania 39 had broken WWE's all-time gate record and pointed out it had done so 'despite having yet to announce a single match'. 

When I read that statement, I thought that it was pre-emptively taking away any credit Roman Reigns .vs. The Rock would have had for the event. 

It's possible to view it from an angle where some of those tickets were sold in hope of seeing Roman Reigns .vs. The Rock, but - to my eyes - it came across as a shot to Dwayne Johnson if the company knew he won't be available for Mania.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
In mid-November, I saw a video of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin doing a workout and randomly wondered why he would share that clip. Then I started entertaining an idea of Austin winning the Royal Rumble in the Alamodome twenty-six years after his first Rumble victory.

Steve Austin

I reasoned that, if The Rock were to be unavailable for WrestleMania, Austin would be a huge Plan B that could appease those wanting to see the Reigns/Rock dream match.

When the reports that WWE had pitched a match against Reigns to Austin surfaced earlier this week, Dave Meltzer noted that an initial pitch was for Austin to wrestle Brock Lesnar at Mania. Then came the one for Austin to take on Reigns.

This past Monday, Brock Lesnar returned to scupper Bobby Lashley's attempt to win the US Title from Theory and that would appear Lesnar/Lashley is going to be the program heading into WrestleMania. But, what if the Lesnar/Lashley story is done with inside the Rumble match to segue into Austin and Lesnar having something moving out of the Royal Rumble and onto WrestleMania?

I'm aware that I'm not giving out a definitive suggestion as to who will win the men's Royal Rumble. Ideally, the payoff should be in Sami Zayn because he is the person I've seen on my TV almost every week leading into the Rumble. 

If you thought I had a difficult time with the men's Rumble, I have had a harder time pinpointing a firm guess for the women's Rumble.

My bets on the match have been scarce. Most are more or less done for before the event has even kicked off because one was for Sasha Banks and another was for Charlotte Flair, who will unlikely be in the match now because she is the current holder of the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship.

The main bet I have, which was 16/1 when the market was first installed, is Becky Lynch. I thought she had a chance of winning the Rumble to set up a match with Ronda Rousey for the WWE Smackdown Women's strap.

The Lynch .vs. Rousey match looks to be off the table for WrestleMania. It certainly looks unlikely for either of the two titles. 

I read a report last night which indicated that, a few months ago, the planned matches at WrestleMania were Bianca Belair .vs. Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey .vs. Rhea Ripley. I surmise the former was for Raw's strap and the latter was for the Smackdown belt.

If those news items are accurate (even though I don't get Ripley .vs. Rousey as it would have been heel .vs. heel), it would indicate that either Flair or Ripley have been pitched to win the Royal Rumble. 

Rhea Ripley became favourite as 2022 turned into 2023 and I've missed the boat. But, there is at least one reason why.

I didn't factor Ripley in as a potential Rumble winner because I envisioned her WrestleMania concentrating on what ever is (or was?) planned with Dominik and Rey Mysterio. 

It felt that having Ripley in a title program as well as contributing to the Mysterios' feud would be spreading her thin.

Referring to the notes I've made since February 2022, it looks like the best price I could have picked Ripley up at was 14s, so - if the bookies and punters are correct, and Ripley turns out to have been correctly positioned as the Rumble favourite  - I would have certainly missed out on a decent price.

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

'Stone Cold' Available In BetOnline's Rumble '23 Market

In a follow up to yesterday's post concerning 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, the oddsmakers from BetOnline are now offering Austin in their market for the outright winner of the 2023 WWE Royal Rumble.

The selection, written as 'Stone Cold', is currently priced at +10,000.

In yesterday's post, I noted that Paddy Power, Sky Bet and William Hill had all slashed Austin's odds of winning the Rumble following a report that he was offered a big money match against Roman Reigns. 

Cody Rhodes remains industry favourite to win Saturday's battle royal with BetOnline offering -160.

The market can be found along with other Rumble specials on BetOnline's Wrestling Page.