Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Lashley .vs. Goldberg SummerSlam '21 Market Installed

Sky Bet is now taking bets on the WWE Championship match that is set for this month's WWE SummerSlam.

The current titleholder, Bobby Lashley, has been installed as a favourite. He's 1/6 while his challenger - Bill Goldberg - is 7/2.

In a post published yesterday, I noted that the company had released markets for two of the other matches that were set for August 21st.

The WWE Raw Women's Championship market has remained stationary with Nikki A.S.H a 4/5 favourite to get the win over Charlotte Flair (13/8) and Rhea Ripley (5/1) in a triple threat.

There have been adjustments made to the WWE Universal Title market. 

SummerSlam 2021 Betting Odds

Roman Reigns fell into 1/5 - from 2/7 - to beat John Cena sometime yesterday evening. As a result, John Cena was pushed out from 5/2 to 10/3.

Monday, 2 August 2021

Sky Bet Publishes 2 SummerSlam 2021 Markets

Sky Bet published a couple of markets for WWE SummerSlam 2021 over the weekend.

In the first, Nikki A.S.H. is a 4/5 favourite to successfully retain the WWE Raw Women's Championship in the triple threat match against Charlotte Flair (13/8) and Rhea Ripley (5/1).

The market for Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship defence against John Cena lists the challenger as a 5/2 underdog to Reigns' 2/7.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

BetOnline's CM Punk Special

With reports that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are possibly on their way to join All Elite Wrestling, the oddsmakers from BetOnline have published a market which allows customers to bet on who could be Punk's first official opponent with the company.

There are two joint-favourites as of right now with Bryan and Darby Allin both available at +200.

The latter delivered a promo on the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite following the news that Chicago's United Center will host 'The First Dance' on Friday August 20th. In his short speech, Allin stated that AEW is the place where wrestlers can prove themselves and went on to say 'even if you think you're the best in the world'.

Darby Allin 'Best in the World' Promo

Allin using Punk's moniker of 'The Best in the World' strongly teased a meeting between the two. It fairly places him as the one of the favourites in this market.

The list of nine selections, which has some conspicuous absences, concludes with Allin's mentor - Sting, who's +1,000. 

All of the selections and prices, as of the time of writing, can be viewed below:

CM Punk's First AEW Opponent Market

Prices were correct as of 7:00AM BST and at the time of writing today.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

BetOnline Releases Its First SummerSlam 2021 Market

BetOnline has published a market for the first match to be confirmed for this year's WWE SummerSlam.

On last night's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Nikki A.S.H will defend her recently-won WWE Raw Women's Championship in a triple threat match against former titleholder - Charlotte Flair - and Rhea Ripley.

As of the time of writing, the champ is a -115 favourite. A decision for Rhea Ripley will pay out at odds of +150 while a win for Flair is priced +175.

Other matches like Roman Reigns .vs. John Cena, Bobby Lashley .vs. Goldberg and Seth Rollins .vs. Edge are expected to be on the August 21st card. I believe it safe to conclude that, once they are made official in storyline, markets will become available.

View BetOnline's WWE Markets

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Nikki A.S.H's MITB Cash-In And The Bets It Will Settle

Nikki A.S.H's successful Money in the Bank contract cash-in, on the most recent edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, means that a few betting specials - that Kambi priced up over the weekend - will now end up being graded.

Nikki A.S.H. Cashes In Money in the Bank contract

First - the proposition market which asked whether the cash-in would end up being successful or not will be settled as a win for 'Yes'.

The winning selection was a 7/25 favourite when it was first installed on Saturday and remained at that price right through to the close of betting ahead of Sunday's PPV.

Women's MITB 2021 Betting: Successful Cash-In?

With the cash-in taking place on an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, the market which allowed customers to gamble on the 'Show of briefcase cash-in' will have 'Weekly TV Show' as the winning pick.

Women's MITB 2021 Betting: Show Of Cash-In?

As you can see, in the table above, the option was a 5/2 underdog to the 1/4 that would have paid out had the contract had been executed during a WWE Pay-Per-View or NXT TakeOver event.

The timeframe market, in which customers bet on three potential periods when the cash-in could have taken place, will be graded with 'Before end of SummerSlam' as the winner.

Women's MITB 2021 Betting: Date Of Cash-In?

The selection which won had started out as an 8/5 second favourite behind the 3/5 price which covered the months post-SummerSlam right through to the end of this year. 

Customers appear to have punted on the correct result because, by the morning of the PPV, the selection had lowered into 7/5 while the favourite rose to 13/20 from 3/5.

The third option - 'During 2022' - moved to 11/2 from 5/1 when the eventual winner's price was shortened.

There was a proposition market which asked whether the men's Money in the Bank contract would be cashed in before the women's.

This will obviously be settled with 'No' as the winning pick. It was a 7/10 favourite over 'Yes', which was EVS.

MITB 2021 Betting

Another market asked whether both the men's and women's cash-in's would end up being successful.

MITB 2021 Betting

'Yes' was a 2/5 favourite and is now relying on Mr Money in the Bank 2021 (I did type 'Big E', but thought I had better not jinx him after what happened last year with Otis) to do the honours. Otherwise 'No' will be the winner at 7/4.

On the topic of Mr. Money in the Bank, Kambi also published similar markets for the men's cash-in. Here are all of the prices that were available when they first went live over the weekend.

Men's MITB 2021 Betting: Successful Cash-In?

Men's MITB 2021 Betting: Show Of Cash-In?

Men's MITB 2021 Betting: Date Of Cash-In?

I'll continue to follow the men's Money in the Bank cash-in specials should they be republished over the coming weeks and months.

The markets were courtesy of Kambi

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Sky Bet And Kambi Closing MITB 2021 Favourites

Both Sky Bet and Kambi have closed their betting markets for tonight's WWE Money in the Bank PPV.

The closing favourites were:

- Nikki A.S.H/Cross to win the women's Money in the Bank ladder match

- Big E to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match

- Bobby Lashley over Kofi Kingston

- AJ Styles and Omos over The Viking Raiders

- The Mysterios over The Usos 

- Roman Reigns over Edge

There was a contrast between the two closing favourites for the WWE Raw Women's Championship match because Sky Bet had Charlotte Flair and Kambi had Rhea Ripley.

For what it's worth, Sky Bet's market had the longevity as it was opened in late-June whereas Kambi began taking bets for that particular match yesterday.

Here are the two markets to show how they differed.

Rhea Ripley .vs. Charlotte Flair - MITB 2021 - Sky Bet

MITB 2021 Betting: Ripley .vs. Flair (KAMBI)

Nikki Becomes MITB Favourite

European betting firms have moved Nikki A.S.H into favouritism to win the women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

As of the time of writing, Paddy Power is offering her at 5/4. She was most recently 5/2. Sky Bet - which was most recently offering Nikki at 11/2 as part of its price boost special - lists her at 2/1.

Overseas firm BetOnline still lists Nikki at +500, but 5Dimes has began to snip her price as she is currently +175, which is down from +500.

More MITB 2021 Betting Observations

 - Paddy Power's market for the men's Money in the Bank ladder match was removed sometime before midday. It is also no longer available from Betfair

- 5Dimes has placed Big E an odds-on favourite to win the men's ladder match. He was +120 when I last wrote about the market this morning. He's now down into -170

- 5Dimes has also lowered Drew McIntyre from +950 into +850

- Liv Morgan was +120 with 5Dimes this morning, but is now a slightly shorter +100. Zelina Vega (+1,300 to +1,000), Natalya (+3,000 to +2,500) and Tamina (+3,000 to +2,500) all have shorter prices tan this morning

- Corbin is the latest name to be requested by Sky Bet customers. He has been reinserted at 16/1

- Zelina Vega had dropped from 12/1 into 8/1 when I wrote about Sky Bet's market for the women's match this morning. The price has now dipped into 7/1

MITB 2021 Betting Notes For Sunday Morning

I have just spent part of the morning looking through all of the Money in the Bank ladder match markets from a handful of the sports betting websites I have been following the price movements on. In this post, I'll share with you all I have found right up to the time of posting.

What I usually do, in these Sunday morning posts, is go match by match, but - for this month's PPV - I'll cover it by sportsbook to sportsbook because there are some similarities - and a few contrasts! - between who is being backed and where.

Paddy Power
Considering that the two Money in the Bank ladder match markets are outrights, I have been covering Paddy Power's coverage of the PPV. If you'd like to see why Paddy Power / Betfair is not recommended for regular WWE match betting, you can view the reason IN THIS POST.

In the men's market, the odds for a Big E victory have been declining since Friday morning, but especially since he was the fall guy in the fatal four-way at the close of Friday night's edition of Smackdown.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Paddy Power

As you can see, in the table above, Big E was cut into 4/5 sometime between 5:30PM BST last night and 9:20AM BST today.

Another note is in regards to John Morrison's odds. The selection is unavailable on the Paddy Power website, but can be found at 20s on Betfair (the same market is synched across both sites).

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Paddy Power

The market for the women's match is still showing the same pricing as yesterday morning after Liv Morgan's odds moved in from 2/1 into 15/8.

Alexa Bliss is the favourite albeit slightly over Morgan.

Sky Bet
Sky Bet added some names to its markets yesterday.

In the men's, Goldberg was put in at 10/1. However, by late-evening the bookmakers increased the price to 16/1 and have since put it up to 20s.

On one hand, it's understandable to see Goldberg being requested. There are reports that Goldberg might be Bobby Lashley's opponent for SummerSlam. Therefore, it's safe to guess that the request came in from someone who is aware of that news and would like to have a punt on Goldberg securing the title shot by winning the Money in the Bank match.

I highly doubt Goldberg will be in the match tonight as those same reports indicate he'll make his return to Raw tomorrow night.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Sky Bet

As for the wrestlers who are confirmed for the match, Big E is once again the name to watch because his price has been moving in since yesterday - which coincides with his loss on Friday night.

Those checking in for the first time should also note Riddle's price. Earlier in the week, the sportsbook appeared to have received a number of wagers on the former MMA fighter. At one point, he was a 6/4 favourite.

Sonya Deville and Becky Lynch were both added to the market yesterday. Lynch was 6/1, but has since moved up to 10/1 while Deville was 10/1 and was backed into 8/1 within an hour of me keeping track of her pricing.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Sky Bet

Liv Morgan is a 6/5 favourite to win. However, the selection which has moved in overnight is the one for a Zelina Vega victory. It went from 12/1 into 8/1.

Nikki Cross - who is 8/1 in the regular market - can be found at 9/1 in a price boost. That is why her odds are coloured in purple.

Kambi's markets were republished yesterday. They were first installed earlier this year. The refreshed list consists of only the names that have been advertised for tonight. Their earliest odds can be viewed along with the current prices below:

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Kambi

The two selections with shorter odds from yesterday are Alexa Bliss (9/4 into 2/1) and Asuka (13/2 into 6/1).

Liv Morgan remains a favourite after she was 17/20 on yesterday's reopening. However, she is now up to EVS.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: Kambi

Over in the men's market, Big E has slid from yesterday's 11/10 into 13/25.

View Kambi's WWE Markets

When I wrote about 5Dimes' market - for the women's match - yesterday, I pointed out that Liv Morgan's odds had dropped into favouritism following Smackdown.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: 5DIMES

Morgan, who was +235 ahead of the episode airing, was -110 by 8:30AM BST yesterday. Her price increased to +120 yesterday evening when 'The Field .vs. Morgan' was taken into -160 from -130.

Big E moving in from +205 into +177, following Smackdown, was also pointed out in yesterday's post. His selection's decline continued by the early evening with a drop into +120.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: 5DIMES

The market remains unchanged since late last night when the bookmakers pushed John Morrison out to +4,000 from +3,500.

View 5Dimes' Markets

Even though 5Dimes has moved her odds up, Liv Morgan has been on the decline in BetOnline's market for the women's MITB ladder match.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: BetOnline

As you'll be able to see, in the table above, Morgan was +350 when the market launched in the early hours of yesterday morning. By the evening, the company had dropped the selection into +250 and was then compelled to take it into +200 by the evening.

When I checked in this morning, Morgan was +175.

Alexa Bliss has remained a favourite, despite the apparent interest in Liv Morgan winning. However, Bliss has drifted out from +125 to +135 following Morgan's overnight drop.

Even though his odds have recently been coming in everywhere else, the last time Big E's price was reduced in BetOnline's market for the men's match was when the selection descended from +450 into +175 on Tuesday.

WWE MITB 2021 Betting: BetOnline

Big E has stayed at +175 ever since. The only other price dips - after Big E's drop earlier in the week - came with Riddle's move into +400, from +550, on Friday night which was followed up by a cut into +300 hours later.

View BetOnline's WWE Markets

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Kambi's MITB 2021 Markets Republished Plus More

 Kambi's markets for the men's and women's Money in the Bank ladder matches have been republished this morning. Both markets have now been trimmed down with only the selections that are being advertised for the match remaining.

The sportsbook lists Big E and Liv Morgan as the favourites for their respective matches with the former now 11/10 to win the men's match and Morgan at 17/20 for hers.

When betting first began, back in March, Big E was an 8/1 joint-second favourite while Morgan was available at 40/1.

Now that there are eight selections left, in each market, I've gone back through all the notes I've collected to show how wrestlers' prices have changed whenever the markets have been there for customers to bet on.

MITB 2021 Betting: Men

MITB 2021 Betting: Women

The oddsmakers have also priced up match markets for the rest of tomorrow night's card. Here are the selections along with their numbers.

The Mysterios 5/4
The Usos 11/20

As noted this morning, markets for the WWE Smackdown Tag Titles opened on the BetOnline and Paddy Power websites sometime between last night and this morning with the champions favoured over The Usos. Kambi is offering the challengers as favourites here.

AJ Styles and Omos 1/9
Viking Raiders 17/4

Rhea Ripley 3/4
Charlotte Flair 19/2

Bobby Lashley 1/9
Kofi Kingston 17/4

Roman Reigns 2/13 
Edge 7/2

MITB 2021 Odds Notes For Saturday Morning

Here are some notes concerning the WWE Money in the Bank 2021 PPV.

Liv Morgan Becomes 5Dimes' Favourite and Vega Also Drops
The most noteworthy thing I've seen, when looking through this morning's prices, was to see that 5Dimes has made Liv Morgan the odds-on favourite to win the women's ladder match.

Women's Money in the Bank ladder match odds

After starting at +215 yesterday, Morgan's price had increased to +235 by the evening. She is now into -110.

Another selection that appears to be getting interest from 5Dimes customers is Zelina Vega, who who lowered from +1,200 into +1,000 yesterday and is now at +850 as of this morning.

BetOnline Publishes Women's MITB Ladder Match Market
I received word from BetOnline, shortly before last night's Smackdown, that the company had released a market for the women's Money in the Bank ladder match. The prices are still the same as of the time of writing. 

BetOnline MITB 2021 Betting Odds

BetOnline Lowering Riddle's Price
As noted in previous posts this week, Riddle had become a favourite to win the men's Money in the Bank ladder match with the UK's Sky Bet firm and offshore sportsbook, 5Dimes.

BetOnline has not made Riddle a favourite. However, the selection for a Riddle victory has been on the decline with the sportsbook.

As you can see, BetOnline dropped Riddle from +550 into +400 last night. The oddsmakers have since cut that price into +300.

Big E Returns To Slight Favourite On 5Dimes 
On last night's Smackdown, Big E was the fall guy to Seth Rollins in a fatal four-way match which also included King Nakamura and Kevin Owens.

Both men involved with last night's finish have had their prices reduced with Rollins dropping from +340 into +280 and Big E moving in from +205 to +177. 

The dip into +177 places Big E back into favouritism albeit slightly due to Riddle sticking on +180.

Smackdown Tag Markets Published
Paddy Power and BetOnline have both published markets for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship match that is scheduled for the event's Kick Off.

Both companies list The Mysterios as favourites over their challengers - The Usos.