Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A (Sort Of) Comment Bag : 1 November 2016

On Sunday, Jordan left a message for a comment bag and I'm having trouble finding it. I know the gist of his question, so the comment bit below isn't exactly how he phrased it:

I've just noticed that Betfair.com is offering 22/1 on Michelle McCool making a live in-person appearance at WrestleMania 33. She is often in the attendance when The Undertaker is wrestling. Do you think they're pretty good odds?

My reply:

I wrote a little about this in early September when she was 20/1. In the post, I acknowledged that McCool is married to The Undertaker, so there's a high chance that she'll be there in attendance. Whether she's shown inside the arena on camera in order for this bet to be settled as a winner is another thing entirely.

The odds seem spot on, to be fair.

I don't feel compelled to bet on this selection.


  1. What made me compelled is that we never know when Undertakers last wrestlemania match will be. It must be getting close. I feel she will be there when its the last one. I think WWE have already acknowledged her as his wife so i can assume the camera panning to her with tears at the end of his last match. It might not be this wrestlemania but i suppose we never know

    1. I'm not 100% sure if that's something they'll do even when he's retiring. It's always possible, though!

    2. Oh of course. I mean she might be backstage and we never see her or she might come down and hug and kiss him. I suppose that's what WWE is all about! I just feel 22/1 is generous to say theres a chance


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